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  1. Some orc bones

    Oh my furs are nothing special. For the brown its Scorched Brown (or whatever darkest brown color you have) washed over with an Agrax Earthshade (a sorta blackish browny ink) and drybrushed over with some white added to the original brown. For grey fur like on the Bob Olley archer, its a black basecoat with dry brushing up through greys up to white. Its not my finest work, and I've never been excellent at fur; so I will probably revisit those areas as I get more practice. I am getting antsy waiting for my deliveries, so I picked up another bones pack, three identical Bob Olley orcs with swords and shields. Two will wait for headswaps from the Mantic boxed set, and I painted one last night. It was a really quick job and it shows in spots; he still needs touch ups and rebasing like the others. And hidden away in a 40 strong horde of orcs he'll look just fine. I really need to work on a better set-up for photos than this iphone/my desk situation I'm in now.
  2. Some orc bones

    They take parking tickets VERY seriously in Rugoth's neighborhood.
  3. Some orc bones

    I've been painting up some bones orcs lately for a new mixed manufacturer orc army that I'm collecting to use in Mantic's Kings of War. They all still need to be re-based. I'm not sure if that will require removing all or most of the base they are attached to, so I've also left their boots mostly base coated and roughly washed. They'll be finished when I get the extra bases I've ordered along with an orc ax regiment. I've also got some Ral Partha Gargantua orcs coming. I'm going for a more old school look with this army. This Bobby Jackson warboss will be my first Krudger, which is what orcish heros are called in KoW. I've named mine Rugoth. Rugoth here is pretty much everything you want in an orc leader: Bulky, angry looking and wielding a huge battleax. I really love the hands and strips of flesh nailed to the shield. Its been a bit since I've picked up my brushes, and the bones material was new to me with this one, and I feel like the paintjob suffered for it. Still, at bones prices I can always buy a new one and do an updated version in the future. I suspect Rugoth will probably be a lieutenant to a more imposing leader in the future. Here are a couple of archers, one by Bob Olley and another by Tre Manor: The Bob Olley archer comes in a pack of three, those two are waiting for the plastic mantic orcs so I can do some head swaps. All four will join some Ral Partha orcs, also sculpted by Bob Olley to form a unit of ten orc Sniffs (the KoW term for orc archers). And finally a group shot of my growing tribe: I'll keep posting as the army gets bigger. Hopefully both of my orders should come in either this week or early next. Theres also a box of 24 Wargames Factory orcs at my FLGS for 20 bucks. I'm sorely tempted to pick 'em up on friday.
  4. Ogremage WIP

    Alrighty the ogre mage is about 95% done now, and this is the place where I normally like to take a break from painting the model and finish up the base. I find I'm a lot more forgiving of any little touch ups and hard to see bits once the base is done. I've already started greenstuffing around half of the base, I'll do the front tonight and paint it up tomorrow. The ivory on the handle is directly inspired by this post by Jen: http://www.reapermin...__fromsearch__1 in the show off forum. This particular ogre mage is hard to find painted pictures online, luckily there are a few good ones on this very forum. I went with the rusty blade to continue the overal theme of an ogre mage with a preference for the finer things, but no inclination to take care of them. His fingernails still need to be painted, and the straps on his bracer need to be painted a different color, the grey is too close to his skin tone. And all the fiddly bits back here are at least basecoated now. The kappa still needs a lot of work, his shell is only just basecoated and I need to redefine the green around his eyes. And finish his hair. I had a hard time telling if the little things at the top left of his basket were bags or like, water skins or something. They kinda reminded me of bell peppers though, so I painted 'em up in those colors. The little blue bag on his waist needs to be dirtied up a bit, and the decapitated head is awaiting a final highlight of Rotting Flesh.
  5. Ogremage WIP

    Its never to late to paint some lovely flowers on one of your models. This ogre mage reminds me more of Steven Seagal than Elvis, personally.
  6. Ogremage WIP

    Hah, Cash, I actually saw that picture while I was looking up ogre mages for inspiration, didn't even notice the flowery pants. Work on the ogre mage continues at my usual snails pace. More crummy iphone pics for now. Hopefully the sun will be right tomorrow for me to take some better outdoors pics. Hes getting closer and closer to being done. Started work in on the fiddly bits tonight. His belly rings need some more red ink around 'em and just looking at this picture I see so many touch ups and things that still need to be done. And thats just the front! And back here is where things get really fiddly. The little green weirdo on his back is called a Kappa, which is apparently some sorta japanese water imp. Do yourself a favor and don't do a google image search of those; you'll get a peak at some of the weird parts of the internet. His shell and hair aren't done at all yet, and his face needs work, but the image is so fuzzy its hard to see. I just had to get a pic of him from a different angle
  7. Bones minotaur, new painter

    I think you have a pretty good start here, especially for a newer painter. A brown ink wash all over his skin will tone down those highlights a bit, and when it dries you can go back over with your final highlight color a bit more selectively, on the higher points and edges on his face and muscles. .I'd go ahead and get his teeth whitened up before the ink wash though, as I like to do a brown ink over tusks and horns and the like. I don't think the blue clashes too bad. I personally would lighten 'em up a bit, maybe to a Space Wolf Gray (GW color, I don't know any other ranges well enough to recommend). Light blue gloves would look pretty sharp on a dark minotaur I think. And as far as holding him, I personally just hold my models by the base when I paint 'em, but I've seen people online use a little pin drill to drill up the foot of a model and hold it like that. Seems awfully fiddly to me, but you could try something like that.
  8. Ogremage WIP

    Finished highlighting up the flowers and gave him a lovely pink bow. Gonna leave his clothes the way they are for now and start working on a different area. I'll come back and tidy everything up then. And then we have the backside, where things start getting fiddily.
  9. Ogremage WIP

    Thanks guys. His face isn't quite finished yet. I tend to skip around to different places when I paint a model, but I almost always get the basics of the face done first. I find it helps me paint to have a face looking back at me for some reason. Thats also why I come up with (very brief) sorta backstories and personalities while I'm painting..
  10. Ogremage WIP

    I've always liked this Ogre Mage model, and the other day I finally bought him I got most of the base coating done and started in on his flesh before I remembered to snap a picture. His skin is base coated GW Shadow Gray,and highlighted up to Space Wolf Grey. The creases around his jowels and under his chins and man-boobs got some red, green and purple ink washes. Sorry for the poor quality indoors iPhone picture. It took a lot of debate on my end to figure out how I wanted to paint this guy's clothes. I knew I wanted something to contrast with the monstrous nature of the ogre mage. I ended up going with a floral pattern. I've never tried any freehand like this before, but I like where it's going. The flowers will be highlighted up to a light pink. At the end I'll be drybrushing and inking some brown around the pant cuffs and his feet to muddy 'em up a bit. More flowers getting added, still working on highlighting 'em up to pink. I'll make the big bow on his belt thing a satiny pink sorta color too. I like to imagine that this brute murdered some poor traveling silk trader and took the expensive silk intended for ladies evening gowns (or something) to make his own clothes. He doesn't care for his clothes however so they'll be muddy and stained. More pics to come as I work on him.