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  1. Pre-launch

    I like that 2nd guy. He'd make a great Monk or Wizard.
  2. A few favorite points... Assembling a model with lots of fiddly bits. In spite of all my swearing at sculptors and the poor fool who has to figure out how to chop it up into all those little parts. I really like handling a complicated mini I've assembled, even before painting. (I really enjoyed finishing up the Phoenix from Kingdom Death, even with all those elfing hands.) Getting into the zone while painting. I have to be pretty relaxed to start painting, but once I get started I can hit a nice zoned out head-space that's really relaxing. This is why I rarely get to paint while I'm traveling for work. I usually cannot reach that initial relaxation point where I feel ready to pick up a brush. Seeing a half-baked paint scheme come out well. I'm not a skilled painter, nor do I have a good eye for color. I really enjoy seeing a mini of mine sitting on the table looking better than a pre-paint. (So yeah, maybe my standard isn't all that high.)
  3. This doesn't happen too me much outside of this hobby. Though there are a couple of phone games that I have multiples of because Humble Bundle packages things together and there are repeats on some items. I was really bad about paints for a while there. I bought all 5 pre-bones Learn to Paint Kits (and still haven't made it through NMM) and there were plenty of multiples of the same items there. As well, I ended up with doubles again while grabbing triads, not realizing I already had one or two of them. The android app Paint Rack has helped with that. I haven't unknowingly bought a doubled paint since I downloaded it. On the plus side, I have enough multiples that my travel kit is pretty much paints I have 2 or more of.
  4. Saturday evening is game day at my place. Sunday is laundry. Friday night and the rest of the weekend is pretty much open.
  5. Reaper paints settle and separate on my wet palette after a couple days, but they mix back together easily. I too use copper wire around the outer edges of my "sponge". I'd love to find a piece of copper foil, but I have yet to locate any locally. What I have found so far is either aluminum that has been anodized to copper color or copper coated aluminum. The price of copper has increased a lot in the last several years, and it's apparently getting harder to find for hobby uses.
  6. Games: Bones III to arrive and IV to be announced Movies: Starwars VIII Books: Rothfus' next King Killer book, Lynch's next Gentlemen Bastards book TV: Game of Thrones season 7 - because season 6 ended really amazingly Remember what they did with Fallout 4, they only announced it a few months before it delivered. Rothfus got too distracted by sudden fame and keeps getting pulled in to other projects. Lynch has almost crippling anxiety issues that make his writing extremely difficult for him. We'll get these books eventually
  7. I'll work to completion if there's a game running and I need the figure for it. Otherwise, I have several projects in various states of work. From small things like several instances of a single "Hey that's cool, I want to paint that" figure; to the big box of Kingdom Death that's mostly assembled (still need to finish the Watcher), but a brush has yet to touch any of the pieces.
  8. Gencon or pretty much any other con outside Seattle. I've been to PAX Prime a few times, PaizoCon, and was able to hit Reapercon in 2014. I'd like to hit some of the other big conventions out there. Is there a master list of all the gaming/fantasy type cons? I usually only hear about them after the fact.
  9. Seattle has amazing food options if you're willing to explore the different neighborhoods. Tons of great options abound. What I really want to see though, is genuine Italian food. My work has me in Italy a time or two each year, and the food in some of the shipyard towns is amazing. There's fresh seafood that's more adventurous than most Seattle fare. Also at many places with real wood fired pizza ovens, something in their pizzas doesn't spike my blood sugar. (Different flour? No sugar in the sauces? Real cheese and other ingredients?) And for the most part, in the small shipyard towns the food prices are amazing. For approx $8 USD you can get a huge bowl of fresh steamed mussels that would set you back $30 in the states (provided your area even has fresh mussels available). Dang, now I'm hungry and it's not lunch time yet. (I've been busy with a work project. I've not had a lot of time to forum around.)
  10. Worst job environment was one of two. there was the boss who started every morning with a motivational speech that began... "There isn't an elfing one of you I can't replace right now." Which was put to the lie when I dumped out my tool belt, threw it over my shoulder and started walking out of the yard. He chased after me offering me more money and a better spot on the team. I took the money and he stayed a jerk. I quit for good two weeks later. In this job now, we sometimes have to go work dry-docks in Singapore. There's either the "hot and muggy" season or the "hot and muggy with occasional heavy rain" season. Not a good place to be in a steel box (big damned ship) with limited AC and running water. It's not unheard of to sometimes need to shut off all the computer equipment because it's too hot for the electronics. You'd think people would understand this is also too hot for humans. Apparently some people are either clueless or just don't give a damn about other humans.
  11. First job was in a local (non chain) record store. It was a good experience. I'm a little bit hesitant to add this here, as I don't want this kicked to Beekeepers. MODS:Delete this post if necessary. This was the first place I worked with and spent a lot of time with gay people and was able to form my own opinions on them. I found they were not boogeymen, weirdos or perverts. (OK, we were all weirdos.) Just people with people problems trying to have fun working together. When my aunt came out a few years later, I was the only one in the family that stayed cool and rolled with it.
  12. Last RPG was DnD 4E last Saturday. I'm on the road this week, but I'll try and stop at the local game store for a 5e game tonight. Last video game was Fallout New Vegas, which I just installed on the new laptop. Runs great, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the Old World Blues DLC. Best DLC in the whole franchise in my opinion. Last board/party game was with my son two weeks ago. We played Lost Cities and some Munchkin. I enjoyed all of it.
  13. I went in for Bones 1, with maybe half the add-ons. Bones 2 was almost all in. Bones 3 was also an order of almost everything (Where the elf am I going to put Mal?) I'd love to go all in on Bones 4, but our group have not used nearly as much of this stuff as I had hoped. I should probably scale back this time, but I'll be in for at least the core box, whatever that includes. Bones 3 will first go in the storage closet with the the other Bones, Kingdom Death and Shadows of Brimstone stuff. We don't die until all the minis are painted, right? RIGHT?
  14. OneBoot, I had the same issues with the invisible plant stuff. Allergy shots have saved me. I'm basically allergic to everything green in this area, and the shots make going outside pleasurable again.
  15. Kayaking for sure. 14' Dagger Alchemy. I only got out a couple times last year. Now that I'm working to lower my weight and get in better shape, I'll be on the water more now. I'd like to start hiking around here. Washington has awesome forests and amazing trails. I just need to find a hiking partner to keep me motivated.