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  1. I have one W&N series 7, and one Reaper Kolinsky brush. Neither of them lived up to expectations. Both have a tendency to split pretty quickly. I've had great luck with Raphael 8404 and Rosemary & Co. Series 33. For the price, I prefer Rosemary & Co. You may want to compare brush sizes between manufacturers. I think the R&C tend to be a little smaller by number. Their #2 is about the same as the Raphael #1. Rosemary & Co list the sizes of their various bushes on their web site, and Dick Blick lists the sizes for Raphael and others.

    I've been in for all of the Reaper owned and I think all of the Reaper-aligned Kickstarter projects. In all, I've pledged in about 75 Kickstarter projects total. I'd say less than 10 were delivered on time. Four completely defaulted, and only two of those returned my money. A few of the delivered projects were disappointing. I've worked in production before and understand there are ALWAYS production delays. The large majority of the projects have delivered awesome products. I am still a strong proponent of the Kickstarter model of funding projects. People forget that Kickstarter IS NOT A STORE. This is an opportunity to invest a little money to help someone produce a cool project. Usually there's a worthwhile reward for backing the investment. There is no guarantee on an investment. You look at a project, weigh the likelihood that the producer will be able to deliver and make a decision if this is something you are comfortable backing. There's always a chance something could go wrong. It's a risk you take. If you don't like the odds, DO NOT back the project. If you want something with no risks, then cross your fingers that others will back a particular project for you. Go ahead and wait for all of the production and logistics issues to get worked out. When everything is finally complete, THEN feel free to buy it from the store. Pay full price and feel comfortable knowing you took no risks and had no part in seeing something cool come to be. Forgot to add... Stirges and robots, please.
  3. Live

    As a network geek, I'd like to see a whole dice set arranged on a binary counting system. Of course, it would bug the elf out of the rest of the table trying to read my dice. As for a repeat of a previous project, Kickstarter has recently begun a promotion where they're letting previously successful projects come back and re-run a campaign.
  4. Live

    He could have spelled that out better, but the limit would be met either by pledging for 4 or more plain cases, or three cases with the magnetic inserts. He probably should have just said "Pledge for 4 or more cases..." He does call out that the US shipping will be at least $1.50 per unit. A cost range here would have been nice to see, but I get why what appears to be a one-man shop wouldn't have accurate numbers for all shipping options.
  5. Live

    Ken with ActiveMindsGames is local to me and let me check out a couple of the current run of the solid color styles this last week. These things are pretty awesome. I really want to see these in an all clear style. I'm looking forward to using these on my bookshelf as displays for my Malifaux crews between games. When it's time to play, I can just grab the cases I want, snap them together and go. With the magnetic bases, I have no worries using them for transport. Having light come in from all angles will make these stand out for display units. These things really need to be produced in clear. There's about a week left on the campaign now. Ken has upped the ante on getting these produced, and the first 150 backers that go in for $40 pledges will receive two free original opaque units added to their pledge. (There were about 80 openings last I checked.) I'll probably use my opaque units to carry paints. 39 Reaper/Vallejo/Scale75 dropper bottles fit nicely into the case.
  6. The world's first hot-swappable gaming miniatures! A line of minis with interchangeable magnetic items to customize your loadout. About this project How you think about gaming miniatures is about to change Hand of Glory is a new type of gaming miniature with a very cool twist: each Hand of Glory figure and accessory is magnetized using tiny rare-earth magnets. This means for the first time, you will be able to change your character on the fly. This will literally change the game! Since everything in the Hand of Glory line is magnetized, your character can swap out weapons and items to use whatever your adventure calls for. Since all accessories work with all figures, you can easily customize your character’s loadout and pick up new items along your journey. You can level up your character, swap weapons with allies, and steal items from foes. Use Hand of Glory to tell your own story. This project is inspired by open-world RPG video games, such as Skyrim and The Witcher (which, of course are based on D&D and other classic tabletop RPGs!). In the video game world, we love collecting and trading weapons, customizing loadouts for specific battles, managing inventory, experimenting with powerful dual-wielded weapon combinations, and searching for unique items along the way. We're super excited to bring this open-world video game feel back to tabletop gaming! Modularity and magnetism Hand of Glory puts a new spin on traditional gaming miniatures. To achieve maximum modularity, Hand of Glory uses our proprietary rare-earth magnet system. First, Neodymium rare-earth magnets are installed into the figure’s arms. Then, magnetic steel plugs are installed into each accessory. This way, the polarity of the magnet does not matter, and the magnetism is just right: strong yet easy to swap while you play. High-detailed cast pewter All of our highly detailed characters and accessories are cast in the US from the finest lead-free pewter and are easily paintable. Since the figures and items are cast separately, we can create unique character poses and highly ornate accessories that are not always possible with traditional miniature castings. The separated items also allow for easier painting. There are 9 Heroes in this first collection, and 2 add-on figures. They are Heroic scale (32mm) and range in size from 25mm to 40mm. Each figure is made from pewter (unpainted) and includes a 25mm slotted base and rare-earth magnets to install into the arms. Each highly detailed pewter accessory universally fits on ALL of the figures. In our first line, we are offering 3 different weapon and item series, and a handful of add-on items. There are swords, axes, shields, warhammers, magical items, potions, crossbows, torches, and even a dragon familiar! We have over 100 unique items, and all of them can be used by ANY of the figures. The Basic Pledge includes Series 1 weapons & items (15 total accessories) The Advanced Pledge includes BOTH Series 1 and Series 2 weapons & items (45 total accessories) The Heroic and Legendary Pledges include ALL THREE Series (over 105 total accessories!) These accessories are included with all pledge tiers These accessories are included with the Advanced, Heroic, and Legnedary pledge tiers These accessories are included with the Heroic, and Legendary pledge tiers *Each figure includes a 25mm base and rare-earth magnets, and each accessory set includes magnetic steel plugs. Figures and accessories come unpainted and unassembled and require just a bit of superglue to install. Each shipment will include a tool to help with installation. We need your help to spread the word about Hand of Glory, and the more we raise, the more stuff you will get for your pledge! Help unlock all of the free extras and additional add-on options by sharing HoG on social media, your favorite gaming forum, Reddit, etc. Hand of Glory kits include everything you need to build your arsenal. Each pewter figure includes a plastic 25mm base, and rare-earth magnets to install into the arms. Each pewter accessory includes a steel plug to install into the hand (the direction of the magnet and steel plug does not matter during installation). Each shipment will also include a tool to help with installation. We worked very hard to ensure that the parts are accurate and very simple and fun to assemble. They require only a small amount of superglue (we recommend using superglue gel!). Hand of Glory is made to be universally modular, which means that ALL current and future weapons and items will work with ALL current and future figures, and that will ALWAYS be the case! If we’re successful, we have lots of additional figures, weapons, and items in mind for future expansions, and we’d love to explore creating a game that incorporates the unique swappability of the HoG figures. Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see for version 2!
  7. Live

    When I use Dwarven Forge pieces that involve stairways, I have a little trick. I set aside a couple of the 1" square short-stair pieces. When someone needs to stop movement on the stairs, I flip the extra stair piece upside down, place it in the right spot on the stairs and stand the mini on the base of the flipped piece. Sure elevation is off, but at least placement on the map is right.
  8. Live

    This is a great idea if you only wanted one "complete" dice set. Otherwise it messes with the whole plan where each set of dice follows its own color pattern.
  9. Live

    I like that 2nd guy. He'd make a great Monk or Wizard.
  10. A few favorite points... Assembling a model with lots of fiddly bits. In spite of all my swearing at sculptors and the poor fool who has to figure out how to chop it up into all those little parts. I really like handling a complicated mini I've assembled, even before painting. (I really enjoyed finishing up the Phoenix from Kingdom Death, even with all those elfing hands.) Getting into the zone while painting. I have to be pretty relaxed to start painting, but once I get started I can hit a nice zoned out head-space that's really relaxing. This is why I rarely get to paint while I'm traveling for work. I usually cannot reach that initial relaxation point where I feel ready to pick up a brush. Seeing a half-baked paint scheme come out well. I'm not a skilled painter, nor do I have a good eye for color. I really enjoy seeing a mini of mine sitting on the table looking better than a pre-paint. (So yeah, maybe my standard isn't all that high.)
  11. This doesn't happen too me much outside of this hobby. Though there are a couple of phone games that I have multiples of because Humble Bundle packages things together and there are repeats on some items. I was really bad about paints for a while there. I bought all 5 pre-bones Learn to Paint Kits (and still haven't made it through NMM) and there were plenty of multiples of the same items there. As well, I ended up with doubles again while grabbing triads, not realizing I already had one or two of them. The android app Paint Rack has helped with that. I haven't unknowingly bought a doubled paint since I downloaded it. On the plus side, I have enough multiples that my travel kit is pretty much paints I have 2 or more of.
  12. Saturday evening is game day at my place. Sunday is laundry. Friday night and the rest of the weekend is pretty much open.
  13. Reaper paints settle and separate on my wet palette after a couple days, but they mix back together easily. I too use copper wire around the outer edges of my "sponge". I'd love to find a piece of copper foil, but I have yet to locate any locally. What I have found so far is either aluminum that has been anodized to copper color or copper coated aluminum. The price of copper has increased a lot in the last several years, and it's apparently getting harder to find for hobby uses.
  14. Games: Bones III to arrive and IV to be announced Movies: Starwars VIII Books: Rothfus' next King Killer book, Lynch's next Gentlemen Bastards book TV: Game of Thrones season 7 - because season 6 ended really amazingly Remember what they did with Fallout 4, they only announced it a few months before it delivered. Rothfus got too distracted by sudden fame and keeps getting pulled in to other projects. Lynch has almost crippling anxiety issues that make his writing extremely difficult for him. We'll get these books eventually
  15. I'll work to completion if there's a game running and I need the figure for it. Otherwise, I have several projects in various states of work. From small things like several instances of a single "Hey that's cool, I want to paint that" figure; to the big box of Kingdom Death that's mostly assembled (still need to finish the Watcher), but a brush has yet to touch any of the pieces.