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  1. Bones 3 graveyard expansion custom version

    This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
  2. These are production minis. They should be making another run of them in the future, though I am not sure how often they refresh Bones SKUs. These have to be created in China, so they probably collect enough SKUs to load out a full container before placing a refresh order. Perhaps someone from Reaper can provide an estimate for the next refresh on these? Also, I'd point out that while we love to order direct from Reaper; there is nothing wrong with finding a FLGS or an online vendor with some of these in stock and sending a bit of love their way.
  3. Congratulations to (Reaper)Bryan on his new job

    Wow. That's big news. Congratulations Bryan. It was always a pleasure to chat with you at Paint & Takes around the the Seattle area. I also appreciate the time you spent to take my coworkers and I on a shop tour when we were in Dallas for a business trip. And Reaper Kickstarters just won't be the same. I'll miss seeing your posts all over the place here at Reaper, but Secret Weapon has great products and I am sure you will be a positive addition to their team. I wish you all the best, sir.
  4. Happy Birthday Routermike !!!

    Hey, thank you all for the well wishes. I hope those of you in the US have a happy Thanksgiving this week.
  5. X-Case Clear Expandable Miniatures Display and Transport

    I have heard now of a couple people getting one, and a couple that have not. I suppose they just packed up what they had until they ran out. Such is life. I have been out of the country on business for the last couple weeks and will not get home to mine until the beginning of next week. Here's to crossed fingers for cool stuff. Either way I am excited. The swag bag was enough to qualify for free shipping, the Halloween goodie bag, and the 25th anniversary mini for October. Lots of cool Reaper goodness waiting at home, whatever is in the box. As for the x-cases, these are pretty cool. The ones I have are opaque with a clear front door, but they should really stand out in the 100% clear model. I may resign the opaque ones to storage of partially painted pieces on my desk, and use the all clear ones for display and transport of small team skirmish game teams.
  6. X-Case Clear Expandable Miniatures Display and Transport

    We don't get all the cool stuff in the mail-order swagbags that we would get if we were physically at the con. I had to order a swagbag as well, and I'd be surprised if we get one of these cases. They would definitely require a larger box and more postage. i have two of these cases already in opaque white already, and went in for 6 more in clear. That should be enough for myself and my son for the time being.
  7. X-Case Clear Expandable Miniatures Display and Transport

    Yes, the magecase and the xcase have the same outside dimensions. They both link together just fine. The only difference I can see is the magecase has a lip in the back towards the bottom that is meant to be a spring clip to hold in HeroClix pieces. You can use the lip as a slightly elevated back row for figures on 1" or smaller bases. With a little effort, I suppose you could cut out the clips if you have one of those cases and wanted a smooth floor.
  8. X-Case Clear Expandable Miniatures Display and Transport

    I have one each of the magecase and the newer xcase. They are pretty sturdy, and stack in several ways. I'm in for 6 of the clear cases. I want to use them to display and transport Malifaux crews. These should work fine for storing pieces while they dry. If they were air tight, I'm not sure they would dry properly. There are several small holes in the cases, but you'd need a lot of dust in the air to pass through them.
  9. 3D printed paint racks

    After building my wall rack, I'm not sure I really NEED another rack. Though the corner units could come in handy when this eventually gets full. For some reason, I can't stop looking at paints and paint racks. As if that's not enough, now I keep looking for things to print when the printer arrives.
  10. Wet Pallet

    I like how wet palettes work, but I didn't like my homemade ones that I made from sandwich containers. As others ave stated, they were too deep and the corners too rounded. I recently found another one that had a very nice flat top with handle/levers that snap to the sandwich holder part. The lid is a flat surface with shallow sides, and has corner curves that are not too pronounced. So now my wet palette is the lid of this thing, and I snap the body to it to seal the thing closed.
  11. 3D printed paint racks

    That's a cool paint rack, but unfortunately the 3D printer I have one order is only going to handle a 4.5 inch cube print area.

    With 30mm, you can use Malifaux and other skirmish pieces without worrying about base size changes or overlapping into other tiles.
  13. Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette

    I've not been satisfied with the wet palettes I've made for myself. I have been unable to find something wide and shallow enough with a shallow lid for what I'm looking for. The Masterson palette is too flimsy for me to be comfortable traveling with it. The magnetic well add-on piece looks pretty handy. I almost always end up with a small ceramic palette on the table anyway when I use the wet palette. Both of these items in one kit, hopefully sturday enough for travel use, it's worth checking out. For my home built palettes, I use a sham-wow for the sponge and a few strands of copper wire underneath that to stop the mold. That part works pretty well for me. It's the box and portability that I'm looking for here.
  14. Rustoleum Matte Sealer

    I have not tried Rustoleum's Matte Sealer, though I have used a can of Lowe's store brand matte sealer. That worked well enough for a beginner. Eventually I found a shop that was closing out a ton of old paint from Testors/Floquil. I was able to pick up a dozen cans of Floquil Figure Flat. As near as I can tell, this was the Floquil equivalent to Dull Cote that stopped production when Testors bought them out. Lately I've been trying to find a solution that I can spray with my airbrush. I've been using the Liquitex acrylic varnish, with a few coats of gloss (works great) followed with a coat of their matte varnish. It ends up closer to a satin finish than a matte one, but it's not terrible. I'm also considering a bottle of Testor's Dull Cote; however even with an airbrush, that still brings up the issue of fumes and airbrush cleaning that may not offset the hassle of spraying outside. I'd appreciate any suggestions for a good acrylic matte that's airbrush compatible?
  15. Fat Dragon Dragonlock 3 Terrain

    Just filled out the Backerkit for my Obsidian 3D printer. Permanent negative modifier to these kickstarters now.