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  1. I'm going to take the swords idea a step further. Everyone needs sword-canes. They're a bit more civilized than strapping a bastard sword to your back.
  2. Kid: by age - Dr Seuss / Best Christmas Pageant Ever / The Hobbit Teen: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Little Brother by Cory Doctorow Adult: Too hard, depends on how well they read? Far too many adult's don't read for fun, and have grown rusty. I wouldn't recommend Perdido Street Station to any non-readers. Just a few on the shelf right now... Expendable by James Alan Gardner, Fight Club by Palahniuk, American Gods by Gaiman, Perdido Street Station by China Miéville, What is the What by Dave Eggers
  3. I have the GW wash set, and having that in pots is great. Just dip the brush and go to town. But for painting opaque colors, I'd much rather have a dropper bottle and a (wet) palette. Just squeeze out a couple drops of what I need and I'm good. Also, the big rack I built only accommodates dropper bottles. The majority of my collection is Reaper and Scale 75 so that works fine.
  4. Umm, I live in Washington. That stuff's legal up here. Besides, there was already a question on plant growing ability last month, and I've already established that I'm Death Incarnate to plants. I couldn't produce "massive quantities" of blackberries if I tried (and any Pacific Northwest native knows you can't kill that stuff) But let's play this game... My nickname's "Acid". My cellmate is "Slick", a fast talking con-man. We spend our time coming up with elaborate escape plans that always end up with our unwitting dupes getting the brunt of the punishment when our escape attempts inevitably go awry.
  5. Hey all, hoping to get some guidance from my fellow forumites. I'll be in North Olmsted next weekend for my son's birthday. any recommendations for cool game stores? Looking for places with lots of cool stuff. My son will be more interested in memorabilia/comics but still likes card and RPG games. For myself, I'm more interested in RPGs, minis, and paint/hobby supplies. Any advice will be appreciated.
  6. I'd have to name it "Why'd you pick this stuff up again after 17 years?"
  7. December 2007, bought my condo. I'd need a big life change before I move again. Most likely I'd have to get married and need more space. Though if my folks passed away, I'd probably move into their place and rent out the condo. My commute would jump by 20+ minutes, but I'd have more room for game related crap, what with a garage and an extra couple rooms.
  8. Filed just under the wire, because I was out of the country for quite a bit of the last few months. I will get a refund. It'll go to visiting my son for his birthday. If I have anything left over, I'll apply it to the principle on my mortgage. (Bones IV money is already set aside, provided I don't buy a new tablet with it first) Edit: Yes, I'm in the US and I understand where my taxes go. I like having roads and emergency services, though I'd allocate the rest differently than congress does - past or current.
  9. Second choice would be a chocolate mousse. Chosen only after my mom's iced shortbread cookies. (Because those things define Christmas for me)
  10. I've had the mold issue happen in a sealed tupperware sandwich box. I had left it sealed in the fridge for over a month. After that, I found a 1 foot section of copper grounding cable at work. I stripped the sheathing off and made a loop of wire from the pieces that fits around the edge of the sponge area. Never had another problem with molding again. Also, I use Sham-wow things for sponges in both the home and travel wet palette. (They make great boat sponges for the kayak, and I had a spare available to chop up.)
  11. At about 25-30 psi, I spray the badger stynylrez straight from the bottle. Great adhesion and coverage without loss of detail. Maybe I should try it out with water or airbrush medium and see if there are differences in adhesion. Something to consider when I get back home.
  12. I've had this happen a couple times. I don't worry about it too much. I either get some added exclusives, or knowledge that without the KS happening, the product would never be made. I try very hard not to consider this a shopping spree, though I know quite a few people who don't realize the "investing in a product" nature of KS.
  13. I have one of those fold up plastic spray booths you can find all over ebay. It's pretty quiet, certainly quiet enough to use with people sleeping in the other room. It works well for sucking up acrylic paints, that's primarily what I use it for. I have yet to try it with a lacquer based paint, and I have some doubts how well it would vent that from the room. This is a venting system, you still want to have the hose running out a window, even for acrylics. As for that Point Zero kit, I'd suggest the 2 brush bundle with the cleaning kit. A spray out pot is very handy, though the wire cleaning brushes are not recommended by most of the big name airbrush companies. The head of Badger is pretty vehement about them being more damaging than useful. You can find a long interview with him on youtube. I'd send a link but my access is a little limited right now. The compressor in that kit is pretty standard and copied by most of the Chinese companies. Mine is a very similar model, and is quieter than the spray booth mentioned above. Neither one is louder than an average conversation. I've used them with children and roommates asleep in the next room with no issues.
  14. 'Tots if I'm eating with my fingers. Mashed with a little cream and garlic (topped with butter and gravy) if I'm using utensils.
  15. I'm going with "Gryphon" Nobody around me knows how to spell worth a damn anyway, and they often select the wrong corrected word when they do use the spellchecker. I'm just going to do whatever the elf I want. I'm sure 99% of them wouldn't know what this beast is anyway.