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  1. 89032

    Thanks! The shield really was the most fun part. The base concept worked out really well, I plan on using it again soon next time I paint a group of figures.
  2. 89032

    Thanks! The knight's face was a pain, but the artist gave us an awesome big demon shield face that more than makes up for it. I painted them after breaking it, since otherwise I would have to go over the break again anyway. But I painted all three pieces together so the scheme is exactly the same. This is what they look like together: Great! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well though. Also, if your mother thinks that focusing your eyes a few cm away from your face for long periods is bad for you, you probably shouldn't tell her what you do as a hobby :)
  3. 89032

    Thanks! I don't remember if I actually did a reddish glaze, or if that's just the undercoat of ruddy leather showing through. But I'll go ahead and take credit and assume I did a reddish glaze. Glad you liked it! That's awesome! It's a bit addictive once it finally works. There are whole communities devoted to making and sharing these images.
  4. 89032

    Thanks! I really like that shield, it's like its own character.
  5. I like the fire and OSL. I picture him sitting around the camp fire telling ghost stories to his beholderkin about parties of adventurers.
  6. The shrooms are great, I love the glow. I tried a similar thing with some acorns my son found me, it's a great little trick.
  7. 89032

    I've been painting a lot lately, but not posting so much. Time to fix that (the posting, not the painting)! I finished this antipaladin a while ago, but hadn't posted him to show off yet. So here he is: I decided to go with a rich color scheme, incorporating red, brown, bone, and three different colored metallics: steel with black, steel with brown, and gold with brown. I'm quite happy with how it all turned out. For the base, I used a technique that I learned from James Wappel's blog (wow, that guy is prolific). I made a round disc out of sculpey, and carved it with the sigil of an evil deity. Then I baked it, and after baking snapped it into pieces. It gives it a nice natural broken stone look, and I got three bases for the price of one! So now I just need to find two other evil characters to populate the other bases. I also used this mini to try out a new mini photography technique, a turntable that I made myself. I included a few details of how I did it in this old forum thread. This allows me to make nice 360 degree animations. I like the way it is able to show the shifting highlights on the metals; it's something you really don't capture with still photos. And the new forum can embed them directly. Cool! Following a suggestion from Cranky Dog, I also made a 3D version. It could still be improved, but I think the technique shows promise. Here are instructions for viewing: Hold your finger close to your screen, in the middle between the two images. Slowly bring your finger toward your nose, keeping your focus on your finger. At some point the two images in the background will merge into one. Shift your focus to the image on the screen, and behold the miracle of 3D! Laugh at all those suckers who wasted hundreds of dollars on fancy VR headsets. Please let me know whether the effect works for you! It took me a few tries to properly view it, but it becomes easier with practice.
  8. Nice work! I like the metal on the golem especially.
  9. Haha, nice! That guy does not come in peace ...
  10. I like the dark wash in the fingernails, makes them look nice and dirty. For the nails themselves I would try a yellowish off-white like reaper's yellowed bone.
  11. Let me know if you want help making one! My current setup consists of: Arduino UNO (or compatible, with USB cable) 28BYJ-48 stepper motor ULN2003 stepper motor driver (to connect the motor to the Arduino) 6 male to female jumper wires LEGO chassis Modified reaper base to act as a platform I managed to find a cheap Arduino-compatible kit on a slow boat from China for ~30$. It came with all the required electronic components listed above plus a ton of other stuff. You might be able to find just the required components for less, but probably not much less. The construction is a bit more involved than the clock version because it requires some programming to get the camera and the Arduino to sync up. The code itself is very simple in Linux, but will probably be slightly different for different operating systems.
  12. Mmmmmm ... sacrilicious.
  13. Nice! I always wanted to paint this guy as Tim the Enchanter.
  14. Good call! Also a little more brown will tie it nicely to the rest of the piece. Now I just need to decide on a brown. I have HD umber brown and muddy brown, but they are a little on the grey side. Ruddy leather might be too red, and blackened brown is perhaps too dark. Hmmmm ....
  15. Thanks! I was worried the mushrooms were too much and I might have to tone them down a bit.