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  1. Pragma

    Dragons Don't Share, Dragon Edition

    You're doing a whole dragon in NMM? That's impressive.
  2. Pragma

    Samus Aran (Metroid) Amiibo head resculpt

    Wow, that's pretty cool. I guess it would take a few passes to get it to 50% of the original size, but still I had no idea you could do that. Chemistry is awesome. Next I'm going to start painting, but first I have to ... Metroid Prime.
  3. Pragma

    Samus Aran (Metroid) Amiibo head resculpt

    Thanks! I have now fallen down the rabbit hole of seeing whether it is feasible to do 3D scanning of miniatures using a webcam.
  4. Pragma

    Samus Aran (Metroid) Amiibo head resculpt

    Thanks! I was wondering about the same thing. I suppose you could do a 3D scan of the larger sculpt and then have it 3D printed. Probably too expensive for personal use, but might be a sensible thing to do if the model were being produced in large quantities. For all I know some companies already do it this way. I've seen comics done that way - my father is a comic book nerd and has a few huge comic pages on bristol board. It makes a lot of sense. Of course 2D scanning and printing is much more developed than 3D :)
  5. Hey everyone! I'm back to the forums after a long time away - I recently moved and it's been a while getting everything set back up. I was recently inspired to get back into sculpting. You see my son is really into these Amiibo toys - little figures made by Nintendo that let you unlock various things in games. But his Amiibo of Samus (the heroine from Metroid) lost its head a while back. It was pretty clearly gone forever, and it was sad to see my childhood video game heroine sitting decapitated in our living room. Then I had an idea - I could sculpt her a new head! I decided that rather than a new helmet, I would sculpt her head underneath without a mask. And once I had the idea, the sculpting went really fast and I finished it in an evening. Here is the result, ready for painting: It was done mostly in sculpey (about 3:1 super sculpey firm to super sculpey) with green stuff underneath to hold the head to the armature, and a little extra green stuff here and there to hold bits together, and to fill a crack from where the sculpey split during baking. As you can see I decided to depict her with the ponytail she has in the more recent Metroid games, rather than the tragic 80s hairdo she sported during my youth :) Here are some close-ups: I have to say that sculpting at this scale is WAY easier than heroic scale. Like about a factor of 10 easier for each factor of 2 in size. I realize now that it's a bit rough in places, I would love to hear your comments. I am likely to start painting her soon.
  6. Pragma

    DIY photo turntable

    Thanks! There are some newer results here: https://gfycat.com/@pragmatique/albums/minis I love how this thread keeps getting resurrected year after year. Unfortunately I took apart my latest turntable photo setup because I moved recently, but I should put it back together soon and post some pictures. I also recently was gifted a 3D printer (!), so maybe it's time to make a custom stand that will hold the motor :)
  7. Pragma


    That's awesome. If more people watch Ronja because of this thread then I have done my job.
  8. Pragma


    Yes, thanks for the extra info! Those stories may be out of fashion in the outside world, but not in our house. I vaguely remember reading Pippi Longstocking as a kid, but I don't think it really grabbed me. Though I think it just might appeal to my very independent-minded daughter.
  9. Pragma

    Bones 3 Brain In Jar

    Cool! The jar looks like it's filled with a pinkish liquid, how did she get that effect?
  10. Pragma

    Mayahuel, sorceress of thunder

    The skin, headdress, and the freehand on the cloth are all superb! The spell effect doesn't really stand up to the rest of the piece though. Compared to all the colorful parts it just looks unfinished.
  11. Pragma

    Copper golem 30 min speed paint

    Nice verdigris, especially for a speedpaint. What color is that coppery orange? It doesn't look metallic.
  12. I haven't used cork before, but lately have been having a lot of success with a combination of bark and filling in gaps with putty and clay (green stuff & sculpey).
  13. Pragma


    What can I say, I know how to steal a good thing when I see it :)
  14. Pragma

    Summoning Circle and Conjured Face

    What a cool and unique model. The OSL looks great, at least from the angles you show here - it looks like glossy specular reflections from the metal of the cauldron.