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  1. Nice! I always wanted to paint this guy as Tim the Enchanter.
  2. Good call! Also a little more brown will tie it nicely to the rest of the piece. Now I just need to decide on a brown. I have HD umber brown and muddy brown, but they are a little on the grey side. Ruddy leather might be too red, and blackened brown is perhaps too dark. Hmmmm ....
  3. Thanks! I was worried the mushrooms were too much and I might have to tone them down a bit.
  4. Back from a work trip, finally got down to painting the base. The stone is lots of drybrushed stone grey, with some blue and green washes particularly in the shadows. The stump is all mossy greens and browns. I added some craft moss into the cracks, which gives it some green to set it off from the rest of the piece (but not too much). And just to mix it up a bit, I made the mushrooms purple. Now all that's left is to attach all the parts together, and touch up the paint job to blend everything together.
  5. If I ever make it to ReaperCon, I'm definitely bringing my little photo turntable.
  6. I think that's because I cheated :). I didn't actually move the camera, I just had both of the sides render the same video, with a relative delay of a few frames. That way it shows the mini from a different angle in each eye. But unfortunately it means the angle of the background doesn't change, so the background is not receding the way it should. Of course, the right way is to take photos from two separate angles. And perhaps having a background that isn't just one solid colour. Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to shoot 512 frames, so I haven't had a chance to do a proper stereo photo. I'll see if I can find an online guide.
  7. Edit: oops, I didn't think I actually posted. Am not good at forums. And now everybody answered all the questions.
  8. I think perhaps you meant to attach a picture? In any case, I think you have the right idea. Painting blue over white is certainly better than the alternative of white over blue! I prefer the look of the Heather blue, but maybe having an intermediate color between the white and the blue, like a purplish or greenish tone would make it look even more magical.
  9. So I finally taught myself how to view cross-eyed 3d. Good suggestion, I think it works really well!
  10. Here is the fixed up result with 512 frames. I increased the framerate to 60 fps, so it should look smoother. And it seems the new forum can embed it directly ... spiffy!
  11. This guy has a pie: Uh ... happy pi day? Edit:
  12. He looks evil ... ooh, is that cotton candy?
  13. Strangely, I find it extremely difficult to view cross eyed 3d images, but I have no problem with the other kind where you focus your eyes beyond the screen. It's just so much more natural to uncross my eyes than to cross them.
  14. Okay, okay, one thing at a time. I tried the new turntable with 512 steps, the next step up from that (1024) I think would be overkill. The result of my first test wasn't quite perfect; I think there is a bit of vibration from the motor that causes the turntable to drift. I also forgot to set the camera to manual, so there is some flicker from the automatic exposure. So I'll try to find a way to anchor the turntable better, set my camera up properly and try again. I'll post pictures once I've resolved those issues.
  15. What kind of silver paint are you using? I find metallic paints are very hard to use straight, they work better and look better if you mix them with darker colors. For silver, I like to combine with a mix of blue and black paint.