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  1. My family and I recently watched a lovely tv series called Ronja the Robber's Daughter. It was co-produced by studio Ghibli and based on a novel by the author of Pippi Longstocking. It was a really sweet show, thoughtful and gentle, with a strong young female protagonist. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyway, one of the antagonists that featured prominently were harpies, and I really liked the design. Here is an example: So I was inspired to try to reproduce it with my own harpy. Unfortunately reaper's version is not suitable for the board due to bare breasts, but I can include some pictures from the back, and a link to a 360 degree view: Here is the NSFW LINK to the 360 degree view. Comments welcome and appreciated!
  2. That's awesome. If more people watch Ronja because of this thread then I have done my job.
  3. Yes, thanks for the extra info! Those stories may be out of fashion in the outside world, but not in our house. I vaguely remember reading Pippi Longstocking as a kid, but I don't think it really grabbed me. Though I think it just might appeal to my very independent-minded daughter.
  4. Cool! The jar looks like it's filled with a pinkish liquid, how did she get that effect?
  5. The skin, headdress, and the freehand on the cloth are all superb! The spell effect doesn't really stand up to the rest of the piece though. Compared to all the colorful parts it just looks unfinished.
  6. Nice verdigris, especially for a speedpaint. What color is that coppery orange? It doesn't look metallic.
  7. I haven't used cork before, but lately have been having a lot of success with a combination of bark and filling in gaps with putty and clay (green stuff & sculpey).
  8. What can I say, I know how to steal a good thing when I see it :)
  9. What a cool and unique model. The OSL looks great, at least from the angles you show here - it looks like glossy specular reflections from the metal of the cauldron.
  10. My neighbor is DMing a new pathfinder campaign soon, so I have taken it upon myself to make minis for the party. Our first game is tentatively on Tuesday, so it may be a short-lived WIP. The characters are: Dirk, the flaxen-haired and violet-eyed elf fighter. He's not too bright, but that doesn't bother him, he's just here to fight bad guys. A seventh son from the elven kingdom, he will be dressed in rich reds and gold. A'con, a fighter with anger issues. She comes from the forest kingdom, and will be dressed in bright gold and deep emerald green. Ani, the ego-driven bard and A'con's sister. She's convinced that she can do anything better than anyone else. Her favorite color is orange, so I think she will be dressed in a bright orange vest. Cathal, the dwarf cleric. I honestly don't know much about this character. So I'm just going to wing it. Varian, the spell thief. He is laying low after stealing from the wrong wizard. I am going with a red/purple/blue color scheme for him. We also possible have a sixth character, a half-halfling half-giant. He's been described as having the appearance and proportions of a halfling, but the size of a human. I am honestly completely at a loss for what to do. Any suggestions? I am looking through my many minis from the first two bones kickstarters, but nothing has jumped out at me yet.
  11. Also, just because I can, here is a 360 degree shot that shows her off a bit better (though the face is in shadow)
  12. Beautiful metals, what's your recipe?
  13. Adorable! I like the way you highlighted all the little gems. I second the request for some closer pictures.
  14. Is that a good thing? I'm pretty sure if you said this to her face, Mari would challenge you to a duel :)
  15. Well I am not an expert by any stretch. But I painted a kilt pattern on my storm giant with some success, and that is not too unlike what you're doing here. What I did was to first paint and shade the background color with washes layering etc. Then I blocked the freehand pattern over top (this took a lot of passes because it was red over blue). I may have done a dark wash at this stage to sort of tie the two colors together and make the shadows match up. Then I added highlights to the pattern. There were a couple of "oops" moments along the way, though not as many as you might expect -- you just have to be willing to go back and fix them up.
  16. Thanks, the rapier was kind of a pain to make but it turned out well in the end. So here she is with lots more paint on her. I apparently still haven't figured out this whole "post pics as you go along" thing. This picture is a little washed out, but she is basically done. I might weather the bases a little more, but after that the party will be bound for show off. And just as I say that I see I forgot to add a dab of gold to the little cloak pin ... *whispers* ... do it ... do ... it .... dooooo ....... iiiit .........
  17. Actually some freehand would really knock this out of the park. I think it's worth trying even with the hat already attached. A brocade pattern on the vest would also be awesome if you are up for a challenge :)
  18. Here is Mari the duelist with a bit of paint on her: I tried out a new toy on this model: I base coated the cape with my new airbrush in sapphire blue. So all the blue parts will not necessarily remain blue. I am very happy with how the skin turned out. I painted it just like I usually do skin, but with yellowed bone instead of flesh tone, and a leaf green wash instead of flesh wash.
  19. The skin is looking great. Are you using an airbrush for that?
  20. Very nice, I like the wide range of colours you have managed to use while keeping it all harmonized. Also lol @ Larry the Skullbot.
  21. I keep mine in the fridge.
  22. Yep, I use mine all the time and love it. Parchment paper over top of some foam in a plastic container. And a copper penny in the bottom to prevent mold buildup.
  23. Wow, that's amazing. The glowing red works perfectly for a balrog-type creature. Could you give some more details about how you did the lighting? I have a bunch of little LEDs of various colors and wires and resistors and batteries and tea lights. I even have some more fancy stuff, including an arduino. But I don't really know how to connect them all together.
  24. This is a fun mini. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Wow, I had no idea. Thanks, you just saved me a ton of time on all my future projects.