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  1. My neighbor is DMing a new pathfinder campaign soon, so I have taken it upon myself to make minis for the party. Our first game is tentatively on Tuesday, so it may be a short-lived WIP. The characters are: Dirk, the flaxen-haired and violet-eyed elf fighter. He's not too bright, but that doesn't bother him, he's just here to fight bad guys. A seventh son from the elven kingdom, he will be dressed in rich reds and gold. A'con, a fighter with anger issues. She comes from the forest kingdom, and will be dressed in bright gold and deep emerald green. Ani, the ego-driven bard and A'con's sister. She's convinced that she can do anything better than anyone else. Her favorite color is orange, so I think she will be dressed in a bright orange vest. Cathal, the dwarf cleric. I honestly don't know much about this character. So I'm just going to wing it. Varian, the spell thief. He is laying low after stealing from the wrong wizard. I am going with a red/purple/blue color scheme for him. We also possible have a sixth character, a half-halfling half-giant. He's been described as having the appearance and proportions of a halfling, but the size of a human. I am honestly completely at a loss for what to do. Any suggestions? I am looking through my many minis from the first two bones kickstarters, but nothing has jumped out at me yet.
  2. Also, just because I can, here is a 360 degree shot that shows her off a bit better (though the face is in shadow)
  3. Beautiful metals, what's your recipe?
  4. Adorable! I like the way you highlighted all the little gems. I second the request for some closer pictures.
  5. Is that a good thing? I'm pretty sure if you said this to her face, Mari would challenge you to a duel :)
  6. Well I am not an expert by any stretch. But I painted a kilt pattern on my storm giant with some success, and that is not too unlike what you're doing here. What I did was to first paint and shade the background color with washes layering etc. Then I blocked the freehand pattern over top (this took a lot of passes because it was red over blue). I may have done a dark wash at this stage to sort of tie the two colors together and make the shadows match up. Then I added highlights to the pattern. There were a couple of "oops" moments along the way, though not as many as you might expect -- you just have to be willing to go back and fix them up.
  7. Thanks, the rapier was kind of a pain to make but it turned out well in the end. So here she is with lots more paint on her. I apparently still haven't figured out this whole "post pics as you go along" thing. This picture is a little washed out, but she is basically done. I might weather the bases a little more, but after that the party will be bound for show off. And just as I say that I see I forgot to add a dab of gold to the little cloak pin ... *whispers* ... do it ... do ... it .... dooooo ....... iiiit .........
  8. Actually some freehand would really knock this out of the park. I think it's worth trying even with the hat already attached. A brocade pattern on the vest would also be awesome if you are up for a challenge :)
  9. Here is Mari the duelist with a bit of paint on her: I tried out a new toy on this model: I base coated the cape with my new airbrush in sapphire blue. So all the blue parts will not necessarily remain blue. I am very happy with how the skin turned out. I painted it just like I usually do skin, but with yellowed bone instead of flesh tone, and a leaf green wash instead of flesh wash.
  10. The skin is looking great. Are you using an airbrush for that?
  11. Very nice, I like the wide range of colours you have managed to use while keeping it all harmonized. Also lol @ Larry the Skullbot.
  12. I keep mine in the fridge.
  13. Yep, I use mine all the time and love it. Parchment paper over top of some foam in a plastic container. And a copper penny in the bottom to prevent mold buildup.
  14. Wow, that's amazing. The glowing red works perfectly for a balrog-type creature. Could you give some more details about how you did the lighting? I have a bunch of little LEDs of various colors and wires and resistors and batteries and tea lights. I even have some more fancy stuff, including an arduino. But I don't really know how to connect them all together.
  15. This is a fun mini. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Wow, I had no idea. Thanks, you just saved me a ton of time on all my future projects.
  16. Thanks! It's sort of an accident that they wound up cohesive. But it's true that a lot of the red, purple and blue tones are repeated throughout (perhaps with the exception of Acon, the female fighter). The blue fur is totally weird, yet it works somehow. And there was enough cookie monster fur left over for Varian to knit himself a scarf. Anyhoo, time to reveal my plans for the mysterious seventh base. We have an NPC sergeant that's our superior within the mercenary company; a half-orc duelist. She wields a rapier and has a swashbuckler type of flair. I totally fell in love with the character concept. This was my inspiration image: So picture that, but with 50% more orc. I decided to start with Imrijka, Iconic Inquisitor. She worked out surprisingly well, since she already had a flowing cape and a hat and gloves. All I had to do was turn up one side of her hat, add some feathers and swap the weapon: It's hard to see, but there are four feathers on her cap. At first I was stumped by the rapier, since I wasn't sure how to sculpt a blade that thin. Then I realized I don't have to sculpt it, and just used a pin (I clipped the tip off so that it won't stab anyone who tries to pick it up). Then for the fancy guard I just made lots of little snakes out of greenstuff and connected them around. Luckily I have an advantage over real sculptors in that I don't have to worry about if this thing will cast.
  17. Thanks! I think it's just my usual ruddy leather, highlighted with oiled leather. Probably shaded with either walnut brown or blackened brown, I don't remember.
  18. And here is Rovert! He joined the party at the end of our last session after we rescued him from a group of giant swamp-dwelling human-eating frogs. I finished him off in one sitting, but it took me a while to post pics.
  19. Very happy with the bases, I still have to go over them a bit and add some kind of weathering. It's only been 2.5 sessions, but it's been a lot of fun so far. Our DM is great at coming up with interesting character concepts. Thanks! It's funny you say that, because he was the least planned of the group by far. My entire notes on him consist of the words "dwarf cleric". Perhaps the moral of the story is to plan less and improvise more!
  20. It does read as lava at this point - but some gray drybrushing should help. Any particular reason you chose red though? Any other color, especially something unnatural like bright blue or purple, would read more as magical than lava. What is Pingo's priming technique? Is that the one where she you do a brown wash over white primer?
  21. Thanks! Here is Rovert the doubling, freshly recovered from his otoplasty and ready for some paint. The more I look at this guy, the more I see a halfling blown up to human size. It's clearly what he was meant to be.
  22. Unfortunately light colors don't tend to mix well with metallics - I think the light colored paints scatter light in a way that cancels out the metallic effect. I would try a creamy white for highlights, and mix in a little bit of a dark color like walnut brown to get the dark parts. Keep the highlights bright and concentrated on the edges, think of it like NMM.
  23. Huh, I never noticed this guy had a huge beard. I like the use of blue/orange contrast.
  24. It's kind of like having a model where every surface is a mold line. I've heard that sanding can help. There are also various products that are made specifically for smoothing 3D prints, but I don't know much about them. Something like greenstuff or liquid greenstuff might also work. Let me know how it goes; I just got gifted a 3D printer and I am wondering how I can use it for things mini related.
  25. Haha "shortly". Well, time is relative I guess. Anyway, I finished 5 of the party members in time for our first major session, so that was fun! The players all loved them. Our 6th player hasn't joined yet so I still have some time on him. I didn't get around to touching up the bases yet, but I added finishing touches to the party. I also fixed my white balance, so the pics look much better. On A'con the only change I made was adding highlights to the hair. On her sister Ani I also finished up the hair. She is also supposed to have reddish-brown hair like her sister, but darker. I also gave her a gold flute. I am still loving the tiny abs. For Cathal I mostly fixed up the places where the paint rubbed off. But I also touched up his beard, so now he's more of a light brown blondish color. Dirk got a lot of work done, including his gold armor and flowing flaxen locks. So pretty! And finally Varian had the most work done. First was all the highlights on his clothes. I added the stripes to the scarf (house Ravenclaw!) And finally sculpted a little swirly thing out of greenstuff to make him float a little higher above the base. I also added just a little OSL glow to the base. Next up is Rovert, who got a little bit of a greenstuff makeover. I also decided who will go on the 7th base. Stay tuned!