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  1. Fulfilling

    Iirc pendrake is @TGP on these forums. Let's see if this summoning spell works.
  2. Other than passive aggressively leaving stuff for my co-workers I hate, I don't do stuff like that. I'm terrible at practical jokes. Better at making stupid puns. So coy.
  3. Fulfilling

    Gasp! I am shocked!

    Iron clad logic that.
  5. Some of the plastic animal toys they sell at toys r us, michael's, or target might work well for the giant animals. You might just have to use your imagination for making them "to scale" though. And Oathsworn makes top notch minis
  6. Oddly, no. I would prefer giant dogs, like an Irish wolfhound or a Caucasian mountain dog. I'd be down for tiny chickens though
  7. I failed the challenge. I reorangized my hobby toolbox, but the rest of the desk is still a mess. I blame my new pillow for giving me a headache. It's too fat.
  8. I think I would quite like having a Pygmy goat. I know I wouldn't like a full sized one from the way that one at the petting zoo tried to eat my hair. But one of those tiny goats.... so cute I like the idea of having a miniature farm... mini goats, pigs, horses, etc.... more than I would probably like the reality. I just got a shirt for the "university of laziness" with a koala and a sloth as the mascots. This is very much me.
  9. Those reviews aren't entirely accurate. We saw it today, enjoyed it but there were little moments that weren't the same or inflections that weren't quite right, that we missed. Part of the problem with seeing a movie too much.
  10. If you haven't watched march 24th's episode of Grimm, don't read the following.
  11. It's a teak desk from Indonesia. My husband's father got it while he was in the navy. I refuse to let it go, it's too awesome. It's also hella heavy.
  12. I could help you with that... come visit, we can go shopping!
  13. I started on my desk tonight. The first thing I've done is to empty out my "toolbox" and clean it up. It's currently drying. Here's the before picture:
  14. I'm gonna get two, because of that marionette. Too awesome!