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  1. Sir Chester GrowlsALot sounds really funny when he growls and eats at the same time.
  2. Yes. When we first brought him in, he seemed fine. Hissed at the other cats, attacked my foot a bit when I tried to step over him, but he didn't seem too upset. I defer to Hubby in matters of animals, because he's had so much more experience with them than I. He's never had an issue like this with cats, and I didn't know that they need to be kept separate for a while. But Sir Growlsalot is slowly getting more comfortable. Kitty treats help.
  3. Assuming this was an adult person. Fantasy: The Night Circus Sci-fi: Arthur C Clark, Andrea Norton, or Issac Azimov. Non-fiction: well, I really enjoy A History of Western Philosophy. So if it was just for some interesting and entertaining reading, that. Whatshisface has a really enjoyable writing style.
  4. Sir Growls-A-Lot is now in my bedroom. My brother will be here tomorrow, and I figure having a growly cat in there wouldn't be good. Plus he's just getting used to me. Right now he's alternating between growling at me and eating the food I just dropped on his nose. I'm gonna take that as a good sign. Maybe soon I can let him out of the crate
  5. Basically all the reasons I hated phys ed. Also turning bright red from exertion and being overly warm.
  6. @Mad Jack you sure live up to your name
  7. Chester "The Wolverine" Growls-A-Lot is getting used to me. Hubby added "The Wolverine" to his name because he has really long claws and goes ballistic when cornered. Anyway, he now only growls and hisses at me when I go in to feed and water him. He no longer lashes out. And, well, he seems confused by the food falling into his crate. Like, he wants to remain grumpy, but there's food falling on his nose. Quite distracting. To to get him water I've been using a baster to squirt water into the bowl. The first time he was really scared by the baster, but the second time he wasn't; which was problematic since I had to reach in to adjust his bowl. I didn't want him to attack my hand, so I used some long handled tongs to move the bowl. I also poked him in the tongue once when he hissed at me. He looked so indignant I figure I can't do anything about my dad, but at least I can help this kitty.
  8. Nausica was beautiful on the big screen. I had forgotten about the 80s-ish, video game music. It it was almost ruined by the guy sitting next to me. He kept snorting, spitting, and making other gross noises. Luckily I took an extra point in Ignore People.
  9. About to go see Nausica of the Valley of the Wind in theater. Looking forward to getting my mind off Things.
  10. Last night, before our game was interrupted, my ice dragon doll made friends with a giant half fiend by giving him chocolate. His int was quite low (5) and he was bullied by his commanders. But here was a group giving him food he liked without even making him do anything to get it. The same group also traded chocolate to a civilization of friendly sahagians for some interesting magic items. (Okay, one of them just got a bunch of gold, but he was a leprechaun, so that's understandable.) Hubby says he's gonna start making people allergic to chocolate
  11. Dad was admitted to the 11th floor, which is the floor for folks with mental disorders. After reading some information on the side effects of miralax, I'm pretty sure that's what's been happening to him. Like, who decided it was okay to give poison to people to help them poop?
  12. I put Chester Growls-A-Lot in the spare room by himself. I really hope he calms down and settles in.
  13. @Zink :hugs: I'm glad everyone is safe! The ball of himilayan hate is now in his crate in the living room. He wasn't coming out or eating, so hubby wrapped his hands in towels and managed to get him out. Cat started biting the towels and must have hurt himself, cause there was blood on the towels. Right now falazure is sitting in from of the crate. I'm not sure if he's trying to reassure him or mock him. Either way, it's hilarious.
  14. Exhaustion makes for poor phrasing. The ewoks were eating the storm troopers. I find that cute. I also don't have any problems eating cute things. So, plans changed again. Right now there's a massive furry ball of growling, himilayan hate in our bedroom.
  15. Ahh, at last! People who understand me! Also, storm trooper eating ewoks