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  1. I want every kind of wing folded up. Folded wings take up so much less space and are less prone to being knocked over and starting a domino effect on the battlefield. I am ten thousand percent behind this idea! Especially if they're dressed the way the frost giant warriors from KS4 are dressed.
  2. I messed up an order from Reaper

    Ooo! Is it like the reapercon pens? Those pens are fantastic. Their ink is really good, won't run if the paper gets wet. I had a recipe on lined paper written with one of my reapercon pens, and when it got wet all the lines vanished, but the ink was as perfect as if it'd just been written.
  3. It was too good a deal to pass up, right? I can easily set up a space in our spare room, it's the compressor and stuff I'm worried about (lol I don't even know exactly what I need). Maybe he got bonked on the head and diesnt remember what the heck he's supposed to do
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I finally got rid of my old Kia spectra. The apartment manager knows someone who needs a car and figures he can get the thing running for less than a new/used car would cost. I'm like, sure! You can break into it, you can dern well have it! So he broke into it the other day, and trundled it off to a professional to have it looked at. We just need to finalize the title transfer and I'll be free of that particular headache. Huzzah!
  5. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    No, I like my beef medium rare. I'm just not used to seeing the store sandwiches (they're from a grocery store, not a sub shop) so red. Usually they're pink in the middle and brown on the edges. Obviously my stomach conquered it, so no big deal
  6. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    I think I'm really lucky. I'm generally pretty picky about the KSs I back, so I don't have a lot to be regretful for. I still feel like I'm gonna paint all these tiny critters Eventually(tm), so even the totally impractical purchases (like the TMNT board game) have yet to be regretted. (Besides, Hubby really loves the TMNT.) The closest I get to regretting purchases is wishing I had gotten more of reaper's heavy gear metallic paints. Those were some nice colours. And gamma shielding gold is just priceless!
  7. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I finally got around to making a spreadsheet of All The Things Hubby and I want. I indicated the priority for each item too. Unfortunately there's a lot more high priority items than low priority
  8. A dragon in a relaxed pose. Perhaps the "loaf" pose that cats take. Perhaps made to look like the dragon is having a conversation with something below its nose. A nice, big dragon too.
  9. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    My roast beef sandwich looks decidedly rare :eats it anyway:
  10. I got my badger airbrush today, from their 56th birthday sale. Now I just need the rest of the stuff for it!
  11. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    I had them mostly done since the end of January, but we had to pay taxes, so I didn't actually send them until the end of march. But yes, done. For one thing, it would need to have my husband in it, so it'd be a hobby space for both of us. His hobby happens to be video games, so both of our video game systems would need to be in there. And comfy couches for playing video games. One wall for games, movies, and game books. And then my painting area. With ample storage, a beautiful wall mounted paint rack, and an adjustable table top to be a drawing table too (I really miss the tilted table top I had in college). Of course, I'd need a separate room for noisy stuff, but that could be smaller than the main hobby room. But I really like being in the same room as my Hubby when I'm painting. It's easier to show him what I'm doing and see what he's doing too. We're giant dorks for each other
  12. Those gems are really pretty @Cyradis. Gonna do anything spiffy with em? (I can think of some neat things to do with em)
  13. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    To be fair, that's really not that much taller than a "normal" moose. So, I stopped by the store on my way work to get my salads for the week. But they had no salads. All the bagged salads had been removed because of an outbreak of ecoli in some lettuce factory. Like, it's lettuce, how the elf does it get ecoli!?!?! But now I have no salads and have to figure out something else to bring to work for the rest of the week. :grumble, grumble:
  14. The Problem with Female Miniatures

    The paint job on that mini is just beautiful. I cannot stress just how nice the darksword minis are. Their only real flaw is having tiny parts that require a certain amount of skill to put together. Well, and their teeny, tiny eyes. Are their painters mere mortals? I don't think so
  15. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Plopped down the money for the core set today. Just $400 to go