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  1. D&D. Because of the story, character interactions, and character development. Last Saturday.
  2. There's some fencing nuts here, this should entertain. I don't know how old it is, but it's fun.
  3. Why is Friday acting like Monday!? Maybe it's because it's Friday before vacation. Mother in law was present when I stumbled out of bed. I almost fell on her trying to give her a hug while she was sitting down. We went to a couple of thrift stores looking for a chair for me. She kept laughing at the way I'd just sit in a chair for a few minutes before saying yea or nay. I found a sturdy red chair I like. And then I had to go to work. Bleh. I had a lady about to pass out from low blood sugar at the same time I had a (very patient) guy whose reservation got lost. And then five check ins while trying to keep the lady awake before the fire department got here to help her. (I love the fire dept around here, those guys are all so nice to people.) I'm glad that part is over and the lady is fine. But sheesh. What a night!
  4. My brother got me a kitchen aid mixer one year. The pretty cobalt blue one. And he's arranged for me to get red iPods on two other birthdays. I've gotten lots of great gifts, those are just a few that stick out. I've been thinking all day about this and presents given don't stick out in my mind. Christmas presents, yeah, but birthday presents not so much.
  5. :sniff: It's so moving! :sob!: Why do they do this to me!!! edit: oh gosh, I just realized, if you haven't seen the end of Amy & Rory's run as the Doctor's companions, don't watch that. Major spoilers!
  6. Yep. Addicted.
  7. I feel like I'm gonna either get really addicted to this fall out game or annoyed with it within a day...
  8. Oh yeah! I know how to take out and put back in my car battery! Mostly because I also know how to change the light bulbs and to change the driver side light I have to remove the battery to get at it. Whomever designed that should go to designer hell.
  9. Oh, so nothing critical was harmed
  10. See, I don't actually know that much about cars. I know how to change my spark plugs and where to put the oil, I even know what the alternator is and how to get it out (involves a lot of swearing). But all that other stuff... I just know it's in there somewhere.
  11. Sounds like they replaced everything but the actual engine block...
  12. Jeebus. I can't like any of these, even in sympathy. :shares hugs and comforts:
  13. The woodland park zoo is alright, but you should also see about going to the point defiance zoo in Tacoma. Their aquarium isn't as good as the Seattle aquarium, but it's still quite good. The octopus in both always hide when I'm there anyway. I love zoos and aquariums.
  14. The timing belt on my 2003 kia going out while my husband was driving it to his work... which was 30 miles away. It was a PITA getting it home, and the dang timing belt cost us like, $3000. The car still runs, but it can't go at high speeds anymore, so no driving it on the freeway. All in all, I'm lucky that's the worst car thing that's ever happened to me.