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  1. That's why Hubby has a goatee. Plus it's smexy
  2. Yesterday was our 5th anniversary. Hubby asked me why I stuck around for that long. "Obviously I either like being annoyed, or you aren't doing the right kind of annoying to drive me away." See, the problem with those straws is that by the time your drink reaches your mouth, it's warm. not potatoes! Potatoes are god's greatest gift to this benighted world!
  3. I gotta find me some stroopwaffles... le sigh!
  4. Does this work with hot coco?
  5. Yes. I kinda have to, since I make up so many names
  6. I need a picture of your belt pouch please and very congratulations on your anniversary They were also young. Jesus was the only one old enough to pay some fee (I think it was a temple tax), and you had to be 18 (I think) to pay that. So they were basically the first boy band.
  7. Clapclapclap!
  8. It would depend on how much I needed to get done before the end of the day, or possibly if I wanted to draw out a fun day and keep it from ending.
  9. Explosive runes is a fantastic spell. Unfortunately for me, every time I cast, no one reads it
  10. Generally speaking yes. In table top games I haven't much paid attention to the background information available, because we just run home brew campaings. But in video games and such I love to know what's going on in quests and so forth. I read all the books in skyrim and eso. But then, I prefer the Silmarillion to Tolkien's novels. A woman after my own heart
  11. Hubby has that aversion too. Made it awkward when, early in our relationship, I bought a box of fudgesicles. Had to eat them all myself. So terrible. But, not strange at all. Everyone has their little quirks and aversions, but it seems like a lot of people prefer to hide them and act like they're weird or shameful. They aren't. They're part of what make you who you are, and as long as they aren't interfering with having a happy life, there's no reason to worry about them, much less feel ashamed because of them.
  12. So yesterday I made the mistake of wearing newish shoes for a walk. Had to take them off half way through, ended up having blisters on both heels, as well as six blisters on the pads of my feet. It was a miserable night for my feet. It sounds like the savage worlds "wendigo" reaper already has. Yes, that. I think it would be a fantastic tee shirt!
  13. Who doodles the triskrillion several pages back? That should be our first tee shirt
  14. All dogs are good dogs.
  15. Your face.