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  1. Pre-launch

    Our lady of brush safety would not approve of that.
  2. Still just dnd.
  3. Pre-launch

    They are totally worth it. Pledging for the core package gets you tons of great minis for very little. In the first bones KS there were a couple of minis that did not get produced, because the sculptors missed their deadlines. Rather than delay the whole project, reaper moved on. (Those two sculpts as currently available in metal.) The quality is very good. There are sometimes issues, but as reaper has become more familiar with the material, those issues have dwindled. From the first KS there was a handful of minis that did not meet reaper's standards, so they cut them until the mold issues could be addressed. Those minis are now available in the store.
  4. Fulfilling

    Sophie, being Reaper's mascot, has been whispering in our ears for years. Encouraging that extra purchase, telling us we can live off ramen for it, that the bills can wait.... she's a evil vixen.
  5. I've had those! The chocolate is truly deplorable. But the critter is cool. I have a penguin that keeps sneaking onto the dnd board...
  6. I would have seen it... but my parents hadn't even met each other!
  7. They're actually redoing a bunch of monster movies, tying them together the marvel movies are tied together. Black lagoon is on the slate, as well as the werewolf and the bride of Frankenstein. There was some speculation that Dracula Untold would be part of the franchise, but that was decided against. Look up "universal monster movies 2017" for more info.
  8. Woohoo! Computer is working again! :furiously does work:
  9. That sounds awesome! I already have figure drawing books... maps, notsomuch. Thank you! :adds to amazon wishlist:
  10. Those are really... neat!
  11. Your zombies are very gooey looking. Good job!
  12. Beautiful work! Yay for being paid!
  13. Fulfilling

    Hey, that's less than two hours (assuming a freeway). Go get them!
  14. Uuuuuggggghhhhhhhhh. I just found out that my work's posting system will be down for maintenance until 5am. :beats head on wall: Wwhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
  15. Oooo! What book is this? Please tell!