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  1. Oh, to visit my dad. I told him several times yesterday that I'd visit him this morning. And I don't want to not show up. He's been all anxious because my brother went back to California, my not showing would probably cause him more anxiety.
  2. Sure, I'll collect those too
  3. I think I might just do a quick stop at the hospital this morning. I'm getting super tired.
  4. I don't have @VitM'a problem. I have tons of plushies, so special ones wouldn't be unusual. Lets see, definitely @OneBoot, maybe the special edition ninja version. Gotta get the @buglips*the*goblin Limited edition forum mascot. The sparkly @Glitterwolf rainbow plush. Oh, all the dapper top hat editions of @Darsc Zacal, @Froggy the Great, and @pcktlnt. I'm certain I'm forget some. But just one would be impossible. I gotta collect them all! Eta: oh gosh, how could I forget the limited edition mega @Reaperbryan with authentic kaiju roaring action!
  5. Nooooo! Don't waste the paint! Or the BBQ sauce for that matter. Unless it's crappy sauce. I got four hours of sleep today. I took my brother to the airport, and by the time I got back, I couldn't properly get to sleep.
  6. I say get Sophie while you can. I have a bunch of Sophie figures I have yet to paint, but One Day I will. And I'd be Sad if I didn't have one that I liked.
  7. I am not going to reaper con but I am getting an upgraded bag! Thanks to a certain ninjaboot!
  8. To heck with them! Goats are awesome! Alternately, you could hire a physically fit person to do it. It's always fun to watch someone else do all the work while you sip lemonade. So, I got an email from my manager saying "don't put coffee in the lobby" because I guess this group we have in house wants their people to pay for it. But, what about the people not in that group? I've had five people ask me about coffee already. I don't relish being yelled at for this.
  9. Get some goats. They'll eat your brambles. No harm to your back!
  10. @Marvin I'm sorry things are so sh****. @canuckotter congratulations and that is a beautiful name MOM(hulk) SMASH INSURANCE!
  11. I love it that you guys understand me
  12. I had cheesecake yesterday. But it was cheesecake I bought to eat with hubby. Because. Well, someone just ate about 180000 calories, so I think death is inevitable
  13. I've never gotten it. Mostly because I don't go to cons.
  14. For whatever reason the last three of these "fathom events" things we've gone to, there's been some idiot sitting right next to us detracting from the enjoyment of seeing the movie on the big screen. This time we had these women sitting next to us who would not shut up. One of them laughed through the entirety of the princess bride, even the parts that weren't funny. Seriously wanted to kick her into a well.
  15. Sympathy @Glitterwolf car problems are annoying
  16. Yeah, my hubby is definitely the weirdest person I know I haven't watched it in at least 10 years, but 10 years ago it held up.
  17. I don't know what big boy is, but Eastside Big Tom's has been in Olympia for about 50 years, iirc. It's literally only a drive through, though since my uncle started running it he added a seating area and (just recently) and ice cream shack. The food is pretty good, as well as fast. It's also delivered in bags The shakes are amazing!
  18. No, different characters. We started the spelljammer campaign a while ago (actually, we've started it twice, then switched campaigns for whatever reason) and when we stopped we had only just gotten a space ship and found a planet to explore. Well, more like an asteroid. The mages aren't retired though, hubby says they'll probably make another apperence "soon". Gotta update those spell sheets! I wish I could convince my Hubby of this. I managed to get him in a tux for our wedding and he was totally hot in it. :sigh: But he hates wearing them.
  19. Wow, 12 posts. That's gotta be some kind of record @Kangaroorex
  20. Tomorrow we see The Princess Bride in theater! Sooooo looking forward to it!
  21. That's me too. Game went well today. My character made it out of hell (3rd layer). Everyone lived (barely) and we all leveled up to 9. Then hubby called an end to the campaign, as we were victorious, and we discussed what to do next. Next week is back to spelljammer!
  22. Cute I went to my uncle's fast food joint the other day and discovered that he has stickers! My favorite is definitely the mock Kiss sticker
  23. Funded

    Yeah, that roc falling on me would definitely kill me.
  24. I have cleaned the kitchen! :hero pose: