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  1. It makes me absurdly happy that gay guys use dumb pick up lines. Like, that one is terrible! Aww Brutus is so cute!
  2. I mean, I've got original Lysette, bones Lysette, will have chibi Lysette, so I have to get this Lysette.
  3. Yeah. Hopefully someone will take him who can give him a house all his own. Some cats just can't share.
  4. I regret yo inform you that Chester Growls-A-Lot will not be staying here. Last night while I was trying to feed him, he attacked my feet, then escaped the room we had him in (I didn't close that door all the way) and attacked my cat (who had followed me because I had food). He thankfully didn't hurt her too bad. But we had to get him back into the small crate where he is now. I thought I had been making good progress with him. I don't know what set him off. But I can't have him here if he's gonna hurt my kitty. She doesn't deserve that. There's a no-kill cat rescue place nearby. We're gonna take him tomorrow.
  5. I would like to second santa and his sleigh and the swan boat. Also a fantasy dragon boat. Like a Viking ship, but extra dragony.
  6. Okay, you got me. I need her!
  7. When we were cleaning out my dad's garage, we found a complete franklin. Still works as far as I know. I try to paint better than table top, but I'm definitely not anywhere close to competition painting. I've never done any professional work, because I'm terrible at deadlines. I've painted for others, but only as presents.
  8. That sounds like really good tea
  9. Aww! They're so cute! @TaleSpinner should see the wee baby beholders!
  10. Where is @Aryanun when someone needs a good bonk on the head?
  11. [ ] not < > I'm so jealous I could bite you!
  12. Something about insanity being repeating oneself over and over. So yeah, fine line between dedication and insanity. My my brother wants me to go to my dad's house and pack stuff. But I'm still exhausted.
  13. Dedication
  14. Has anyone else spent several minutes trying to figure out what she called her ex? Maybe it's just cause I'm tired and my profanity vocabulary tends to consist mostly of "poo" when I'm sick...
  15. When I was maybe around 9 or 10, my oldest brother somehow got his hands on some dnd books. I believe they were the 2nd ed players handbook, dmg, the monster manual, and legends & lore (I specifically remember seeing a picture in legends & lore). They must have been from one of his boy scout friends, cause books like that were too expensive for us. When I asked about what he was doing with these extremely interesting books, he told me it wasn't a game for girls. He did that with the Atari too, even though I kicked his hiney on centipede. Fast forward to 2005, and my younger brother was getting into dnd. He purchased some of the books (3rd ed, I think, and enough to complain when 4th ed came out...) and some of the plastic prepainted minis. We made up some characters, and were gonna play with a friend of his, but the guy was never available. I even went to the LGS here and got an unpainted mini to be my character. Before we could ever do anything though, I moved to California. Okay, fast forward one more time. I'm sitting in the living room of the man who would become my husband. We'd moved in together just recently and I was still getting used to the place. In the kitchen is a large plastic tote (sterilite, not Rubbermaid). I asked him what was in it. Books, he replied. Well, what kind of books? Books for dungeons and dragons. Oh. After a few minutes: may I look at them? That was was the first time I saw the sort of incredulous look on his face that seemed to wonder if I was for real. I ended up joining his game as a halfling thief. As for minis, well, we bought rather a lot of the plastic prepaints. Some of which were used for player characters. I would look at them and think, I could paint this to look like our characters. Then it became, I can do a much better job on this than the prepaint. Then I made a giantess character, and needed a mini for her, so I went and bought Frulla, and painted her up. I discovered these forums after the first bones kickstarter. And I have been addicted ever since!
  16. Sympathy like @Froggy the Great & @SparrowMarie
  17. Had to let Chester out of his crate before I was ready. New, bigger crate was supposed to be delivered today, but the silly goose somehow knocked his crate over (okay, fine, maybe it wasn't a good idea to set the crate up on the box, but I was enjoying looking at his cute face). The smaller crate needs to be cleaned before he can go back in it, so I just let him out. He he seemed pleased to be in such a big space, but even more pleased when I brought him a box w/ blanket to hide in. He still growled while he invesetigated the room, and he hissed at me a couple times, but he seemed pleased over all.
  18. So, are you still a beholder, but cosplaying as a lizard dood? Or did you just cast a polymorph self spell and go full lizard?
  19. Oh, I love cats. They're soft and fluffy and silly. Also stupid. Like, fantasy authors really made me think I was getting a musical being. Nope. Just a furry dummy.
  20. Oh no. This plague has been going around work. Chester is doing well. He's less growly daily. I just need him to be comfy with me and hubby, then I can let him see the other cats. I will I'll make him love me! :cat gets fat on treats:
  21. Is that Scandinavian writing? >.>
  22. You changed your avatar! You're a lizard now!!!!
  23. Welcome back Ary! So this is neat. Over the course of the night my tonsils have swollen up, my chest has become congested, and my body achy. What a wonderful time to become sick!
  24. I think the only new thing I'm looking forward to is Thor. It looks very Heavy Metal.
  25. Dislike! You can always buy a bag online now (at the reapercon site) and ask someone to pick it up for you. That's what I'm doing. I must have that dragon bust. And the person who I've contracted to pick it up gets the reapercon money and stuff that can only be used there. I think there's raffle tickets or something?