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  1. Just put in an order for xanathar's guide to everything and a the elemental evil players companion (a print version from dms guild). 


    I really hope they release a magic encyclopedia with better spell organization. I had to go through spells for one of my priests the other day and it's just obnoxious. 

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  2. On 7/19/2018 at 9:51 AM, odinsgrandson said:

    Quick question- does bankruptcy protect a company against their Kickstarter promises?  Because, if NJ isn't taking out bank loans, then there's not a whole lot that it would do for them.  And remember, bankruptcy does not mean the end of a business (although it is horrific PR, but a lot of companies get out of it).  

    I certainly hope that they don't go under, though it does look like their expenses have gone over.  I certainly hope they can save their company (to be honest, I'd be out a lot more than just the one KS worth of stuff).   The company has just been going on for too long without regular releases (due to their KS projects) and I'm sure that's hurt them a lot.

    It seems like their first priority is to partly deliver on all of their Kickstarters, to garner some good will, and they seem to be trying to support their company with smaller releases in the mean time.  I suspect that a few Kickstarter items that I'm most excited for will be a low priority (the Mutant Chronicles crossovers, for example).


    I actually think that a number of their recent moves have been smart ones.  The Masterclass line is pretty great (although you have some folks swearing to not give them a dime, others are happy to buy cool minis from them).  The Ninja All Stars crossover is also really good (and adds value to product that is just sitting in their warehouse right now).  They also have Doomseeker coming out soon (a card game that is probably relatively cheap to produce, but with really nice art and the Warhammer setting attached to it).


    They've definitely dug themselves into a hole, but to me it looks as though they're actually digging themselves out of it (slowly, and with Super Dungeon Legends at the bottom of the priority list).

    I'm definitely optimistic. When it comes down to it, I really just want their minis, and I'm willing to wait for them. I'm even willing to buy other minis from them while I wait. If they are in financial straits, swearing them off won't help.

  3. 2 hours ago, Erifnogard said:

    That was kind of my reaction when I saw it in the theater.  I recently rewatched it on a movie channel and it worked for me this time. Which is both odd and strangely appropriate to the movie.   It’s like going in knowing the climax improved it for me somehow or let me watch it as a mood piece rather than for story. 


    Or maybe the difference between seeing it at movies with popcorn vs at home with an adult beverage was the difference. Who knows. 

    I'd be inclined to think that the filming style made more sense. As soon as I figured out their big plot device I started enjoying it a bit more. Before figuring it out the flashbacks were just annoying.

  4. 5 hours ago, Crowley said:

    Question for Friday, July 20th:  What do you keep in your pockets/purse/backpack?

    Purse: wallet, pouch w/ nail clippers, nail file, little comb, pill case w/ lactose pills & painkillers, pouch w/ flash drive (in the shape of a turtle!), two pens, one pencil, pocket knife, travel make-up brushes, telescoping back scratcher, baggy of tissues, assorted hair doodads hiding in the bottom.


    Wallet: various payment cards, various store memberships, library card, drivers license, random expired coupons, enough receipts to start a bonfire, some change, and another hair doodad.


    Because you can never have too many hair doodads.


    2 hours ago, ttuckerman said:

    Actually Goblins don't believe in pockets.

    Yeah... I'm pretty sure it's a "pocket" :wacko:

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  5. 38 minutes ago, Crowley said:

    Question for Thursday, July 19th:  What's one chore you hate doing? Why do you hate it? What's one chore you take the most satisfaction from doing?

    Scooping the cat box. Because it's disgusting. Cats are disgusting. My stupid cat threw up in my shoe last night. >.<


    Getting the kitchen cleaned gives me a lot of satisfaction. Of course, I usually ruin it right after by cooking. :rolleyes:

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  6. 13 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:


    11 years in Girl Scouts. I know how to acquire water in the desert, how to make said water safe, how to avoid large animals, how to hunt with rifle and shotgun, how to sleep on rocks, how to build a fire with minimal supplies, and how to splint a broken ankle and/or foot well enough to walk on it.


    However, I can't drive. And am allergic to a couple of things. And can't run very long. And because of Unwise Thing I Did Once I'm supposed to use a cane to walk.


    9 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Did it just start five minutes ago, or has it been ongoing for a while?


    In either case, I'm a very good shot with just about any firearm I can get my hands on. If it just started, this is good for short term survival (getting the heck away). In the second case, it is good for long term survival (hunting).


    Liability---not in great shape with a sometimes ok, sometimes not so much, back.

    :starts list of people to keep around during the zombie apocalypse: 


    Good, good... now, how do you feel about Washington state? Admittedly, we have a lot of rain, but we also have some very nice forests in which to build our treehouse city.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Crowley said:

    Question for Tuesday, July 17th: What was the last thing you watched that... wasn't what you were expecting? What were you expecting, and what did it turn out to be? Ultimately, did you enjoy it?

    We watched Annihalation a couple weeks ago. It can roughly be categorized as an alien invasion film. It was weird... psychological and artsy. I think it would have been better if they had reduced the amount of stuff with Natalie Portman' movie husband. That really dragged the plot down. 


    It also would have been better without the weird noises at the end. Those hurt my head. 


    Overall, it was so-so. It wasn't as disappointing and awful as Where the Wild Things Are (the film, not the book), but it wasn't exactly good.

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