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  1. My cat keeps stepping on my boob. Why do cat feet feel like they have fifty thousand pounds of pressure
  2. Lucy the Ball Python is an amazing name
  3. @Zink :hugs: thank you everyone for the moral support. I was pretty down last night. I mean, he's known me my entire life, but apparently he doesn't actually know me
  4. Reapercon?
  5. Nope. Clowns don't freak me out very much and spiders and snakes are cute.
  6. I believe one of the bones 4 models is a cyclops? Or do you mean more? I have wanted Kabaka Kawana in bones since the first KS. He's huge, and awesome, but so heavy in metal!
  7. Well, depending on the game, that second one might be relevant to the first
  8. Yeah, so we're my dad's. They were half an inch to three quarters. I didn't puke that day, but it might have been more comfortable
  9. My cat is trying to lay on my face. You're my kind of woman. My dad used to make pancakes the size of the pan. I got in an eating constest with my brothers over who could eat the most (without puking) and won with a total of three pancakes. The pan was a 12 inch pan.
  10. I just don't think she really cared. She barely listened to us when we voiced concern and she constantly interrupted. Like, I'm not dumb. I may not have an advanced degree, but I'm not an idiot. Anyway, another cool thing that happened yesterday was getting to see my oldest niece and hang out with her for a while. It's so weird, not that long ago she was a teeny, tiny baby. Now she's a teeny, tiny woman (she's short, really short). I'm not old!
  11. Meh. I can take or leave tv. Like I can get pretty into a tv show and look forward to seeing it, but if I never see the next episode I don't care. Seasonal cliff hangers don't work on me. I forget about them
  12. I remember seeing spiders like that in North Carolina. That was when I was like, 8.
  13. Funded

    She's totally Sophie's mom.
  14. The nerd table is just the future cool kids table. I'll keep you company there
  15. Try a crafting store. Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby all have them here. In the doll house section you can ever find teeny ones.