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  1. About to go see Nausica of the Valley of the Wind in theater. Looking forward to getting my mind off Things.
  2. Last night, before our game was interrupted, my ice dragon doll made friends with a giant half fiend by giving him chocolate. His int was quite low (5) and he was bullied by his commanders. But here was a group giving him food he liked without even making him do anything to get it. The same group also traded chocolate to a civilization of friendly sahagians for some interesting magic items. (Okay, one of them just got a bunch of gold, but he was a leprechaun, so that's understandable.) Hubby says he's gonna start making people allergic to chocolate
  3. Dad was admitted to the 11th floor, which is the floor for folks with mental disorders. After reading some information on the side effects of miralax, I'm pretty sure that's what's been happening to him. Like, who decided it was okay to give poison to people to help them poop?
  4. I put Chester Growls-A-Lot in the spare room by himself. I really hope he calms down and settles in.
  5. @Zink :hugs: I'm glad everyone is safe! The ball of himilayan hate is now in his crate in the living room. He wasn't coming out or eating, so hubby wrapped his hands in towels and managed to get him out. Cat started biting the towels and must have hurt himself, cause there was blood on the towels. Right now falazure is sitting in from of the crate. I'm not sure if he's trying to reassure him or mock him. Either way, it's hilarious.
  6. Exhaustion makes for poor phrasing. The ewoks were eating the storm troopers. I find that cute. I also don't have any problems eating cute things. So, plans changed again. Right now there's a massive furry ball of growling, himilayan hate in our bedroom.
  7. Ahh, at last! People who understand me! Also, storm trooper eating ewoks
  8. You underestimate my ability to find things cute sir! Just about the only thing I don't find cute are flies :bleh: Being mean just makes the snapping turtle cuter like old school Oscar the Grouch!
  9. Wizards did it!
  10. You are weird. But that is by no means a bad thing. Embrace the weirdness!!
  11. Did it work?
  12. I have a spare bones scorpion body and tail. I used the legs to make a 16 legged scorpion
  13. What? Why!? Why would you hurt the cute little turtle!? They are so cute! Is is there a hunting season for everything? Unrelated, when is it douche-face hunting season?
  14. So, when I got together with my hubby, he was taking care of his ex's kid (hubby was the only real dad this kid ever has). Well, one day hubby is drinking pure cranberry juice because he has a UTI. Kid asks if he can have some, know knowing the Truth About Cranberries. I'll just say that his face was hilarious, both for the pure, utter disgust, and the betrayal afterwards. The kid sat in the back seat refusing to say much, with a look that said he appreciated the joke, just not that it was on him
  15. @Crowley I dislike extremely people like that. I hope you can get rid of the property without too much more trouble. It turns out out we aren't getting the himilayan kitteh. Which is fine, because we already have two kittehs, which is one more than our apartments allow. Another lady at hubby's work has the hearts for himilayan kittehs, so she's taking him. So he's getting a good, which is why we were gonna take him. Taller than a gnome, shorter than a dwarf, and yet they eat more than both. Ahh, hobbits, bless Tolkien for inventing them! I discovered that mold lines on everything bug me now. Which is problematic for collecting dolls. Their mold lines are hellacious!
  16. I will share a picture of the new kitty when hubby brings him home. He also has a name, but I can't for the life of me think what it is. Here's a picture of a himilayan. Majestic and graceful.
  17. :throws up a little in her mouth:
  18. Well, I think I've done a fantastic job of making the randomness thread totes depressing! Go me! In happier news, we're getting a new cat! One of the residents at my hubbys work (cook at old folks home), passed on and left her cat. Her family didn't come back to claim it (it's been over two weeks) and the people there haven't been able to find a no-kill shelter or rescue group for kitty, so hubby is like, we take sweet kitteh! He's a himilayan kitty, very sweet, with good food and box habits. The funny thing is that just a week ago hubby was all like "we will never have another long haired kitty!" Because my cat has all the fur. But here he is, saving this sweet kitteh from doom.
  19. @TaleSpinner wtf is head cheese? :afraid to google:
  20. I do appreciate your input. I have a difficult time thinking of questions, right now I'm better at ranting. :le sigh: The social worker my mom talked to was garbage. I'm pretty sure we would have gotten more compassion out a serial killer in the act of murdering us. She told my mom that if we were forced to abandon my dad he would die, because they weren't gonna do anything for him. And the post discharge stuff stuff is all supposed to go through his regular doctor.
  21. Yes. For a very long time I refused to eat anything mayonnaise was in. Then one day hubby and I were ordering sandwiches and I asked what aioli was. He told me it was a basil sauce, so I was like, okay, I'll have that sandwich. As I ate it I noticed him watching me closely. Turns out aioli is made with mayo My objections to mayo are based on texture and the way it smells. I'll eat stuff with mayo as long as I can't smell it and it isn't too goopy. Too much creamy sauce makes me gag.
  22. Liked for the prospect of regular dnd. Not back pain
  23. Did you at least get the exp for the wizard? That is impressive. Maybe I should do that and sell it. Pay for my dad to have some good care. My dad is back at his home, with my mom taking care of him. Mind you, she's disabled herself, so she's not really able to help someone who tries to leave his apartment in his depends and shirt. Or who falls out of bed. Or who pees on the carpet in confusion. But there's nothing that qualifies him for an assisted recovery facility. It's completely elfed up, but it would have been better in the long run if his fall had seriously injured him. At least then they'd be willing to have him in a care facility.
  24. My cat keeps stepping on my boob. Why do cat feet feel like they have fifty thousand pounds of pressure
  25. Lucy the Ball Python is an amazing name