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  1. I'm retired. That place is now called home. I've got a man cave that has books, posters and knickknacks.
  2. It also can be used to straighten bendy weapons just like deathsleet's ankles. This you would use much smaller wire to stiffen the weapon.
  3. Green Fried Tomatoes on the grill. Wife will not let me cook them inside.
  4. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Pi or Tau Day (3/14 and 6/28 respectively) And of course the real day of remembrance for 5/4 , Kent State anniversary.
  5. Belated felicitations on your personal solstice! I was at Origins and did not get to the internet.
  6. Yes many times. I am hard on minis and the paint tends to chip when they bang into each other. Then I repaint. Origins Tomorrow. No postings.
  7. The Stained Glass method is to use a glass cutter to score the surface and then snap, although you can get a plastic cutter that will do a better job that is used the same way at a hardware store. Usually located in the glass replacement isle.
  8. I think my first screen name was piman, but since it was in the late 70's my memory might be wrong. Some of my characters a lot of people cringe at still. Cathy Lou, Blanq (all white super hero) Justin Case. Currently Kau, because one of the other characters is Cow Killer.
  9. Felicitations on your personal solstice, you who have enjoyed more than I. Welcome to late middle age!
  10. Box from the freezer is high ground. Almonds or raisins for quick between meal.
  11. Books are physical. e-books are almost unreadable. I have more books than many used bookstores that I go to trying find out of print books.
  12. Old School from the 70's for the office furniture? I had office furniture from the 20's.
  13. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  14. Fulfilling

    Actually Helms Deep would probably top that.
  15. Blue, but my minis tend more brown and green for some reason. Although Sir Forscale is a nice blue.