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  1. Just a reminder to everyone that May 15th is coming up soon. You have about a month to get those minis out.
  2. This is a Reaper mini, although it doesn't look like he's currently available (or even showing up in the store). He's resin, which probably cause supply-chain issues for them.
  3. I don't usually post my non-Reaper minis here, but I wanted to share this one with you all. This is Princess Malya, Questing Knight and her cypher Mr. Tomm from Relic Knights. She was the first of the new resin minis from Soda Pop Miniatures that I got my hands on, and is a beautiful sculpt and was fun to paint. I agonized over the last little bit, and between never getting to play Relic Knights and this model’s rules being garbage, she slept on the shelf of shame, waiting for her Prince Charming to show up. I finally finished her off last month, so she can join Mr. Tomm, who’s been done for a year now. In case the inspiration isn’t obvious, I’ve based her paint job on Alice from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. The base is one of my favorite parts, and I love how it came out – you can even see a bit of reflection in some shots. I definitely got fed up with the dress at points, and just had to leave it in order to move on, but overall am fairly happy. The white in particular, I probably could have redone it using some of the tips from Jen Greenwald’s class that I took last year.
  4. I picked this guy up at ReaperCon a few years ago, got him to about 90% then left him for a while. I wanted to do NMM on the gun barrels, but decided that enough was enough and finished him while on vacation last month. My favorite part is the crazy eyes. Usually a simple black dot in the center of a white eye is wrong, but here it’s right :)
  5. Welcome on board, DSMiles! Thanks to herzogbrian for stepping up. Here is the WIP of my project. I'm hoping to get her finished up in early April. Spoilered in case you want to preserve the surprise.
  6. My Saturday schedule is unpredictable, so I don't usually contribute to the conversation, but I still try to make it when I can.
  7. I finally picked out and started working on my exchange mini. I'm hoping to get it mostly done by the end of the [vacation] week. Hopefully I'll also have several other items from my shelf-of-shame done as well.
  8. I've been trying to access older messages using the new forum software, but I can't seem to properly access things in folders. If I go to my inbox, that shows up properly. If I select a different folder, I see a selection of messages including some (but not all) from the selected folder, some from my inbox and some from other folders if they're newer. I can't seem to find messages I'm looking for with the search feature, either.
  9. I haven't posted much since work has been kind of killer for me recently, but I wanted to remind everyone to post WIPs by April 1st, which is three weeks away.
  10. Funded

    The Void Break book will primarily contain more fluff. The story lines that were started in the main book (Black Diamond attack on Doctrine, Malaneach(sp?) invasion, etc), as well as blurbs about the new characters and units. There may also be a hobby section, etc. Although it will contain rules for models not found in the 2.0 rulebook, you'll have cards for those models so you don't necessarily need the book. The only exception might be for new unit types or keywords, like Avatar. If you only care about models: get questing knight If you like fluff: get relic knight If you're a gamer: either is probably fine
  11. Funded

    Just about all genres are reflected in anime to some degree. Cowboy Bebop and Trigun are both great examples of space westerns, and it's easy to find shows containing various elements. The Old West as a setting isn't particularly popular, though there appear to be a few examples (but that's clearly not where she's from ). ie, she's not particularly out of place
  12. Funded

    They just posted pictures of several of the new models to Ninja Division's website. Search for "Relic Knights: Resins Up Close and Personal" This should alleviate most concerns about model sculpting and casting.
  13. Wow! Good job! I don't even have my mini picked out yet.
  14. This was a promo mini I got at ReaperCon 2016 from the swag bag. He's from Endless Fantasy Tactics. Had him sitting primed, ready to go for a bit now. Goal: get something painted and done without worrying too much since this week was stressful. I picked up the backdrop at the same con from Hangar 18.
  15. Live

    BTW, I can vouch for Old Rogue studios. Solid tabletop quality, fast and cheap.