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  1. Live

    Is metal their standard material? I saw the shots of the resin models and assumed that was the default.
  2. I don't normally paint quite that fast. In this case, I was painting and chatting with my friend. I knew the material wouldn't let me get super detailed and my friend wanted table-top quality, so I was able to get things done in one or two passes. I wanted to get it done in one session so he could take it home with him, so that encouraged me to get it done quickly.
  3. I'm a fan of tungsten-carbide drill bits vs. steel ones. The tungsten bits are far more brittle than steel, so you have to be very careful to keep the pin vise straight, but they cut metal much more easily than steel. They also cut through plastic better, but it's not like steel gives you any problems there. I also like using pin vises to hold minis while I'm painting them - put a pin up a foot or something and you get a nice reusable handle. I recommend getting cheap ones without a ball on the end for this purpose.
  4. The eyes were a bit inspired by a class I took from Derek Schubert where he did a glowing eyes demo for us. I was actually a bit sad to do glowy eyes on her, because she actually has nice big eyes that I could put some real pupils in - as opposed to more realistic scale eyes like Darksword does.
  5. One of my friends came over today to paint, and I painted this custom HeroForge mini he ordered. She's apparently a Yuan-Ti pureblood PC in one of his games. There was some concept art with green eyes and purple clothing, so I used that to start with. All told, she took around 4 hours. I'm quite happy with how she turned out... sitting and chatting and not agonizing over every decision made her fun and fast to paint. Now, about the mini itself. Here is a fully zoom-in version of the image above. You can easily see the 3d printed layers, particularly on the base (which appeared not to have been perfectly horizontal in the printer), and on the raised arm. The picture doesn't necessarily draw attention to the same areas as the eye, but it's pretty obvious the layers are there if you spend any time looking at the mini. That said, for a tabletop piece it should be fine and the material itself took primer (and thus paint) just fine. The material had some flex to it, and there were only a few supports. Several small details were noticable, for example the details on the bag and the eyebrow piercings (which I didn't paint), but she was supposed to have more defined abs, which didn't show up. I don't think light sanding would have helped much - you would have to take off enough that you'd be seriously damaging the mini at that point. At $30 a pop, they're very expensive, but I could see it be worthwhile for a beloved character.
  6. I painted this mini for one of my friends as a gift. I love Patrick Keith's sculpts. I also love Jessica Rich's paint jobs featured on Dark Sword's gallery page for this mini - my first attempt at painting the breasts didn't look so great so I was able to use the close-ups to get them to come out much better. Can you guess what character she is supposed to be? I'm hoping some of you can get the right answer so that my friend will also be able to figure out who she is. Hint Answer
  7. I started painting this pair quite some time ago, putting into practice some of the technique I learned in Jen Greenwald's class on painting whites at ReaperCon 2016. I finally put the finishing touches on them last night. Now I want to play a cool psychic character. I don't even know if they get familiars or anything.
  8. Thanks for the beautiful mini, SGHawkins09. I especially love how smooth the blends on the skin and cloth are.
  9. I got my mini from SGHawkins09. Awesome looking Korobolas mini - the painting is so smooth.
  10. Yay! it finally arrived (I accidentally mailed two exchange minis to the wrong people) Conveniently, I have pictures (spoilered because I can't figure out how to make them small). My camera was being finicky, so feel free to post your own as well.
  11. Mini mailed out this morning. Pics once it is received.
  12. Fulfilling

    I asked about the mounted knights and they're not ready yet. I guess they fall under "monsters and machines"
  13. Don't worry, you're not late! For everyone else, one week left!
  14. One trick that I've used that seems to help the automatic algorithms out: put a color wheel or band of color off to the side of your miniature, in the area you'll crop out of the picture. It should have solid white and solid black and primary colors. Less relevant here, but if you have a solid white or solid black background, try to put a big block of the opposite color in the cropped out area. When the algorithm tries to "balance" the white and black levels it won't shift way over to the side if there are roughtly equal amounts of white and black in the frame. Caveat: I am not a pro photographer, so it's entirely possible these are merely placebos.
  15. Fulfilling

    I think the mounted knights are only fantasy and knights of the crucible only sci-fi, but I'd take pictures of either. Same with command group or troops - I just want to see if the physical representation lives up to the render.