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  1. So, I repainted the dragon, and have the adventurers about 90% complete. Probably going to put flocking on the base of the ruins, and have been trying to decide if I want to repaint the stones... again. Anyhow, here is Dragons Don't Share in progress (please forgive the crappy photo) If I redo the stones, it will probably be in the theme of this:
  2. This thing is going to look so cool when it's finished :)
  3. My 2 year old daughter agrees LOL She saw it and said "he's my favorite" :D (she just learned what that means apparently, because broccoli, hot dogs, our dog Buddy, and mac and cheese are her favorite now)
  4. Sorry! I changed the folder structure on my webhost to have images a little more organized and had forgotten to update the links in the original post. You should be able to see them now :)
  5. Ah, ok, that's what I was assuming, but always good to ask LOL I do have to say, though, that the flash on my phone camera does tend to wash out color variations. The difference between the dark and light blue is a bit more stark than the photo implies. But, I still appreciate the critique! Even after ~20 years of painting, I'm always looking to improve :)
  6. Thanks! Just for clarification, do you mean you feel I should take the highlighting of the blue up some more (ie, make a couple more layers with lighter blue) or just overall? I was actually dreading trying to paint it, because it seemed daunting before I started. Once I got the base coat of blue down, I didn't find it that way anymore. Everything flowed pretty easily after that :)
  7. I didn't have time to take better photos of this, too much going on recently to break out the DSLR, so I just used my phone camera. Not entirely enthused about the pics, but the mini itself was a BLAST to paint - probably my favorite non-dragon/large monster I've painted up so far! Once I got the color scheme thought through, I actually painted it up rather quickly. Tried a few new techniques on the stones on the base to make them seem a little more polished, which in person really stands out well :) Critiques?
  8. Figured I'd post these since I finished up these two recently. The Well of Chaos I decided I would try out some Blood for the Blood God technical paint to make it look like it was a sacrificial well. Turned out ok, and I may end up repainting the blue areas to gold or bronze or something like that (haven't decided): Then, I painted up the Ghost King I got with Bones I KS, and decided to do a side by side comparison of it versus the metal one I painted up several years ago. I really like the look of this mini for some reason :)
  9. Have posted this in the WIP, and I think I'm finally to the point that I can say that Ma'al Drakar is finished :) Now, if I could just figure out how to photograph it well enough to show it off the way it actually looks would be great, but until then these will have to do. Some of the things that I really think turned out well are the horns (found a new tutorial on how to do them and I think that it helped a LOT), the rust effect skin, and I even added a few small details like weeds growing in the rocks and some algae growing in some of the cracks :) All in all, I think this has to be one of the best minis I've ever painted!
  10. I just thought of this, but if anyone is looking for a good tutorial on how to do the horns like I did here, this is the tutorial on how to do them. It uses Agrax Earthshade and Seraphim Sepia from Games Workshop washes. EXCELLENT tutorial, and had very little learning curve attached to it - hardest part was waiting for the washes to dry LOL
  11. Was a combination of 2 parts Nihilakh Oxide (the patina wash for Bronze/Copper from GW) and 1 part Guilliman Blue (also GW, but is their blue glaze). I believe I also added a smidge of water, but not a whole heck of a lot. Just a little to make it a little more transparent (I tested on the base before painting that with a few different mixes... nice thing about the base being clear as well! :) )
  12. I wanted a little break from painting Ma'al Drakar, so I bought a clear Kyphrixis mini from the Bones 3 kickstarter. I saw it and liked that it was a clear translucent, and wanted to do a living ice dragon :) Had to come up with a mix of washes to get the color I wanted on the clear behind the white drybrush, but this was a fun hour paint up while waiting for stuff to dry on Drakar! Turned out really well I think!
  13. That's one of the minis I've liked painting the most! Great job!
  14. Got it figured out. I got a bottle of the Guilliman Blue by GW, and realized it was WAY too blue for what I wanted to do. So, I mixed a little bit with some Nihilakh Oxide (which is a technical paint by GW that you can use to put a patina on brass or copper), and it turned out pretty well. I'll be posting a finished pic in the Show Off area shortly :)
  15. I decided to redo the horns on the white head, as I found a really good tutorial on using successive washes to paint horns and I liked it WAY better than the way the white and blue above looked. And, I had sort of got lazy on the spikes on the back, so I am going to redo those and the claws using this same technique! Also, redid the eyes some on a couple of the heads, although they're not quite 100% finished yet. Again, sorry the pictures are so terrible. I tried using my DSLR to get better pics, but I think it's having issues as I couldn't get it to actually adjust the light input even though I was adjusting the aperture settings :( Oh well, maybe once i get my new phone I'll be able to take better pictures...