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  1. Neathyrmaul and Obsidian Crypt - thoughts?

    So, a continuation of the outside of the Crypt. I decided that as a mini story within the piece, that I would do the stone for the crypt a little differently than the base - this will signify that the base was built long before the crypt was built over top of it, and while the secondary builders used similar stone, they didn't use the exact same stone. Sort of like the circle (which could be a summoning circle) was too dangerous to leave open, but they couldn't destroy it, so they built something over top of it to keep random people from just happening upon it. Also, in context, it would explain why the surface of the crypt stone is mostly unpolished stone, and the base is all polished stone. Anyhow, most of the back is near complete:
  2. Neathyrmaul and Obsidian Crypt - thoughts?

    I made the beginnings of the crypt stone a bit more subdued (it's the very center part, the two spots on either side that look lighter are about halfway completed). I still need to do a little drybrush on that section to catch the edges of the stone, but that's the look most of the outside will have. The rougher stone will be drybrushed a bit more to make it seem like it wasn't polished like the smooth sections. The roof I'm pretty much done with, and i like how that turned out.
  3. Neathyrmaul and Obsidian Crypt - thoughts?

    Maybe.... I may try the gloss coat on a few tiles and see if it gives me the effect I want. If not, I can always go back over the gloss with satin. I've always had a hard time visualizing effects like that on stuff, so sometimes i just have to try it out to see if I like it LOL Thanks for the reference with those minis, though, it does give me more to think about with it.
  4. Neathyrmaul and Obsidian Crypt - thoughts?

    Cyradis: would that give it a polished stone look? Not really sure what way I want to go with it, just trying to figure it out before I finish it off. I'll have some more pics hopefully this weekend. I have the metal roofing on the crypt done (went with an aged bronze as a base, then a GW technical that's made for patina on copper/bronze). Once that's done, then I will do the granite/marble look on the crypt itself.
  5. Neathyrmaul and Obsidian Crypt - thoughts?

    Quick question for anyone who might be able to answer: How would I get a super glossy look to the stone? I want it to look like it's been polished heavily (except for the edges, which I'll keep matte for wearing). I don't want to do a spray, is there a brush on gloss that would give me something better than GWs gloss coat (not a big fan of that). Also, would I have to give it multiple layers to give it a really good shine? I guess I could maybe use water effects? I do have a container of that... thoughts?
  6. Neathyrmaul and Obsidian Crypt - thoughts?

    Ok, been a while since I've been able to do anything remotely painting related, until this past weekend. Daughter wanted to help, so i had her set up with some water colors and a big piece of paper next to me LOL. Anyhow, decided to do a darker granite/marble look. Went with black with a blue that I can't remember the name of at the moment from the Reaper line (darker blue... just can't think of it ATM). Then mixed in some Frost Blue then some white at the end to work my way up. I don't quite have the control down for really smooth lines for the cracks and such, but I'm pretty happy with how it worked out :) Also threw in some gold to make it look like gold flecks in the stone (my parents have granite countertops that are black with the gold flecks and I like the look LOL). The rest of the crypt will be like this for the stone, then a bronze/aged bronze metal roofing with the turquoise-ish patina.
  7. Neathyrmaul and Obsidian Crypt - thoughts?

    Well, that whole Kaladrax thread you posted was my inspiration :) I do have Kaladrax, but I really like the way the base turned out that it was on with the paint job, so I don't know if I could tear that up... That said, I won't mind modifying the crypt to let Neathy sit on it a bit better, but I don't want to mess up the paint job that I already did on Neathy itself, so i won't be doing a lot of modification of the dragon. @Gargs: This is just going to be a display piece, to be honest. I don't game with minis, really, just love the hobby of painting stuff! I will probably even paint the inside of the Crypt and put either the alter or tomb mini from Bones I on the inside :) So, either: or
  8. So, this has been a project that I had been trying to get myself to start since I saw Glitterwolf's Kaladrax on the Obsidian Crypt. I finally got some extra money during the Christmas season, and along with the Christmas themed paints and some paint carrying cases, I got the Obsidian Crypt to see if I could move Neathyrmaul to it. I got the Crypt assembled, and was also able to start trying to see what I could do to get Neathy on it. Anyhow, that brings up a question, which I will address after the first pic. This is what he looks like on the unpainted Crypt, unattached: Now, I think this will work out REALLY well, except one small detail.... The back left foot... Now, I could probably get away with just saying it's moving around on the crypt and just lifting it's leg up, but would that bother anyone if you saw that as is? I'm not entirely sure if I like it or not, and I can always reattach Neathy to the base, but I really like the look of him in the first pic on it. What do you all think?
  9. Ma'al Drakar

    Took some (hopefully) better pictures. Shows the details and colors a bit better, I think. With a bit more practice I may be able to get even better pics.
  10. Dragons Don't Share 2

    So, I repainted the dragon, and have the adventurers about 90% complete. Probably going to put flocking on the base of the ruins, and have been trying to decide if I want to repaint the stones... again. Anyhow, here is Dragons Don't Share in progress (please forgive the crappy photo) If I redo the stones, it will probably be in the theme of this:
  11. Kaladrax on Mausoleum by Glitterwolf

    This thing is going to look so cool when it's finished :)
  12. Kyphrixis Clear painted

    My 2 year old daughter agrees LOL She saw it and said "he's my favorite" :D (she just learned what that means apparently, because broccoli, hot dogs, our dog Buddy, and mac and cheese are her favorite now)
  13. Kyphrixis Clear painted

    Sorry! I changed the folder structure on my webhost to have images a little more organized and had forgotten to update the links in the original post. You should be able to see them now :)
  14. 77034 Kieran Tallowmire

    Ah, ok, that's what I was assuming, but always good to ask LOL I do have to say, though, that the flash on my phone camera does tend to wash out color variations. The difference between the dark and light blue is a bit more stark than the photo implies. But, I still appreciate the critique! Even after ~20 years of painting, I'm always looking to improve :)
  15. 77034 Kieran Tallowmire

    Thanks! Just for clarification, do you mean you feel I should take the highlighting of the blue up some more (ie, make a couple more layers with lighter blue) or just overall? I was actually dreading trying to paint it, because it seemed daunting before I started. Once I got the base coat of blue down, I didn't find it that way anymore. Everything flowed pretty easily after that :)