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  1. skyscanner and momondo are good too
  2. Grr.. Southwest got rid of one of their non stop flights in the morning.. now the only one is at night.. and the one on the way back is at 1pm on Monday which lands us at the airport right at rush hour.. guess I'll see what else is open..
  3. Live

    Shipping isn't included.. they've done a ton of other KS's so you could check them for delivery delays.. they also limit how many of each pledge it would appear
  4. Live

    About this project Along the Great Northern Trade Route that leads to the town of Midlam, merchants come from distant lands to buy and sell their wares. One such trader is the Great Sultan, who has brought along his entourage of advisers, entertainers and of course, his guards. Also, arriving close behind the Sultan are rumours of strange and exotic wizards, and something more sinister. Could it be, that he hopes to escape the curse of the Undead Pharaoh, who's tomb he ordered looted for it's fantastic treasures? Whatever the truth of the matter, the High Wizard of Midlam has chosen to investigate these rumours... Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present a collection of six 28mm scale mages & priests from the distant desert lands, for all of your Fantasy Egyptian, Pulp and Arabian Nights games. The Undead Pharaoh The High Priest The Priest The Priestess The Sorceress The Princess This is our fourth Kickstarter, and we are using it to help develop and extend our existing range of 'Arabian Nights' miniatures. We have also included an option to purchase 'An audience with the Great Sultan' alongside the six mages and priests. The set includes twelve miniatures: The Sultan on rug, two guards, female guard with spear, assassin, servant with fan, panther, caravan guard, adviser, snake charmer, rug merchant and sword swallower. An Audience with the Great Sultan Getting this project funded will not only help us get these figures made, but will also help us plan and create future ranges and expansions. Our three previous Kickstarters, Wizard Apprentices, Wizard Halflings and Cultists of the Kraken Lord all successfully funded and delivered on schedule. We are also happy to receive suggestions on what to make next! PLEASE NOTE: The miniatures are cast in a high quality pewter, with a high Tin content, but may contain a small quantity of lead. We unfortunately cannot guarantee lead free models. They are not toys, and are not suitable for children. We regrettably do not have the ability to produce resin miniatures. All miniatures are supplied unpainted. All images and miniatures are ©2017 Midlam Miniatures.
  5. About this project Hello my friends: It's me again bringing some miniatures to share with you. This time, I'm going full on the rpg, adventure, dungeon crawling type of miniature. So plain and simple, this is what we're presenting to you. Most of these have had test casts, some have been painted already. Some 3D renders Fray Talazar $800 Razgunik $1200 Kan-Tha $1500
  6. Funded

    Another review
  7. Bell of lost souls review

    Usually this is true.. they will be at full retail, but the boxed sets should be the first things up on the website once fulfillment is done
  9. It's the Palliative care area of the hospital when they start focusing on comfort instead of treatment..
  10. Moving my father to pre-hospice today.. going to need to dive into my painting soon for brain clarity..
  11. Live

    You know we have a topic already for this right? ;)
  12. When you see furniture you want and think its too pricey, and then you realize you spent that much on Kingdom Death
  13. coincidentally, I'll be learning how to use the laser cutter at our local makerspace.. Last night I acquired the skills to use the Shopbot CNC.. and new accessories for my wife's new iPhone 7
  14. Live

    yeah.. that tree would look great next to my Lonely Tree from KD:M