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  1. Fulfilling

    Well at least Everspace releases on Friday
  2. Won't matter much anyhow.. Sunday at noon is impossible for me to be on.. so other than PFS I probably wont get any events I want
  3. Fulfilling

    Mine is finally moving but delivery has been bumped from Friday to Tuesday :(
  4. I brought 3 home from the UK and had no problems..
  5. I haven't looked yet.. reminds me, I need to search garage parking passes for August..
  6. My son lives in Fishers and we're in Indy fairly regularly, especially with grandchild #6 due in August
  8. Fulfilling

    My email took about a half hour to arrive after I saw my city...
  9. Well I guess I have a new shirt now.. I've been wanting the Kiss of Death Absinthe shirt for a while.. thanks @knarthex
  10. thanks.. I'll be spending enough in the booth already :)
  11. @Reaperbryan or @ladystorm will the resin Mal's be available at Origins? I need to know if I need to arrange for some extra funding ;)
  12. Fulfilling

    I'm sure someone here could arrange to get you one to paint for them.. I only had 2 orders.. that was plenty..
  13. Fulfilling

    My email took a while after I saw Hilliard come up.. but I know I'm not the only one who lives here that is in on the KS..