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  1. Delayed

    His wife definitely seems much more business minded and organized so perhaps she is making sure they stay on track
  2. Live

    The sooner he finishes the undead and gets them out of his hair the sooner he can get to my forest set
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    Preview link
  4. Live

    He's had a lot of issues but to their credit they asked backers about this before doing it With these upcoming releases we'd like to do something different than just putting them up online. Unlike metal miniatures, releasing just a single figure for the resin collection requires a much larger cost per model due to the resin material, packaging, and extra items that come with it which means we have to release those figures in limited numbers and wait for them to sell before releasing the next one. In our kick starter the resin orders were very small and not enough to warrant a full release. But since most people now prefer the resin sets over metal we'd like to do a full run of 100+ copies. We'd also like to release everything that's been sent for casting all at once since currently Jody is sculpting faster than we are releasing figures but we can't do both at the same time. PLAY What we'd like to do now is use KickStarter for all of our upcoming resin releases. Releasing figures in groups instead of one at a time will allow us to complete this project faster. In addition, it will allow us to reach a much larger audience than if we just released models online as normal. This means we can also do full runs. These "mini" campaigns will be short and not interfere with the completion of this campaign or jody's sculpting and any backers whose pledge from this campaign would be ready to ship will have their models shipped early whenever possible using the master resin copies or sample castings sent by the caster. Ideally it would be nice to not have to use kickstarter and thus be giving a portion of our funds to away, but as many other businesses and sculptors have found, customers are now using KS as a primary means to find out about new releases. Kickstarter has changed the market so much that when people see a photo online they assume we're going to run a campaign instead of asking when it will be available to purchase online or are unaware that Imbrian Arts even has a web store. You've all been amazing and supportive throughout all the hurdles and setbacks we've had. We hope that you'll give these KS campaigns your blessing and help them succeed so that we can release miniatures faster and fulfil our commitment to bringing you awesome miniatures as fast as we can.
  5. Link they gave was broken. Waiting on proper link Hello Everybody! We would like to inform you that we have started a new life project: Legacy Vault. In poor words it consist to create limited edition miniatures for the major Holidays, starting from this Easter 2017 What do you think about? Help us and share if you like! As always your support it's important :) Happy eastern to all, best wishes!
  6. I'll be in London from 16 April to 21 April and then in Edniburgh from 21 April to 24 April, Inverness 25 April and 26 April then Glasgow on 27 april and 28 April before heading back to London for the night. We've rented a flat in Paddington if anyone wants to catch a pint at a pub.
  7. Sigh... 1x Disciple of the Witch - Three 1x Gladiator - HQ Warehouse (USA) - First Run Collectors Edition 1x Easter Death Dice 1x Ranger - HQ Warehouse (USA) - First Run Collectors Edition 1x Pinup Easter Twilight Knight
  8. I used to surprise people when I worked customer service by being able to handle those names. then I explained I was related to a Kulmatycki, a Koproski and a Pucilowski
  9. Fulfilling

    Got a DGL notice today.. which is either this or Greebo.. wish they hadn't moved the hub from Cincy, I'd have it by now lol
  10. Clean up in Aisle 6!
  11. Just realized I'm leaving London for Edinburgh the day BEFORE Salute.. sigh...
  12. Live

    I didn't link pictures since boobs are not allowed per forum rules.. I totally don't get it either..
  13. About this project QUICK FACTS Line of 28mm miniatures cast in lead-free metal Standard troops have poseable/interchangeable parts All models in the campaign available as add-ons at £6 each Average model RRP £7.50 For more pictures of the renders and to keep up-to-date you can visit All models will come with a standard 25mm gaming base OUR AIMS Put simply, we want to produce a great line of high-quality miniatures which can be used for a variety of purposes. These miniatures are going to be cast in lead-free metal for several reasons; metal miniatures are more durable, retain great detail during casting while costing less than resin and provide the best material for converting models. Standard troops (e.g. the first two female models) will have interchangeable pieces; the heads, arms, torso and legs are printed separately with the same joints. Special characters and leaders (e.g. the female death mage) will be more detailed and, while poseable, will be more focused towards being showcase pieces. Having said that, where possible, these models will come with multiple pieces (e.g. heads) which can also be interchanged with the other models. Below are pictures of master-casts, held together unceremoniously with blu-tac. We specifically laid aside part of our starting budget to have the models printed with numerous different companies so that we could choose the best result for the project. We're delighted that the tiniest details, like the knives on her left leg and the cross-stitching on the sides of her trousers, have come out perfectly. The model is shown here on a standard 25mm base. See the 3D renders below for comparison. THE REWARDS We have 54 models planned, and funding beyond our stretch target of £20,000 will be a huge bonus (including multiple free models for all pledges £19 and over) allowing us to pass considerable savings on to our initial backers. The list of planned models, along with unlock levels for the campaign, is shown below. All models unlocked will also be available individually at the end of the campaign as an add-on for the same price (£6) as at the reward levels. We wanted to keep the description short and sweet, so please find the 3D renders of the first three models below. Your support of this project means that we have money to not only master-print the other renders but also then cast these for distribution to the pledges. Female Warrior #1: Female Warrior #2: Knight Pose #1: List of pledges and levels: Funding goal (£1,200) unlocks the female warrior (#1) and male knight £2,000 unlocks second female warrior pose £3,000 unlocks two more knight poses £3,800 unlocks female death mage £4,600 - poseable skeleton troops £5,500 - male sorcerer kit (multiple arms/equipment) £6,400 - dragonkin £7,200 - female paladin (knight mage) £8,200 - female sorceress kit (multiple arms/equipment) £9,000 - female warrior (#3) £9,600 - male warrior (#1) £10,600 - monstrosity (extra large Anoba unit) £11,400 - wolfkin £13,000 - male warrior (#2) and Red Wrath (Remnant King Commander #1) £13,800 - gryphkin £14,600 - female knight £15,600 - equikin £16,600 - Reynard (Knight Commander #1) £17,400 - male death mage kit £19,000 - male (#2 & #3) warriors £20,000 - free objective marker (miniatures) for every pledge above £19 Past £20,000 (wishful thinking!) we will follow the schedule of 1 miniature every £800 target and also a set of miniatures which can be used across all of the playable factions (including a few more of the standard fantasy offerings)!
  14. Live Linked instead of embedded because nudity.. About this project Hello all, You are looking for a female leader for your orc army, or just a cool miniature to paint ? Well, this is my first kickstarter, so don't be afraid if the layout is pretty basic, you will not find supershinywords or coolfantasybackground, it's not my style... What you see is what you get ! Few words about me. Miniatures sculptor for nearly 20 years, I've worked for a lot of famous companies like Rackham, PrivateerPress, Mierce, and many others... Today I want to create my own range, to explore my favorite themes in fantasy. All the minis are cast in resin by a skilled craftsman, here in France, no Chinese plastic here.
  15. So it's possible I'll be acquiring the following Kickstarter rewards while I am out of the country to open when I get back: Bones 3 Shieldwolf TGG2 Knights of the Dinner Table Greebo Florence Knights