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  1. Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    I forgot where I can find the time limit for adding more pledge and new rewards. When the Bones 4 pledge manager is closed?
  2. It is not Benzene, but benzine. Benzine does not contain much benzene. It smells really bad and maybe not good for health too, though.
  3. I saw a tweet in Japanese which says soaking Bones in benzine for about 2 days (more precisely, 44 hours, he says) removed plasticizer and bones are hardened. Did somebody tried this before? Any successful experience? Or experienced some problem?
  4. A very large werewolf warrior: 14528 Rageclaw Slayer

    Really nice delicate works fo the fur and the face. I did not know that model is such a big one. Hmm... good for a D&D werewolf lord (were dire wolf)?
  5. Eye Beast

    That is some badass eyebeast! Covered by gore and pus, very terrifying and creepy!
  6. The red runes stands out nicely. And I really like the wat how you paint the rocks and stones. Dark, slightly covered by dirt. Very realistic.
  7. Avatar of Sokar

    I really like the vivid Egyptian colors and the skin tone.
  8. 77304: Male Thunderknight

    Nice conversion work! The coif and belt stands out well and yet not too flashy in the entire white/silver tone.
  9. 77306: Translucent Slimes and Tamiya Clears

    It seems to be a promising experiment. Now we can make various slimes and oozes from the same model. I mean, green slime, blue slime, ocher jerry and such.
  10. 77368: Shadow Demon and Tamiya Clears

    Oh that IS cool! Clear Bones + Tamiya Clear colors seems to be a nice combination.
  11. 02963: Adventuring Accessories II

    It was really fun to paint this set. I put the fire on a 25mm square base and put other stuffs on two 25mm bases connected by a plasticard. So, I can either use the fire only or can combine them as a mini-Vignette.
  12. Graveyard Expansion : Graveyard Golem & Grave Minions

    I usually paint them in medium-grey, I mean, roughly "50%" grey, such as Tempest Grey. Then wash them with black wash or diluted pure black. Then dry brush them with medium grey. Lastly, highlight the edges and details with 70%-80% grey (one part medium-grey and one part white will do).
  13. Trick or Treat! (Trick wil be done by the golem...)
  14. What is this "Sample" paint I received?

    The left one came when I have ordered bunch of minis this summer. And the right one came as a happy halloween gift. Are there any way to identify the names of those MSP colors? I want to know in case when I want another bottle of the same color.