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  1. Thank you! I could find out the names of minis by comparing it to the image on Kickstarter page.
  2. There is a page where I can see the detailed images and the names of each miniatures in Bones 4. Is there such a page for Bones 3? I got a lot of Bones 3 kickstarter minis but cannot figure out the name of miniatures in, say, Graveyard Expansion or Stoneskull Expansion.
  3. Hill-Giantess ... I found I need them for running G1 module of D&D in 5e rule. More Monsters from cheap sci-fi movies Zombeavers & other animal zombies 2-Headed Shark 3-Headed Shark Sharktpus Jason Freddy Sadako (Samara) & Kayoko (the Grudge) Killer Tomatoes
  4. We need old female adventurers. We do have a lot of old male mages and occasional old male knight and such. But where are old women? Old witches and sages, not hags, are needed. Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter can be a good example. Also, some more "action" type old female adventures are welcomed. Say, Captain Dola from Castle in the Sky, The Vuvalini from Mad Max: Fury Road, and such. Old female Fencer, barbarian grandma, old female Kung-Fu masters and such are good, too. And old female villain like Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers (TV version).
  5. Thank you all for tips. By using Creature Component II bits, I could make one for myself (the one in the center).
  6. Finally, here is my version of Elder Brain! And the tadpole pool! Thank you all for good suggestions. That giant squid toy tentacles fit wonderfully.
  7. thanks. I have ordered Shaerileth.
  8. I really like the vivid colors of those killer plants. That flower with the big stamen should have strong sweet aroma.
  9. 03465/77180: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness and 03085: Labith, Female Spider Demon, which one is bigger?
  10. I just finished painting this nice terrain set.
  11. Hi! For several months, I have been busy assembling/painting other miniatures. Now I have re-started this project and finally attached the tentacles onto the brain model. After cleaning up some detail, I will prime it and start to paint. Unfortunately, now the tentacles are dangling onto much lower places than I was expected when I started this project. So now, instead of the flying base stem, I have to use some clear plastic pole or pipe, I guess.
  12. I am wondering if Bones 3 Viridius can fill the role of Great Wyrm Green Dragon by the side of 4 "Dungeons & Dragons Icons" Great Wyrms WotC has released years ago. What I want to know is how big the Viridius is & if it's head is close enough to D&D style green dragons. Does somebody have both Viridius and those WotC wyrms? If so, it will help me much if you can take a picture of those dragons side by side.
  13. #Monsters Demogorgon (Gargantuan = 4-inch base) Bigger Lolth (Gargantuan?) Asmodeus I am still waiting for a real gargantuan green dragon which fits well with WotC's pre-painted great wyrms. They never made a green one. And will never do in near future. Flumph Modorons Cerberus Giant space hamster Large dragon man #For PCs More Bones 3-like weapon packs. How about polearms? More non-dwarf characters with warhammers and mauls #Scenery and Decorations Dungeon gates. 1 square, 2 squares and more Castle gate and walls Siege towers Flying carpet #Chronoscope Modern adult men and women in business suit, armed and unarmed Modern adult men and women in casual clothes, armed and unarmed Joshikosei, armed and unarmed Danshi-Kokosei, armed and unarmed Teenager boys and girls in casual clothes, armed and unarmed Medical Doctor and Nurse Policemen #Mouslings More mousling. more and more mouslings.
  14. I just got my Bones 3 rewards yesterday and wondering the same thing. Well, no at least understand what is going on. Now, Graveyard Expansion is no doubt a great one. But it is rather a kit for experienced modelers, even without those odd tiny bits. How about making an official article for assembling/painting this entire set? That will greatly help us.
  15. According to the following page, 03595: Mini Monsters contains 3 monsters. I have a question regarding the eye monster. In the black and white picture, the monster has 4 tentacles with pointed tips. But in painted pictures it has 4 eye stalks. Does the pack contain both parts? Or do I need to some creature parts pack to give it 4 eye-stalks? tyrant/sku-down/03595