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  1. Wow - great story told in 3d!
  2. You've nailed washes down so well. These are so rich in color; great job!
  3. I really like freehand work like this; it's realistic and brings these troops to life. (Someday I'll be brave enough to try this myself!)
  4. One of my favorite models from Bones 3 is the Froghemoth; it has a great pose, and some interesting details too. Putting it together I did find a few vexing gaps in the joints (which required filling with greenstuff), and a mold line that was hard to remove. With that said, here are two pictures, very much WIP. Next steps: I plan on continuing to paint the raised scales - so the front ones are yellowish, and progressively darken them toward the back of the beast. I also plan on lightening up the tips of the tentacles and give the model a gloss finish (applied modestly) to make the miniature look more slimy/ wet like a typical amphibian. The eye slits will be vertical, slightly diamond shaped and black, like tree frog. Comments/Suggestions welcome.
  5. Nice job! So clean and bright colors. Well done!
  6. Wow - you've nailed color so well here. It's so good that it looks deceptively simple. Your blending is great!
  7. Really good!
  8. Looks great!
  9. Nice detail - Dorthy is my favorite of the bunch. Do you prime your minis? If so, which color do you use?
  10. You're very good at identifying a using great color. You've brought this mini to life!
  11. I really like what you've done with the tome. I'm surprised you didn't use a dark wash on the robes - but it looks great.
  12. Really clean and good use of color. These would really pop on the game table. Nice job.
  13. I wasn't depressed seeing the work - although it was very humbling seeing the level of artistry on display. I'm really inspired. The free hand work was truly exceptional - but so were the dioramas. I forgot to upload one of my favorites - a Nazi train yard. I uploaded three pictures of the piece with this post. (The thing was massive - like 4' by 3' by 3'. )
  14. This past week I had the pleasure of attending the World Expo in the Chicago. This miniatures / modelers convention travels every three years and features some of the best work in the world. It took me over three hours to go through the entries submitted for judging. I could have taken longer. The next convention will be held in the Netherlands. (It's good to have goals right?) Enjoy!