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  1. Generic Fighter

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I have had an Eventful day. Last night around midnight a noticed a weird smell while finishing up a session of Dragon Quest 11. I was hungry so I got some Ice Cream out and began eating it. When I turned to go to my kitchen table, noticed that to upper corner at the other side of my apartment seemed...fuzzy. My first thought was "dang I need to clean my Glasses bad!" So I did so, and it wasn't going away. Then I saw similar fuzzy areas in my other rooms Was I that tired I couldn't focus? At this time it was 12:30. So I called my parents to confirm it. They got there and did so IMMEDIATELY! So we contacted my Landlord and his Handyman. Handyman answered and came over. Together we determined that the weird smell and fog came from the air system and was some kind of chemical. So I packed up a few things and came back to my parents place for the night. We checked my apt. twice today and the Air system isn't working at all. So, all I want for my Birthday is my Apartment back. GF
  2. Generic Fighter

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    Alrighty, my progress so far... --about 30 or so hours into Dragon Quest 11.Very fun. Excellent story so far. --planning to spend this weekend working on this and other projects. --At parents house to search for those monks. --Also part of Weekend plans. --still haven't decided on this. --did base coats on Catlady mini. --BoGW mini chosen and Box Sent to first on the list! GF
  3. My Box is on its journey through the Postal Service Soccer League! Its first match is against the team in Arizona on Monday at that team's home field! Be sure to Root for a good, clean game ;) GF
  4. My Box should be leaving my presence some time this day. @Warlady be prepared for the AWESOMENESS! GF
  5. Generic Fighter

    03185 - The Burning Hammer

    Cease! It is currently the chronological point of the Maul! GF
  6. Generic Fighter


    And I now need this Mini so I can remove the Folding Chair for...reasons. GF
  7. Mostly correct. It is actually a Copper Dragon. And one of the few DDM Dragons that was not Rare. GF
  8. Alrighty, The Generic Fighter Box O Goodwill is going to be slightly delayed by weather related issues. So, those who have yet to put their 2CP into the Group paint vote still have time to do so. Currently we have... 1 Vote for either Human Mini. 2 Votes for any Mini. 3 yet to vote. So, as it stands, we have a tie between the Monk Lady and Olde Man Wizzard. Who wants to tie break? Or vote up a new Challenger! GF
  9. Generic Fighter

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Yeah I'm in South Central PA. If it doesn't hit you, it WILL hit here. Been raining since saturday night at least. My best friend sleeps in the basement level of his family house. He hasn't been able to sleep since Saturday due to worry. And he is working Night Shift for the next two weeks at least. His house has already had flooding downstairs recently. Kind of worried about him. GF
  10. Alrighty, got a picture of the Group Paint candidates! Here they are... From the Left to the Right. A: Dwarf Female Paladin B: Human Female Monk C: Human Male Wizard D: Dwarf Female Wizard All of them have tons of little details as well as big massive chunks of area that can be painted. I did a single item on each to start out with. The Clear bits on those that had them and the Dress for the Monk. I also gave them a wash to bring out more details, too. Looking forward to seeing which is voted in to the box:) In other news, Imgur is CRAP now for Forum posting. GF
  11. @Warlady @Goddesstio @MattParody @Nathair @Dr Bob @Celianailo Welcome to the Generic Fighter Box! I have a few questions for those in my box, so here they are... #1: Do you want a Group Paint Mini? #2:If so, does it matter to you what said mini is? I have a short list of good minis I am willing to use for this. I can post a picture of those later on. Thanks:) GF
  12. Generic Fighter

    Reapercon conversion monstrosities

    Congratulations! I have found tonights nightmare! GF
  13. UPDATE! NOW MY BOX IS READY! Also, I'm willing to be the New Person Box coordinator, too! GF
  15. Generic Fighter

    Reaper Con 2018 photo thread

    Let whoever did it that know that, if I were the judge, they won already! GF