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  1. Swapping Weapons

    Plan A could be a disaster on a metal mini. It is harder to adjust an incorrect angle in metal. It works on most Plastic Minis, partucularly the Rubbery ones like D&D minis and most Bones. No matter what, DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO USE AN ELECTRIC DRILL!! With any type of mini, but metal more so, the drill can slip easily and cause a hole lot of trouble in your fingers or worse! Plan B has another problem, lining up the different parts to look right. but if you think you can manage it, Plan B is most likely to be successful. Plan C is replace the handle of the shovel with a thinker pin and just use that as the handle! Plan C can be part of either previous plan too. GF
  2. Not yet. Poked TGP a couple days ago. No word yet. GF
  3. Well, magnifying glasses/Bifocals help a bit with the "Painting Small Things" part. Your base is really well done. And you got the paint in the right places, which is a tough thing for many starting out. GF
  4. So, December Hobby Goals. Mine are... --Mail out the Max's Minions Minis to their new home. --Start and Finish Secret Sophie Mini. --Finish Purple Owlbear and another Mini for Gifting to the Organizers of the #BoxofManyThings exchanges on Twitter. --Post a review type thing on Tamiya Clear "Paint" and its effect on several different Plastic Miniature lines. --Give gifts to friends and family. --receive gifts from friends and family GF
  5. 2017 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange

    UPDATE! Plan is to get help at FLGS, Gatehouse Games, some time next week. Dropped a message to the owner earlier tonight and hoping for a response some time Saturday. Plan involves tool/s that I don't have at this time and hope I can borrow at Store. Owner is a long time painter of Miniatures so hoping he has the thing I need(Even though I'm not sure what it is I need yet). Wish me Luck! GF
  6. November Hobby Goals!

    Well, my Goals didn't get posted yet, so here they are... --Finish the Max's Minions Miniatures(Completed!) --Start work on Secret Sophie Mini/s(Progressing ) --Test drive Tamiya Clear Paints once they get here Wednesday(Not Started Yet) GF
  7. Awaiting Pictures of Haldir's picks and other's as well. Also, with the talk of the next round starting early next year, it would be nice to have my box back by then. Just saying. GF
  8. 2017 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange

    UPDATE! Early prep is done. Best fit for mini is not a Reaper, though. So, will make Gift part be entirely Reaper Minis. Will also look for a small thing from reaper to go with it that I can paint up too. GF
  9. Making Max's Minions Redux! a WiP Thread.

    Almost there with this Project! Just a bit more to go!! Stasi Xen is nearly ready to be sealed and such. I like the Iron axe better than the bronze/copper one I had before. GF
  10. Charr (Half-Dragon Duelist, Stonehaven Miniatures)

    If I recall Corectly, that particular Sculpt is from Stonehaven Miniatures. It was originally from the Half-Orcs Kickstarter. It is an amazing piece. GF
  11. Reapercon BoGW?

    Cannot find "Fire Eyes" as a Forum member. If thou art "Fire Eyes", hast thou renamed thyself something different recently? If so, let me know;) Also, sending my Address to the one before me, too. GF
  12. Making Max's Minions Redux! a WiP Thread.

    More Progress!! Kildrick the Dwarven Cleric is done and sealed! Just a bit of base work and I can call him done. Also, Check out the freehand on the book:) Stasi Xen is getting closer to done. Need to think on a couple things before progressing though. Not sure I like how the axe is coming along. GF
  13. What are your Goals for November? Mine will be posted later. GF
  14. Reapercon BoGW sign up thread

    I would like to join. I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I can throw a couple buck in for international shipping as long as I'm not the one who has to do it. Thanks:) GF
  15. TGP, my apologies if I seemed harsh. Please take your time and check everything in it out. I don't mind if it takes a while. it was just not knowing that was the problem. As long as it is safe and can get back here, I'm fine with you taking your time. And Good luck with Real Life, too. GF