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  1. So, Updates... --Fire Giantess is nearly done! Also, made quite a bit of progress on several other mini fore GenCon 50, too. --Finished Dogg III. Stasi Xen has been Modded with Bones 3 Weapons! --Half-Orc Monk is done apart from sealing. --Bones 3 is cool. Wish I got more of the Weapon sets in other colors. I only got Clear, Green and Red. and the standard ones too, of course. GF
  2. So, I'm preparing my prizes for the DDM Guild GenCon 50 events. Thought I'd share them here, too. So without further ado, Pictures! A Fire Giantess from the Storm Kings Thunder mini set. Nearly ready now. Biggest improvement I made was Eyebrows! Planetar Angel. Took these to my FLGS, Gatehouse Games, and showed them off. Just about everyone there said they liked the wings. A Female Tiefling Warlock. Gave her a better base using a Base Stamp. Also, realized I haven't taken a more recent picture of her. The 3.? Edition Iconic Psion. Cannot Pronounce OR Spell his name! Also, have done a lot since this picture was taken. Hope you enjoyed this. GF
  3. In! Location: South Central Pennsylvania, USA International: No. Starter Box: HELL YEAH!!! Got tons of cool stuff that others might have the time and skills to do justice! GF
  4. Welcome! Well done! Only comment I can think of is to try a neutral background so the miniature is the primary focus and maybe crop the Picture a bit so viewers look at your awesomely painted Mini and not your collection of what appear to be Remote Controls;) Other than that, Excellent work and hope to see more from you:) GF
  5. Wish I could but I have way too many projects that need finished for GenCon that I fear I would be late or something worse. So, I'm bowing out of this Exchange. I'll try to be back for the Fall one though! GF
  6. PROGRESS !!! Dog III is nearly done except for basework. Stasi Xen Plan C is going to be using some of the Bones 3 Weapon Swap items. Her Axe is currently drying onto a new handle. Enjoy:) GF
  7. Fulfilling

    Got mine at 9:12AM this morning!(I live just down the street from our Post Office and am one of the first to get mail in the area.) I got started modifying a mini with the Red Weapons Pack around 10:30am. Took a nap while the glue set(Needed it since I couldn't sleep last night.) Now I need food badly! Still deciding on which Mini to paint first! Once I eat, I'll decide. GF
  8. Pin Vice! I knew there was a name for it! Just couldn't think of it. GF
  9. Well, first you need tools for this project, a small hand drill and a good, sharp hobby knife, mini glue and some protective gloves if you want them. You do not want an Electric drill of any kind as one slip up and you have drilled through the mini, protective glove, your hand and other side of protective glove. This is not a good thing! Instead, use a manual hand drill for better control and less holes in your body parts. First off, remove the floppy weapon using the Hobby Knife. Depending on the original Weapon and the chosen replacement weapon, you may want to remove one or both ends of the weapon. If going from Sword to Sword, you may want to leave the non-blade end on if it is not floppy. For spears and staves or other polearms, chop off both ends and drill a hole through the hand all the way. Otherwise, just enough of a hole is needed to secure the handle of the new weapon. DO NOT cut off the HAND unless you have the skill to remake it! This also applies to the miniatures hand:P But seriously, be careful with pointy and sharp things. Second, stick the replacement weapon in the hole to check that it fits. If it fits, apply glue to the handle of the new weapon and insert it in the hole. leave it to dry. If not, enlarge the hole or trim down the handle until it fits. That is the basics. there are more advanced ways that you can find directions for on the interwebs. Search YouTube for "Miniature Weapon Swap Tutorial" if you want to see it first hand. GF
  10. WOW. Finished 2 of Dawg's Dogs during the night and started a couple of the other Mini-Minions to boot! GF
  11. MAJOR PROGRESS!!!! Dog I is done apart from Sealing. Same goes for Dog IV! Started work on the Dwarven Cleric Kildrick! Finally, started Bullock the Human Psion! So, I still have a ways to go, but I made good progress tonight. Praise the Power of Insomnia!! :P GF
  12. So, I like being the one to start these things, so getting it out early! My goals for the month... --Finish either of my Huge D&D Minis for GenCon, The Trihorn Behemoth or Fire Giantess with Hammer. --Make more progress on the Mini-Minions for the Max's Minions Podcast. --Finish up the Half-Orc Monk from Stonehaven. --Enjoy the Bones III when they arrive! So, What are YOU going to do this Month??? GF
  13. I agree with using the Brush-On Sealer. Especially if you want different parts of the same Mini to have different Gloss Levels! Things like the Oiled up Skin of a Gladiator or the Wizard's Magic Orb are better Glossy/Shiney so one can brush on Glossy Sealer on those bits to make them POP! GF
  14. So, updates on my progress on these goals. --Made progress on several D&D Minis for GenCon. The Trihorn Behemoth still needs a lot of work and I just started the Fire Giantess with Hammer, so she likely won't be done soon. Did a bit of glazing on the Planetar Angel and glued it to its Flying stand. I might seal it soon. --Finished and sealed Dawg the Ranger. Working on Dogs I and IV at the moment. Thinking of doing Kildrick or Bullock next. Also, deciding where to take Stasi Xen Plan C from here. --Decided to do some of my Stonehaven Orcs for fun. Either finish up my Half-Orc Monk or work on the Spellblade. So, how is everyone else's progress? GF
  15. KITTY!! GF