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  1. sent it in. Had to leave and not sure I had time to finish it, so rushed it a bit. May go back to it later. GF
  2. Major Progress on the Mini-Minions! Stasi Xen, Human Fighter has gotten Her Axe and a Base Coat! Kildrick, Dwarf Cleric Finally has a bit of Shading done on him! Dog II Dog Companion needs only a bit of Basework! GF
  3. So, Where is my box??? TGP should have it but hasn't sent it to me yet??? What has happened??? Please let me know. GF
  4. Pretty dang cool! I like the Knightmare most! GF
  5. Now for updated Pictures of some of Max's Minions! Bullock Boernoak Human Psion! Stasi Xen Human Fighter! Early WiP picture! The rest that need done... -Dog II -Al Owlbear Companion So, this project is getting close to done. Hoping to get this to the Minions by the end of the year! GF
  6. So, I'm getting close to finishing up this Project. Also, my olde thread for this was from before the Great PhotoBucket Fiasco. So I'm redoing this thread using my new Imgur account! Behold my Bad Paint Jobs and Despair!! Or Not;) First up the Ani-Pals! Dog I Dog III Dog IV Bare the Bear Companion Dawg the Ranger, "Leader" of the Ani-Pals! Sting the Pixie Rogue! Salle Goblin Sorceress! Kildrick the Dwarven Cleric! Gonna post the rest in the next post so I don't hit Image Max Limits. GF
  7. So, my goals for October! -Progress on the Max's Mini-Minions Due to a bout of Insomnia, Major progress on Bullock, human Psion was made over the weekend. I have three minis that I haven't finished yet to do so, Stasi Xen Human Fighter, Kildrick Dwarf Cleric and Dog Companion II Plan B. Also, I need to check Al Owlbear Companion, Bare Bear Companion and Bullock for any touch ups that need done before Sealing them. -Start and hopefully finish a Bowsister Warlord Mini for a Special #BoxofManyThings I'm working on for one of the Organizers of it on request of the other Organizer! If you do Twitter, it is an awesome Secret Santa type thing for Geeks and Nerds. it happens every other month and the next one is starting in December if you want in. But this item is for a special Box outside of the usual exchanges. -Paint a bit for fun -Actually have a Game Session for either game I run! GF
  8. Paging TGP! Awaiting Pictures. Please help. I'm having withdrawls from the Pictures. Must Have PiVCctuRes!1111!One!1Uno1 PlEase just OnE LasT HiT!1 PicTaRzz!.... But Serously, PICTURES! Where are they? And why are they not posted yet? And when is my box getting here? Okay, This time I'm being serious, I sent a PM to TGP for an update. Also, I FINALLY discovered how to do the PURPLE TEXT THING! BWAHAHA! GF
  9. Aww. My youth was wasted on "Lets Make a Deal". "Will you take the Free Trip to Heaven OR will you trade it for what is behind Door Number 2! Door Number 2 then. Behind Door Number 2 is...A Used Plunger! Too bad. You should have kept the trip." :P But seriously This and The Price is Right and other daytime Game shows were my thing back in the day. I need to run a Monty Haul game soon anyways and this gives me a good reason to do so! GF
  10. So, what are your Goals for the month? I'll post mine if you post yours;) GF
  11. Happy Belated Birthday! GF
  12. Thanks Everybody:) GF
  13. I see several things I put in the box and several I did not! Looking forward to getting the box back and seeing all the goodies! GF
  14. We still enjoy seeing pictures;) GF
  15. I'm up for this. also, I could pull a thing or three for my Box O Goodwill's next journey:) GF