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  1. Generic Fighter

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    UPDATE! Orc Skeleton is looking good. So is the Shadar-Kai Warrior. Iymrith is Really coming together now! Though it took like 20 Minutes to get those Eyes to look as though they both belonged to the same type of critter! She is a Storm Giant not a Formorian! GF
  2. THE BOX HAS BEEN EMPTIED! What I took... Some Bricks, a Portrait pendent thing, Frogs, ect. Little pine trees, Rubber Brick pattern thingy, ect. A hunk of wood and some flock. I put in... Nothing much, really. Couldn't fit much in it, honestly. GF
  3. It is HERE!!!! Now I can take that nap I was hoping wouldn't be interrupted by the delivery! Will go through it once I have had sleep:) GF
  4. Generic Fighter

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    @lowlylowlycook Thanks:) Anywho, Updates and progress on the Astral Giant and Imryth! GF
  5. Generic Fighter


    Leonardo and Michalangelo never thought the mutagen would have even worst effects after they grew up! :P GF
  6. Generic Fighter

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    Progress! GF
  7. Generic Fighter

    July Goals!

    Goals for July! --Finish the DDM Guild Prizes for GenCon 2018! --Complete the Spring Exchange Minis! --Get Through the Ship Palace in Persona 5! --SURVIVE!! GF
  8. Generic Fighter

    Wizkids - Female Elf Paladin bis

    Base is Amazing! I like the effect on the sword too! GF
  9. Generic Fighter

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    BEHOLD! Progress! GF
  10. Generic Fighter

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Put in a Completionist pledge a few days ago. Even though I have no need/desire for Owl people, I might paint the tiny one as a Decidueye from Pokemon Sun/Moon just for S&Gs. The rest will likely go in my Box Of Goodwill. GF
  11. Generic Fighter

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    Repaint Updates! Dragonborn Ghost is possessing a sword. Orc Skelly has more detail on his blade now. Shadar-Kai has sharper details on his blades too. Astral Giant got some spear work done. More work is going to be done soon, too. GF
  12. Generic Fighter

    June Hobby GOALS!!!!!!

    My Goals for June were... --Spring Exchange is on break atm. Checked with partner an they are okay with delays. --Finalized my choices and got paint on all but one of them. Going to decide on a paint day at my FLGS on Wednesday so I can get help on the Giantess in particular. --Started bases for several mini from Nativity set. --Based Catfolk with Knives for Friends AL PC. --Stuck in the Darkroom Maze section of the casino Palace. --Decided on doing Final Fantasy 10-2 for my next Game. In chapter 1 after first Hot Spot but before second. Going for 100% Special ending, if I can. Wish me Luck:) My Progress is... --Spring Exchange Minis are in my next set of Stuff to paint after current projects. --DDM Guild Prizes are progressing slowly but consistantly. --Nativity Set is part of next Set of Projects. --Catfolk is primered and I have discription of her PC. --Persona 5 has progressed. Beat Casino Palace and discovered the identity of the "Traitor"! Preparing to take the fight to the Ship Palace! --Still planning on beating Final Fantasy 10-2, but decided to start fresh game for it. Got starting stuff done and am checking around before going to any Hotspots. GF
  13. Generic Fighter

    Frost Giant Queen

    Nice. I like her Staff and ribbons! GF
  14. Generic Fighter

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    UPDATE! NEW REPAINTS!!! WiPs Pictures. Astral Giant is a cool concept, with its clear blue base. Orc Skeleton. Shadar-Kai ??? GF
  15. Generic Fighter

    OOTS (Order Of The Stick)

    Glad you enjoyed Painting them:) Take good care of them:) GF