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  1. My picks... Also, Snow Storms are expected over the weekend. I may be delayed at sending this box along its journey. I'll inform the community once I can. GF
  2. IT IS HERE!!! GF
  3. Generic Fighter

    03513 Kriv Blackspear, dragonman Barbarian

    Cool mini. Technically, Dragonborn first appeared in 3.5 and became popular in 4E. They continue to be popular in 5E. Just saying ;) GF
  4. IT HAS RETURNED!!!! And it is now empty... What Treasures were found inside? This amazing Wizard/Vampire! Looks awesome! Everyone did a great job on it! Almost none of you recorded what you did to it, though. So I would like to know. I've got a bunch of big decisions to make. But I cannot make them on an empty stomach, so I'm off to my parent's place for Hot dogs and saurkraut. GF
  5. But Enough Typing, Have At You! Post your goals, for Mankind Ill needs a Savior such as you! You Steal men's Paintbrushes and make them all gunked up! GF P.S.: I've been up since 5AM last year. No wonder I'm all loopy ;) Also, Richter Belmont is amazing in Smash Bros Ultimate, so that may have contributed to this tangent.
  6. Generic Fighter

    New to painting - Painting Bones and Nolzur's Minis

    For bones, use a toothbrush to scrub. WizKids have primer on them already, so just getting a bit of dust off them is all you need, if anything. Sealer is usually used to protect the paintjob after you are done with painting it. Bones need some kind of primer or similar so paint will stick to them. However, bones are finicky and only certain types work well. There is a thread somewhere on these forums about that. Hope this helps:) GF
  7. Apearantly, I haven't posted my goals yet. Time to fix that. --Complete 3 Classic RPG Video games this year. --find those #@!$%^%&*%$@ Monks this time! --work on Nativity set for friend of family --Complete Deep Cuts Gnome Druid for fellow player's Gnome enchanter at AL. --Start plans for my F2F D&D4E campaign's endgame. Progress so far... --Finished Final Fantasy 3 and Dragon Quest 6. Decided on trying to finish Phantasy Star on my Switch for third game. At the point where you are looking for a Robot, I think? --main thing I'm doing over Christmas at my parents. --It has Primer on now. or at least the family does. That is progress, right? --most base coats are done. started shading. --Haven't done a single thing yet! GF
  8. My oldest one... Placed 12/09/12, $45.45 Items: 03443: Castarci, Female Fighter (5.99) x1 03463: Golanth, Half Dragon Warrior (7.49) x1 03513: Kriv Blackspear, Dragonman Barbarian (10.99) x1 03560: Fantasy Weapons Pack (12.99) x1 60057: Half Orc Assassin (6.99) x1 GF
  9. Generic Fighter

    SPACEFUTURE: Galacteer Betty, Space Heroine (50150)

    Go Go Prism Rangers! GF P.S.: If you want get the whole joke, look up the Prism Rangers from the Disgaea video game series to get it.
  10. @Celianailo it is with the greatest regret that due to the lack of communication on your part, I must unfortunately make the decision to skip you on this BoGW:( If this lack of communication is due to anything bad or stressful happening to you, then I give you my sincerest apologies and hope you can participate in a future Box when life is more stable and fun. Please let us all know once that is the case as several of those here are a bit of a "worrywart" including myself. GF
  11. @Celianailo Please contact myself or @Dr Bob as soon as you are able. An address is required with much haste. Thank you:) GF
  12. Paging @Celianailo Your attention is needed soon. @Dr Bob could use an address so that the box can be sent along. Thanks:) GF
  13. Generic Fighter

    GW Gaunt Summoner on Disc with glowing runes

    A high quality paintjob fitting for the high quality nightmares I will have of the subject matter tonight. Thanks, I think. GF
  14. Generic Fighter

    Chultish Mage OSL

    It looks pretty cool. But you requested "Critique" so here goes... With the amount of reflected light on the face and shoulder, the source should be a good bit brighter to make it look more plausible. On their own, each is pretty BLEEPing good, especially for someone who seems to be fairly new to this. It is when taken together, that a bit of a disconnect happens. So, hope that helps a bit. GF
  15. Paging @Nathair and @Dr Bob ! Seeking updates on status of my BoGW. As we approach the end of this calendar year and with the many Holy Days around it, I would suggest that haste is made with both the mailing and picking for the BoGW so that it does not get "stuck" somewhere out of the way and found, say, next December in among the Holiday decorations, for example ;) Also, it's good general advice for everybody too. GF