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  1. So Progress has been made and I am nearly done I think. First picture is from the middle of the Painting session when I had to take a break due to my Teacher being busy running a gaming store;) The rest are from when I was done for the day. GF
  2. Pictures of the Mini painted for me! Thanks Guildenstern! GF
  3. Was wondering about these things. would be curious to see the Displacer Beast with before and after painting pictures, if you can. GF
  4. UPDATE!! Painting happened at my FLGS, Gatehouse Games, yesterday. 90% of the mini is done. Need to mess around with the base and check for potential Touch-ups. Took a couple pictures while I was there and will post them sometime later on in the WiP threa for it. Also, got the Mini Painted by my Painter on Monday. Excellent Work! If my Painter has Pictures, go ahead and post them! I'll take a few myself and post them later too. GF
  5. Amazing work! Looking forward to seeing this in its Final Form! GF
  6. The Crystal on the Gnome's Spear/Staff is a standout for me! Took me forever to get Crystal/Gemstones painted that I didn't Despise or were just plain Embarassed to show off. I also agree a bit of a wash/Glazing would be a good next step to try. Maybe try highlighting a couple of things too. The beholder in particular would benifit from a light Dry-Brushing or a bit of highlights on the tentacle bits at the bottom or the armor plates at the top. At the miniature size, the painter needs to add most to all of the shading that a full sized version of the subject would have to make it look "Realistic". It takes a while to get this if you don't know it starting out. One thing I needed to know when I was starting out. Now I know and Knowing is half the battle! (the other half is letting others know about it too;) ) GF
  7. Well, the first pics of that Orc are Disturbingly Happy for an Orc! Also, I do suggest that you keep at least one of your first Painted Minis as they were painted the First time. This is so you can compare how much you have improved since you began. I regret that I didn't do this with my first couple minis. Anywho, Welcome to the Forums. GF
  8. Well, it is actually kind of appropriate. I have several Genetic Conditions that I fight against the effects of. So, you are rather observant or extreemly lucky guesser;) GF
  9. Happy Birfday. GF

    Looking forward to the Transparent Plastic Weapon swaps Sprues most atm. I have ideas for using some of those already. As for the minis themselves, I need to remind myself about them first. It has been Soooooo long since the KS that I cannot remember any of them for sure. I'm thinking of just not reminding myself about them so I have a real sense of Surprise at pretty much everything I pull out of the box! Course though, I don't deal well with most surprises. So, I'm wondering about what to do. GF
  11. Yeah. New Forums are weird and haven't tried much yet due to time stuff. GF
  12. IF YOU ARE MY EXCHANGE PARTNER, PLEASE DO NOT GO FURTHER UNLESS WILLING TO BE SPOILED!!!!! So my Exchange Project for the Spring Exchange is going to be chronicled here. My project will be painting the following miniature... I'll be trying to make this Mini into a Drow Vampire or something similar. I'm going to my FLGS Tomorrow for painting lessons. Wish me luck. GF
  13. I like it! The Base is cool too! GF
  14. UPDATE! I'll be going to my FLGS, Gatehouse Games, on Tuesday the 4th for lessons and such for this project. I'll be posting a WiP Thread soonish. GF
  15. So how does one assemble the Bones Version of... 03762: Shaern, Female Antipaladin? In particular, attaching the Shield, arm and half of her torso piece to the rest of her??? It is rather difficult to get the torso half to match up to the rest of her torso. Anyone else having trouble assembling this or the Metal version of it? Both have been tough to put together, so much so i have given up on each in turn. Maybe it is just me, but the place that the bones version is divided at seems to be a strange place to do that to the miniature. Why not at the Wrist holding the shield like the Metal Version? I gave up on the metal version due to the Axe arm turning out to be too hard to drill for pinning. I thought the bones version would be fully assembled or in identical parts to the metal one. I'm really curious about the logic behind the choices of where and how to divide a mini that has multiple parts. Hopefully, I'm not being irritating or offensive by asking this. My appologies if so. I'm just kind of curious about this and wondering if there is a method to the "Maddness". Thank you for any insight into this matter. GF