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  1. What the Bleepidy-Blop?!?!?! Whatever it is, it is well painted, at least. GF
  2. Same Here! Leaving for GenCon 50 in the morning and would feel better seeing what has been looted before then:) GF
  3. So, I'm heading to GenCon 50 later this week and have put the final touches on my Prize Support for the D&D Minis Guild's events there. And here they are... The Fire Giantess was only slightly challenging due to the Armor and trying to make it look used but not abused. I've got a lot of compliments on the skirt and I don't remember how I did it! Well, it worked and someone will enjoy it:) The Planetar Angel was an easy mini to improve with a bit of shading, especially the wings. Also, a bit of Bones 3 was sacrificed to this one, too;) A Clay Golem repainted into a Magma Elemental. Used a Happy Seppuku Base Stamp to make a custom Lava base for it! I think it was the Swampland/Marshland stamp. The Tiefling Warlock gave me a massive challenge in her tiny face! Whats-His-Face, 3.5 Iconic Psion, was my chance to fiddle with some freehand Tattoos. So, Hoping to have an enjoyable GenCon. If you are going, have fun too. If not, try not to be envious of those who are and have fun yourselves, too! For everyone, Enjoy yourselves:) GF
  4. Thumpernicus, Eagerly awaiting pictures of your choices:) GF
  5. Once again, what are your goals this month? Mine are... --Enjoy GenCon!!!! --Progress on the Maxs Minions Minis. --Paint or Repaint something cool for my #BoxofManyThings partner on Twitter. GF
  6. Eagerly awaiting the knowledge of which "Shinies" will stay with you and pictures of said "Shinies"! GF
  7. Thanks Pochi:) Also, She is a Fire Giantess, so Her eyes. But its okay. All but the Tattooed Psion are Sealed and ready for GenCon! I'm hoping to repaint one more small D&D mini for GenCon in the next couple of weeks. Wish me Luck:) GF
  8. Glad you like the Box Contents:) The Box has Custom Dancing Weapons for everyone in the group! GF
  10. I got a Displacer Beast from the D&D WizKids line recently. I'm planning to Start painting it this weekend. I'll report back once I start it. GF
  11. WARNING!! WARNING!!! Generic Fighter's Box of Goodwill is on its way to Pineapple! It should arrive on Friday! GF
  12. You've got Brush Control down. That is possibly the most difficult thing to learn if you don't have it to start with. So, that's good. As for pictures, a good background is a key thing to use. It doesn't need to be fancy, in fact that can cause problems sometimes. I tend to use an old Cardboard Box as my main background. It has just enough color that I can use it with a primarily white or other pale shade without the mini being tough to tell from the background and it doesn't detract from almost any other color either. Also, a tripod or a surface to lean it against is useful to keep shaking from causing fuzzy pictures. Some kind of clamp might help with that too. Hope this helps:) GF
  13. You could say he's a...Necro-Dancer! BWAHAHA!!! GF
  14. UPDATE! My Box should go out on Wednesday. GF
  15. So far we have 3 votes for #4 the Foo Dog! That is a majority, I think. I'll set it up with some Primer/Liner and fix a Personal Miniature Transporter for it. GF