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  1. Generic Fighter


    I know there is a D&D Mini that is basically that. I can look it up for you. GF
  2. Mine is nearly done. I would be willing to do this with mine. Let me know if this is alright, @Chaoswolf :) GF
  3. The wizard, the Rocky Plinth, the Robot and stroopwafel are the only things you chose that I did NOT put in the box! I got several of the transparent Weapon Sprues from Bones3 and put a bunch of my extras in the box. When heavily in the Gnome KS and realized I would not finish painting several of them, so into the box they went. As for the Wizard Dice, I discovered they are difficult to roll with my usual dice rolling device, a Dice Tray. Enjoy them:) GF
  4. Generic Fighter

    Warning: Do not feed adventurers to Sphynx

    WOW! Those eyes! GF
  5. Generic Fighter

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    Pictures of my Progress... The Dragonborn Fighter Ghost is coming along nicely. Thinking of making the sword and shield "Solid". The Big Event, no pun intended, will be for this lovely lady! So far all I've done is give the Lightning Bolts a more Yellow shade but planning a bunch of stuff for her! Looking forward to finishing this one! Also, better Picture than before! GF
  6. Generic Fighter

    2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    UPDATE! Exchange minis are on back-burner for the moment. Checked with Partner and is okay with them. Been having difficulties in real life. Short version highlights... Screwed up iPod crashes laptop. Laptop gets screwed up. Reinstall Windows! Send iPod to be repaired. Air Conditioning in my apartment stops working. Air conditioner is fixed...for a couple days. Air Conditioner is fixed this time I hope. iPod should arrive back tomorrow or Thursday. So the last couple weeks have been aweful. Minis will get done, just not quickly. GF
  7. Medium Flat Rate box. There are 2 types of them I think. You want the one that is closer to a Cube than Flatter. GF
  8. Generic Fighter

    Reapercon BoGW?

    Did you get your Stroopwafels and REDACTED? Also, Which REDACTED did you choose? Also, did you check out the contents of the REDACTED of DOOM? I conscidered the Twin Whips mini, but wasn't sure I had use for it. GF
  9. @AutumnHare Requesting an update on the Generic Fighter Box. It was mailed out on the 4th of May. It should be there any time now, but Customs can be slow. Let us Know once it is in your hands or equivilants! Also, enjoy the contents:) GF
  10. Generic Fighter

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    UPDATE. Painting got done a bit. Did base coat on Invisable Dragonborn fighter to make it into a dragonborn Ghost or spirit. Looks good in blue. Also, planning to Paint a unicorn, a Drow, and either a red Dragon or a Fiendish T-Rex. The Giant, Iymrith, is going to be the DDM Guild North American Championship Trophy! Gonna get some help with it at my FLGS, Gatehouse Games. Got to take pictures of the progress, though. GF
  11. Generic Fighter

    Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]

    It is time. Look upon my Horrible Paintjobs and Despair! Also. Bad Phone Pictures! If you cannot tell, this is a Warhammer Skeleton. And it is Pink. Was trying for a "Bloody Skeleton" From Castlevania. A Reaper Manticore. And it is PURPLE! Yep. ----- And now for something I actually did a good job on... A Reaper Bones Giant I painted as a Fire Giantess. The Eyes and Dress are my best of each. D&D Minis Efreeti. The Burning from Within effect is something I am proud of! Stonehaven Dragonborn. Personal favorite due to it Inspiring a Player Character concept from a friend. ----- And my absolute best... D&D Mini Berserk Flesh Golem. So much hard work. So worth it. Was a Prize at the 2014 D&D Minis Guild Community Draft. First prize picked too. GF
  12. Generic Fighter

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    UPDATE! Planning to paint a bit tonight. Having issues with my Air Conditioner ATM. Hoping my Paints are okay. GF
  13. Generic Fighter

    Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]

    Posting to bring this to newer Forumites Attention. Also, so I can find it later on to post my First/Most recent. GF
  14. Jasper picked a couple Nulzors minis and some bases I made with Happy Seppuuku base stamps. RobinH took my Order of the Stick that I got at GenCon a while ago and quickly realized I was not up to assembling or painting them yet. Still not up to it. RobinH also took a few random bitz and the Tiefling and Halfling I put in. Enjoy them:) GF
  15. So, Pictures soon? GF