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  1. Glad you liked so much from my box:) The "Not a Mimic" sticker is from a seller on Etsy that I found and get those from regularly. Enjoy:) GF
  2. Generic Fighter

    [Heroquest 25th] minaitures pledge lvl 1

    HOLY SH...How did you do the blood effects???? They are AMAZING! GF
  3. Generic Fighter

    Frog Demon

    So, do you want some dressing for your Green Slaad? :P GF
  4. Generic Fighter

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I wish my game Store had shopping baskets:P GF
  5. In a related note, I posted the scans from my Journal that was in my BoGW on previous journeys. Enjoy:) GF EDIT: Linky-Link! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83396-gfs-bogw-journal-contents-scans-or-doom/
  6. Generic Fighter

    GF's BoGW Journal Contents Scans or Doom!

    And now, The Conclusion! Hope you enjoyed it:) GF
  7. Generic Fighter

    GF's BoGW Journal Contents Scans or Doom!

    Here are scans of my Box of Goodwill Journal from earlier editions of the BoGW! Enjoy! :) To be Continued.. Scans Part 2... To be concluded...
  8. OH SH...! Please, Please, PLEASE let there be a Base Stamp left when the box gets to me! I LOVE those things! What is this ones theme? GF
  9. @MattParody Requesting an update on the status of my BoGW? Please respond. Thanks:) GF
  10. @Goddesstio How are you doing? Is something going on? Let me know. thanks:) GF EDIT: Nevermind. Found your post at end of previous page.
  11. Generic Fighter

    Universal Monsters (WIP)

    Cool stuff. If you are looking for Spooky Halloween themed music, check out a a concept album by a metal band named "Iced Earth" called "Horror Show". Pretty good stuff in it. Also, search for music from the video game series Castlevania or remixes of it. Also "The Belmonts" are a project by the Video Game Remix Band "The Megas". Look for it. GF
  12. Generic Fighter

    my pics are too big

    You can make the file size smaller by cutting out the extra bits around the subject of it. Under Tools choose Rectangle Select and make the rectangle as close around the mini as you can, copy it to clipboard then paste it into GIMP. After that, Export it as a JPG or PNG somewhere on you computer. It should be small enough to upload anywhere. GF
  13. Generic Fighter

    Frankenberry, Booberry, and Count Chocula

    I'm stealing this idea for next year. GF
  14. Generic Fighter

    Dragonborn Sorcerer miniature

    I've got copies of both Prepainted variants. I can take a picture and post it, if you want. Let me know. GF