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  1. Pics or it didn't happen! :P Also Paint on the Group Paint Mini! Finally, I forgot to put the $5 or so I was going to contribute to the Punt Across the Pond in it! Dang it. Well, Poop. GF
  2. UPDATE! GF's BoGW was mailed on Thursday! It is full! Please Unfill it! :P GF
  3. 2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    The Minis I got from this Exchange. Still not sure who sent this to me. GF
  4. ALERT!! The Generic Fighter BoGW is in the Mail! GF
  5. 2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    I got my Minis from my painter today! A really cool "warforged" Battleguard Golem and a nice Gnome Wizard or Sorcerer! Both seem to be metal judging from the weight. And quite well painted too! I'll post pictures once I have taken them. Also, not 100% sure who sent it but I have my suspisions. GF
  6. UPDATE! GF's BoGW should go out in the morning. GF
  7. 2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    UPDATE! I screwed up my shoulder Tuesday by holding a light fixture to a ceiling fan so my dad could put screws in it. I had finally decided on a mini and was planning on getting serious progress on it! Now my shoulder feels like it has shards of glass all through it! This is also my painting arm so nothing can happen until it feels better. just hsving it in a position to type is excruciating. might also impact BoGW being sent this week. GF
  8. ReaperCon 2018 Diorama????

    This is some effed up Poop...I approve! Also, agree on the foam pointing hand thing! Thing is the laugh I needed today:) GF
  9. So, I've been working hard on last minute things for my Box. Put a wash on the Group Paint mini, refilled a few of the basing items, doing a final search through my minis for a few extras to pack in it, ect. In addition, I took a couple pictures of stuff that is going in it, too. I'll include a couple of those in the spoilers below. Enjoy:)
  10. So the votes so far are... #1: 1 Vote #2: 1 Vote #3: 1 vote #4: 3 Votes So, unless anyone says otherwise, Number 4 seems the clear winner at the moment. I'll set it up with a bit of a wash soon, then. GF
  11. So, I've found a need for a place to ask questions about how to do certain things on the Reaper Forums. I also am sure I'm not the only one here who might want to ask questions and get answers to them. So, here goes... #1: The Red Boxes with @USERNAME in them. How do you make them? And What do they do? #2: Is there a limit to the amount of Picture files that one can have in a single post? If so, What is it? So, Anyone else have questions to ask or answers to any of my questions? Let Me Know:) Thanks. GF
  12. Alrighty, here are the Short listed Contenders for the Group Paint Mini! #1: 03821: Half Orc Merchant(Bones) #2: ???? Female Paladin?(Bones) #3: 02783: Xiao Liu, Female Monk(Bones) #4: Dragonborn Fighter Female B(Wizkids) So, please let me know what your choice is. I'll primer and prepare the chosen mini and get the box ready in the next week or so. Plan is to send it on the 16th or 17th at the latest. GF
  13. Halfsies Bulk Dice - Appease the Fist!

    Already Pledged! Met Mr. Wrot at GenCon 50. AMAZING GUY! Support him as much as you can:) GF
  14. Dilvish Jsalyers Glitterwolf RobinH AutumnHare Horned Turtle Greetings and welcome to the Generic Fighter Box! First, I request that those in my box send a Private Message of some sort including your Address to the person that is before you in the box's journey a soon as you can. So that the box can travel fairly fast even if communication is difficult later on. This is a thing that has happened before and I would like to minimize it if we can :) Next on the agenda, What are your thoughts about a "Group Paint Mini"? Do you want on in the box? Any Ideas for which mini to use? Any other thoughts on the subject? Current Plan is to mail this box out the Week of the 11th of March. I have Real Life things that make it hard to send before then which means we have time to decide the Group Paint Mini status. I'll look through my stuff and see if their are any that stand out to me. In other news, Thanks Ioun the new Forums have an Auto save feature! nearly lost my post because the idiots that designed my laptop put a stupid sensor node in the middle of the keyboard that changes pages and cannot be turned off!!!! BLEEPING DELL! GF
  15. 2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    Signed up for the Sprang eXchange! GF