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    I really hope we encounter a halforc adventuring party! T'is my only wish for Bones4
  2. Live

    Just recieved my pledge manager. Pledged for 1$, I just postponed my decision. Now do I pick up the game or not... what to do, what to do...
  3. Well, now it's my turn. Hit a painter's block 3 maybe 4 months ago, after a quasi-burnout at work which ended up with anxiety. Nice. The collateral damage, my painting project. I'm far from being very good, but I think my work was suitable for tabletop use. The quality of my painting is not the show stopper here, I want to get better, without any goals of competition. It's just for my personnal use. Anywho, maye 2 months ago, I tried to go back to painting, as I do once in a while ever since, but I keep turning back, overwhelmed, without a sense of purpose, lost, almost panicked. Quite annoying really. I want to paint, I want new heroes and baddies and big stompy robots on my table, but I...can't... I'm trying to go one step at a time, without thinking, just take a brush and do it, but I keep quitting... Help?
  4. The paint might have encountered very cold temperatures, which can freeze it and create those flakes. Do you live up north?
  5. Funded

    Them shipping rates to Canada though :(
  6. Mine is like that too, I use it like a wash, otherwise it's too oily-like to use like a paint.
  7. Yeah, sorry, having a hard time figuring out how to add the pic here :(
  8. Indeed, you accomplished quite a feat! And I'm very glad you liked my city, depsite of the cool air (which is kind of a relief to me, I have a hard time for temperature above 30 Celcius). Not sure if the image will appear here. It's the post I made for your final miles. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153781050298414&set=a.10153781050738414.1073741826.658293413&type=3&theater Edit: added link
  9. I hope you had a nice stay and an interesting race! I tried to track you, but I was not able to see you. I'll try to post a pic of my sign.
  10. Will try to setup a lime green sign on a post or tree
  11. Will do. I live between km 36 and 37, if you do the full marathon, 4 and 5 if you do 10km
  12. Well, welcome to Montréal! The marathon runners will pass right in front of my home! Maybe I'll see you. The Botanical garden is very nice, and maybe the chinese lanterns exposition started. Right next to it, there is the Olympic stadium, the Biodome (with live animals of different climates)' the Insectarium and the Planetarium. Easy access with metro. I speak french (first language) so let me know if you need pointers.
  13. Well, Darkwing Duck comes to mind...
  14. Thanks. E-mail sent. Was wondering if you guys seen that before. It's a bit similar to turned milk.