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  1. Working on a Crocodile Man (DHL 2763) and Slithe Queen (DHL 2902) for an exchange with a friend. The exchange is for a sculpted amulet that will part of a Call of Cthulhu game. I have my work cut out for me!
  2. I am half way to getting my painting table clear of junk. Job one is to get rid of the junk. Then I will paint a necromancer to play the villain in my first D&D session of 2017.
  3. With the Holiday coming up I hope to shake things up and actually paint on a sharkman, a giant or a paladin; whichever figures in the next scenario. My success with running a game of D&D has cut into my painting time.
  4. Many neat suggestions as I develop a new playlist for the spring. I have had many people offer me music over the years and my list will include a selection of different sounds. As an example here are some that will be on the list: How Dare You by Steaming Satellites Sleepwalk (live) by the Stray cats Wherever I may Roam by Metallica The Shire by Saxon Moon No One is to Blame by Howard Jones Avalon by Roxy Music Battlestar Galactica Theme by Bear McCreary Ghost's and Stuff by deadmau5 Nessun Dorma by Manowar And I will look through the list of music I get from this thread and buy a couple new tunes for the Painting in Spring playlist.
  5. Haldir, I hope the trip to the Oregon Coast worked. Portland is nice, but the Coast is enchanted. Some years ago, when we lived in Seattle, my family and I took a trip down to Cannon Beach, it was absolutely inspiring! Nothing to compare down here in SE Texas. As for me, I finally cleared the way to my painting table, which was a big step. Then I messed up a figure in an experimental session using pens and washes. My plan is to get some zombies done and get started on a vampire for the Curse of Strahd campaign I am running.
  6. The month is half over but I want to set some sort of goal. I think I will work on three of my partially finished Crusader Figures and finish them for my D&D campaign on Friday. I am looking to have some Clerics and Acolytes appear in the next session and I prefer painted to bare metal or plastic.
  7. Wow, great idea! I have seen a lot of usable office furniture going to the dumpster and this never occurred to me. Now I have something to shoot for!!!
  8. I have been getting used to a new job and etc. Finally feel I am in a position to get some paint on some of the unpainted horde. My goal for this month is to get a shark man, a purple worm and one teifling done. I have a scenario for my gaming group where all of these will show up!
  9. Paint something, but first check and see if my paints have dried out. If I have the paint it is time to get a couple monsters done. Purple Worm and ankheg or a Ti-ik war party.
  10. At least one figure to go with the D&D campaign I am running. No big goals for this month, just something I can actually expect to finish!
  11. This month I want to clean up my painting area. It has been covered with garage sale stuff for months and now that stuff is gone. After that is done my goal is five lizardmen and work on a dragon turtle.
  12. I've been reading the Dresden Files and now want to find a suitable figure for an urban wizard and a mortician wearing a one-man-band kit riding a T-Rex. Which apparently don't corner well. Yeah I liked the scenes with Sue the Zombie T-Rex and her heartbeat. Sam Ayers (50162) in the Chronoscope line is a match up for Dresden, the Reaper T-Rex is huge and for one man band, not sure maybe a conversion of Toad Punk Rock drummer (50070). It is a cool idea to get someone riding a dinosaur. I am working out a way to convert one of the cowboys to ride the carnotaurus.
  13. How did I miss this challenge? This is a really great idea. I am going to pull the Tortoise Dragon (DL 02516) out of the waiting area and combined with a few other Reaper figures and try a diorama or at least finish a Dragon before December.
  14. I did get some paint on some models for WH40K but I shelved that project in favor of painting Cowboys from the Chronoscope line. My realistic goal is one finished model and my dream goal is the whole boxed set. And I dug out the Reaper Carnosaurus 2996. Dinosaurs and Cowboys, works well together!
  15. It has been awhile since I picked up my brushes with a real goal in mind. But this month I want to paint. I bought the Cowboys box set and that is what I will be working on.