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  1. Live

    I think it was a success for most people (plus, as Maledrakh points out it's a totally different company now). For me, I pledged for a single mini, got stung by high postage, and the mini turned out to be very poorly cast/sculpted. I was unlucky...
  2. Live

    I see that they are now offering the minis singlely, so I'll have to have a good look through later, pick out a handful. Hopefully this will go better for me than the last Carnevale kickstarter I backed.
  3. Progress:- I have a head! Once it's attached, I can move on to getting the rest of his exoskeleton finished.
  4. I don't know that much about Warmachine, but I'd say it was more Fantasy, their robots strike me as being more like golems then, well... robots. See answer above. Yes. I thought all the various 'Punks were sci-fi coated in a thin veneer of a broadly stereotypical and exaggerated version of a specific time and place.
  5. Watched Persona 3:- The Movie. I'd played the game, so I was interested in how they'd make a film out of it. Problem was, I don't remember the protagonist being such an unlikeable, nihilistic, butt-hole in the game (admittedly, I played as the special edition female protagonist who could have been scripted very differently). Made it a very hard watch, and I didn't make it to the end of this movie, never mind getting through the other 3 that made up the whole story.
  6. Fulfilling

    Had to laugh at that part of the update. I received some of those pizza wedge sprues they were so proud of, they've only just now realized that surrounding each mini with a solid 1cm frame of resin might be a waste of resources?
  7. Had a very weird dream last night. I was with a group of people and we went in to this building, but the building was cursed, and would try to trick you into doing something you liked, and if you did it you would be trapped in there forever (one person in the group was trapped by his love of dancing, a room had dance steps painted on the floor and once he started following them he couldn't stop. We also pasted a load of people who loved shopping and were now stuck in an endless checkout queue). In the end, I was the only one left, but I was too boring for the building to create a trap for me, so it let me go. Not sure what my brain was trying to tell me with this one, was it a good thing I escaped or not?
  8. Future Weapons - I like to think that it will be all about getting humans off the battlefield, so more drones and unmanned things, but hopefully no Terminators. Sci-Fi minis - More than I ever thought I would, realizing Warhammer 40k was just fantasy in space really opened the floodgates. I don't have any really Sci-Fi Sci-Fi minis though (like from the Infinity range etc.).
  9. Live

    Crud! They resculpted Baba Yaga, the original was so cool! They've got some good minis in there, but I'm not a fan of everything in bundles, there always seems to be at least a couple of minis I don't like in each batch.
  10. Progress! Gave his exoskeleton various basecoats (Artic Blue, Oily Steel, Bronze, Polished Gold) then gave it a good Blackshade Wash. Once dry I attached it to him to make it easier to hold, just need to finish the highlights then it's on to his head.
  11. Progress:- I stopped be lazy and attempted to take a better piccy! Painted up the furry part of his cloak (Stone Cold Grey > 1:1 Olive Green/Leather Brown Wash > Stone Cold Grey Drybrush > Wolf Grey Drybrush > Offwhite Drybrush), then I attached it for easier handling when I paint up all his lanterns and junk.
  12. Oh dear... The little nap I took this morning, because I wasn't feeling too perky, turned into an extra six hours sleep.
  13. Funded

    Surprise update is surprising. Was expecting the Gambler to be a typical slightly-bigger-than-a-normal-dude Nemesis Monster sculpt, not a 150mm tall KD-fied Atlas sculpture. As if the Gamblers Chest wasn't already an absolute steal! Also really glad I added the Pathfinder set.
  14. I tried a little bit on the mini I was working on last night, and disappointingly it's basically thickened blue ink with a very glossy finish. Still want to see what it looks like on something larger though.
  15. That's good to know, all that 'caution may cause brain damage' stuff had me freaked out somewhat. Slightly annoyed to find out it shrinks though, I may have to look into getting some Bondo.