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  1. aku-chan

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I think I've got this cracked. I would live in the 2018 that they envisioned during the 60's and 70's, where we would all have flying cars, robot butlers and take vacations on the moon.
  2. aku-chan

    Swamp Witch Sophie AKA Sophie 2017 WIP

    Thanks for all the comments everyone! Don't worry, I haven't put any serious thought into starting a blog, it just struck me that I've been making a lot of threads in this part of the forum lately. At least I've gotten better at sticking with them to completion. In my case, I'm bound to make mess either way! Progress:- I finished off her hair, put in highlights of 1:1 Scarlett Red/Red Orange, pure Red Orange and 1:1 Red Orange/Ochre Yellow and then the underside of her hair got a Brown Wash. I then did her hair beads (either Bronze or Artic Blue), and the flower decoration (Squid Pink flower petals with an Off-white centre, Light Green big leaves and Dark Green little leaves > all over Brown Wash > re-applied base colours > highlights of 1:1 Light Green/Ochre Yellow on the big leaves and 1:1 Dark Green/Ochre Yellow on the little leaves). Spotted a bit of leg I missed earlier, so that's the next job.
  3. aku-chan

    Dreadmere Begins...

    Thanks! Progress:- She got a satchel (1:2 Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow > Brown Wash > 1:2 Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow > 1:2:1 Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow/Bonewhite), either a wand with a glowing tip or a dagger handle with a bejewelled pommel (Bronze with a Light Green top), a red health potion or possibly an inkwell full of blood (Carnage Red with a Bronze top) and a really large blue mana potion (Andrea Blue with a Bronze top). And that's her done, just the base to go, need to read up on the colours I used on the others first.
  4. aku-chan

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I read the Show-off, Work in Progress and Off-topic sections every day, but I don't think I contribute to any part daily.
  5. aku-chan

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Sort of... Basically, I got an anonymous e-mail from a group of hackers claiming they've hacked my computer and found a lot of weird porn on it, and unless I pay them $800 in bitcoins they will tell my friends and family. Sadly for them, I've spotted two big flaws in their scheme. My computer doesn't have any porn (weird or otherwise) stored on it, nor does it contain any contact info for my friends and family. I'm guessing my e-mail address is on a list someone's brought, and this is only the first scam of many that are going to be sent my way.
  6. aku-chan

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Someone has e-mailed me a blackmail demand, I didn't think I was interesting enough to be blackmailed.
  7. aku-chan

    Ensign Roxy "Hotshot" Malone

    Thanks for all the 'likes' and comments! Her hands are just shaded with Vallejo Flesh Shade Wash, it works really well, perhaps too well (it makes you a bit of a lazy painter ) Thanks! I would've liked to go a bit further with her hair, but I struggled to make the highlights small enough, particularly on her braid.
  8. aku-chan

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I played a couple of the earlier ones, but I was never good enough to get very far (although that statement can be applied to most video games, and is the reason I don't play "proper" video games any more). But I also disliked how scripted, and not particularly assassiny, the actual assassinations tended to be. Like, there would be a guy with bodyguards walking around, and my plan would be to jump from a roof, stab the guy and parkour my way out of there. But then when you try it that way, the game would be all 'Nope, I want you to have this big, showy swordfight with all his guards first, then a chase sequence and then boss fight'.
  9. Yet another new thread! (At some point I really should think about starting a blog, or whatever the cool kids do these days, instead of cluttering up the forum with my stuff.) While it's possibly a banning offence, I've gotta admit I don't particularly care for Sophie or her various minis, but this one really leapt out at me. I may have made things extra hard for myself by fully assembling everything, but she has little, dainty feet so I was never going to be able to pin her to a cork. Started with her skin (1:1 Rosy Skin/Beastly Brown > Flesh Wash > 1:1 Rosy Skin/Beastly Brown > 1:1:1 Rosy Skin/Light Skin/Beastly Brown), I was trying to give her a tan, but I don't think it's as simple as adding brown to the skin colour, however the colour I did end up with is rather nice. It's hard to see, but she also has (slightly googly) eyes, lip and eye makeup (1:1:1:2 Rosy Skin/Light Skin/Beastly Brown/Hexed Lichen) and eyebrows (Scarlett Red), I also basecoated her hair while I had the Scarlett Red out.
  10. aku-chan

    The Starstriders!

    Progress:- Added a Sky Blue light to her generator, and then finally painted her hands (1:1 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin > Flesh Wash > 1:1 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin > 1:1:1 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin/Light Skin). Then it was just the base to do (Cork Brown > Iraqi Sand Drybrush > Bonewhite Drybrush > Sepia Wash with Brown/Orange grass) and she's done:- http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83098-ensign-roxy-hotshot-malone/
  11. aku-chan

    Ensign Roxy "Hotshot" Malone

    Presenting Ensign Roxy "Hotshot" Malone, the colour scheme test Voidsman for my Starstriders set. I think she came out pretty well, and the group should look rather striking, when I eventually get the rest painted. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  12. aku-chan

    Dreadmere Begins...

    Thanks! Made a little progress:- Painted her enchanted shovel, Oily Steel head with Black and Brown Washes, Bronze decoration, Parasite Brown handle and Iraqi Sand wraps. Also painted her scroll tube (Stone Grey > 2:1 Wolf Grey/Stone Grey, with Bronze decorations and a Brown Wash). Just gotta brainstorm some colours for her remaining doodads.
  13. It's a pity it's just busts. I probably would have backed it for a set of Davy Jones plus Crew figures, and then hoped like heck that no one official noticed what they were up to!
  14. Re-watched Screamers. It's been years and older, wiser me now realises practically nothing in the film makes sense. Was still oddly entertaining though.
  15. aku-chan

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Feeling super jealous of all the giant painting areas I'm seeing.