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  1. Progress:- The smallest of his remaining arms. Painted up with Oily Steel and Bronze. Next up:- His laser-arm (with attached arm-arm).
  2. Fulfilling

    Credit where credits due, Raging Heroes has good customer service. After thinking about it this morning, I decided I wanted this over rather than wait who knows how many months for metal minis I'll probably sell any ways, so I took them up on their resin swap offer. Within an hour they replied, everything is sorted out and I should have my minis in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Fulfilling

    I still believe they're hoping enough people switch to resin minis that they can cancel their metal production run.
  4. Lower Torso, Upper Torso... FUSION!!! Not finished yet though, I've still got 5 arms to paint and attach.
  5. I quite like the look of the Nurgley dudes (except the Plaguecaster, he's funky looking but not in a good way), but that little voice in the back of my head that's telling me I have 2 mostly unpainted GW starter sets already and I don't really need a third makes a good point.
  6. Woohoo! I mowed a lawn today! I'd been putting it off until my legs got better, but since that wasn't happening, and the grass just kept getting taller, I had to suck it up and get it done. Still got the edges to do, and the two larger front lawns, but they'll have to wait until I regain the ability to stand up.
  7. Thanks guys! Yeah, their minis are definitely starting to come in a lot of pieces (I picked up one of their new Dwarves the other week and, despite being one guy with a steam punk jet pack, he comes in 50 pieces with an assembly booklet), but they still seem easier to assemble than the average Malifaux mini (a goblin should not come in 12+ pieces!). It's several layers of PVA glue painted with several coats of Vallejo Fluo Green. There's probably a much less time consuming method out there, but I couldn't find it!
  8. Woot! Finally got paid for my DVDs! And just at the right time to reinvest it in some minis (pre-ordered a Warmahordes Grymkin Army Box).
  9. Finally managed to make some progress:- Larry the Skullbot and Cawls hood painted and attached! Despite the fiddliness of the task, I'm glad I painted these parts separately. Painting Larry after attaching him would have been tough enough, but I think it is actually impossible to paint Cawls head fully assembled. Next job will be to paint the rest of the already attached parts.
  10. Few more films watched:- Independence Day: Resurgence - Not only was it pretty terrible, it was also pretty boring too. Only got to the end of it because I had literally nothing else to do at the time. Phantasm: Ravager - Not the film I was hoping it was going to be. Instead of helping the franchise make a bit more sense, it actually made it more confusing. And with the actor who played The Tall Man dead, there's no possibility of them making another one. Guess I'll just have to accept I'll never know what the heck the whole thing has been about. One Piece: Gold - Good but not as good as the last couple have been. Not a huge fan of elaborate plans that only really work because it's in the script. Also a bit annoyed they neglected the villain (what snippets were shown made Tesoro look like a pretty interesting guy) in favour of cameoing a few fan favourite characters (I know that's kind of the whole point of these sort of movies, it's still annoying though).
  11. Only 30 pages behind? After not looking at this thread for 5 days I was expecting at least a 100. This week just refuses to get any better. Last night I tried cheering myself up with a spot of painting, all five of my new brushes lost their points the second I started using them , can't actually use them for anything the bristles have splayed out so much.
  12. Yep, police report made (couldn't give them much of a description of the guys or the van, but at least I've brought it to their attention). Talking about it with the housemate this morning, she's not 100% certain but she thinks her jewellery box has been moved, so it looks like they had a bit of a snoop around the house too. Luckily we don't have anything worth stealing.
  13. Had a pretty unpleasant experience this afternoon, had some guys try and hustle me for money. First one guy in a van stops me at my front door as I'm coming home from the shops, says he needs to cut down the trees in my front garden, I tell him to give me a minute and I'll talk to him. Next thing there's like 6 guys in the garden and one of them is taking a chainsaw to the trees, and the first guy is explaining how I'm going to be charged by the kilo for the wood they remove. I'm getting flummoxed because I'm not good at dealing with people, so I close the front door on the guy and go get my housemate (they're the people person), housemate rolls her eyes at me for letting it get so far, and tells me to tell them to sod off or we'll call the police. I go back to the front door, and there's 3 large guys inside the hallway demanding £300, I'm panicking but manage to tell them I know this is a scam and I'm calling the cops, 2 of the guys leave but the third guy tries haggling with me, I repeat what I said, and he leaves saying he's calling the police because I'm scamming him, but they all get in their vans pretty darn quick and take off. Gotta call the landlord on Monday, hopefully they don't mind having tree stumps instead of trees.
  14. It's weird. When I've got the opportunity to paint, I normally end up watching TV or something. But because I haven't been able to paint for the last couple of days, it's the only thing I've wanted to do. Hopefully, my new brushes should arrive today and I can get my paint on. ...Or (more likely) the TV will suddenly become irresistible again.
  15. The company I sold my DVD collection to isn't filling me full of confidence... I was supposed to be paid when they received them last Tuesday. When I hadn't heard anything by Thursday, I emailed them and they responded that some were missing, I replied that they weren't missing just sorted wrong (totally my fault, I forgot that series collector boxes weren't really a thing outside of animé, and that a normal person might assume they were box-sets and not individual DVDs in a fancy box). Today, they've sent me another email wanting to know how many parcels of DVDs I sent them ...And I've still got the other half of my collection to sort out.