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  1. Yet another Wolsung mini, this time it's the Dwarf Gardener, he's fully equipped to deal with any young'uns that stray on to his lawn. Had a lot of fun painting this one, he's just so unusual! As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  2. I had to reactivate my old Steam account a couple of weeks ago (my tablet died taking all my app games with it) and it's got me ludicrously hooked on CCGs. So far, I've completed the free-to-play parts of the single player campaign on Eternal and I've just started Act 2 on Elder Scrolls: Legends. I've got about another 7 or 8 of them waiting for me.
  3. Had a superhero heavy weekend. Watched Logan, not a bad film but I didn't like it too much, too bleak and depressing for me. Also rewatched the old Spider-man trilogy. Still think they're good movies, but the second one wasn't as good as I remembered and the third one was better.
  4. If only Disney would finish releasing it on DVD
  5. I'm subscribed to this thing where they send me recipes plus all the ingredients needed, it's pretty handy because my local grocery store has a rather poor selection of practically everything. I was signed up to one a few years ago, but they didn't let you choose the recipes and I kept getting stuff I didn't really like. This new one gives you a selection to pick from, my first box was:- Chicken Schnitzels with a Potato and Apple Salad, the Chicken Poutine, Pork Belly Ramen and Asian Chicken Burgers (I like chicken).
  6. Despite yesterdays concerns over portion sizes, my adventures with my new recipe box are going well. I'm currently stuffed full of Chicken Poutine with Garlic Fried Spring Greens
  7. Liver. Both liver and onions and liver and bacon were regulars dishes during my childhood, and I couldn't stand the stuff.
  8. I'm somewhat disappointed by the portion sizes in this new recipe box I'm trying. One chicken breast per person is the norm isn't it? Or is this the reason I'm overweight?
  9. I dislike bugs getting too close to me, particularly spiders and moths, but not to a phobic level.
  10. I tend to tape stuff that airs during the week and watch it all at the weekend, until the show gets 'meh' and I end up with a backlog that needs clearing with a good binge watch.
  11. It could be a good idea I guess. I mean if kids want a coffee, they'll probably find a way to get one regardless. When I was in high school any attempt to get us to eat right was foiled by everyone* going to one of the nearby takeaways or bakeries (or the pub for some of the older kids, until someone complained) instead. The school would've saved themselves a lot of hassle (and made some money) if they had just let people have burgers. *Well not exactly everyone, there were nerds like me who took a packed lunch and couldn't be all cool and rebellious
  12. Grumble, grumble. My bottle of Oiled Leather has finally run out, and its replacement (Vallejo Cork Brown) turns out to be a lot lighter out of the bottle, so I've had to buy 4 similar shades of brown to try and find a better match. I normally wouldn't go to this much trouble, but it's the main colour of the wood of my 2/3s completed Shipwreck Revenant and I'd really like the final 1/3 to match. Annoyingly, I suspect I will just have to buy a new bottle of Oiled Leather in the end any ways. Stupid First World problems.
  13. My musical tastes never really escaped the 80's.
  14. Either a case of mistaken identity, or someone has finally taken offence to me answering the door in a semi-nude state.
  15. The best resin minis I brought were from Infamy and Ardiana Miniatures (I think that's how their name is spelt), almost flawless casts that assembled really well, but I only brought one or two minis from each company, so I may have just got lucky. Kingdom Death used to be at this level too, but I found as the range became more popular the quality went down. Although I haven't brought any of their resin stuff in ages, so it may be top tier again. Forge World is absolutely garbage tier resin. When Games Workshop re-jigged their fantasy game I panic-brought a load of minis I thought would go OOP, including several Empire characters from Forge World. They didn't look too bad at first, just a lot of flash to trim, but then when I went to work on them a couple months later they were just shocking. It probably would've been easier and quicker to learn to sculpt my own minis then to try to sort them out. I might have just been very unlucky, but I didn't want to risk buying more.