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  1. Bring back Michael Keaton!
  2. Steampunk People Part 1

    Double progress:- Painted his belly oven, started pure Off-white, painted a ring of 1:1 Off-white/Ochre Yellow and then another ring of 1:1:1 Off-white/Ochre Yellow/Orange Red, still can't do a particularly good glow effect, but I think I'm getting there slowly. Also gave him Ochre Yellow power cables and Leather Brown belts.
  3. 03337 Terezinzya - Goth Sorceress

    Double progress:- Didn't quite finish her legs. She got steel boots (Oily Steel > Blackshade Wash > Oily Steel), black leggings (1:1 Black/Stormy Blue > 1:1:1 Black/Stormy Blue/Cold Stone Grey), pointless leg belts (Leather Brown > Brownshade Wash > 1:1 Leather Brown/Cork Brown) with Bronze clasps but there is still one more layer of clothing to paint on her legs, so I need to think of another colour. While painting her pointless leg belts, I also did all her other belts and pouches and things.
  4. Steampunk People Part 1

    Progress:- All the Bronze areas get drybrushes of Bronze and Polished Gold, I then picked out all the raised areas with more Polished Gold. He was looking a bit too Bronze, so I did some areas as Brass (Brassy Brass > Brownshade Wash > Brassy Brass > 1:1 Brassy Brass/Polished Gold). I then did his exposed mechanical bits, moustache and grate as Steel (Oily Steel > Blackwash Shade > Oily Steel). Finally, his eyes and shoulder light were done in 1:1 Andrea Blue/Glacier Blue. Today I wanna try and paint a fire inside his belly oven.
  5. 03337 Terezinzya - Goth Sorceress

    Thanks! I'm actually struggling with her colours at the moment, she's wearing so many layers it's getting hard to keep her out of Clown Town. Progress:- Gave her purple knee-pads (Hexed Lichen > Blackshade Wash > Hexed Lichen > 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Wolf Grey), also used this colour on the trim of her coat and the guard on her left hand. Going to try and finish her legs today.
  6. Infamy Collectibles Kickstarter, large minis for painters and collectors

    That's the one that got me to give this a second look, but I know I'll never paint it, so I'm being good.
  7. Not routinely, but leftover dinner for breakfast happens occasionally.
  8. Kings of War: Vanguard

    You know, I've been rather disparaging about this Kickstarter, but that giant pledge is getting awfully tempting.
  9. My hat with the furry ear-flaps. Sadly, I don't get to wear it too often.
  10. Steampunk People Part 1

    Was going to be good and get some half-painted stuff finished, but I couldn't resist the steam-powered siren song of my Twisted minis. Since I'm going to be working on these for the foreseeable future, I thought I'd WIP them in batches:- In this first batch, you've got two Urkins (Porker and Bookworm) at the front and (from left to right) Sowerberry, Gentlefolk Blacksmith and Gretel at the back. Starting with the Blacksmith, not pictured - his chimney backpack. So far I've basecoated his body in Bronze and given it a Brownshade Wash. Next time, I go crazy with a drybrush.
  11. 03337 Terezinzya - Goth Sorceress

    More progress:- Been trying to work out just what the heck she's wearing. Picked out various parts of her costume, basecoated them 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Scarlett Red, then highlights of pure Scarlett Red and 1:1 Scarlett Red/Red Orange, did the buckles in Oily Steel, then gave it an all over Blackshade Wash. Now on to the next area of her outfit.
  12. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Woohoo! I just pinned the feet of five minis, including one on tiptoes and one with a flaw that made a chunk of his foot fall off. Why couldn't I discover that metal minis aren't actually that hard to assemble before I sold off most of the ones I had?
  13. But that's true even if I do vote. The whole thing is about the whims of other people, so why not just let others get on with it, they don't need my input. They're not something I'd buy, but I think they would be popular. Though they would possibly need to be resculpted, make the details more defined etc.
  14. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Should get my 1.5 upgrade box today (it's 4 hours and 18 minutes away). Now the long wait for the wave 3 stuff begins, 2019 wasn't it?
  15. I think anything that makes it easier to partake in the voting process is a good idea, even if it's not something I'm interested in doing myself (never voted, never will, don't see the point).