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  1. aku-chan

    Ziba, Monster Lady WIP

    Thanks guys! It's just Vallejo White Primer with an Agrax Earthshade Wash. Progress:- Still don't feel like working on her skin, so she got hair instead. Kept it simple, so it's a basecoat of 1:2 Red Leather/Ochre Yellow, highlighted with pure Ochre Yellow and then given a Sepia Wash all over, with a Brown Wash in the deepest recesses and underneath parts. Not sure what part I'll work on next.
  2. The time limit is leaving me a bit stumped. I can think of plenty of characters I'd like to be, but none where I'd happily give it up after a week.
  3. aku-chan

    Ziba, Monster Lady WIP

    Thanks everyone! I will try, I've been practising on another mini. Haven't been able to paint much lately, but I did work on her face:- Her skin was finished with highlights of 1:2 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin, 1:2:1 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin/Light Skin and 1:2:3 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin/Light Skin, she got lips (1:2:3:3 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin/Light Skin/Bloody Red with some Flesh Wash), fangs (Iraqi Sand) and eyes (despite my best efforts, they ended up very cat-like). Gotta get the rest of her skin done now.
  4. Had a disappointing Movie Sunday. Watched The Incredibles 2 which was pretty meh, and they still haven't explained where all the super villains went. Also watched the latest Predator movie, which turned out to be a not particularly entertaining, big pile of overly-sweary nonsense. Hopefully next Movie Sunday will be better.
  5. aku-chan

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I've completed 1000 levels of Matchington Manor! Woohoo! I wonder what great things I would have accomplished if I didn't spend so much time renovating an imaginary house.
  6. aku-chan

    Ziba, Monster Lady WIP

    This pretty lady jumped straight to the front of my painting queue, and it was about time I painted another Reaper mini:- Here she is, all cleaned up and undercoated in primer. Got a little further today:- Not going down the red skin route, so Ziba is currently covered in a basecoat of 1:2 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin with a Flesh Wash. Aiming to get her skin finished tonight.
  7. aku-chan

    The Flower Knight

    Thanks for all the 'Likes' and comments! There is some basic highlighting and shading going on in there, I'm just not very good at painting capes and cape-like things. That's actually my own fan-fiction take on Kingdom Deaths lore, the proper stuff has a much more dream-like, fairy tale quality. Sometimes I just like to think up backgrounds to my minis while I paint them. I did hit some of the leaves with a green/yellow highlight, but I think it was too subtle and kind of disappeared after varnishing. Void space is an alternate dimension that scientists opened a portal in to in the search of an alternate energy source, it turned out to be full of monsters and dark, reality-warping energy that escaped and messed up the world (that seemed like a decent explanation for the general weirdness of the Kingdom Death setting).
  8. aku-chan

    Queen of the Damned: Velrath’s Vampires

    I do like the look of some of those (particularly that blindfolded mage), but that rather painful shipping charge makes it a no go.
  9. Yay! I can finally order my Bones Efreeti! Being good and just getting her, rather than putting in a large enough order to qualify for a freebie.
  10. Probably my Lego, even though I lacked the imagination to ever do anything grand with it.
  11. aku-chan

    The Flower Knight

    "During the opening stages of the Great War, it was quickly discovered that the human mind was too fragile for soldiers to spend any time in areas that had been heavily corrupted by Void Space. One of the solutions to this problem was to lift the restrictions on deploying Automaton Troopers to the front-lines. Drawing power from naturally occurring energy fields and equipped with self repair and competent AI systems, they could theoretically operate indefinitely without contact with their human creators. However, despite being deployed in large numbers, in the end they did little to halt the advance of the Void. Centuries later, many can still be found and most pose a threat to the humans they once served. This particular model, now known as a Flower Knight due to the flora it spontaneously generates around itself, is not openly hostile to anyone it comes across but will not tolerate any damage to the gardens they both create and guard." Presenting the Flower Knight from Kingdom Death. This is another one from the Cupboard of Unfinished ThingsTM that's been waiting for me to bring it back to the table for a final painting session or two. It's not a patch on the many, many other Flower Knights out there on the Inter-webs, but I'm really pleased with it. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  12. Having heard good things about it for a while, gave Teen Titans Go to the movies a watch last night. Turned out surprisingly decent, still not giving the series another try though.
  13. aku-chan

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Awesome, thanks for that! Was worried I was going to need to find yet another place to store my photos.
  14. aku-chan

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Anyone here use Imgur? Trying to do my monthly picture tidy up, but with their newly redesigned interface I can't figure out how to make new albums, or put stuff in my existing albums.
  15. Both, but I tend to make my own as it can be a struggle to get a mini to fit on the more interesting ready made ones. I've been getting a bit lazy lately and just doing sand plus grass tuft bases, but if I feeling fancy I'll use some cork and resin pieces. I brought a Hanger 18 backdrop ages ago for finished mini piccys.