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  1. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Yes. I worry so much about being late I always give myself a ridiculous amount of time to get anywhere.
  2. Had a bit of a disappointing acquisition today. The water lilies I ordered for some bases turned out to be rather naff. I guess stuff designed for model railways doesn't need to look that detailed At least I didn't pick up all the stuff that I thought looked cool.
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Oh dear, I think I got carried away during last nights insomnia-induced late night Ebaying. Hopefully I'll get outbid on at least a couple of things.
  4. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    I'm an innately naive person, so my default setting is to trust people even though I know I really shouldn't.
  5. Dreadmere Begins...

    Thanks for the comments everybody! Went on a bit of a painting spree yesterday:- Painted up all his remaining leather (Lonestar Leather > Brown Wash > Lonestar Leather > 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Bonewhite), his sword hilt, scabbard, buckles and a little vial was done in Brassy Brass, a cross and two medallions were done in Polished Gold (the larger medallion also has a ruby, but I'm not too sure if that worked or not). His sword, greaves (?), another cross and pistol barrel was done in Oily Steel (the pistol handle was done in Parasite Brown). The zombies hair was done in Wolf Grey > Off-white > Grey Wash, and his trousers are Steel Grey > Black Wash. Just a couple more vials and a spell-book left and he's done. Painted Andowyns waistcoat (1:1 Scarlett Red/Leather Brown > Brown Wash > 1:1 Scarlett Red/Leather Brown > 1:1:1 Scarlett Red/Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow), I also used these colours for her kneepad and triangular crotch protector. Her pants leg is Lonestar Leather > Brown Wash > Lonestar Leather > 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Bonewhite with Cork Brown stitching, a Polished Gold necklace and anklet plus Brassy Brass braclets. Her dress is Sick Green with a Brown Wash and highlights of Sick Green and 2:1 Sick Green/Ochre Yellow (the inside parts are 1:1 Sick Green/Leather Brown plus a Brown Wash), the dangly sleeves are Iraqi Sand > Brown Wash > Iraqi Sand > 1:1 Iraqi Sand/Off-white (and the insides and 1:1 Iraqi Sand/Lonestar Leather). The sash (and knee bandage) are Red Orange with a Brown Wash and highlights of Red Orange and 1:1 Red Orange/Ochre Yellow (I don't normally paint things orange because Red Orange has terrible coverage, but this time I only needed 3 layers instead of the usual 8+, so it's probably going to get used more often now). Finally, her bodice was Dark Green with the detail picked out in Cork Brown, this then got a Brown Wash and the pattern was picked out again with Iraqi Sand. Phew! I'm going to have to start thinking about the colours of the other two at this rate.
  6. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    I know it sounds rather selfish, but now that things seem to be progressing for other people I'm actually starting to move from disappointed to angry. All they have to do to fulfil my order is go to their Wrath of Kings aisle, tip a load of werewolves and fishmen in a box and send it to me, so why am I still waiting? Their self-imposed deadline isn't that far away, but at the moment I'm considering taking it up with Paypal if nothing changes by the weekend.
  7. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I think I'll pass. I'm liking some of the figures, but most are just an interchangeable blur of muscles and piercings.
  8. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    It doesn't happen here often enough to enable me to form an opinion on it. I do know that trying to push a wheelchair through it is not fun and pretty much an exercise in futility.
  9. Dreadmere Begins...

    Thanks! Been pottering away slowly:- Jakob has a shirt (Bonewhite > Sepia Wash > Bonewhite) and a cravat (Steel Grey > 1:1 Steel Grey/Off-white). I've also basecoated and washed his various doodads, they'll get highlighted tonight hopefully. While I had the browns out, I made a start on Andowyns waistcoat and fancy pants, these will also hopefully be highlighted tonight.
  10. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    New York. No particular reason for the why though.
  11. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    *Checks order* Nope, doesn't effect me. Unless their stock levels are wholly inaccurate they still have literally hundreds of minis to fulfil my order with. And now having looked at them again, I've made myself all excited about getting them again
  12. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    I love pastrami, but it's hard to get around these parts. Not had hot pastrami though, it sounds intriguing.
  13. Dreadmere Begins...

    Thanks! I'm just glad I can finally pull off basic eyes on a regular basis. Thanks! I must admit I still feel a bit of a failure because I'm still reliant on Flesh Wash to do all my skin. Concentrating on Jakob, because I have a more complete picture of him in my head:- Got his coat done. It's a base of Dark Green with a brushtipful of Pure Black, then Black Wash, then highlights of 1:1 Dark Green/Medium Olive and pure Medium Olive. The lapels are Pure Black with a highlight of 1:1 Pure Black/Stone Grey, and while I had the Pure Black out I also did his little bit of chainmail, it's just Oily Steel with a Black Wash at the mo' I'll highlight it when I paint his sword.
  14. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    I've decided to give them to the end of the month. I really want my wacky Wrath of Kings minis, and due to the difficulty and expense of obtaining them in this part of the world, this is likely the only opportunity I'll have to get them. But if they can't get their act together in the next three weeks, then they deserve all the Paypal disputes they'll probably have coming their way.
  15. The Dark Age Of Super Heroes

    I never really got into Young Justice, I think it was because it focused on Miss Martian a lot and I just didn't like her. I'd have much preferred Green Lantern:TAS or Beware the Batman to get renewed (even if BtBs Katana costume is the laziest, stupidest one ever).