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  1. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Brown with streaks of grey down the sides. I've never really had a hair style, I just brush and go. Although now it's long-ish it tends to form into a pair of massive corkscrew curls all by itself.
  2. Rawhide Survivors

    In the aftermath of the Great Void War, humanity adopted the moniker 'Survivors' to describe themselves. It sadly proved to be a very apt description as the world had forever changed, and life had become one long struggle to survive. As it is virtually impossible for an ordinary Survivor to travel too far from their settlement, each is reliant on whatever resources are close at hand. While these primitive Survivors could be considered lucky that there is no exotic and dangerous flora or fauna in their vicinity that would require them to innovate better weapons and armour, it is only a matter of time before a wandering Void Entity discovers them. When it does, their basic bone and hide armorments will offer little protection. My band of Rawhide Survivors consists of:- Guy with a Bone Sickle and a Rawhide Whip. Girl with Bone Dagger and Bone Darts. Guy in a Skull Helm with a Bone Axe. And finally, Girl in a Skull Helm with a Bone Blade. I'm not great at batch painting, so I tried to keep these fairly simple to stop me getting fed up of working on them, despite that I think they ended up looking pretty decent. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  3. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    First Miniature - I'm not too sure, it was a long time ago but it might have been a Games Workshop plastic skellington. Best Miniature - Again not too sure. My go to answer used to be my Mr. Toad, but I think I've painted some stuff that beats it now, I just don't know which one is the best. Why - Because it's fun and relaxing, and it's an arty hobby I can do despite my total lack of artistic talent.
  4. Steampunk People Part 1

    Now the competition is over, lets see if I can get back to painting Gretel without my brain freaking out. Did a little bit today:- Got her magic utility belt finished. The belt itself is Cork Brown, the wands are Bonewhite, there's also a couple Warlord Purple potion bottles, a 1:1 Cork Brown/Ochre Yellow broom head and a Scarlett Red spell book (it's supposed to look like one of the journals from Gravity Falls, basically dark red with a gold handprint on it, I think I was being a little over ambitious there). The broom head needs a highlight, but I think the rest is looking okay.
  5. Steampunk People Part 1

    Was going to be good and get some half-painted stuff finished, but I couldn't resist the steam-powered siren song of my Twisted minis. Since I'm going to be working on these for the foreseeable future, I thought I'd WIP them in batches:- In this first batch, you've got two Urkins (Porker and Bookworm) at the front and (from left to right) Sowerberry, Gentlefolk Blacksmith and Gretel at the back. Starting with the Blacksmith, not pictured - his chimney backpack. So far I've basecoated his body in Bronze and given it a Brownshade Wash. Next time, I go crazy with a drybrush.
  6. Heralds of the Winter's Moon WIP

    Yet more progress:- Painted up fur type 1 (AKA Clumpy Fur) with a base of Cold Grey, then a Black Wash and then dots of 1:1 Cold Grey/Wolf Grey. It doesn't look that good magnified in a piccy, but in hand it's surprisingly effective. Also basecoated his waistcoat (Lonestar Leather), Hunters Guild symbols (Brassy Brass) and 1 Moon Charm (Bronze), then gave them a Brown Wash. I want to try and get these highlighted up later so I can varnish what I've done so far.
  7. Once again, my carefully laid out painting plans are blown apart by the arrival of shiny new things! In this case it's my new Guildball obsession, and I'm starting with a few members of the Hunters Guild. This is Skatha, her right hand was a bit miscast and tidying it up cost her the tips of several fingers. This is Snow, she was slightly too big for the base provided, so I had to greenstuff the gap around her posing rock. This is Veteren Hearne. Another one who was too big for his base, so he's had to go on a bit of cork. And finally, this is Ulfr. His left arm did not like being attached and resulted in pretty horrible gap:- That needed filling. I did a fairly decent job, but forgot to take a piccy of my handiwork. Overall, impressed by the sculpting, not so much by the casting or design. Now on to the painting:- Decided to start with Hearne. Based his skin with 1:1 Dwarf Flesh/Bronze Fleshtone and gave it a coat of Flesh Wash. My bottle of Bronze Fleshtone is pretty old and had separated badly, so I stopped using it, and instead applied highlights of pure Dwarf Flesh and 1:1 Dwarf Flesh/Light Flesh. He also got Bonewhite Teeth and a 1:1 Scarlett Red/Parasite Brown moustache. I also appear to have got a spot of moustache colour on his lip
  8. Rawhide Survivors

    Thanks for the comments! Thanks! These don't represent anything I use in game, I just stick with the Starting Survivors, I do tend to have at least 1 person with a Bone Dagger though, I thought they were good I'm not quite sure where I go wrong with my Female Survivors, every time I paint one with a bare face it always ends up rather soft and detail-less. Thanks! I've been putting my own fan fiction spin on the Kingdom Death lore for a while. I guess I prefer a cliqued but bleak fantasy world to a weird nightmarish dreamscape.
  9. Heralds of the Winter's Moon WIP

    Thanks guys! Bit more progress:- Gave his moustache a highlight of 1:1 Red Orange/Cork Brown. Then I painted his vest a coat of Olive Green, the stitching and cord was Cork Brown and the skulls were Bonewhite, this then all got a Brown Wash and then a highlight of their base colours (his hood got an extra highlight of 1:1 Olive Green/Ochre Yellow). Next job will be a paint one of his three types of fur, so much fur!
  10. The Random Kingdom Death Box

    The Rawhide Survivors are finished:- And I finally made some progress on the Witch:- I used the same colour scheme as I used on the peak of her hat, but with just a brushtipful of Rosy Flesh in the final highlight instead of a full drop. The teeth still need a final highlight of Bonewhite, and I'm considering using a different blue on the eyes (it's Steel Grey at the moment) but I don't know if I want to risk the okayish job I've done on them.
  11. So a couple of months ago I based and primed a handful of Kingdom Death minis, to paint when I'm stuck on other things, and put them away. Now it's time to open the box... The front row is 4 Rawhide Survivors, plus 2 special Survivors (Paul and the Sun Maiden). The middle row are the 5 Flower Witch Disciples. And the back row are the Flower Knight (I will finish you one day) and the Kings Hand. I took the Rawhide Survivors and a Witch Disciple out of the box. The male Survivors skin was painted up with Dwarf Flesh > Flesh Wash > Dwarf Flesh > 1:1 Dwarf Flesh/Light Flesh. The female Survivors skin was done with 1:1 Rosy Flesh/Flat Flesh > Flesh Wash > 1:1 Rosy Flesh/Flat Flesh > 1:1:1 Rosy Flesh/Flat Flesh/Light Flesh. Witch Disciple 1 (I don't actually know which Witch is which, so this might not be the real Disciple 1), only got a basecoat of 1:1 Rosy Flesh/Flat Flesh and a Flesh Wash, I want to at least attempt to paint her eyes and it's easiest before I finish her skin, but I'm on my last brush and it ain't too pointy no more. So that's got to wait until I have new brushes. So at the moment I'm just basecoating my Survivors. They've got Steel Blue dress thingys, Lonestar Leather on the hard leather parts and Bonewhite weapons and Skull Helms.
  12. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    1st of March I think it said. Was hoping the update would have a bit to say about wave 3, but I guess it's too early yet
  13. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Woot! I have my refund! Much more interesting though is why I got it. CMON couldn't be bothered to respond to Paypals request for information, so Paypal just went ahead and refunded me themselves. Ignoring my e-mails is one thing, but ignoring Paypal doesn't seem like a sensible business decision.
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Feeling rather proud of myself at the moment. I've been stuck at the halfway point of my exercise programme for months now, because I couldn't manage the final week 6 goal, an uninterrupted 25 minute jog. But lately, I've been doing a re-jigged version of the programme, where I jog once a week instead of three times, to cut down on injuries (I don't think I'm built for jogging), and this morning I finally managed to jog for the full 25 minutes. At last I can see what week 7 is all about.
  15. The Random Kingdom Death Box

    With hair highlighted and stitches painted, they're finished:- And kneeling lady is finally on a base! Just need to finish the basing now. No progress on the Witch, really should have chosen an easier colour for her dress.
  16. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Fairly paperless. All my bills and bank thingys are e-mailed to me these days, but I do still read a newspaper every day.
  17. Watched Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. It was a decent film let down by an ending that ultimately resolved nothing. At least it was a big step up from the previous animated Batman film.
  18. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    No, no and none.
  19. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Tried cataloguing all my unpainted minis this afternoon, so I stop forgetting about all the stuff I've got. I was doing okay listing all my Kingdom Death ones, then I hit a box of random steampunk, unknown cowboys and miscellaneous dwarves, and promptly lost the will to go on. I'm going to have to find another way to motivate me into mining my backlog, rather than forever chase shiny new things.
  20. The Random Kingdom Death Box

    Little bit more progress:- Started on the Witches dress. The outside is basecoated in Blood Red and the inside is Scarlett Red, it then got a Black Wash. I'm putting off highlighting it up at the moment. I remembered piccys! Continued highlighting up the Survivors. Finished the furry parts, highlighted the bone parts (Bonewhite > Pale Sand), the blue parts were shaded with 1:1 Steel Grey/Dark Prussian Blue and highlighted with 1:1 Steel Grey/Wolf Grey. The ones with hair had it basecoated 1:1 Cork Brown/Ochre Yellow then given a Brown Wash, still needs highlighting. Then I just need to paint all the stitches and they're done.
  21. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    I do tend to use cash when I'm in shops and stuff, I don't know why but it just feels right.
  22. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    They look pretty nifty but I've never owned one, or felt the need to own one.
  23. The Random Kingdom Death Box

    More progress:- The Witch got hair (1:1 Cork Brown/Red Orange > Sepia Wash > Red Orange), a dress collar (Light Green > Sepia Wash > Light Green > 1:1 Light Green/Sun Yellow) and some jewellery/scales (1:1 Light Green/Chainmail Silver > Sepia Wash > 1:1 Light Green/Chainmail Silver). Then I painted her mushroom hat. The brim started with Iraqi Sand and a Sepia Wash, then the top and edge was painted with 1:1 Iraqi Sand/Off-white while the underneath was just more Iraqi Sand, then it all got a second Sepia Wash. The pointy bit was Blood Red with a Black Wash, then highlights of Blood Red > 1:1 Blood Red/Old West Rose > 1:1:1 Blood Red/Old West Rose/Rosy Flesh, followed by some Blood Red glazes (mostly over the final highlights). It was at this point I realized it was actually a giant mouth ( there's an eye as well, but it's partially covered by a strap so hard to make out), so I went back in to give it teeth (Bonewhite > Brown Wash > Bonewhite). Then I did the straps (Lonestar Leather > Brown Wash > Lonestar Leather > 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Ochre Yellow) and Brassy Brass medals. I've also been working on the Rawhide Survivors, but apparently forgot to take a picture So far I've highlighted the soft leather bits (Cork Brown > 1:1 Cork Brown/Bonewhite), hard leather bits (Lonestar Leather > 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Ochre Yellow), the red sashes (Blood Red > 1:1 Blood Red/Red Orange) and I've started on the furry bits but painting dozens of little Wolf Grey dots is crushing my spirit.
  24. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    I have to admit, I don't really like dragons.
  25. 03785 - Jakob Knochengard

    Thanks! The water is Vallejo Still Water, but the rest is a pre-made resin base.