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  1. Thanks! Have to kill some time somehow! Lol
  2. These were plastic frogs I convert to save money.
  3. And I would like to say God bless Reaper and dwarvenforge!!!
  4. So I got bored and said hey I am going to build the meeting where Eclavdra met with Giants to approach them about and alliance. I put storm Giants because I thought maybe they said NO. I also thought they would bring bodyguards and queen would bring her pet (womenand their chihuahuas!). Lol. Anyways ... been painting to gather up minis to run the modules for my kids and buddies.
  5. Thanks guys!
  6. The remakes of the happy couple reaper did. Looooove them!!! Can't wait for the bodyguards!
  7. Love the new version so far much more
  8. Printed out the second level. Pumped!
  9. I like the newer sculpt. Much bigger too
  10. Done with all the Frost Giants! Woohoo!
  11. Thanks!!!! It's hard to play without the minis and terrain now!!!
  12. Love them to do cloud giant males. Hill giant females. The different giant race youths
  13. Finally finished the other frost giant and the queen. Very what I call "busy" sculptures to paint. Lots of detail takes more and more time. Just have the Jarl left! Couldn't wait to have fun and set them up. The scale of the new Giants are great!!! The sculpts are just as amazing! Kudos to reaper!!! Hope to see new version of Fire Giants!