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  1. cartmanis

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    I'm sure many mistakes will be made, at least by me, but should be fun.
  2. cartmanis

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    I put that command module on one of the Tomahawks, as I noticed it was on the sprue but not mentioned in any of the assembly until I looked as the crappy paper instructions that came with it, and it replaced the little monitor/flood light looking part on the figs left hand side. Tossed it on the one just for variety :)
  3. Just to prove there is a defense being put up against Jasper's Zentraedi invasion force.... :) I've been focusing on the UEDF figs, and have assembled the figs for a basic Veritech squad (3 VF-1A's, 1 VF-1J), as well as some detroids. https://goo.gl/photos/jBDXmhjWPXDUyiL26 https://goo.gl/photos/TRe4LmLK4P5DSUom6 https://goo.gl/photos/spiysH351PynPypm8 Please ignore the anime girls from Soda Pop in the background.... woops. I wonder if they are the right size to represent some Zentraedi out of uniform :) Only put paint on the fighter and battaloid for one figs so far, and still needs a bunch of cleaning up/detail on both, but I'll get there.
  4. cartmanis

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Nice. I put the 4 Tomahawks together, and 2 defenders. The destroids seemed a bit easier to assemble than the veritechs, though I found the legs/feet a bit fussy.
  5. cartmanis

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Mmm, fodder for my Veritech's.... I see what you mean though, the colouring scheme pics for the VF-1A doesn't match the fig perfectly, some of it will be my interpretation of what should be white or brown (for the base Brownies's), etc... Might have to try the marker thing for lining, I do like the look, and I'd like to keep the figs looking anime-ish.
  6. cartmanis

    Terry Pratchett has passed away.

    sad news.
  7. cartmanis

    Happy birthday, cartmanis!

    :) Didn't see this until I noticed a post in Jasper's :) Thanks!
  8. cartmanis

    [Group / Open] Impact Miniatures

    Mine came yesterday, but all my stuff is packed away during our renovations we have going on, so will be interesting to watch this until can setup my stuff again and tempt my daughter into painting with the ponies :)
  9. cartmanis

    Jasper's WIPs, 2014 Edition

    Nice. Just need some electricity arcing between the plugs :)
  10. cartmanis

    Hanger 18 - Bawidamann Pinup Kickstarter

    dangit, there's another 100 bucks gone - love these.
  11. cartmanis

    Jasper's WIPs, 2014 Edition

    No spoilers! I'm still 5 books behind.... Without spoiling anything, it ALL links together, Jasper. I was dying to get the newest Dresden book when it comes out. Since I have to wait, I'm now reading "His Majesty's Dragon" really digging it. The Ninja is incredible. Really like the obi belt in back ! and the red ! If you like Dresden, you might like the Iron Druid series as well. Not to de-rail the topic :)
  12. cartmanis

    Jasper's WIPs, 2014 Edition

    How about we declare Jaspar the 2nd an "Old Salt".. (That way he can get as "Salty" as he likes, and doesn't threaten our "Gruff Veteran" status. :) Havng worked 1200 - 0400 shifts, and 1200 -0900 shifts as a system engineer, that type of stuff entitles you be Gruff, dang mean too! Jay Nope, he's a day younger than me, so he definately can't be an "Old Salt". I'm still a young buck - when the sciatica isn't acting up.
  13. cartmanis

    Cartmanis's 2014 labours....

    And because I figured I better slap paint on the druid fig as well to go along with Angry Bear.... Bit rushed, but it'll do as long as I don't look at it too close in the pics :)
  14. So, I haven't been painting too much lately, but what I have done has been for my Super Dungeon Explore mini's. Assembly of all the figs done, and the Ironscale kobolds have a very basic paint job done on them. This weekend I worked on "Angry Bear", which looks more like a wolf to me, but hey :) This was just enough done to put on the table tomorrow night with more than just the plain plastic lol - so don't expect much - but since I did take a couple of pictures I thought I'd post them. I love these figs lol.
  15. cartmanis

    Jasper's WIPs, 2014 Edition

    Nice. The veins would look good brought out, maybe with blue - won't pop out as much, but matches what you'd see in humans at least :)