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  1. I like the face and the shield.
  2. That was the first thing that popped into my head as well. Great conversions! General Grievous. Enjoyed looking at your conversions, nice work!
  3. I especially like the dwarf in the front drinking from the tankard.
  4. I agree, the Stone Haven minis look good, I like how you did the eyes too, they turned out great. I also like the colors on the witch, blue and orange are a nice combo.
  5. That patch on his shoulder is really nice, along with everything else!
  6. I'm not sure, like I said I'm really bad at taking pics. Maybe somebody with better photo-fu can say.
  7. Picture is kinda making it hard to see, I think it needs more light (like I'm one to talk about photos, mine are horrible). His head looks cool though and I think the moss looks fine.
  8. Man, I've got some serious beard envy happening right now. Is that 2012 date correct and that beard is only 7 months old? Mine is over a year and only about half as awesome.
  9. The last two are my favorites, I really like that shield on the second to last and the highlighting on the last guy.
  10. That is a good color for the robe. Wish I had called it quits tonight before I ruined a cloak lol.
  11. Yeah I have this guy, he is really big, like 54mm.
  12. He is really starting to come alive, looking good. I feel your pain on the red, I'm doing a cloak right now and next paint session I'm taking it back to square one. I think red is just "one of those colors" that's hard to do. I used a really dark purple applied very thin in multiple layers for some shading one time on red and thought it looked ok.
  13. Here are my next two minis, Wood Elf Archer in Chainmail w/ Plates and Wood Elf Noble Lady in Traveling Clothes from Thunderbolt Mountain. They're 30mm but they are very small so this is probably gonna take a while. Here they are primed (I see I missed a spot): I'm anxious to see if I can paint their teeny tiny details, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
  14. This one may be good for that too, some deeper wrinkles in the fabric.image.jpg Ooh, that's the "elf commoner," isn't it? Yup
  15. You know what I think of when I imagine interplanetary expeditionary forces? Thats right, pith helmets, awesome moustaches, and mechanized unicycles. Seriously though, these guys are cool, great work.
  16. This one may be good for that too, some deeper wrinkles in the fabric.
  17. I just ordered a few wood elves from Thunderbolt Mountain and was throwing around the idea of adding some arrows to the figures with the drawn bow pose. I thought about a needle and some green stuff but the needle may be too thick, and before I order the green stuff and associated accoutrements I thought I'd ask here. Does anybody have any methods for making arrows?
  18. This guy is cool. What race are you playing? Nevermind! I re-read and see its a Gribbli.
  19. The mask and skin look really good (especially the skin).
  20. Is that Santa Claus all trussed up and being prepared for the pot?
  21. At least this goblin has THREE arrows.
  22. Enter "elf" in the search bar. There seem to be a few models that don't show up normally. You can probably email thunderbolt mountain too if you only want the foot version (she comes mounted too). The wood elf champion is another really cool mini you may want to check out that doesn't show up unless you search. This is probably easier: http://www.thunderboltmountain.com/products/8044-wood-elf-noble-lady-in-traveling-clothes PS, when you paint her, don't forget the weird little piece under her right armpit like I did!
  23. Is this why my minis look a little faded/duller after they're sealed with matte spray?
  24. I had a mini frost up on me, here is the thread about it. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47617-i-failed-my-saving-throw-vs-cone-of-cold/ I think I sprayed it on too thick, make sure to do light coats.
  25. Love the big guy, and can't wait to see him painted up.