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  1. Want to sleep. Not mentally tired. Can't sleep. Also, I'm really getting sick of the forums repeatedly bringing up a "saved" draft post for something that I decided not to post two weeks ago and which I've hit the clear editor button on every single time I've posted in Randomness since. I don't want to post it! Quit saving it!
  2. I just had to remind myself that stupid people on Facebook who are arguing about things which they have no experience with or knowledge of are people I don't need to try and reason with. I was very tempted to post a small diatribe about how a 6lb sword and a 3lb hammer will have very different energy requirements for swinging not because of their weight but because of their balance. But then I realized that this is someone who has probably never seen any sword that wasn't some wall hanger piece of crap that should never be called a sword in the first place. See, there's a lot of science behind why swords were made the way they were. They probably didn't think of it as science at the time, calling it craftsmanship instead, but the best craftsmen are the ones who, knowingly or not, understand the science behind what they're doing. And part of that science is understanding how the balance of an object's weight affects it's movement. There's a big difference in the balance of a hammer and a sword, and that balance makes for very different handling characteristics...
  3. Truth. Although Matt LeBlanc can actually have a good time in a car. He would be much better suited to Top Gear America, though, as I think the One True Top Gear needs to have only British presenters. But otherwise, he at least doesn't throw up when a car goes fast... In an interesting turn of events, I got to shake hands with Steve Felton, aka Skinny, of Mushroomhead tonight at work. I should have asked for a picture with him, but the only reason I met him was because I was walking past the venue they just played at as they were packing out and he happened to still be in the office while I was talking to the venue owner and a manager. I was asking the manager who they had playing, and when she told me I was lamenting the fact that I didn't know or else I'd have taken the night off to come to the show. And then the owner came out of the office, and the manager told him what I said, and he said that if I'd been there he'd have got me to meet the band and stuff, but they were all packing out already. Then a minute or two later, Skinny came out of the office and the manager stopped him and was like "hey, this guy couldn't make the show can he get an autograph?" Except I didn't have anything for him to sign, so we just shook hands and I said it was nice to meet him. I'm not familiar enough with Mushroomhead to point out individual members or songs(had to look up who it was I actually met), but I am a fan of just about all things metal so when a bigger band like them comes to town I'd really like to see them. The better their shows do, the more likely more bands will come to town. If I'd paid more attention to the venue's schedule posters that I walk past literally 3 or 4 times a night at work, I'd have known they were coming, but I looked at one poster, thought the others were the same when they're actually different, and had it bite me in the broccoli a bit. But I did learn that Pop Evil is coming to town on Wednesday. Again, not someone I'm fully familiar with outside of knowing the name and knowing that I've heard at least a few of their songs in the past, but it's still cool. Sadly, it's too short of notice for me to get the night off work. However, knowing that they're coming means that I can talk to the owner and ask him to get me autographs in advance! Now to convince the venue to try and get Red Fang or The Sword to come in. Or Mastodon. Or Rob Zombie. Or Baroness. Or Powerman 5000. Or Animals As Leaders. Or Pelican. Or Meshuggah. Or... or... Rob Zombie probably won't come there though. It's a smaller venue, and while I can pretty much guarantee it would be packed if he came it probably wouldn't be cost effective. But I wouldn't be surprised if they could get some of the others to come in at some point. Maybe not Mastodon, but the only time I've seen them live was at an indoor venue that only fit about 1500, so I know they do smaller shows too. Don't know how many that the local venue can hold though...
  4. I got to sweep up about 5 lbs of glass last night. Someone smashed the passenger window out of a jeep wrangler that was parked in one of our lots. So I called the cops, they came and looked things over, then they went to the hotel that the car owner is staying at(there was a hotel parking permit in the car) to tell them. And then I got to sweep up all that shattered safety glass. After what they tried doing with Top Gear in the first season after they fired Clarkson and Hammond and May quit, I'm inclined to agree. That season was terrible, and not for lack of Joey trying to make it tolerable. Chris Evans was just insufferable...
  5. That's because it's a great movie! And this is a damn good rat burger! Watching a documentary on Netflix called Ice Guardians about hockey enforcers. It's very good. The first hour is largely about the history of enforcers and their role in the game, then it goes more "serious." They've spent about half an hour or more talking about concussions in sports, and how enforcers and fighting get blamed for most of them in hockey when, statistically, they're a minimum compared to the other body hits that are part of the game itself. Which doesn't surprise me, considering that football has a huge concussion problem, and that's all caused by body hits, not punches to the head. And even junior league hockey tends to move faster than even professional football. NHL level players can hit 30+mph on the ice, and then slam into another player, who's also going near that speed in the opposite direction. But everyone wants to blame punches...
  6. I just got my hair did. By a professional, no less. This guy has been doing hair since he was born! The use of teeth was a bit concerning, though...
  7. You overestimate my skill with putty. I'm lucky I can even get a basing stamp to function properly.
  8. Lucky. I can try to shut them off, but they always, always, come back. I usually have to spend a bunch of time listening to other stuff to get rid of them. So right now I'm listening to Nerd Poker and hoping that listening to Brian Posehn playing D&D gets rid of whatever garbage this song is...
  9. I turned off the AC today, because this week it hasn't gone above 75F and it's frequently been down in the low 40s at night. So, you know, I turned off the AC and turned the heat on low-ish - 68F - so that it really only kicks on at night. But I looked at the forecast for next week, and they're saying were going to be back up to 80F this weekend. I really, really wish the weather would make up its mind.
  10. Seems someone shipped you an extra cat there too. I put in my first mini order since August just now. 07251: ReaperCon 2017 Swag Bag $49.99 x1 14501: Scuttlebones, Undead Crab $16.99 x1 02639: Manticore $16.49 x1 Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 2x Lysette Happy Halloween! Your order has received a Ghoulie Bag! I wish the giant crab wasn't undead, because I don't really need an undead one, but it will work in a pinch. And there's no way I was gonna miss the swag bag.
  11. Is it weird that during Reapercon this thread evolved from one where glitter is thrown about and anthropomorphic wolves chase flying bacon to one where people are discussing chemistry as it relates to geology? One of the downsides of my job is that I'm exposed on a regular basis to the terrible pop music that gets played in the clubs downtown. I woke up just now with one of those terrible songs stuck in my head. I'm half tempted to attempt some trepanning to relieve myself of it.
  12. That whole "absorbing atmospheric water" thing is also a large part of the reason why ethanol-mix gasoline doesn't keep as well as the old fashioned non-mix. But it doesn't really make sense to me why they would package the 99.5% lab grade ethanol in a 5 gallon container if as soon as you open it you've set a short timer on when it's no longer viable. Are you really that likely to go through 5 gallons that rapidly? I mean, if the 95% that it equalizes at isn't viable, that's some really strict boundaries. And yea, I know, chemistry requires that sort of stuff. And if it's not for drinking, who the heck is stealing the alcohol and what is it being used for? My mind immediately goes to meth, because that's the people who stereotypically are more likely to do that sort of thing, but I'm not well versed in its creation outside of the method they did in Breaking Bad and the basics of the Shake and Bake from work emails warning about dealing with it. ETA: I am lying in bed, and I had to scratch. My cat saw the blanket moving and heard a noise, so she pounced. All of her weight landed on two paws directly on some very sensitive pieces of anatomy. I am in pain.
  13. Cats don't have trust. They have plans. Plans that involve them eating your face after they've killed you in your sleep. She's just lulling you into a false sense of security right now.
  14. I didn't say down to something... Now move, your hairline is in my eyeline! I wanna see if that hairbrush can really fly! Christopher Reeve could, so I believe that hairbrush just might be able to do it too!
  15. Holy crap, it's way too quiet here. Someone is up to something! Patton Oswalt has a new comedy special on Netflix called Annihilation. I just watched it. It is very good. In a singular showing of what is probably some of the best black humor ever, he even makes a joke about his own wife's death. A very poignant that left me laughing and sad at the same time. I recommend you watch it, if you get the chance. It's chaos. Be kind.