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  1. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    They flew into our campfires and died in a glorious fireball. And on the 12th day of the heatwave, the house was rent asunder with a mighty gale of arctic wind that rumbled like an avalanche! The windows were hastily sealed, never to be opened again, lest the gods become angered and seek vengeance upon the non-believers. I HAS AC AGAIN! I called the guy who installed the system almost 15 years ago, and explained in the voicemail I left him that I wasn't getting 24v to the contactor. He called me back, asked me how I knew that, and I told him I checked it with my multimeter. I also told him that I had already replaced the capacitor because when I manually pushed the contactor it sounded like it was trying to start and couldn't get enough juice, and that the new capacitor fixed that problem. He told me he was booked up for today, but he asked me if I was home and able to go out to the unit. I am, and I did, and so he walked me through resetting the high pressure switch. And that fixed it! Kind of. The REAL fix was cleaning off the condenser unit radiators so that the refrigerant doesn't boil up and trigger that high pressure switch again. He said the only reason he was doing the walkthrough was because I sounded like I had a grasp of the situation and had at least some idea of what I was doing rather than going in blind. Also, he knows my dad from when they worked together at the post office. And to top it all off, he isn't charging me despite the fact that I told him he was more than welcome to bill it to me as a service call out and that I would pay it. I'm still going to cut him a check for like $50. It's the least I can do, because this kind of thing is the man's bread and butter. Just because he's booked up and decided to walk me through the process doesn't mean that he shouldn't still get paid at least a little bit. If he hadn't done that, I'd still be sweating my butt off and I'd have to either wait for him to get an opening or call someone else. All told, I'm going to be out about $150 total after I cut him that check. I understand that's not much more than an average "spring checkup" price where they all they do is come out, check on the parts that I just replaced, and clean up the radiator. I can live with that.
  2. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Stupid thunderstorm. You're not even a real storm yet. You're just wind and lightning, but you still knocked out my power and made me restart my game of Witcher 3. Where's the rain? I'm burning up inside my own house! Bring on the cooling rain! I want my house to drop below 85F tonight, and that rain needs to start pouring down hard for that to happen. So let's get raining, dangit!
  3. Hey, look what showed up in the mail! I ordered these like 3 weeks ago, back when I had a working AC and was motivated to clean up my airbrushing station. But then my AC went out and all drive to do anything left me as I was stuck in a house that won't drop below 85F. Full color list - Ghost Tint: Oil Discharge, Ghost Tint: Plasma Fluid, Ghost Tint: Midnight Blue, Ghost Tint: Fresh Blood, Nebula Red, Scorching Red, Badger Fur, Gun Alloy, Chrome Silver, Sky Blue, and Troll Hide.
  4. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I bought pancake mix and blueberries yesterday. Bet you can't guess what I'm going to make with them. I'll give you an extra hint - it involves syrup.
  5. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It's 90F outside. It's 88F inside. I'm sweating my life away. My aunt's boyfriend is an HVAC tech, and he told me he'd stop by today to take a look at my AC for me, since I'd already replaced the parts that usually go bad and still don't have AC. But he seems to have forgotten or otherwise got busy. I can't complain too much. He had offered to look at it for free, or at most a 12 pack of beer, so it's way cheaper than paying someone to come look. And as I'm typing this, he sends me a message that he's caught up in work. The perils of being the maintenance guy for a bunch of landlords in a college town right when a whole bunch of leases are expiring. So I guess I'm going to try and call the guy that installed the system instead. Hopefully it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  6. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It's possible to lock out controls on a DVD. A lot of companies used to do it. Otherwise, you'd be able to skip all their previews! You go to hit the root menu button, or the title button because they all program their menus to respond to different ones, and it pops up a message along the lines of "this function is currently unavailable." So you try fast forward and it does the same thing. Or it doesn't display a message and it just doesn't work. It depends on who made your DVD player. I imagine that blurays are the same way. If you've never encountered the dreaded unskippable previews, then consider yourself lucky. Why they thought it was a good idea to implement a control lockout as part of the DVD standard I don't know, but they did it and some companies went seriously overboard with it.
  7. Unruly

    Life comes at you fast.

    So I see we share a retirement plan. Tell you what, if I hit the full $320mil US jackpot, I'll send half a million your way. And that's real money, not those "crazies" or whatever you call your ScotiaBucks. So that'd be like 6 lifetimes worth of pay, right? All I ask in return is that you open one of those skunk tobacco farms in October when it's legalized. I know some guys down here that love the stuff and would have some legitimate business to send your way, making you rich beyond your dreams. Call it one of those, what's the word? Where someone gives you something just because they're nice, but they also want a tiny favor in return? Angel investments? Nah, that don't sound right, I think it was devil-something... Devil's investment? Satan's codpiece? Beelzebub's barges? Devil's bargains? That's it! Devil's bargains!
  8. Unruly

    Life comes at you fast.

    Well, it looks like quite a few of your Partha and Pro Paints survived, at least in spirit. Hopefully since the fire didn't melt the pots it didn't get hot enough to really bake the paints. Hopefully your minis largely fared well, too.
  9. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    That's why I vowed never to buy another FX series on Amazon digital until it's been out for over a year. I bought Season 4 of Archer while it was airing, so I was getting episodes on a delay of I think a day. But then when I went to actually watch the videos they were prefaced by 5 minutes of ads for other FX shows. Then they were ended with 5 minutes of ads for other FX shows. If you skipped ahead to the next episode immediately instead of watching them, then the next time you watched that episode you'd be starting at the last 5 minutes, all of which were commercials, unless you remembered to hit "watch from the beginning." So I paid them for the show, only for them to throw ads at me regardless. And they didn't remove those ads until Season 5 came out. Amazon reviews for Season 4 were full of people like myself complaining about the ads, and then Season 5 was the same way. The reviews were full of 1 and 2 star verified purchase reviews that blasted them for the ads.
  10. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Not quite. One of my uncles was given the rifle by my grandma when my pap died, but I didn't know that until today. I just knew that pap didn't have a will, and the rifle was still at my grandma's house. When my grandma died I was asked if I wanted anything from the house, since the majority of the stuff in there isn't going to anyone in particular. So I said I'd love to have pap's old rifle if it wasn't going to anyone else. And my uncle said I could have it, since he had no use for it and neither of his sons would ever take care of it. So now I've got it.
  11. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I may or may not be mildly drunk. This state may or my not be preventing me from cleaning a rifle that I just inherited which hasn't been cleaned in decades. I also may have spent 2 hours at the local comic shop after my grandmother's funeral just to get away from my family until most of the outward-facing sad was gone. Then I may have spent the next 3 hours drinking with my family after we regained an appearance of normality. I'm now tired, but need to stay awake for at least another 3 hours or else I'll be useless at work tomorrow evening.
  12. Unruly

    Life comes at you fast.

    All you need is a hard hat. Those fix everything and make you invincible. Just ask Bob the Builder. But I'd you don't have a hard hat and can't salvage more, I've got some Partha paints that I've been neglecting and which could probably use a good home...
  13. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Capacitor replaced. Contactor replaced. Still no AC. Still no 24v to the contactor. Old contactor actually tests as fine, so replacing it was a "just in case" thing anyway. Hooked a shop vac up to the condensate line to see if maybe there was an algae plug in there setting off the drain overflow safety and suck the thing out. Don't know if there was or not, but still no 24v. I'm going to go buy a pipe wrench later and take off a different part of the condensate line, closer to where it starts, and try again. If that doesn't work, then the only thing I can think of is either wiring that's gone bad or a pressure switch safety that's triggering. And in both cases those are service calls for me. I'll have gone as far as I'm willing to go at that point, and unless it's the wiring it's not something I could do anyway. Pressure switches are triggered by the refrigerant levels, and I'm not about to mess with those.
  14. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    So, the new AC parts came in. A little working on the mounting bracket let me get the new capacitor sitting pretty, and it kicked the AC on when I manually activated the old contactor. The old capacitor didn't, so that tells me I was correct about the capacitor being shot. However, when I tried to see if it would work without changing the contactor, it wouldn't. But the new contactor isn't what I was expecting, and so I'm hesitant to put it in. I'll probably try it on Wednesday, just to see if it works, but I also ordered a different one that's closer to the current one than the one I bought is. This despite the fact that I ordered the first one because I thought it was actually the closer one...
  15. Acquired today: New AC capacitor, new AC contactor, a spare set of eyeglasses, and a Real Grade Tallgeese model kit from Gundam Wing.