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  1. Well, technically I had been awake for about half an hour. And you're just jealous that I thought of hergablerga before you did! Oh yea. Tuesday-Wednesday is the weekend for my current job's afternoon shift. I was stuck on that shift for a while. It was the worst shift I've ever had, because not only can you not do anything after work because everything that isn't a bar is closed, but you couldn't do anything on your weekends because no one else wants to hang out on those days since they still have to work. That's MISTER Mxyzptlk! And it's pronounced mix-yez-pit-lick.
  2. Hergablerga. I just woke up. My phone apparently crashed while I was asleep, because it's 2am, and I didn't plan to sleep until 2am, and when I tried to check my phone I had to take it out of its case and disassemble it to shut it off by removing the battery. Nothing ese was working. It's a good thing this is an old phone where removing the battery is still possible, because otherwise I'd be screwed.
  3. Apparently someone likes you.
  4. That's only true for Jaguars.
  5. Call it aftermath, you're turning blue. Such a lovely color for you... *woad is a flower that is used to make indigo dye.
  6. I just spent half an hour playing with my new X-Wing minis like I used to play with their old MicroMachines counterparts back when I was a kid. So basically it was me laying in my bed with a ship in each hand, waving them through the air going "Vroom! Pew pew pew! R2, get the shield generator back online! I can't shake him! <explosion noise>" Why no, I most certainly am not a 28 year old man. I just look that way on paper.
  7. So I may have bought a bunch of X-Wing stuff. And by "may have" I mean "totally did." The TIE Bomber and X-Wing I ordered earlier in the week showed up today, and I stopped in a retail shop and picked up the Most Wanted box so that I could actually start playing as the Scum and Villainy faction too. And that box contains two Z-95s and a Y-Wing, as well as the cards needed to convert my second Y-Wing and my Slave I to Scum and Villainy. So now I can noodle around a bit with all 3 factions.
  8. You're missing out. I've only had rabbit a few times, but I remember it always being good. Every time I've had it, it was either as a stew or as a roast in gravy, but yea, it's a dry meat. Even a bunch of gravy can't fix the fact that the meat itself has almost no fat to give it that juciness we all love. The Art of Manliness has a podcast, and while I don't listen to it frequently I pick and choose episodes that I think are going to be interesting based on their title and description. Episode 171 is titled "The Dying Experience - Myths and Answers" and it's a really good episode. They have a hospice nurse on the show, explaining the whole ordeal. She talks about all the ups and downs that a dying person will go through, the things like sudden bursts of energy, talking to people that aren't there, etc. And I really enjoyed it. I would have to recommend it to just about everyone because I felt it was truly educational and would be helpful for tempering anyone against the future death of a loved one.
  9. If you like her now, you're gonna love her by the end. She's now one of my favorite characters in the MCU. Excellent album. I only wish that I could go see Iron Maiden live this summer when they come to Philly, but there's the combination of driving 6 hours each way for a concert and needing to spend that money on other stuff, like a week long SCA event that is amazeballs, that keeps me from buying tickets. Also, it's at the Wells Fargo Center, which means I'd have to step into Flyers home base when the Pens aren't there to show them how hockey is meant to be played...
  10. I rate it equal to Luke Cage, though I seem to have a higher opinion of that show than you might. I thought Iron Fist was consistently good, while I thought that Luke Cage started out great and then cratered into mediocre for the last 4-5 episodes. Daredevil and Jessica Jones still are the #1 and #2 spots, respectively, though Season 2 of Daredevil seemed to be trying to do too much in fitting both Punisher and Elektra into 13 episodes. It wasn't as focused as the first season was, and I feel it suffered for it.
  11. As much as I'd like him to, I doubt I'll be allowed to have him develop the ability to literally shape the world around him and bring images from his imagination to life as living, breathing things capable of their own natural reproduction. I mean, we're talking about being able to create things as powerful as demigods. If that ever happens, my bard will no longer be my bard but an NPC. Otherwise I could simply imagine things into and out of existence at will. And since we're based in Sigil, I don't think the Lady of Pain would like that a power has taken up residence inside her city.
  12. It was, but it wasn't. Oracle gave up on it and handed it to the Apache Software Foundation, where it's been ever since. However, when that happneed it was switched from the GPL to the Apache License, and in the process of Oracle abandoning it a lot of the people who had been working on it forked to LibreOffice. So while OpenOffice still exists, it's not nearly as actively developed as it used to be, while LibreOffice picked up where the old Oracle OpenOffice left off and has become much more feature complete than Apache OpenOffice. But if you're used to OpenOffice you'll find the transition to LibreOffice to be almost seamless, since they're both based on the same core software. Give LibreOffice a look beforehand. You may be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to switch.
  13. I just realized that my bard is almost a dead ringer for Ixidor from the Onslaught cycle of Magic the Gathering. He's even got the same penchant for illusions. All he's lacking is the ascent to godlike power.
  14. Oh, no, I don't start until the 3rd. I leave my current job on the morning of the 30th, get a 4 day weekend, then start anew. Sort of. I'll still be in the same building, with technically the same employer, carrying over all my longevity and accrued leave, just in a different department. I won't be getting sprayed for probably another 3+ months unless they decide to have a special class just for me. Which, given that it's conducted by my current employer, isn't out of the question and has been mentioned more than once already. But more than likely I'll just be waiting for the next batch of new officers to get back from the academy. Just like how I'm now waiting for Fantasy Flight to restock their Imperial Aces and Most Wanted, and TIE Interceptor expansions for X-Wing so I don't have to play super-inflated prices...
  15. Honestly, it would probably be a donation to the WVU Children's Hospital through the Child's Play Charity. I don't know if they still do it, since I haven't honestly checked in years, but it used to be that hospitals would provide Child's Play with a wishlist of the games and toys they'd like to have and you could buy them directly, on behalf of the charity, through Amazon. So if I could still do that I'd probably do it that way. There are charities that do more and so would be more deserving, but gaming in all its forms has been a huge part of my life and has probably kept me from doing terrible things to myself or others more than a few times, so sharing games with sick kids just makes sense to me.