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  1. I think my cat just gave himself a concussion. We were playing chase while I was reheating some pizza, and when the timer went off I quit the game. Well, when I came walking back through the living room he tried to continue the game, and took off into my bedroom before he decided to double back, where he ran smack into my shin head-first. And he hit with enough force that it caused me actual pain and sent him sprawling before he could regain his footing. I was both amused and injured, while he just took off down the stairs.
  2. Just having an interest in fantasy and sci-if can have that effect, as well as making you get really involved in your own fiction. My freshman year of high school my English teacher had us all write a short story. Everyone else turned in a story that was 3 or 4 pages long. I turned in one that was 15. In D&D related news, I'm planning on dragging my friends through White Plume Mountain once my turn to DM comes up again. We're doing a rotation where we all take turns DMing something relatively short, that can be run in 3-6 sessions, and then we just level up when the new guy takes over. Right now we're level 6, but when my turn comes up again we'll be level 8 so it will be perfect. Just a dungeon crawl with the only driving impetus being phat loot. It may take longer than 6 sessions, since our sessions are only about 3 hours long, but I think that if it needs to go longer no one will care. We started the rotation solely because our group is only 4 people total, and so we were trying for bite-sized adventures. Then, when my turn comes up again, I'm thinking of trying to convert The Bonegarden by Necromancer Games/Frog God Games and throwing them into that hell. But man, it's a level 11+ 3.5e adventure. It's going to be a pain in the rear to convert...
  3. That's Puddles' Pity Party. The guy is great. Although apparently quoting a spoiler on mobile is all kinds of messed up, because now it keeps jumping me up and down the page as I'm trying to type. Anywho, got a call from my mom while I was at work today. My grandma went to the hospital a couple days ago because she was having issues relating to the fact that she's in the state of congestive heart failure. I hadn't been out to see her yet, and the reason my mom called me was to tell me that they just had to put in a heart catheter, that she had had a minor heart attack, that she was at extreme risk of a stroke, and that she kept telling people she wouldn't be coming home this time. My coworker was due to show up for his shift in about 20 minutes, so I called him and told him that when he got in I was going to ditch him for a bit and go visit her. I got out there, and she seemed in good spirits, though she can swing back and forth all the time since she's been wheelchair-bound after she had a stroke back in 2010 and it's caused her some severe depression. I need to start saving for a dark suit now. It's very possible that she may not come home, and even if she does I have a strong feeling that she doesn't have more than a year or two left. And I'm okay with that. Because I'm almost positive she's okay with it too.
  4. So I just started to wonder, and this could be a bad thing for my group. How much easier of a conversion to 5e would say, Slumbering Tsar or Rappan Athuk be if one were to start with the Swords and Wizardry versions rather than the Pathfinder ones? I know Swords and Wizardry is a 0e clone, and, while I don't have any experience with anything pre-3e, I've heard that 5e is closer to the old days in feel. I looked at trying to convert Pathfinder stuff over, and my head started to hurt because of how certain things changed.
  5. Work-related ranting in spoiler. In only semi-work news, I can see this job being really healthy for me in the long run. I don't know if it's just because I'm active rather that sitting all the time, or if it's because I just don't have the downtime for idle snacking anymore, but I feel like I'm eating less. Maybe it's a matter of perception, but it feels like most days I can get by with less food. And, while I can almost guarantee the vast majority of it has been water weight that I've swe at out in the summer heat, I've gained 2 belt holes in 3 weeks. I'm certainly walking a whole lot more than I was before. My aching feet can attest to that. I'm also sleeping better than I have in a long time, though it's still not as perfectly restful as I'd like it to be.
  6. The girl running the register was nice. She even laughed about it because she knew exactly who it was. But then it took a couple minutes to get the food still and it was being prepped out of sight, so, you know, they could have still spit in it. The guy himself is the delivery manager, and he said he'd have them paid by Thursday, so I told him he'd have a week before his car got some new bling. And then he sped off. But we know where he parks, and where he works, and what his job is there, so it's almost guaranteed that we'll see him again soon enough. I try not to be a jerk at my job. I give people a pass if they come up while I'm writing a ticket and their meter is only expired by like 15-20 minutes a lot of the time, and I try not to yell at people if they're in their car and parked somewhere they shouldn't be. Unless they're an uber driver, because those people are almost all jerks even if you're being nice to them, and they don't learn even after being told multiple times. I even try to cut delivery drivers a break a lot of the time despite them never paying their meters, because if I'm checking meters outside their shop and know it's a driver I'll poke inside and give them a chance to pay before I write a ticket.
  7. So I just ran into a somewhat awkward situation. I placed an order for food at a place, and on my way to go pick it up I stopped at one of the parking lots I'm supposed to check on. This parking lot happens to be right behind the place that I ordered food from. I found a car with enough unpaid tickets that it qualified for a bright orange wheel accessory, and began the process of putting on its new bling. Then the guy who owns the car comes out of the restaurant that I ordered food from, says it's his car, and asks for leniency until Thursday, when he'll have the money to pay off the tickets. Turns out he's one of the managers there. Being that I just ordered food from the place, and would be walking inside in mere minutes to get said food, I decided to cut him a break in hopes of having a spit-free meal. It took a few minutes for them to bring my food to me after I went in to get it, so I probably just ate a spit burger anyways. It was delicious though...
  8. Right? I've never had to do that before. I've never had a fish that didn't flush before. So, I guess the lesson to take away from it is that a plecko that's about a foot long is too big to flush because it has a bone and muscle structure that doesn't let it bend.
  9. I went fishing with a wire hanger that I bent into a hook. So I went fishing, in a toilet, for a dead Amazonian river fish.
  10. So I'm now in a dilemma. I have a dead fish that I tried to flush, as you normally would, but apparently it's too big to flush. Because now I've got a big, dead, plecko in my toilet that after 5 flush attempts is still there. If it was still in the bowl portion, I'd just scoop it with the net again and then put it in the trash, which I need to empty anyways. But it's almost entirely down in the bottom portion. I can honestly say that I've never been in this situation before... Edit: And problem solved.
  11. So, the game tonight had the DM throw 3 trolls and a hag at us, in a deep swamp, where moving more than 15ft in a round provoked a Dexterity save to avoid being tripped by undergrowth. We're 3 level 6 PCs - a wizard, a barbarian, and a fighter/barbarian - going up against these things in a situation where they were in favorable terrain. We should have been destroyed, but thanks to my wizardly ways we mashed through pretty well. We got lucky with some bad rolls on the DM's part, that kept me from getting knocked out of the fight fairly early, and a well placed fireball. The fireball was fun, because as I cast it the hag counterspelled it, followed by me counterspelling her counterspell. It made up for the fact that in the previous round I had attempted to jump from a wall into a tree, only to faceplant into the tree trunk George of the Jungle style. But it was the fire damage we needed to bring down 2 of the trolls, and it made the hag try to come after me instead of going after the two melee guys. Hag managed to planeshift out before we could finish her off, making vague threats as she did. But we came away with a small fortune from the hag's lair, and we rescued some guy's girlfriend in the process. We call the guy "Toasty" now, because he was at the epicenter of the fireball, paralyzed by the hag who had been wearing the illusion of his grilfriend, and the shot dropped him from full health to 1hp. So we made jokes about how he looked like he'd been hit with a flamethrower, and he was all singed and burnt like a marshmallow that had been cooked too long. And that made me think of Scorpion's fatality from Mortal Kombat, and how that guy's picture would pop out of the corner and yell "Toasty!"
  12. I had the same thing a few months back, except my lump was in the right spot for the thyroid and I've already got thyroid problems. So I went through the hassle of an ultrasound and a high contrast CT scan, only for both tests to show absolutely nothing and to be told "just ignore it." So it's a random lump thatbisnt a lymph node, isn't a goiter, and doesnt even exist according to the scans. It's been almost 6 months now and it's still there, being "nothing." At least now I've had it so long that I don't even notice it anymore unless I think about it. Hopefully you get a more solid answer than I did. That guy looks delicious! I seriously want to do a crawfish boil sometime, but even though there are crawfish around here there aren't enough to really go fishing for them. And I can't even buy raw, frozen ones. I can buy cooked, frozen, shelled crawfish, but not raw, in-shell.
  13. You might be the only person I've ever heard call the N64 controller comfortable.
  14. Got home late from work last night because of all the hullabaloo that happened, and then I couldn't sleep because of how much my feet hurt and the indigestion I got from a chili dog. Finally got to sleep around 8am, but had my cat curled up on my legs the whole time, making me sleep in awkward positions. Now my legs and my feet are sore, I'm still kind of tired, and I'm hungry but I don't want to get out of bed...
  15. So the shooting happened literally 100ft away from me. I was at the bottom of a parking garage tending to that exit, while my coworker was 2 levels up tending to that exit. It happened right in front of my coworker, and a round hit the roadway about 3 feet in front of him and ricocheted into some girl's leg. As i understand it, that was the only injury for 6 shots total. Which was my initial count when it happened. From what my coworker said, the guy was shooting blindly behind his back as he was running away. All of it stemmed from a club that has been a big problem in the past, and will continue to be a problem in the future. I went there once when I first turned 21, not knowing any better, and swore I'd never go back after I watched a guy get a beer bottle smashed over his head, in a total blindside, for no reason at all. The guy was there with his girlfriend, who was friends with some girl my friend was dancing with, and we'd been standing by the bar all night, and then some guy just comes up behind him, yells "You son of a woof!" and smashes him in the back of the head with a bottle. People suck. People are stupid. I hate people. I will always hate people. It doesn't matter what kind of people you are, I'll probably hate you eventually... Oh, and also, after the shooting, I almost got in two fights with people in our parking garages. One was trying to pick a fight with a cop who was in plain clothes, and the cop was busy getting information from a bartender about the shooting, so I stepped in and had to escort the guy away. In the process I was trying to calm him down and he just kept trying to pick fights. Then his friend showed up with a half a bottle of Hennessey in his hand and another cop, this one in uniform, walks up and says "Hey, can I see that bottle for a second?" The guy hands the cop the bottle, and the cop starts walking away, so the guy goes "Hey, can I get my bottle back?" The cop then pours it out on the ground and throws the empty bottle in the trash saying "Nope. Not unless you want the open container ticket instead." And the guy just shut up because he knew losing half a bottle of Hennessey was worth not getting a $150+ ticket. The other one I almost had to fight was a bum who was so drunk he had peed himself. He's a repeat offender for trying to sleep in our garages, someone I am well acquainted with from my time at the PD, and a general pain in everyone's butt.