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  1. Well, to be fair, they didn't know he was good at memory charms. Because of the memory charms...
  2. Yup. Except that I'm pretty sure it would have ended at panel 3, with panel 3 being the nerd lying in a bloody heap after the "glory!" guy knifed him in the back because the nerd dishonored him by not looking at him when they made fun of him.
  3. It made the Klingons hardcore warmongers again, but at the same time it took the whole "MY HONOR!" bullcrap up to 11 at times. Seriously, when your whole civilization constantly gets so butthurt that they'll fight each other to the death just because one guy says someone else's breath smells like week-dead gagh, and the family of whoever dies then enters into a blood feud with the victor's family where they mutually murder each other for the next hundred years, I don't see how you can maintain an empire that spans half a galaxy. Heck, I don't see how you could develop the level of technology required to travel and form that galaxy-spanning empire. That kind of crap is how empires fall, not how they're born. Constant infighting and killing each other over stupid crap doesn't work like that in the long run. Yea, "survival of the fittest" and "only the strong survive" should make your empire powerful, but when everyone is killing everyone you eventually end up with too few people to do anything. And that's how the Klingon Empire acts in later TNG and DS9.
  4. Yup. Except that the plan was always to blow up the Romulan ambassador's ship. Garak knew that the Cardassian data rod would never be able to pass as legitimate, so he just didn't tell Sisko the whole plan. He knew that Sisko would never agree to it if he stated it plainly, but, by making Sisko unaware, Garak was able to give Sisko exactly what he asked for - the Romulans joining the war, and on the Federation's side rather than the Dominion's.
  5. One of my favorite DS9 episodes as well. Right up there with "For the Uniform," where Sisko poisons the atmosphere of an entire planet to flush out the Maquis and their leader. He does it for all the right reasons, and it ends up balancing out the fact that the Maquis just poisoned a Cardassian planet by making them essentially swap habitability, but it's such a non-Federation course of action that never would have flown under Gene's control. Then again, neither would the Borg, because they're essentially unstoppable and you can't have an unbeatable antagonist...
  6. Roddenberry really was the worst thing to happen to his own show. He made great leaps in its original conception, but if he'd had full control like he wanted beyond that, Trek would have died after the first couple seasons of TNG. Sort of like what happened with George Lucas and Star Wars...
  7. I was thinking Pirates of the Carribean, the original one, rather than The Hobbit. Sounds like something Barbossa would do as he leaned forward into moonlight. As for the Karma dice, that's sort of what my group does for 5e with the inspiration rules. Whoever is DMing at the time will occasionally reward us for doing stupid, brave, or just funny things, especially if they fit our character, and rather than just having inspiration be free advantage on a roll of our choosing the DM might say "you get a d8 of inspiration." It's essentially the way that the bard's inspiration works in 5e, except that it's the DM giving it to you and it carries over until you use it rather than having a time limit. We think it works out pretty well.
  8. Well, it was Section 31 that developed the changeling genocide virus. Maybe the plot would be that Sloan and his group were actually a rogue branch or something, and they were the ones responsible. But Section 31 was pretty much the Gestapo and the CIA of the 50's rolled into one and thrown into the future, so it's very likely that the whole organization was in on it, but everything was in bits and pieces that all got assembled later on a need to know basis.
  9. Meh. I'm bionic. I'll just punch it and it'll dissipate. The rain is so heavy that it actually forced me to stop writing tickets. The handheld that I actually write the tickets on, and which is supposed to be waterproof, just started shutting itself off every few seconds. Which means I literally can't write tickets until it dries out. Guess all the idiots that either can't or don't read signs, and the people who think they deserve free parking are safe from me for now. I already missed out on a nice boot because of the handheld giving me problems...
  10. Well, I was writing tickets in the heavy rain as a tornado warning with the threat level of "extreme" came across my phone. I had previously ignored the "severe" one from about 10 minutes earlier, and I also ignored the new one. Turns out the reason why it was extreme was because a small tornado had touched down about 10 miles away and wrecked a local restaurant. But I live in an area where the terrain is not conducive to tornadoes at all. They don't form strong ones, last maybe a minute or two 90% of the time, and do little to no damage because we're a lot of rolling hills and valleys with a whole bunch of nothing in a lot of places. So the tornado that hit the restaurant was one of the very rare ones that actually did something of note.
  11. At work. Is raining. 10 and a half hours to go before the shift is over...
  12. Ooh, yea. A Section 31 based Trek would be interesting. Have them flying around in a captured ship(Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, just something that would fit for false flags and not draw attention to the Federation) that was fitted with a cloaking device, going around waging shadow wars, conducting espionage, kidnappings, and assassinations, all while also gathering as much intel as possible on whoever the bad guy of the season is. Put it during the Dominion War for bonus points, and cover their development of the genocidal virus they unleashed on the changelings...
  13. So basically the Federation Temporal Police or whatever from DS9? The episode where they end up back in The Trouble with Tribbles, as soon as Sisko mentions seeing the Enterprise they go "Captain James T. Kirk. He has one of the most extensive files in our department. Over 47 incidents by himself." Or something similar to that, and they say it with such disdain that you just know they've had to clean up a ton of his messes. I'd watch a show about that.
  14. Thank goodness for loopholes! As a clone of the unspeakable horror at the end of space and time, I'm free from that restriction. I can haunt and harm buglips all I want! Not even Jesus can make that claim!
  15. I decided to throw some money at Rosemary and Co a couple weeks ago. They just came in yesterday. I got a series 66 size 0 filbert, series 56 size 0 short flat, three series 33 size 0, and a series 33 size 1. I'm gonna give the flat and the filbert a shot for dry brushing rather than using an old size 0 round. I also got two new memory foam pillows, one contour and one body pillow, to replace my old ones and see if it helps my sleep any. I'm hoping they do.