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  1. It's the first day of class for WVU. Which means that traffic where I work is going to be literal Hell until after about 6 or 7pm. My boss called me to come in an hour early because it took him almost an hour to travel about 2 miles. It doesn't help that there's also a bunch of road work that got started on Monday, which was probably the worst possible time for it to start...
  2. I'm surprised it didn't lead to Aleister Crowley from the get-go. The Great Beast, master of the powers of Thelema! All around weird guy in an interesting way. I can't remember if I mentioned it in my first post-vacation posting, but I got my sleep study results back. I don't have sleep apnea, apparently. Which I guess means that I just sleep like absolute crap naturally. Although while I was on vacation I seemed to sleep much better. Probably has to do with falling into a more natural circadian rhythm again, since I was no longer required to work all night and could sleep and rise with the sun if I wanted to, but at the same time I also still got really tired at about 4pm most days. I also discovered that I REALLY need to make a new set of greaves. My new job has whipped my calves into shape, so they're no longer a couple amorphous blobs, and it's made it so that the straps on my current demi-greaves(greaves that only cover the front of the leg) really chafe and cut into them. It really left a mess on my calves just below the knee and in the back of the knee itself. And right now those scabs have become very itchy. I had some problems before with poor fit, but those were remedied by some extra padding and stuff. Now it's almost impossible to fix without completely building a new set.
  3. I have returned to the forums after my vacation! I returned from vacation on Saturday, but spent a couple days decompressing from it and getting mentally prepared for work again. And then I skipped almost a full 100 pages of this thread, because my last page was 283... Over my vacation I hit many people with sticks. I pushed my arm further than I've pushed it in the last 2 years, and it didn't disappoint me much. I had an absolute blast fighting again, and I impressed both myself and my friends who have watched me struggle to get back in over the last 2 years. I fought one of the best fighters in my SCA kingdom in single combat, both of us exhausted from a prior battle we were in, and while I lost all 3 bouts I came very, very close to winning one of them much to everyone's surprise. And on top of that, I have finally started being able to read the battlefield during the mass battles, and I've started to do some minor field command work because of it. It's also improved my effectiveness when I charge, because I know what to look for to find the proper time for one. And it really, really made my day to fight in one of the battles and not only perform a charge that gained me compliments from just about everyone that saw it, but to have that charge help turn the tide of the battle, even if it was only temporarily. I also got to meet some new people. I met SamuraiJack and talked withh him and his wife for a while, and had hoped to meet up with Etherial before the event ended, but I just wasn't able to find the time. Then, on the battlefield I met a man who is practically a legend in the SCA for the gauntlets that he makes. They're considered some of the best that you can buy. While I was talking to him we got started on heat treating metals and various other metalworking topics, which resulted in him extending a personal invite to his shop in Pittsburgh for some instruction. And he also offered to introduce me to another man who is a legend in the armor making community, who has retired from armoring but in his prime he was making historically accurate replicas for museums. Which is a huge deal for me, as I'm something of an amateur armorer and I really want to step up my game in that area both for my personal kit and to be able to manufacture stuff for others. It was a very productive vacation. But now I'm back on the 50 week long town run...
  4. Hey @SamuraiJack and @etherial, if I were to go around asking for you, where would be the best place and who would I ask for? I know Jack said Mid Royal. I'm in lot N29 at the Sable Maul camp if you feel like stopping by(hard to miss, black hammer on a white and red background, metal gate out front). You can ask for me by my mundane name, Corey, because I haven't had my SCA name long enough for most of my camp to recognize it immediately. If you do stop by and I'm there, I'll probably feed you a WV specialty, the pepperoni roll, and offer a dram of fine Japanese whisky.
  5. I've been waiting for the IMEF Bulldog mini to hit Bones for a while. I kind of figured it would eventually, since they did the other IMEF guys in the last 3. But I also want more of the Blackstar Corsairs that they did in Bones 3. Those guys are awesome, and almost dead ringers for Terran Marines. Throw them up against some Bathalian Hydralisks, and you've got the Brood War opening cinematic...
  6. Happened last year with my neck lump. "Oh, we can feel something, and it's visible from the side, but the ultrasound and CT didn't show that there's anything there, so we're just going to ignore it." It hasn't turned out to be anything, so there's that, but it's really dumb when everyone agrees that something is there except the actual diagnostic scans.
  7. Argleblargleflargle! My plans for being on the road by now were foiled by sleep! I woke up like 45 minutes ago, and I still feel exhausted. But now I've got all the rest of today to make sure all my gear is squared away and ready. I'm just missing out on a few extra hours of drunken carousing and laziness. I really hope my sleep study shows that yes, I do have something wrong. Otherwise I'm gonna feel really dumb and stuff about how I'm always so freaking tired regardless of how much I sleep.
  8. ResMed. It was an ApneaLink Air. Privateer Press actually just announced something like that recently. It'll be starting in October, if I remember correctly. Pfft. Lame. I recorded my own, then had my dad reverse it. It was me doing an unintentionally very racist impression of an Asian person saying "Welcome to Windows," which was based on the way someone said "Welcome to Ninja Pizza" in the old Random House read-along tape of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Advebtures: Heroes in a Half Shell. Reversed, it sounded like total gibberish, but it made young me giggle. Turned in my sleep study today. Then went to work, where I spent the first 5 hours of my 11 hour shift doing practically nothing but herding people who were in town to watch a stupid, pointless, absolutely dumb parade for the county fair. If you can't tell, I hate parades and find them stupid and pointless bits of archaic tradition that serve no purpose. In other words, parades suck. But now I'm getting to go home! Where I can try to sleep for a few hours and then wake up, bust my elf cleaning out my car, doing laundry, packing, and making sure the cats are set for when I leave. And with any luck, I can be on the road sometime in the afternoon if I don't sleep too long.
  9. Last night I was the manliest of men! I baked 5 dozen pepperoni rolls, sewed a bunch of clothing, and helped to raise children! There are no deeds more manly than what I did this past night! And then I came home, taped a bunch of wires and tubes to my body, and did my home sleep study. Tomorrow I'll turn it in before I go to work, and hope it helps solve my sleep problems. Then, after I get off work at 3am Tuesday, I start my vacation! Almost two full weeks! I will not be checking the forums during that time, so please, refrain from posting. I don't want to have to b play catch-up.
  10. I have a tendency to drop into New York/New Jersey mobster voices for certain characters. Or a heavily slurred Sylvester Stallone for the big, dumb types. I've even caught myself going Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton before. But then, I wanted to be a voice actor in high school. My problem is that I can't maintain the voices through the whole range of the English language and the gamut of emotional tinting that you'd be required to do. So mainly it gets used for D&D these days.
  11. I was calling them kids even when a lot of them were older than me. Because I worked at a police station in a college town, and I learned that they act more like small children than adults. That view hasn't changed since I switched to working for the parking authority. In fact, it's probably gotten reinforced because I now deal with many more of them on a much more regular basis.
  12. Storm knocked the power out. Which shouldnt be bothering me because I should be asleep. But I can't fall asleep because my ceiling fan isn't on and it makes me feel way too hot...
  13. There are plenty of rebuttals to this guy from professional archers and people who know the history of archery. Especially if they're familiar with non-European archery styles, which he apparently wasn't. He shoots fast, and can do trick shots. But that's about it. And even then, he's doing these fast trick shots with a bow that has a 30lb draw weight, and frequently only drawing back halfway.Considering that English longbows with a draw weight of 100-180lbs had problems penetrating plate armor, I highly doubt he's ever going to even if he's point blank. And he doesn't say, or better yet show, if that chain he shoots is modern costume mail that's made of butted round rings or if it's historically accurate, flat ring, riveted mail. They have vastly different breaking points, and for tears I thought that all chain mail was butted because all I had ever seen was costume pieces. I don't doubt that bows could penetrate chain, because that's not what chain is meant to stop, just that I doubt his 30lb bow that he's only half drawing could penetrate a properly made chain hauberk.
  14. Remember? I did it just as recently as 5 years ago. I bought a few sets of GameScience dice, and they aren't colored, so I took some Testors enamels and filled them in with that.
  15. So, found out that I missed out on a $110 Dark Imperium box. Game shop told me today that they sold two of them at that price on ebay. They said they both sold in minutes, and they seemed to be surprised by it. It was $50 off! But I found out I could get a similar price on it in the future if I wanted. Maybe not quite $110, but $120-130, so still a good deal in my book.