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  1. I don't need more dwarfs. Dwarves. Whatever. I don't need any more... But I'll probably get some anyway.
  2. I really like the look of these. It might be a case of a very good paint job making mediocre models really shine, but the details really stand out.
  3. I just realized that I only provided suggestions and did not mention how amazing the piece is overall. I would love to have this show up on a table I was gaming at. Fantastic work.
  4. What she said.
  5. The area now looks to be darker than the surrounding stone, which is opposite of how it would appear irl. You could try a wash or glaze on the rest of the stone not lit by the torches to darken the area not illuminated.
  6. I thought it was tea first then whisky...
  7. The area lit by the torches should be brighter than the surrounding wall; one way to check is to covert your photo to grey scale.
  8. I think between the price and being (mostly) ready to paint right out of the package, Wizkids have a product that will not only sell well but will be a gateway "drug" for people new to miniature painting. Reaper is still way ahead with the sheer number of Bones sculpts available, but the two products can compliment each other and provide nearly everything a gamer will need. It seems like a natural progression to go from the ready to paint Wizkids to the Bones that will take a bit more preparation but have more variety.
  9. I have had one of these. They are called ocular migraines or something like that. Thought I was losing sight in one eye. Eye doc dilated my eyes and said I was fine. Scary stuff to experience.

    Looking forward to today's update, but strangely more excited about the Bones 4 campaign than I am about actually getting the Bones 3 figures. O.o
  11. Talos. An Egyptian themed metal golem. Female Storm giant / male Cloud giant.
  12. I bought a couple blisters (we all knew I would) and I can say that the mold lines we no trouble at all to remove. There was a little under fill on the extreme edge of one cloak and a few spots that where the sculpt was muddled by the mold lines, but overall I like them. And I have to say it's good to see equal or nearly so female to male ratios in the PC models at least. Maybe not so much with the monsters, but for some it is hard to make out the gender anyway... .
  13. Insta-kill traps like that rarely go over well with players. Maybe have a skeleton or two actually touching the treasure will help make the point. Adding a magical, golden glow that makes it impossible to miss the treasure will help warn the players that it's too good to be true.
  14. The OOP Ral Partha AD&D Ogre Magi is pretty close, if you find one.
  15. Live

    Rule book for $15? Yes please.