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  1. Live

    I just got a notice from DHL about a delivery for Monday. I can't think of anything else I'm expecting, and the creator did say they would be shipping the RoW soon. Fingers crossed.
  2. I recently watched a movie called The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu from 2009. It wasn't terrible. Not good by any measure, but not terrible. Very low budget, but fun if not taken seriously.
  3. Congratulations, Beagle! I just finished painting my complete set for 2nd edition Talisman games I ran for Gen Con this year. I've only had them since the 90's... Grognards like me that had played the game back in the 80's enjoyed the sessions at GC50. Those that have only played the newer versions did not like the insane randomness that was rampant in GW games back then.
  4. I find the movies The Nightmare before Christmas and Hocus Pocus to be good for Halloween viewing. Nightmare is just how I like Halloween, spooky and a little creepy but not too gory. Hocus Pocus is just so terrible it's good. And of course the divine Ms. M is good in anything. One of the Harry Potter films is pretty good Halloween viewing; Prisoner of Azkaban I think? Of course none of these were out when I was a kid. I think we watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and maybe an Adam's Family Halloween episode after Trick or Treating.
  5. Did you know there was a war fought over Toledo? Yes, that Toledo, the one in Ohio.
  6. The Temple Dragon is a recent release in metal. It is on the small size but is a very nice looking model. Metal releases do seem to have slowed a bit in the last few years, but are still chugging along. While production of metal and Bones minis can run in parallel, I suspect sculptors are the bottleneck. They are a small group and are sourced by several manufacturers, and those that are working on sculpts for a Bones model are obviously not available to work on a metal model.
  7. Delayed

    Latest comment from the creator is that the factory hopes to have product out the door by the end of December. With shipping time to the creator and then pulling, packing and shipping to backers, it looks like my estimate of December shipping was too optimistic. Four months of delay isn't good, but not terrible. Hopefully we'll see our rewards in early 2018.
  8. If we're including cartoon characters then Meg from Disney's Hercules. That voice!
  9. Valerie Bertenelli. Still rather attractive today.
  10. Tap the wall with a hammer until you find an area where the sound changes. Then use a finish nail (small, thin) to find the stud. Resulting holes should be small enough to fill with paint.
  11. Breast Cancer Awareness pink and brown liner do work well mixed as a primer on Bones. I was not expecting the purple hints though. I bent and twisted the model cruelly and saw no signs of cracking or flaking.
  12. Live

    If these had been first on the market they might have become the standard. It's easy to convert inches into squares, and 30mm gives you a little wiggle room. But with DF and Hirst being so widely adoptes and compatible, I question if it will be embraced.
  13. Live

    Use a 30mm increment will limit the audience to anyone not already using Dwarven Forge or Hirst Arts. Nice set, but not for me.
  14. For anyone wanting to play Keep on the Borderlands (or any old D&D module, really) Basic Fantasy RPG is a free download. It s a retro-clone of the BECM rules, with a couple of tweeks to make it easier to run, like ascending AC. Saves a little coin over having to buy the OoP books. Retro-clones are available for 1st ed AD&D (OSRIC) and 2nd ed (For Gold and Glory). Even the original 1974 version of D&D has one (Swords and Wizardry).
  15. A turn is 10 rounds. Yes, even in caves. You can make your own encounter chart to match what you think should be in the area. Of course you can always rule that an area is controlled by the local orcs/goblins/hobgoblins or whatever and no random encounters occur.