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  1. Apparently my light box set up creates some specular reflections because these boys are not so shiny in normal lights. Anyhow, I really like these old school, Bob Olley ogres. I hope you do too.
  2. Live

    I wish the wraiths in the options were being molded in transparent plastic. Anyone who want to paint them still could.
  3. I enjoyed Tarzan, Conan and Sherlock Holmes. All good stories, but none of them are great literature in the sense of War and Peace. I think the problem today is that well written (as opposed to great) books are so much more common today than in previous centuries that we tend to dismiss them as too mediocre. A lot of stories are rehashing plot details from stories we have already seen. But this is nothing new; Tolkien borrowed heavily from Germanic and Celtic lore and Shakespear stole from mythology and the Christian bible. I really enjoy McCaffery and Eddings, but they are not as mainstream as Rowling. Rowling was writing for children and wrote well for that demographic and it carried over into a more general audience, particularly after the first movie came out. So I don't know that there is a lack of good or great literature being written today; I think it just might be getting lost in the deluge.
  4. Couldn't find my badges for Gencon last night, spent 15 minutes mad at myself while looking for them because they werent where I thought I had put them. Found them in the bag with the games I'm taking. Clever me... Too clever, apparently.
  5. I just watched the movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and an obvious homage to Frank's most famous painting plays an important role in the plot. The movie has some spectacular special effects but is otherwise a mess; watch at your own risk.
  6. Live

    Has the purple feline of one foot wear recovered yet? We needs our summaries...
  7. Live

    One thing to remember is that the gaming industry has been dominated by male gamers for decades. That has been changing and will continue to do so, but there was a time that women in gaming were perceived as rarer than unicorns. Sales history probably reflects this. I like the actionable suggestions, like "more action posed female gaints" or "more mature female spell casters". Those are comments that can be followed up with actions. Just saying "I don't understand why..." or "I don't like xxx..." won't accomplish much because they are not actionable. And I think Reaper has been and is pretty good at responding to those suggestions. Are they perfect? Of course not. Improvement is a process, not a goal. You are never done. When I was building my all female warband for Frostgrave I had to go outside Reaper Bones because I could not find enough women dressed in clothing appropriate for a wintery climate. So I'm all for more warmly dressed female miniatures.
  8. Live

    I wonder if the tree will be part of an expansion with the hut. Seems connected thematically. Wow, autocorrupt kept changing "hut" to "but". Who writes that code, 10 year old boys? Ninja'd!
  9. I acquired (non-acquired?) my first stolen Amazon package. I hope the thief is disappointed in the cat food, tooth paste and figure case. I see glitter bombs are a real thing and can be purchased. I shall have to investigate this as potential thief deterrent...
  10. Live

    Not looking good to hit any goals today. I can wait.
  11. Got my Castles and Crusades Players Handbook over the weekend. Haven't had much time to read it and I don't know if I'll ever play the system, but I seem to be collecting retro-clone rulebooks. So far my favorite remains Basic Fantasy RPG.
  12. Shaded the last twelve 2nd Ed Talisman figures; using all the expansions at GenCon except Timescape, it didn't add anything worthwhile. Played a game of Mare Nostrum Empires with an old buddy; my second game, his first. He said it was the best of the board games I had introduced him to. I enjoy it, but it is not a quick game.
  13. PayPal account just hit for $1.05 for an iTunes purchase I did not authorize. Checked my iTunes account; no activity since 2011. Changed my PW for PayPal and submitted a problem report. I dont care about $1.05, but if PayPal has been compromised I will be removing my credit card info and closing the account. I only use PayPal for eBay and Angie's List, and I'm cancelling AL anyway. I suspect my PayPal account info was compromised at some point and sold, hence the small charge to test the viability of the credentials. Good thing I have PayPal set up to email me receipts and the thief did not get around to changing any thing like preferences or PW.
  14. Your stuff is always so imaginative and fun. So many details! And your photography really makes them pop.