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  1. Had this one done for a while, just too lazy to get out the photo booth. I was inspired by the old Disney 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus. The last thing some adventurers ever see...
  2. Here is my Bones Dragon Tortoise. I finished it a while ago, been too lazy to get out the photo booth. Sorry about not getting a shot looking down from the front. I used some tiny sea shells I ordered from Amazon to decorate the base.
  3. So related to clear Bones being hard to photograph, I took some pictures using an LED flashlight, with the mini sitting on the lens of the flashlight . Not too bad, and kinda cool looking. I used my cheap digital camera so I'm sure anyone with real photography experience would do much better.
  4. Randomness XII: The Twelve Days of Randomas.
  5. I would search for 15mm elves. Some of them have a general fey appearance that with the right color scheme would appear plant like.
  6. 3 for me. BTW, have you tried photographing the clear minis lit from underneath? Such as sitting on a tracing table mostly covered with a cloth which has a small hole cut into it which you set the mini over? Might show detail better. Would definitely look cool anyway.
  7. Acquired at Origins: The One Ring Roleplaying Game supplement Journeys & Maps Another set of each of GF9's crystal terrain. Reaper paints - Gothic Crimson, Runic Purple, Filigree Silver, Sepia Line, Green Liner and Red Liner. My wife picked up the Labyrinth board game and the card game version of Power Grid.
  8. So re: Mageknight and RP, iirc one of the owners of RP basically changed RP into MK and got out of the metal casting business; others associated with RP then started IWM, eventually securing the rights to many but not all RP masters and molds. Man I miss the RP AD&D line...
  9. The issue with primer appears to be inconsistent, similar to spray painting in different weather conditions. Tangential story: when I worked in the automotive industry I had a job at a plant that made brake assemblies. The rotors on disk brakes would rust sitting on a dealers lot, creating noise and mildly degrading performance for the first one or two uses; this understandably upset the customer. The plant began dipping the discs into an acrylic primer to inhibit rust. The paint would be worn off after a few applications of braking with no noise; happy customers. A couple of weeks out of the year, usually in July or August, the paint in the tank would turn to gel. This usually occurred when temperature outside the plant reached 96 ° F, iirc. The chemical engineer figured out it was a combination of heat and humidity causing the paint to change properties. They would work ahead in June so that they could stop painting when the paint gelled and keep making assemblies with the stock on hand.
  10. One reason it might not look right is if your colors are too close in value/tone/brightness. The areas higher up should be brighter, but that can be hard to judge when using different colors/hues. A trick that helps is to take a picture of the colors painted overlapping and converting the image to black and white. The grey tones will be close if the brightness is not different enough.
  11. It is Wednesday of Origins and I am not there... Yet. Come on, Friday!
  12. Live

    I didn't think $12 was too bad for shipping.
  13. A little, yeah. I have found that P3 primer tends to be a bit difficult to paint over; I think that's what they use? Reaper HD paints seem to work better, but maybe a quick swipe with Emory paper would help. A light coat of brush on primer might help, but the details are already shallow.
  14. My childhood Superman (Chris Reeve) and now Batman are gone. Sad times for the comic book fans from the Sixties and Seventies. I guess I'm a grown up now?
  15. Live

    Pledged for the watch tower. The stretch goals already make this a good value.