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  1. Suden

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I got my box today, everything looks great.
  2. They have some nice looking minis offered with the movie:
  3. Suden

    Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1565070206/sci-fi-bounty-hunters/description I'm not really much of a sci-fi guy, but these are the same company that made the Dungeon Explorers kickstarter (the ones based on the animated D&D series) and delivered some fantastic minis.
  4. Suden


    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1620164718/28mm-skeletons-part-two This project is by By RBJ Game Company, the same folks who just delivered the 28mm Amazons ks. They delivered a nice looking bunch of minis on time and for a good price, I`d expect more of the same here. Some pledges: Scale shot:
  5. Suden

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    Gorgeous looking minis in the add-on. The update has closeups of several renders.
  6. Suden

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    It's an interesting looking game, very different from the previous offerings from Mythic Games (or Monolith). I like the look of the virtues: They look pretty large: There are still a few hours to jump in on an early bird. It is the core game plus an expansion campaign that comes with a bunch of cards and a single mini:
  7. I just got my stuff today as well. One of those rarities, a kickstarter fulfilling on time. Athena looks great, and her owl is amazing. She is a bit larger than the other minis, as befitting a Goddess. The owl is nicely made, I didn't use anything to hold it in place, it balanced well on it's own on the flying stand and separate base. I also added a set of pillars, as you can see they are quite tall, I didn't want to zoom any further out or I would lose too much detail on the other minis. I got a pack of translucent snakes and the set of resin hoplites, they are surprisingly dark, but look quite good. There is a reaper guy on the end for scale. A close up on the snake and hoplite. Still a bit hard to see, but the detail is good. Somehow a sleestak grabbed a machine gun and snuck into my box (I'm guessing it was a bonus freebee to show their other lines). I laid a pillar on it's side to show proper size. The schnauzer was a freebee, then one from the archer, spear and sword sets I picked up. There were a few shield options, I picked the assorted packs. Unpainted the minis look topless, they have belly button and nipples on them. Only the raised edge across the chests and skirts make it obvious they are armoured. Of course painting them would make it clear. I picked up the medusa as well. She's a beauty, but needs some assembly. There is some flash, but not any abnormal amounts and it looks easy to clean. Overall, a very good ks experience. Nice minis, good prices, and quick delivery.
  8. Suden

    Legends of Signum

    I'm curious how many backers even noticed. I sometimes back a ks, and unless it's active here, only really notice when there is an update. I do check backed projects every couple weeks around payday just to make sure there are no forgotten surprises, but otherwise depend heavily on project updates. This was a little different for me in that I joined the FB page for the early bird option though. They have shared some pics on the fb page while this thread was locked. Nice looking archer wip: And a painted version of the crouching wulfen, I think she looks even better painted, I thought she looked a bit misshapen in the original render: And a mysterious* WIP: *Kidding, it's totally another wulfen.
  9. Suden

    Feral Elves by Westfalia

    Or they are feral halflings that got into a little too much ent-draught.
  10. Suden

    RE-LOAD by Archon Studio

    I got this and Zombicide Friday, so I combined some pics. They are really creative with the mounts. Delwen and Braith are riding some sort of dirigible. Thais seems to be partially inside her bull mount, though it doesn't really seem to be a construct. Queen Anara is mounted atop a toothy-looking squid creature. Marquess rides a ferocious goat, whilst Skorus and Glop appear to be a dwarf riding a flying toad! They all look amazing, with the same level of detail and fantastic bases found on the original Load project. And those are just the regular mounted characters, there are several mounted epic minis. The epic winged-centaur woman Seela is keeping company with some Zombicide and a Reaper mini. Sadly the pic is blurry, her details are amazing. They weren't without problems though. Four minis had the oily surface that sometimes comes with resin minis. I have them soaking right now to see if it will come off. Also, a couple minis have broken parts. I can glue them back on, so not a big deal, but Epic Grok is missing a horn. On the bright side they do seem to have good customer service so if I can't get the oily substance off I'll ask for some replacements. Otherwise a minotaur missing a horn just adds some character. Oddly, all the issues were on the epic side of things, I wonder if they were rushing a bit to fulfill the ks and let qa slide.
  11. Suden

    Zombicide: Green Horde

    I had a good Friday, this and Re-Load arrived, so tons of great minis. I took some pics. The dragon looks epic, like an undead jabberwock inspired creature. Freddie Mercury and Vashara from Load are ready to take it on though. Next is a very blurry :P demigorgon and a massive minotaur next to the epic winged centaur Seera from Load and a Reaper dude for scale. Here we have a Load squad facing off with the X-Men and Solomon Kane. My money is on the Zombicide team, as they brought the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog along as backup.
  12. She turned out great. She lost some of the aesthetic of the wonderful concept art, but actually looks more like a queen in hell as a result. The only disappointment for me is she's no longer a lefty. It's odd that the sheathes are still where they are though. I can't imagine how her right hand could draw that sword, and her left couldn't easily draw that dagger. Both sheathes should be on her left hip if she's a righty.
  13. Suden

    Skull Tales: Full Sail!

    Any kickstarter is a risk, but I don't think this one has too much for the pledge. The main pledge is $106, it has over 100 minis, but a quick scan shows there are only 37 unique models (the 50+ includes paid add-ons) and only one large mini. And it has raised over $500k. Companies like Cmon and Monolith (and Reaper for that matter) deliver many more (and a great many larger) for a similar price range. They also have very few ks exclusives, so they can take a lot to retail. Anyway, this just entered the last day, for anyone else still wondering about backing. Here are a couple of the last stretch goals (they decided to unlock all remaining stretch goals yesterday). Armoured Amazons: And the aforementioned large mini, the awesome looking Tarantula Anansi: Not a stretch goal, but The Darkclaws and Bootbiter are looking good:
  14. Suden

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I backed everything before the giants. I do think the first two projects were the best, the later designs are still interesting (I even like the much maligned elves), but the flatness that has crept in to many minis has been disappointing. I skipped the giants mainly because they didn't really fit in with the giants I already have. Then came the Adventurers ks. First it was a point buy system, I am not a fan. I shouldn't need to do math to figure out what minis will cost. Then, they offered a 100 point bonus to backers of the Giants project, but nothing for backers of any of the previous kickstarters which caused even more ill will. They didn't even announce that project (nor this one for that matter) to backers of the previous projects. It might not have been intentional, but it seemed like they wanted a clean break and didn't want old backers returning. Look at those numbers, there are potentially 1000s of backers of earlier projects who don't even know this one exists.
  15. Suden

    Skull Tales: Full Sail!

    This is an interesting looking project. It's apparently a second edition of a well reviewed game on BGG (8.1 rating). The first edition raised $83k with 909 backers, this one has $446k and 3848 backers with 4 days to go, which seems like a good sign. It's called a semi-cooperative game for 1-5 players, though there is a pvp mode listed under unlocked stretch goals. The game has three phases, a sea voyage phase that looks like a resource management mini game, a exploration phase that looks to play similar to D&D board games like Wrath of Ashardalon and Castle Ravenloft, and a port phase for upgrading and getting missions. There aren't a lot of ks exclusives, but the war dog looks great: And some add ons, a set of interesting sea miniatures to replace game tokens: Can't say I've ever seen a sperm whale mini before, though he's probably minnow sized next to most tabletop minis. And the dice tower looks good, with an awesome demo video: