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  1. Stretch goals have been lackluster because they haven't been unlocking any. But they look good, right in line with what you'd expect based on the original designs that got people to jump on board. I think these add-ons were originally intended as stretch goals and I love the concept art for them: They also added mini only pledges after backers asked, so it's not like they were unresponsive. It is a mystery, I didn't see anything that would indicate the serious lack of progress. Confrontation and LOAD were the only other projects I've seen flatten like this and they had massive red flags (and LOAD even managed to fulfill). Even the language thing, plenty of projects recently have had the same potential problem without it unduly affecting backers (Mythic Battles for example).
  2. Exo Mankind Reborn (running now) has almost the exact same curve:
  3. Suden

    Black Rose Wars

    That necrodragon looks amazing. I'm more excited for the Kitsune though:
  4. Suden

    Legends of Signum

    That sounds even more fishy. When I first read about this and the possibility it was the Confrontation people, I thought they would be better served if they did this before their project ended, hoping people would flee this ks for theirs. But since it happened after theirs ended, they don't stand to gain as much. With the news the claim was placed a week before theirs ended, this seems like a much more likely scenario. I hope this whole thing gets sorted out without too much fuss. This could end up killing this kickstarter and company even if they have done nothing wrong. Lost backers, potential legal battles, a small company might not survive.
  5. Mumlak looks great, I hadn't even noticed the idol. I can't help but think Sir Forscale is safe though, that tusk will block the swing.
  6. Suden

    Legends of Signum

    They posted a core box unboxing video which looks interesting. I'm guessing this means they won't have any trouble making the fulfillment date. It also explains why the initial funding goal was so low, it seems they have it ready to go. They also posted a short unboxing fails compilation that offered a couple views of a game in progress. The minis and terrain look amazing.
  7. Suden

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Still waiting here as well. But I'm fine as long as they show up eventually.
  8. Suden

    Armored Little Grunty Goblins

    Click on the image in the first post, it links to the project.
  9. Suden

    Black Rose Wars

    This is a preview link, the project goes live April 26. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lmstudio/244257038?ref=447949&token=a6d2a5f6&utm_source=LMSFBPage&utm_medium=cpm&utm_campaign=BRWPreviewKS This is by Ludus Magnus Studio. They kickstarted the Nova Aetas and Sine Tempore games previously. I backed Nova Aetas and was very happy with the minis and game. This game is set in the same game world/time (Italian Renaissance), but looks to be a completely different style of game. It looks like it has some very interesting mechanics and game pieces. It is a wizard dueling game, the kickstarter page says 2-4 players, but the Man vs. Meeple video mentions 2-6, so I'm guessing there will be a stretch goal or add-on at some point. Even though it is a dueling game the objective isn't killing the other mages but to collect victory points. I hope they release some actual gameplay videos, the review videos piqued my interest but I'm very curious to see how it actually plays.
  10. Suden

    Court of the Dead - Mourner's Call 4/24

    I think there are some misconceptions here. Sideshow have been making these Court of the Dead statuettes for a while, with a whole line of supporting projects like comics, puzzles, art books etc. They are just now branching into a board game based on their IP. The minis for the game seem to range from the size of the smaller Gods from Mythic Battles Pantheon to a more common tabletop scale. If you go to the sideshowtoy web page they have a link to a lot of Court of the Dead info. I found a teaser video that will likely be their kickstarter video: The first half is a lot of interesting fluff for the setting, but the second half of the video is gameplay with a good look at the figures. They are unpainted. I also found a first-look video by Man vs. Meeple that talks about gameplay and shows a few more figures plus a lot of game info. It does look like it might be an interesting game, if the price point isn't too bad I'll probably back. It looks like the game is made by ProjectRaygun who seem to be the actual game designers. I'm not familiar with them but they made the The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 game which seems well received on BGG. I was doing a little more searching and I found a web site devoted to the game. It has a pdf of the rules amongst other things. It doesn't appear to be a commerce site so it should be okay to link: http://projectraygun.com/mourners-call/
  11. Last day for this. It's funded with several unlocked add-ons, and has some freebees for $50+ pledges: I think I have to back, where else will I get an amazon schnauzer?
  12. Suden

    Dark Gate Games Vampire Hunters

    I got my order today. Minis look good, slightly harder plastic than bones, similar details. Some small flash and minor warping, typical for this type of mini. I backed at the slayer level with a couple addons. I picked up the Nyx crossover figure since I backed Middara. I also picked up Gugadeth because it looked like an interesting mini and I like mounted figures. The Reaper guy is for scale. This a random group of baddies from the core box. They all look good, but that first guy looks like he should be hunting down He-Man. They have a nice mix of different types of traditional and non-traditional vampire looks. Core box heroes. They all look pretty good, and there are several more heroes that came as stretch goals in a separate box. They look like they'd make a good team of vampire hunters, they remind me of the characters in the 1998 John Carpenter movie Vampires. Some of the stretch goal minis. A stack of crates and barrels, a huge demonic vampire, a great looking winged vampire, a rubble pile, rat swarm, and a ghostly spirit along with four more heroes. The big guy on the right has a flame thrower and a large tank on his back. The second looks like Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter (a co-incidence I'm sure). The third is a good looking ranger with an eagle atop his bow, and the final is a female stabbing with the spiked (or staked) end of her axe. She has a nice action pose, the pic doesn't do her justice. Overall a great looking bunch of minis. Even if the game doesn't turn out great, they'll see plenty of use. And it's getting mostly positive reviews on BGG, so I'm hoping the game will be good.
  13. Well, it took a while to get to Canada, but they finally arrived. My set looks great, should be fun to paint. Also, since I contacted them about the delay, I can say they have great customer service.
  14. This looks like it could be fun. Pre-painted minis with an odd choice for scale, 65 to 85mm. The early samples do look good though:
  15. Cute triumphs over accuracy. Actually, maybe she had just taken a fearsome blow to her face. Her helm did it's job, protecting her and getting knocked back in the process. Yeah, that's the ticket. It might even look good painted up with some manufactured damage and blood on it. Then she'd have it up because it didn't fit properly anymore. Of course the suspension of disbelief is severely tested when you see three out of four are knocked back in a similar fashion... Hey, maybe they are fighting a flail snail, and the flails all spin upwards, causing an abnormal number of helms to be knocked back. Or they are marching to war through tiger territory, and have faces painted on the tops of their plumes for safety: