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  1. Funded

    I just received a shipping notice for this. If it arrives before the end of the month it will be one year late, though it feels even longer. I'm still looking forward to it though. I backed the deluxe level with the Colossal Dark Oak, so I'll be getting a big pile of minis. And the game itself looks like it has some real potential.
  2. Live

    It does look good, but imagine what a mess it would be to paint. After all, they (mostly)* come assembled. *They mentioned the dragon was coming with wings separate. Presumably this will be shipped in a similar fashion.
  3. Live

    The $666k stretch goal is the beast from Revelations:
  4. I backed. I hope this does well, there are some great looking elves. The terrain add-ons look good as well.
  5. Delayed

    This type of update combined with the delays makes me worried. Like maybe they can't afford the last mold, so they put the choice out to get what's done instead of waiting, hoping people will pick the first option. I hope I'm wrong. I like their minis (from a previous kickstarter) and would really like to see this one finished. I don't even really mind waiting if it ends up fulfilling.
  6. Final 40 hours for this one.
  7. It's a pretty neat idea, but it seems awfully expensive. 84USD (102CAD) shipped to Canada. By comparison, I preordered Tomb of Annihilation from amazon. It arrives tomorrow, 256 pages for $39.57. I remember in the days of 3e when people bought third party supplements because they cost less than official items. That $9 sampler pledge level should just be made available free on the kickstarter page so people can judge the content of the 5 mini adventures. If they were good, I'm sure it would generate more interest.
  8. Cancelled

    There's something weird going on with your ks link. Even though it shows the ks address, when you click it you come back to this thread. If you hover the mouse over the address you can see the thread address. Lets see if this link works:
  9. Live

    The Reaper Minotaur Demon Lord is a pretty good Baphomet.
  10. Live

    This is a relaunch of a project which didn't fund the first time. However, the company has a very successful kickstarter track record. I've backed multiple projects so far and been very happy with the rewards. Also, the creator goes above and beyond for customer service. I ordered a t-shirt with the nightmare forest kickstarter, and I accidentally cut it when opening the package. Totally my fault, but when I mentioned it while posting that I had received my game the creator contacted me and gave me a free replacement. There are mini only pledges available, including sets of 5 (the rows above) for $15 or a set of all 20 for $60. Of course the full game with minis is only $10 more than the minis alone, so if you wanted all 4 sets you might as well back for the game. Some painted samples:
  11. You can change this from delayed to whatever the tag is for never gonna happen.
  12. Definitely Gygax for the GM. I think the scholarly gentleman looks like Tolkien. I might have to back for the pair of them, plus Leonardo with Mona Lisa. Especially if it comes with the easel mentioned, that'd make for an awesome diorama. And the kitsune panda combo, looking like 5+1 for me.
  13. Funded

    This is shipping, however they apparently had a big problem with mislabeling packages, and lucky me, apparently I am one of them: Hello backer of Battle Arena Show, As we published in the last Kickstarter update we detected some errors in the shipping addresses. The parcels of some backers were sent to the address of other backers. We are contacting you because you are one of the affected backers by this problem. When you receive the parcel you will see that the shipping address is yours but the name is not your name. The box can be identified easily because it has printed the Battle Arena Show logo. If that is the case proceed in the following way: If you have not received the parcel yet, when you receive it reject. That will cause that the parcel returns to our facilities. The logistics operator sends us the same tracking number that they send to you so we can track the parcel, and as soon as we verify that the parcel was rejected we will resend your correct reward. If you already received the parcel and accepted it, please notify us in order to send a postman to take it and return to us, and resend the correct one. Thank you for your cooperation and apologies for the inconvenience. Sincerely, Koti Games team. Unfortunately, I haven't received any shipping info even though the letter says I should have. It'll end up costing them, I work nights and can't meet the postman (I'd consider staying up if I knew when it was arriving). It seems strange that if it was caught before delivery they couldn't recall the affected orders.
  14. Live

    They posted a graphic with everything in the king pledge:
  15. Live

    I like the game. The mechanics are not like anything I've seen. It combines gem/resource management with dice rolling and can be tricky until you get the hang of it. A couple of the scenarios seem unbalanced, but for the most part they are quite challenging. It is a versus game, with one player running the monsters and the others playing individual heroes. It is a very different game for either side, but both sides have fun. My biggest complaint is the lack of scenarios. There are a dozen or so scenarios in the game book, but there is only one 2 player and two 3 player scenarios. That's why I'm glad to see this book, 20 more scenarios is great, especially the seven 3 player ones. I have a couple friends who are always looking for something to do. Knight of the Dinner Table is right about the minis, most are pretty good with a few weaker ones.