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  1. I had the same thought, best guess I had was a bathtub or water fountain.
  2. Fulfilling

    My pledge came today. There are some great looking minis, with some nice variety amongst heroes, characters with different body types and armouring. Also, there are more large monsters than I am used to from CMON projects (other than a few abominations from Black Plague). I picked up a few expansions in addition to the core, here are a few pics. These are from the Hellephant and Spearmaiden Cyclops expansions. I picked them mainly for the heroes, both had ladies with full faced helms, a rare occurrence for fantasy females, but the beasts both look fantastic, massive and deadly looking. These are some of the great looking figures. I love the head of the low troll, and that cliffbreaker cyclops is gigantic! They all have tons of personality, the slightly portly Myriam the Witch looks so good and even the garden gnome inspired dwarves are growing on me. The last minute unicorn unlock turned out quite nice as well. The giant spider is on a huge base, but looks more like a large mini, they probably could have posed the legs in just a bit for a 2" base. The hellhound looks almost leonine with a flaming mane. The marilith is beautiful. She has armour all down her tail, a fantastic idea and something I don't think I've ever seen before.

    Odd, I don't see a Cat Dragon in this pic. Of course I've heard they are great at hiding, so maybe behind the terrain...

    No cat-dragon sculpt has been confirmed as being in this Kickstarter...Yet! There are a lot of ways to go with a cat dragon, anywhere from a traditional reptilian dragon with catlike features to a full on winged cat. I'd love to see one that looks like a cat with wings, just check out google searches for a winged cat.

    I thought the two headed angel was making out with itself, but otherwise, I saw the same thing.
  6. Man Thing! They are very cute. The painted group is a nice little family unit. The Shambler Attacking looks more like Shambler Waving Hi! I like them. That baby looks ready to play with one of the Owl Bear cub minis out there.
  7. Delayed

    So they aren't going to make the May delivery (as I mentioned earlier, they pushed fulfillment to Sept), not surprising with the number of stretch goals, but the finished production pieces are looking fantastic:
  8. LIve

    With a name like Brunhild I'm guessing they were thinking Nordic, but she looks like she'd make a beautiful Inuk warrior.
  9. Delayed

    Another year, another step closer to delivery: "Cargo vessel holding the games has departed The cargo vessel containing the games left port 06/21, estimated date of arrival in the U.S. 07/08. More posts to follow once we have received the shipment of games." Theoretically it could be delivered by Oct 2017, making it 4 years late. Considering it seemed pretty much dead in the water a couple years ago, that's still pretty great news.
  10. Live

    Cool idea. Shame it's US only or I'd share it with my group, we have three newer players who are always borrowing dice for big rolls.
  11. I got my minis today. I didn't get a lot, just the terror birds and Curious Kate. They are really nice looking minis and they were delivered on time, I'm happy I backed.
  12. Fulfilling

    I got my minis yesterday. Some of the venting is mindbogglingly bad, like on the daughters of the orphanage rocking horse. Most isn't too bad though, as the vents are thin enough to cut without causing damage. In fact a lot of them separated before I even started on them, some of the pieces were loose in the bags. And the minis look great, I'm still glad I backed. I can't wait to build some angels and harpies.
  13. Live

    This is the same company that successfully delivered the animated D&D based kickstarter last winter: It was a great project that delivered minis which exceeded expectations.
  14. I left this one sit for a while. Even though I only had the green section left, it's a big section and I have to admit I felt a little intimidated looking at it. After assembling the mini, the size is a little more apparent. Finally though, I started back up. I drybrushed layers of Highland Moss, gradually mixing in Splintered Bone and a tiny bit of Clear Yellow. Then I moved on to the bone spurs, layering Red Liner, Fire Red, Saffron Sunset and Clear Yellow. I didn't paint all the spurs, I thought it would overwhelm the green, and I figured they grew under the skin until they broke the surface, so many smaller ones would still be green, and some of the bases would still be green. When I finished the fire red layer, I really liked the look. I think all red spikes with a green body would be a great combo for a froghemoth. In any case, this is pretty much done. I just need brush on gloss/dull coat sealer. I'm still torn over the mouth, but I'm leaning towards leaving it shiny from the gloss coat. Here are some pics. The first is a little blurry, but it has a human sized bones mini for scale. This next pic is my favorite, the front view from a players perspective. Some side views. This is a wonderful sculpt, lots of detail. Finally a (mostly) top view.
  15. Funded

    Another nice thing in the box is the terrain. The buildings are very sturdy, made with nice thick cardboard. The cyclops is nice, I didn't have a cyclops mini. Maybe Reaper can make one (or three) for Bones 4.