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  1. Fulfilling

    I got mine yesterday. I am pretty happy with them. I put one together this morning just to see how well they assembled. I remember someone commenting on the length of the necks, they are definitely a bit too long to use 'as is'. I think they are supposed to fit deeper into the socket, but it didn't fit for the first one I built. Still, they are very easy to trim with a knife, I just shortened the neck and it looks good now. I did run into a problem with one of the cloaks on the sprue. I was cutting one out, and a piece snapped off the one beside it. It seemed odd that it should snap off, so I looked closer and it seems to be some sort of casting flaw. I saw the same line in the same place on other sprues, as well as other lines in other places. It's pretty clear in the pics, the first is the sprue I cut, the second is another sprue with a shiny line mirroring the snap line of the first. It looks like it shouldn't be too hard to glue back together, but I think it's likely to be a recurring problem. Even taking some care, the cloaks have very thick joins to the sprues that will take some force to cut. Worst case though, I have to glue some cloaks or put some together without cloaks, something I was planning to do anyway. And here is the assembled mini. She is tilted back with her cloak resting on the ground, obviously she'd be standing straighter when based. She also still needs a quiver and shield, but she's already looking good: I probably should have left the cloak off until it was painted, but I don't know if I could assemble the arms and head properly without the back piece in place, and I wouldn't want to try and paint the arms or head before assembling. I might try painting the torso and cloak, then do assembly and finish painting for the limbs. At least with so many minis, I have plenty to experiment with. Overall I'm happy I backed this, I got a lot of nice looking minis for a very good price. And the resin pieces look great. I got mine yesterday. I am pretty happy with them. Edited to fix what must have been a double post.
  2. Fulfilling

    They did indicate the revised rule book would be shipped separately. The Nordheim expansion is based off the Conan story "The Frost-Giant's Daughter", so it's not surprising she isn't affected by cold. She wore almost nothing in the story as well.
  3. The sorcerer in my campaign likes to polymorph. The giant ape is a huge creature with great combat stats and a decent intelligence, so it is more flexible than the biggest 5E polymorph beast, the T-rex. As a result, I knew the ape would see a lot of use, And it has proven true as the sorcerer is loving the chance to mix it up in melee. He also likes tossing things and climbing everywhere, so I decided to get a mini. I picked up a nice looking giant ape mini from Crooked Dice. First I painted it with Grey Liner, and it looked so good I started using it as is. After all, gorillas are basically black anyway. But I finally got around to finishing it. I added a bit of cinnamon red to the head highlights, I noticed a lot of gorillas are gingers.
  4. Wow, I don't think I've seen one painted before. I never got around to painting mine, though I seem to recall assembling it at one point. It looks a lot better painted! It's hard to make out details in raw bones, I never noticed the upper appendage almost looks like a head, and the giant maw wasn't even obviously a maw (at least not to me). I like the colours, perfect for a monster called a filth beast.
  5. Live

    If you click on the K in the top left corner of the video it takes you to the kickstarter. I was confused the first time I saw that was well, a feature of the new forums I guess.
  6. Fulfilling

    Got mine in Canada yesterday. Another great looking bunch of minis!
  7. Fulfilling

    Mine varied from Officer Chase who had no parts to attach to Ranger Brinna who had an arm with a bow, an arm with an arrow and a sheathed sword for her belt, not too many parts anywhere.
  8. Fulfilling

    I received my Sherwood's Legacy game today. The thread for that is locked though, so I'm posting here. This thread probably could be locked though, I don't think anything is still outstanding.
  9. Live

    Free shipping, nine minis and a board game for $35? I'm willing to take a risk. The leonine team looks like it could double as catfolk, lycantropes or even rakshasa (spell check doesn't like any of those critters). I'm not sure I'd have any use for the Saturnians outside the game, but they are at least interesting looking figures. And of course the ks exclusive looks like a bipedal grumpy cat. The felines could also be used in sci-fi if you wanted Kzin or maybe even thundercats. I like the little bit of fluff on the ks page, I hope they develop more.
  10. Live

    I love the latest unlocked stretch goal:
  11. Funded

    I think it's supposed to be studded leather armour. I've seen something similar many places, most recently on some of the orcs in the Dungeon Explorers kickstarter: The closest real world equivalent I've seen is brigandine. This a picture from the brigandine Wikipedia page of an Indian armour called "coat of ten thousand nails" which has very similar studs:
  12. LIVE

    This is in it's last day. There are a pile of free addons if you pledge $40 or more. The project has raised over $70k, but the last stretch goal was unlocked at $7400. They also pushed fulfillment from May to September while the project is live. I'm taking it as a sign they have some idea of costs and time, so I jumped in, risking $55 to get everything.
  13. I'm guessing that's a typo:
  14. I'm not a big fan of the new format, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I really don't like the double carriage return. One big thing I noticed missing is the link to ( at the top of the page. I used to use it a lot. The link to the inspiration gallery ( is also missing.