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  1. Chronicle X by Archon Studios

    The minis should be great. I've backed both LOAD and Vanguard of War and been very happy with the figures. Also, both projects delivered on time, and their foam storage system (with pictures of the minis on the bottom) is my favorite.
  2. Aradia Miniatures - Arktikos: Northern Lights

    Ask Pluto and Goofy to explain it to you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pluto_(Disney)#Confusion_concerning_Pluto_and_Goofy
  3. Vanguard of War - Archon Studios

    I got a box today containing the kickstarter expansion but no core game. This is something they mentioned might happen, so I'm not concerned. The minis look great, with fantastic bases.
  4. Hot & Dangerous

    I haven't gotten anything, but they are still finishing Jeanne, so I'm not expecting anything for a while.
  5. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    The latest unlocked stretch goal is a 78mm tall griffin: A little larger than griffins are normally, but that would make it a good size for a 28mm d&d version. Also, the wings are apparently placeholders, the sculptor stopped working on the griffin to work on the redesigned beast. This is entering the last week. And while the pledge manager will be open afterwards, they do have something called the super exclusive, the awesome looking Gog and Magog minis. They will only be added to people who back the $120 maiden pledge during the live campaign. You can apparently add a maiden pledge in the pledge manager later, but it won't get the giants. And finally, what $120 gets you currently:
  6. Greenbrier Games Folklore - the Affliction

    I finally received my shipment yesterday. The minis are quite nice, very soft, just a bit firmer than bones. They are larger than most tabletop minis, but I don't think I'd have a problem using them at the table. And they have some really nice, different looking characters. Here's an abomination next to a bones wizard and a vampire: Next is the same wizard with a wolf, gargoyle and a werewolf: The pics are a bit blurry, but the wolf doesn't look great detail wise anyway. One of my least favorites, but still handy when you need a pack of wolves or wargs. The others are good looking monsters. Next are some minis from the tan box. The roguish lady is a slayer, next to her is a stregna, then a woodsman, some demonic flames (very similar to the bones translucents) and the bananach, the jokey last stretch goal who is a lot larger than I was expecting: I really appreciate the females are in the same type of aggressive poses and the males. The slayer looks so good I included her in the next shot to show the billowing of her cloak. The bananach is a wonderful figure. She actually has a nicely sculpted mask, like something you would see on a superhero. Next is the scientist, a really nice mini with spectacles and an open book. Then a grumpy looking dog (he's an undertaker's pet, probably part of the job), the second shot of the slayer and the archfiend. I was pretty disappointed when they changed the slayer mini from the original render, but this is a nice figure. There is, again similar to bones, some serious warpage in some of the figures. The archfiend was leaned so forward he looked like a linebacker, his knee was actually touching the base, and his head was well forward of the base. And the base itself was quite bent. But a quick drop into a bowl of boiling water fixed it right up, as you can see in the pic. Next is the restless spirit, courtesan and the banshee: This are good examples of the more cartoonish oversized stylings with the oversized heads. I actually like them though. You can see some flash on these, for the most part it isn't too bad, and located in good spots. I haven't noticed any across faces for instance. But some are bad, which brings me to the last pic. This is Indiana Jones, I mean the archeologist, the arcanist, the undertaker (that's his dog in the earlier pic), the dapper gentleman unsheathing his sword-cane is the illusionist, and finally the witch hunter with a sword and hand-crossbow. The undertaker has the worst flash I've seen, and it's pretty visible in the pic. It looks like it could be a pain to clean. The arcanist looks better than the picture. She is holding her palm forward with a "you shall not pass" look on her face. The minis seem to be quite pose-able after boiling. The archeologist's whip was hanging in front of him, I had no trouble moving it to a better position and it seems to be holding the new position just fine. Overall, I'm very happy with what I received. I just started perusing the books, but it does look like a fun, atmospheric game with some interesting "choose your own adventure" stylings in the adventure booklets so you can have some mystery even without a dm. And coming back as a ghost (complete with translucent mini) when/if your character dies should be a interesting mechanic.
  7. wargaming scenery and terrain

    Click on the K in top left corner of the first image/ks video. The link is a little hard to find unless you know where to look.
  8. Mythic Battles Pantheon

    I'm kind of dreading this. I wanted all the minis so I ended up adding the Titan pledge plus the Paolo Parente box and the storage box. I will be getting such a huge pile of stuff I don't know where to put it.
  9. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Ironic that four of the first six heroines in sensible shoes aren't.
  10. Battle Arena Show

    Nothing so far. But it does look like a bunch of backers received their games last week.
  11. That's an ...odd campaign video. It starts out as a very specific subset of mini terrain, in fact the project seems to be just for funding a field trip, then potentially grows...a lot, ending with "Bio mechanically plausible monsters!" I do like using Stonehenge like stones in campaigns, but I have a few already and doubt I'll ever need more. I have no doubt this stuff would be much more accurate than what I have from Dungeon Crawler and Reaper (what with them taking a trip and scanning the actual henge stones in the UK), but I doubt many players would notice. I'd like to see this succeed to see if he can produce anything (but not enough to back). He has had several unsuccessful kickstarters with interesting ideas and lofty goals (the first raised £121 of a £50,000 goal, but it had stretch goals out to £10 million.
  12. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    This could end up costing me a lot. There are an awful lot of add ons, but they really seem to be game changers. I love that the siege expansion comes with a separate card game to play before the battle starts to simulate the months of time during a siege, along with a pile of great looking terrain, castle walls etc. Even at 15mm trebuchets, battering rams, siege towers et al. will be usable on a 28mm tabletop since you want the representation, the scale isn't as critical. And Ars Nova seems like a completely separate game (it's even co-operative/solo rather than versus like the main game), a mystery that just happens to use the same mechanics as the core game. A Sean Connery mini in an Umberto Eco novel come to life? Count me in. I don't know how much replayability it will have, but for $20 it's an easy add for me. Unleash Hell and Legendary Dragon are more traditional type expansions, but they do look so good:
  13. Greenbrier Games Folklore - the Affliction

    I just received a shipping notice for this. If it arrives before the end of the month it will be one year late, though it feels even longer. I'm still looking forward to it though. I backed the deluxe level with the Colossal Dark Oak, so I'll be getting a big pile of minis. And the game itself looks like it has some real potential.
  14. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    It does look good, but imagine what a mess it would be to paint. After all, they (mostly)* come assembled. *They mentioned the dragon was coming with wings separate. Presumably this will be shipped in a similar fashion.
  15. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    The $666k stretch goal is the beast from Revelations: