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  1. Live

    This is the same company that successfully delivered the animated D&D based kickstarter last winter: It was a great project that delivered minis which exceeded expectations.
  2. I left this one sit for a while. Even though I only had the green section left, it's a big section and I have to admit I felt a little intimidated looking at it. After assembling the mini, the size is a little more apparent. Finally though, I started back up. I drybrushed layers of Highland Moss, gradually mixing in Splintered Bone and a tiny bit of Clear Yellow. Then I moved on to the bone spurs, layering Red Liner, Fire Red, Saffron Sunset and Clear Yellow. I didn't paint all the spurs, I thought it would overwhelm the green, and I figured they grew under the skin until they broke the surface, so many smaller ones would still be green, and some of the bases would still be green. When I finished the fire red layer, I really liked the look. I think all red spikes with a green body would be a great combo for a froghemoth. In any case, this is pretty much done. I just need brush on gloss/dull coat sealer. I'm still torn over the mouth, but I'm leaning towards leaving it shiny from the gloss coat. Here are some pics. The first is a little blurry, but it has a human sized bones mini for scale. This next pic is my favorite, the front view from a players perspective. Some side views. This is a wonderful sculpt, lots of detail. Finally a (mostly) top view.
  3. Funded

    Another nice thing in the box is the terrain. The buildings are very sturdy, made with nice thick cardboard. The cyclops is nice, I didn't have a cyclops mini. Maybe Reaper can make one (or three) for Bones 4.
  4. Funded

    I received my main pledge yesterday. The minis are huge, larger than the resin minis I received in November. They look fantastic though. Here's a few next to some Reaper minis I had on my desktop. They look closer to the ogre in scale then they do to the human. The light brown are heroes, the others npcs.
  5. I got a little more done. I painted the claws, then coated the base and the non-green parts on the body. I typically gloss coat then dry coat, but since this is a swampy monster I left some areas on the base glossy, like the eggs and some crevasses. I also left the mouth and some bones shiny, but I doubt I'll leave them like that. I expect to dull coat the bones, but the tongue looks pretty good like that. Next I assembled everything. I only have the green left (and the eyes), but since it's such a major part of the model it might take a while.
  6. live

    You shouldn't even try.
  7. That's very cool, I'm happy I got it right. It adds a whole other dimension to potential encounters. Are they aggressive ambush predators, or just angry moms protecting their young?
  8. Didn't get a lot done the last couple days. I painted up the base, it's very nice with lots of details. Including what looks like it could be a bunch of eggs. I guess it could just be froghemoth poop, but they are very smooth looking spheres, so I think eggs are more likely. I didn't want to make them all the same colour, so I basically grabbed all the paints I used earlier and painted random eggs, rocks and crevasses different colours. Then I drybrushed it with Cloudy Grey and highlighted with some grey mixed with Splintered Bone. I stippled some Highland Moss on the mossy sections, and mixed some splintered bone and Clear Yellow to stipple some highlights. I used some Steel Wash on the 'eggs' and a bit of Grey Wash on some of the rocks. I think I will use a gloss coat on the 'eggs' so they stand out a bit on the finished model. Next I plugged the feet back into the base to see how they looked. Originally I planned to just paint the inside of the legs until after I assembled the whole thing, but the feet fit firmly into the base so I went ahead and painted them completely. Hopefully I remember how I did it when I paint the rest. I used a thick drybrush of Highland Moss followed by some moss mixed with the same yellow and bone I used on the base. I still need to paint the claws, they will likely be the same as the head spikes, or maybe even the teeth. Finally I coated up the belly. I used a bit of pink in the middle, then drybrushed Saffron Sunset and a bit of Clear Yellow. I didn't spend too much time on it, I figured after it's assembled it won't get many eyes.
  9. Live

    Well it's about time we saw a Dwarf kickstarter! It's been days since I've seen one. I was happy with my halfling roosters, but I really don't need more dwarves. It's odd they didn't advertise this to the backers of the halfling project, that had 232 backers, I'm sure at least some would be interested in backing this. That bear standard looks awesome.
  10. My pledge just arrived. I backed for a book so it was a little later than most. The minis look good, the techno-barbarians are very nice, and low tech enough they could be used as D&D characters (well, except for the lion-man's rifle). Lady Azura would make a very nice monk.
  11. I finished the mouth and the underside of the tentacles. I also did most of the top of the head, forgetting my plan to assemble it first, and painted the chin to match the belly. I still need to do the green, but I'm planning on doing it last to minimize handling wear. I used Saffron Sunset, Clear Yellow and Sun Yellow to lighten the reds and paint the teeth, underside of the tentacles, finny tail portions and the bonelike protrusions on the head. I finished the teeth with Dirty Bone. I'm planning to use similar shades for the back spikes, but they'll probably be one of the last things I paint. That last shot looks like a tadpole. I glued the second set of tentacles and the head to the body. I plan on doing the base and belly next, then the inside of the legs before finishing assembly. I'm hoping the green will be easier to paint with the base to hold onto.
  12. I don't think Takhisis has ever appeared in a module. She is a greater god and should be considered unkillable. She was statted up in the 2e Dragonlance Adventures, she had -10 ac (the maximum) 999 hps and four attacks that did 1d10 times 1-100 damage. The catch was she picked the number from 1-100. So if she's really angry, 1d10*100 per hit. And she had the spell casting power of a level 40 cleric and magic user. I shudder to think of the campaign that had players who could challenge her. Tiamat has shown up a few times though, from 1e thru 5e, most recently in the Rise of Tiamat module. She was originally intended to be a campaign end game monster, so definitely killable with an able enough party.
  13. I left the Froghemoth dry assembled on my desk. It worked, as I started painting him a couple days later. I decided to look to Erol Otus' original art for colour inspiration. I also found a Kamandi comic page by Jack Kirby that is likely the original inspiration for the Froghemoth. I usually assemble models before painting, but looking at the assembled Froghemoth I figured it would be too difficult to paint as a single piece. The only pieces I figured I could safely glue were the right hand tentacles and the eye stalk. I broke out the Grey Liner for the base to go with the Red and Green liners I used for the gorilla I just painted. I did re-dry assemble to take some pics. And I still managed to miss that the chin needed to be red to match the belly. For some reason, the odd teeth made me think of a muppet, so that's all I can see when I look at the Froghemoth mouth now. Next I heavily coated the red areas with Fire Red. Even though I started with the darker red liner, I want to end up with an orange to yellow on the tentacles, and probably not much darker on the belly or tail. I moved on to mixing some Rosy Skin with the red to paint the tongue and eye stalk. I haven't decided whether to go with the white-red Erol Otus eyes, or the red-black Jack Kirby style. I'm planning on finishing the interior of the mouth then gluing the head in place before working any of the green. I might attach the other tentacles at the same time.
  14. Live

    This is an easy back for me. Zombicide Black Plague has been the most popular game with my gaming group. Plus I'm a big fan of the not-minis, and I'm sure there will be many more before it's done. Not-prince: Not-Ali: Not-James Earl Jones: Not-Wolverine: Not-Ragnar: Not-Lagertha:
  15. Even though I already painted a giant gorilla recently, I really like the Savage Avatar gorilla I got from Bones III so I decided to paint it as my first mini from the kickstarter. Just look at that handsome mug! My first thought was to grab the grey liner I love so much, but I thought it would be boring to basically paint it the same as the last one. However gorillas don't have a lot of variety in nature. Eventually I decided to try and use something from the new sets of paints I got from the same kickstarter. Then I decided I should paint the whole thing with the new paints. I started by using the washes. I didn't have a grey, so I used blue with a bit of sepia for the body. Blue, green, red and sepia were the lizard hide portions. I used Cloudy Grey, Russet Brown and Driftwood Brown for the other details. The washes were surprisingly dark, though good for base shades. I used Saffron Sunset, Fire Red, Ultramarine Blue and Highland Moss for the first highlights, along with cloudy grey mixed with my sepia blue base mix. At this point I realized a flaw in my plan to use all new kickstarter paints. There aren't really many light shades for the final highlighting drybrush. I ended up using Rosy Skin, Clear Yellow and NMM Gold Highlight to brighten the shades a little bit. They aren't nearly as bright as they would have been if I'd used some whitish shades, but they did the job. I like how the blue turned out with a bit of both the gold and skin mixed in. The red of course doesn't look very red, but I didn't mind the pink so I skipped playing with saffron and/or yellow to try and look redder. I used the green liner with some water as a wash over the base, and drybrushed a bit of the Highland Moss on top. It would probably look better with a more contrasting base, but overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I think I will probably end up gluing the t-rex head on, but I'll let it dry and coat it with sealer first before I decide. These are the paints I used. I did pour out a drop of Burgundy Wine, which is why it has paint on the cap, but I don't think I actually used it in any mix that wound up on the Avatar.