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  1. This is the same company that did the Warbears and Stagriders kickstarter, so they do good work.
  2. Suden

    Dungeon Accessories

    I got a nice box of stuff today. Everything looks fantastic. The large chest is big enough to double as a coffin. The detailing is really nice. I moved the gold coin pile onto the Reaper mini base so it'd stand out better. They ended up with only one rat model, but it's a great one, and works fine in a group. This is only half of the rats I received. The jars are nicely painted. The rat in the foreground has a broken paw. It was the only damage I saw anywhere, and is an easy glue to fix. The padded chair and desk is probably my favorite piece, it looks amazing. There are 16 smaller chairs, two tables and two flaming braziers. The brazier looks great, the base is a horned demon holding the bowl on it's back. The books are very nice, and are square enough to stand on their ends. The weapon assortment is also nice, I only put about half of them in the picture. The polearm looks like a good piece for customization. The were only a handful of skulls, but they look good. I like how some are misshapen, they look like they were bashed in during combat and will work well for battlefield scenes or bases. The pillars turned out really well. They are nicely painted and I did get all 16. The fireplaces are nice as well, though the removable fire and logs are probably the poorest paint job of the ks. Still, it's small and inside a fireplace, so it doesn't actually look bad. Some stretch goal quantities did end up being less than advertised, but I still ended up with a pile of great looking stuff, so I definitely feel like I got my money's worth, even with paying extra for shipping. And getting things ready to use out of the box is great, I have so many things waiting to be painted that I never prioritize dungeon decor over creatures.
  3. I got my cards today. I didn't get the big box but I still got a big pile of great looking cards.
  4. Suden

    Cone Killer Dragon Diorama

    They have a contest on their facebook page, if you are the closest guess to the actual ks price for the diorama (everything but the bust) you will win one. If the guesses are accurate, this might be out of my price range, but it's a fun idea and well executed.
  5. Suden

    Nova Aetas: Dark Renaissance Tactical Game

    The next wave just arrived. It consisted of two boxes, pandora's box (the rest of the squire's pledge) plus the manticore box from the base pledge. Some items like the dragon are still to be shipped, but I didn't order one. The minis are looking good, with very nice sharp details that should make for easy painting. There is an awful smell in the boxes of some oil based substance. The minis will need a thorough washing, hopefully that takes care of the smell. I don't remember any unusual smells with the core box. Just like the core game, the minis are quite a bit bigger than even Reaper scale. The manticore looks great, though it's actually a bit smaller than it looked on the campaign page. It looks good next to the minis though. Here are a few samples: A Beast of Obsidian, Alabastro, Leonardo da Vinci and the Lady of Fire. Leonardo facing off against the manticore to show the rest of his contraption. There is a bit of flash on both, but casts are good, should be minor repairs. The flash is quite noticeable along the manticore's flank. That was the worst I saw on the minis. The Lady seems to be summoning a skull, rather than the expected fire. She has lots of potions, pouches and jewellery. She's a wonderful mini, my picture doesn't do her justice.
  6. Shipping is starting next week. Fun fact, he ran into problems with getting his bases, so he's getting them from Reaper now. The latest update has inked versions of the manufactured minis: Most of the rest are very naked, so NSFW and not safe for Reaper forums, but you can check out the latest update to see them all. There are some great looking minis here. They look fantastic inked.
  7. My horde arrived. I got all the bear and moose minis and a half a dozen ladies. The animals look fantastic, I can't wait to paint them. The ladies look good too, my favorite is "Beer Time", she's pretty unique. I think I have a bear skin rug around here somewhere to mount her on, I will use her the next time my party meets a succubus.
  8. Suden

    Gangfight Skirmish Game System

    I'm in, I have a bunch of minis, I should learn to do more with the Tranquility crew than point them at each other going "pew pew"
  9. Still waiting here, should be soon though, I got a shipping notice July 20th.
  10. Suden

    Dungeon Accessories

    If they did, great. I might have missed where they discussed it. Either way, I'm good.
  11. Suden

    Dungeon Accessories

    Their latest update is backer only. They received the much delayed columns (the last pieces to be made), but have run into financial difficulty: "Hello everyone, The columns have finally arrived and we picked them up from the warehouse earlier today, (see pictures below). Also, in keeping with our promise of being upfront and as transparent as possible we need to let everyone know that at this point all funds are depleted. If you have been keeping up with all of the updates and comments you know of the manufacturing issues we've had to deal with and overcome. On top of that we didn't charge enough for shipping. Also, since we launched our KS USPS decided to issue a rate hike, not once, but twice, (lucky us). Some of the issues we had to deal with was just out of our control, but others were our own doing and self inflicted because of our lack of experience. Since the shipping will be totally out of our own pocket we will ship packages out as we have funds available. Have no fear, we promised we would deliver and that's exactly what we plan on doing." It's not really surprising, they have been upfront throughout about manufacturing problems (they had to switch manufacturers midway through) and cost overruns. Shipping was quite low for this project ($3 US, $10 rest of the world), and they have already shipped all orders that didn't include the free columns. I don't personally mind coughing up a little more for shipping, this was a good deal and the finished product is looking great. Plus they plan on shipping everything regardless, but because they are going out of pocket for shipping it will take them a while to pay for everything. I feel like I should be ticked off about delays, stretch goals being cut in half and now extra costs, but I'm not. They seem like they are doing the best they can, and I appreciate the honesty. And the columns look fantastic:
  12. Suden

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I got my box today, everything looks great.
  13. They have some nice looking minis offered with the movie:
  14. Suden

    Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1565070206/sci-fi-bounty-hunters/description I'm not really much of a sci-fi guy, but these are the same company that made the Dungeon Explorers kickstarter (the ones based on the animated D&D series) and delivered some fantastic minis.
  15. Suden


    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1620164718/28mm-skeletons-part-two This project is by By RBJ Game Company, the same folks who just delivered the 28mm Amazons ks. They delivered a nice looking bunch of minis on time and for a good price, I`d expect more of the same here. Some pledges: Scale shot: