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  1. Miniatures in Movies/TV/Media

    It wasn't a miniature, but I had to share this. The latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow featured a lot of D&D references (and a very funny Doctor Who joke). A nerdy DM from the future* compared all the legends to a D&D party with a monk, a druid, a half-orc rogue, a bard, a gnome wizard and a sorceress. This shot is from the end of the episode, and it's John Constantine playing D&D with the aforementioned DM and his group in the future. *and yes, there are apparently nerdy dms in the future, and they are handy for solving problems, because this show is awesome.
  2. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Mine just arrived in Canada, I haven't even opened the package yet.
  3. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    So this is interesting. This press release is for three new games in the Robotech universe, and I just got an email from SolarFlare Games that they are also releasing three different games in the Robotech universe. Robotech®: Force of Arms, Robotech®: Crisis Point, and Robotech®: The Invid Invasion. Each game is set during a different era of the show. I backed SolarFlare Games kickstarters for Nightmare Forest (Dead Run and Alien Invasion), Lords of Rock and Archmage origins, so I'm looking forward to their games. It doesn't look like they are kickstarting the Robotech games though.
  4. Last day for this one. It funded and has reached a couple stretch goals: There is a freebee mini for any pledge of $30 or more:
  5. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    I think fumble 2 is the biggest contributor, which is why they have so much unused stock now. If they'd just been honest about it from the beginning, they'd still have some angry backers, but no where near the vitriol they have generated for themselves. They've done so much damage to their brand I doubt they will ever recover.
  6. Happy Birthday Suden !!!

  7. C-EL DICE

    That's a very good point, we are always losing dice like that.
  8. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    Why yes, yes they do...https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Dark Heaven Legends/sku-down/03833 They also have them in bonesium in the Bones III Stoneskull expansion. The tiles look distinctive, I wonder if the coloured lights in rooms will mean anything. Maybe different search decks, with weapons in the security area, protective gear in the living quarters or healing supplies in the botanist rooms. Security is the only one marked though. Security could just mean locked doors. I wonder if they will change the mechanics for door opening, you'd think a thumb print or retinal scan would suffice for a futuristic door, and an axe probably wouldn't do anything.
  9. Zombicide: Green Horde

    I got a shipping notice from Canada Post Wednesday, notice from Geekfunder Thursday and the game today. Everything looks good, with the typical high quality zombicide miniatures. The trebuchet is really nice, it'll get a lot of use in and out of this game. The runners and some walkers look too similar though, I think they'll need to be painted or there will be confusion on the table.
  10. Heresylab - Scifi Heresy Girls - Miniature Set

    I backed a rolljordan indiegogo project, I was very happy with the results, a nice looking team of sylvan elves sculpted by Patrick Keith and delivered quickly. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rolljordan-fantasy-football-horned-frogs#/
  11. Hot & Dangerous

    I got mine today. The minis look great, lots of character, and they did a great job on the packaging. I want to paint the baby godzilla separate from the base so I can scare a party with horrible loud roaring sounds (maybe even a godzilla roar recording), then drop the little guy on the table.
  12. Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles by Monolith, Kickstarter

    Nice thing about Batman minis is there are lots of alternates you can swap in if you don't like some of the game figures.
  13. Conan: The Book of Set

    I received my book today. It looks good, excellent art and some interesting looking scenarios.
  14. Conan: The Book of Set

    This is a small follow on campaign to the Conan kickstarter. It is only running 5 days (4 left). The only new offering is the Book of Set, a scenario/art book. They are also offering leftovers from the first project, king pledges and all-in pledges. The book looks pretty good, a 100 page hardcover with 50 pages of scenarios and the rest devoted to concept art + painted minis and descriptions/background for $18+shipping ($30 total to Canada). They are promising a quick turnaround, expecting to ship in November.
  15. Battle Arena Show

    Since they sent me the email in September but I never received anything I figured I would just wait, assuming they had recalled the missent packages and would send me my order eventually. I got tired of waiting and finally sent an email Jan 20th. They responded the next day, "Your parcel was sent months ago and you should be received it a while ago. We tried to find the error with no success, so we will send you a new parcel ASAP. Sorry for the issue. Kind regards, Koti Games team" I was a little surprised but fast-forward three weeks and I get an unusual package. It was a box in a very sturdy white sack. Inside was the game plus the add-ons (and a small box of stretch goals). All of the character minis are resin, the minions are a soft plastic similar to bones. The packaging is very nice, the game board and pieces look to be thick, good quality parts. Three of the core minis with a Reaper mini for scale. The resin looks good, though it seems to be a bit on the fragile side for playing pieces. Still, the casting is pretty nice, it looks easy to trim, and there aren't a lot of pieces (most minis have one arm that needs attaching). The minion pieces. They are sturdy, bendable plastic very similar to bones. Some of the KS stretch goal figures. I picked up the final hero pack, plus Onigiri because I couldn't resist the Kill Bill mini. So it ended up being a year and a bit late, but I'm still glad I backed, it's a good looking game plus some nice, paintable minis.
  16. Mythic Battles Pantheon

    I got my stuff today. I only opened the core box, which weighs a ton by itself. I snapped a quick pic, the minis look great. Delivery in early Feb when it was scheduled for Dec is great for such a large project, and the extra month to Canada was well worth it to avoid import tariffs and sales tax. Scale is a bit odd, they made the heroes larger than the troops, which is why Atalanta looks so much taller than the amazon and Leonidas towers over the hell warrior. Still, neither would look out of place on most game tables as seen compared to the Reaper mini in the middle. And the gods could easily double as giants. The centaur is a bit blurry but he's a nice mini with a cool helm. Zeus has lightning crackling in his hand, I'm sure there will be some fantastic paint jobs with that.
  17. I received my pledge today. I backed for the Tranquility crew and the Belle Witch. They are great looking minis.
  18. Adrian Smith's HATE

    It will be interesting to see what happens with this game. Unlike previous CMON games this one won't be available at retail. So it's possible the core game could be more valuable, but it's also possible no one will be looking for ks exclusives, since people picking up the game from ks will likely have grabbed any extras they really wanted.
  19. Titanicus - A 30 cm kaiju miniature

    This quote is funny: " I decided that I was tired of seeing the same type of creatures repeatedly, so I went and created Titanicus. " So he decided to make one that looks like Godzilla?
  20. This looks interesting. It's a roleplaying game from Modiphius with some mini options as well. The early stretch goals: These minis look to be characters for adventurers. Makes sense, but hopefully they will have some monster minis unlock as well, it's gotta be hard to find decent proxies for martian critters.
  21. I received my order yesterday. The game looks pretty good, though the scenario pages are very thin paper and look easy to damage. The minis are decent to good looking plastic quality. For the most part you can easily make out details, though a few of the faces look a bit too smooth. This is partially a function of the scale, they are as tall as Reaper minis but very thin, more of a true scale. I noticed complaints about warpage on the BGG page, but they don't seem any more warped than any other mini game, and in fact I think there will be minimal boiling required. There is a bit of flash on a few minis, but nothing abnormal or extreme. I ended up getting the core plus the two expansions, along with the Lori adventure+mini. Here are some pics: Sisters Beth and Maggie from the What Lies Ahead expansion with a Reaper mini for scale. Carl and Michonne from the Killer Within expansion, along with Dale's RV and Michonne's walkers from the stretch goals. You can see a bit of flash on Carl's arm and vest, and detail is poor on his face, though not surprising for a smaller child mini. These are the generic living and undead minis from the core game. They didn't skimp on minion quality, the faces and clothes look quite good. And finally Merle, Daryl, Rick and Glenn from the core game. There is a bit of visible flash on Daryl, but the quality on these is quite good, with recognizable facial features. I'm happy with my rewards, and I'm looking forward to trying the game.
  22. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I thought it was just me. I thought I was all locked in, I had purchased and paid for extras but don't recall seeing the option. I was wondering how I could have possibly missed it, I love getting free stuff. I did get a survey confirmation in November, but there was no mention of the 13th mini.
  23. Definitely Canadian bears:
  24. I had pretty good luck with my minis. I think only one was missing, and it was because the sculpt had vanished (ogre mage I think). They are very nice minis, it's a shame everything that went wrong with the project. Frog God Games turned me into a fan with their handling of the mess. At first I was a little bugged that they got a licensing fee and backers got nothing, but weren't obligated to do anything. And they ended up giving every backer a digital store credit equal to backers pledges, so I got a pile of pdfs at a huge discount. I doubt they could have handled their part better.