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  1. Maledrakh

    Sir George the Gangly

    This wonderful mini is "The Guardian" sculpted by Christian Af Bjärgö, originally a part of the "circle of chaos" warband kickstartered by Curtis Fell of Ramshackle games fame. The miniature was also included in the "Pantheon of Chaos" kickstarter somewhat later (not by Curtis Fell) where you probably got it from as there were a lot of strange chaos warriors in that one.
  2. Maledrakh

    Dark Hold Kobold Horde

    there are several pictures of these kobolds next to 28mm minis, both goblins and humans. I think they look to be just about the right size for 28mm.
  3. Maledrakh

    Tarot of Saqqara

    it has a flexible funding goal. = they get whatever money is pledged no matter if it funds or not.
  4. Maledrakh

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    Definately PVC. Thar be undercuts on yonder giant bits, see?
  5. Maledrakh

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    I am thinking at last someone made a proper Spawn of Chaos model for Warhammer.
  6. Maledrakh

    Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette

    so niether "everlasting", nor "the best". Who wudda thunk?
  7. Maledrakh

    Overturn Rising Sands

    search "rising sands" and it is there
  8. Maledrakh

    Overturn Rising Sands

    This is the kind of Kickstarter campaign that highlights the "buyer beware" bit of kickstarter. also, the Kickstarter company might want to be more proactive when something most likely will add to giving Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general a bad name.
  9. I like how this tower can be stacked from a hut up to the heavens. It needs a telescope option through the roof though.
  10. Maledrakh

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Had to have that big one. Who else can go to to toe with Ma'aldrakar in the bathtub?
  11. Maledrakh

    Overturn Rising Sands

    This campaign is solidly in the "sounds too good to be true" category for me. Even though I do not doubt the creators intent to make this, I do doubt their ability to. I do hope they will follow through and put my misgivings to shame here.
  12. Maledrakh

    Vanguard of War with Zombies - July 17

    AvP: ...the computer says "no". I have not got my remaining bits from the AvP, even though I was in contact with them and agreed to exchange some items to in stock stuff. This was some months ago. Then they went silent. I think the person I spoke to quit, and that was the end of communication. before that, I bought something else and paid for shipping to get the main delivery, was it more than 2 years ago? At that point I did get that shipment AND a second shipment with some replacement minis as I was missing a few parts in the main shipment, and that with out much fuss. So they are not all bad in my book. I truly believe they intended to finish it, but that project has gone from disaster to disaster and has probably solidly been on the backburner for several years while they try to make a living without letting AvP drive them into bankruptcy, as it probably would have ages ago if they had used all their cash towards fulfilment before running their company. it's a lose-lose situation for all involved, but I do feel most sorry for the many backers that have not received anything at all in all these years. at least as long as they stay in business there does exist a smidgen of hope to actually getting something in the end. Even though the game already is outdated, at least the resin AvP minis are nice. AvP aside, Archon (as opposed to prodos) does have a good track record with delivery and nice quality product, at least afaik.
  13. Maledrakh

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    At last a properly scaled cthulhu! I have to have it. IA IA and all that. ....I wonder what that "miniature" will do to shipping costs.
  14. Maledrakh

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    Space Marine (Warhammer 40K), Warrior (Rising Sun), Vampire (Solomon Kane), Conan (Conan), Solomon Kane (Solomon Kane), Leonidas (Mythic Battles), Bandit (Solomon Kane), Khorne Warrior and Stormcast Eternals (Shadespire) Yeah, these are scaled well. I am in for now. It is a shame I am only really interesed in the minis. The game itself is a lot of forest that could have been spared for my part. 2000+ cards? Umpteen boards? That takes up an lot of shelfspace I really do not have. And it means it will be heavy shipping as well. Did someone mention a solo mode?
  15. Maledrakh

    Cheap but Good Brush Recommendation?

    I purchase cheap packs of 10 white nylon brushes off ebay. Some of them bend and split after a while, but they are often less than the price of a single good brush, and some of them work for months before being downgraded to a drybrush or stippler.