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  1. If only they had built full size sets of the downed star destroyers in Jakku as well.
  2. fulfilling

    I am wave 1 and the packers are on wave 10. not heard a peep apart from the form response to my query a week ago. all I ever wanted was to know what is up with my shipment, Reaper?
  3. fulfilling

    That looks suspiciously like my package @Xherman1964! But where have you hidden the mythos expansion and stone circle?
  4. fulfilling

    does anybody know how much time usually passes from they finish packing any given shipment ( i.e. it turns up on the tracker) and the email notice goes out?
  5. fulfilling

    I bet 5 cents on some unlucky soul bumping into the special and very expensive transport label printer, knocking it over to the floor wrecking it, so they needed to get another and calibrate it before being able to resume shipping two days later. (yes, this happened at my place of work once. The printer is now tied to the bench so it cannot be knocked over again. )
  6. fulfilling

    I am on Wave 1, no notice. I sent an email to reaper some days ago, and got a "we are looking into it with our UK hub" in reply some hours later. since then...tumbleweeds. So it is pretty much guaranteed that if it comes at all, it will come when I am absent for a fortnight.

    **Slightly off topic question; how does the Lleis the Fire demon from bones 2 compare size wise to Rauthourous? ** They are about the same size. Fire demon is slightly taller/more bulky, but rauth has much wider wingspan. I have both mine on the same size base (off the top of my head it is 50mm lipped rounds. Might be 60mm though.)
  8. Live

    I am quite sure that one of the main reasons our type of homo sapiens humans are so totally dominating the world to the point that there are no other sapient species (such as Neanderthals) left at all, is that the ability to communicate to transfer ideas and concepts effectively both when present (speaking) and with those that are not present (writing) gave us the edge when competing for survival to the point of wiping out all other competitors. Ergo, those abilities evolved with us, and must be as old as our species is. Writing follows speach.
  9. Live

    Carnevale was originally by another company called Vesper On Games, that kickstarted it, released it and some time later went out of business (was it last year?) TT Combat bought the game and assets and this is their relaunch of the game. I think they have redesigned most of if not all the minis. I believe TT combat is owned by The Troll Trader, one of Britains largerst gaming webshops/ebayers, so they should have some financial backing to stay the course.
  10. Live

    apart from it being a bit more expensive, it seems very much to be a carbon copy of the last campaign. ie the campaing is purely a marketing tool to sell existing product (or bespoke preorder of same) and not a "campaign to create something new" as the terms of use state. I wonder whether this actually is a violation of the terms of use or not. I would like to see Kickstarter itself comment on this.
  11. the face would be the soft detail of the original mouldings that were ...impressively soft. to say the least. luckily the newer minis from that game are of significantly sharper detail. For my part, I find the SoB minis to be great fun to paint. most "white-ish" paints (such as the light blue used in the trouser hightlights) are generally very strong, which leads to stark contrasts as we see here, These colours need more diluting (and often several coats) than many others to make them translucent enough to get nice colour transitions. Also washes / glazes will help. suggestion: The contrast is very strong and should be weakend a bit to make the glaze work. I would try to make a dilute mid tone to paint right on top of the starkest highlights to tone them down a bit before trying a glaze all over to even things out. Or even just paint over the highlights completely and do them again with a much more diluted highlight colour.
  12. Ah, that ROUS (thanks Chris Palmer): Princess Bride. yes. My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father. Prepare to die. Inconceivable! And the concept of being Mostly Dead. July target: 31 / Painted: 45 August target: 31 / Painted: 10 LOTR Moria Goblin Archers 7 Shadows of Brimstone: Undead Gunslinger and Undead Outlaws 3 The Others 7 Sins: Agents of F.A.I.T.H.: Leah, Morgana, Rose 1 The Others 7 Sins: Avatar of Wrath 6 The Others 7 Sins: Abominations of Wrath 1 The Others 7 Sins: Avatar of Greed 6 The Others 7 Sins; Abominations of Greed 1 The Others 7 Sins: Avatar of Sloth 6 The Others 7 Sins: Abominatons of Sloth 3 The Others 7 Sins: Hell Club: Dr Gan, Flay, Marguerite 1 Eureka Miniatures: Flashman
  13. Live

    spoken language did not exist 50.000 years ago? bullocks to that. our kind of homo sapiens humans have existed at least 200.000 years. as if our ancestors did not evolve the capacity to speak along side the physical traits needed to form words. so that statement is what we call bovine manure. which also makes all other statements made doubtful.

    Naturally, the Dragon parts should be black. you never go wrong with black, it matches all colours :)