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  1. Pre-launch

    it would be pretty safe to assume that reaper not only has mapped out and planned everything that is going into the bones 4 campaign a long time ago, but also has pre-production prints or resin masters all ready to show off. Might be a few late commisions still in the render stage though.
  2. Live

    That one is "Lemmy in the style of any Manowar cover art"
  3. fulfilling

    I have a question, in case anybody knows: are shipments for Norway in the EU zone container, or do they go out direct from the US as RoW shipments? ...and I just noticed it says "Europe zone" and not "EU zone", so I expect the answer is that they are in the container.
  4. Live

    This does have the taste of "do this exersise on this machine you need to buy from us just 5 minutes once each week, and you will be ripped like a body builder in just three months" BS sales pitch for the lazy. What if what I want to learn to play is, say, anything by Meshuggah, or the infamous Rachmaninov III piano concerto? One thing is that they might have a groundbreaking, very easy and intuituve notation (where were the examples again?) but the 1000 hours+ of practice needed to imprint the muscle memory that makes your body fluent in the instrument of your choice are not so easy to shorten.
  5. I really like these elementals' pose and sculpting. So much more imposing and dynamic compared to most other elementals I have seen. Picking flowers... There are many more pictures at my blog Water Elemental was done as follows: first, an undercoat of clear matte varnish. This is key! I used Army Painter Anti Shine spray. Then some vallejo blue ink and when dry several light drybrushings with progressively lighter shades of pale blue up to almost pure white. Then some ancient citadel turquoise glaze here and there, all topped off with gloss varnish. I did some color shade variations all over this one, but I think maybe the gloss varnish fuffs it up so this can't really be seen in the pictures. Fire Elemental was done as follows: First the undercoat of clear matte varnish. Then several abortive attempts with yellow ink which did just not work until I abandoned that idea and undercoated it with three coats of opaque white. After that successive layers of heavy to light drybrush with bright yello - golden yellow -dark pink - dark red brown and finally black. It is important to let the colours dry a bit between coats to avoid tearing off the layer below when drybrushing. Finish with dotting in some blues for the eyes. When painting fire like this, it looks pretty terrible up to the dark red brown layer. Suddenly, it looks pretty sweet indeed. Earth Elemental was done as follows: black undercoart, then heavy drybrushed coat of dark green gray, followed by lighter coats of yellow sand and light grey white. A stone combo that I think works so much better than just shades of grey, grey and grey. I probably should have varied it more with different types and colours of rock represented. but I just could not be bothered as I just wanted it done at this point. I need my Bones 3 shipment to complete the set! When O when will it arrive? Wherefore art thou mine Large Air Elemental? 77311: Large Water Elemental Reaper Bones translucent blue from the second Bones KS unknown sculptor, as it is uncredited in the listing. 77082: Large Fire Elemental Reaper Bones translucent orange from the first Bones KS sculpted by Julie Guthrie 77185: Large Earth Elemental Reaper Bones from the first Bones KS Sculpted by Kevin Williams all in Bonesium PVC 60mm Reaper display base .
  6. The "Wood Elemental" Spirit of the Forest. And quite a large one at that. Don't think you are going to do much damage with a sword and some arrows. I did this in late summer colours so it could go for the "spirit of summer" bonus thingy in the reaper forum resolutionary painting challenge. Makes me think of the many summer woodland walks and August camping trips with the boy scouts. Summer lasting all of three weeks here in Norway before the Autumn rains set in. Because Winter is Coming. 77184: Spirit of the Forest Reaper Bones from the first Bones KS sculpted by Jason Wiebe Bonesium PVC 60mm base
  7. A water weird is a water elemental that exists within / is bound to a specific body of water and that can give the heroes a nasty surprise when going for a wash or a drink. I made the mistake of using blue ink on this, which turned the whole thing too dark, which I tried to correct with drybrushes of lighter shades, but it seems I just made a mess of it. I salvaged it somewhat by dumping ancient citadel turquoise glaze on it and then gloss varnish to make it look wet. The basin was done with my basic green/gray stone combo. It ended up better than I first feared. 77310: Water Weird Reaper Bones translucent blue from the second Bones KS sculpted by Bob Ridolfi Bonesium PVC 30mm base
  8. I rediscovered this metal mini in one of my stored basement boxes the other day. I have no idea why I did not paint it back in the day. One quick paint job later: 02712: Eye Beast Reaper miniatures sculpted by Julie Guthrie white metal 40mm base
  9. Hello and thank you for your kinds words all! @sirgourls: I would use it in game if I had the chance. I don't really get to game much these days :( @tjrez, I can't publish links as that goes against Reapers' policy as they are also commercial sites, but you can PM me. @Lorathorn: superglue. The support is a paperclip superglued underneath the base and comes through a hole that I drilled and under teh beholder it is bent in a 90 degree angle so the mini rests on a horisontal support a few millimetres before the paperclip is bent 90 degrees again to enter the hole I drilled for it in the beholder. if that makes any sense. The beholder is hollow (the printer fills it with a wide honeycomb-structure inside for strength) and does not really weigh much. The PLA is quite light.
  10. Live

    @pcktlnt: there probably aren't any of those types left as the bigger orcs ate them all..."looks like meat's back on the menu boys!"
  11. Live

    @bane of humanity: it seems nowadays all through the internets, people are constantly searching for something to take offence to and/or disparage. Wolverine is such an iconic character that very many people have a certain view of him. And when the homage makers' view does not fit with their own, that is just an excuse for let the floodgates open. I like this wolverine too, but I do tend to look at him like a dwarf blizter for blood bowl more than the wolverine. the pose has a lot to do with it i think..
  12. May and June Reaper Bones: 3 x Avatars of Djelibeybi 77338, 77339, 77340 1 x Water Weird 77310 1 x Spirit of the Forest 77184 (*Spirit of Summer bonus challenge) 1 x Large Earth Elemental 77185 1 x Large Fire Elemental 77082 1 x Large Water Elemental 77311 Reaper Metal: 1 x Eye Beast 02712 Oathsworn: 1 x Tardog Wolfskinner, Ogre Vagabond 3D printed: 1x Axolote Beholder Shadows of Brimstone: 1 x The Burrower 8 x The Doorways into Darkness 13 x The Scourge Rats & Rat Nest 6 x Bandits 3 x Harvesters from Beyond Painted so far in May: 36 Painted so far in June: 6
  13. Back in 2013, Oathsworn had a kickstarter for a range of oldhammery heroes, with dwarves, halflings, and a few monsters like the efreet and shambling mound that I have painted earlier. I am very slowly getting round to them, one at a time: This is Tardog Wolfskinner, Ogre vagabond from that set. Full of that oldhammer character and charm. Now if only I could remenber where I put the rest of those minis... Tardog Wolfskinner, Ogre vagabond from the Oathsworn Heroes KS (2013) Oathsworn Miniatures sculpted by Michael Lovejoy white metal 40mm base
  14. And they* said 3D printing poses no threat to traditional miniatures... well maybe not yet, but still: There are a few more pics at my blog. This is a 3Dprint I printed out myself on my cheapo Flashforge Finder. Printed in PLA with .01 layer height. I scaled it a bit randomly to make a large one. The original model is by Axolote Gaming, an unexpected bonus item from their second Kickstarter, and also one of the better models of a Beholder I have seen yet. You can see the stepping from the printing process if you look closely. This is particularily obvious in the teeth and the eyeball as.the gloss varnish I used on the eye really made the stepping apparent. It was not half as bad before. At any rate, the stepping is really only apparent when looked at closely, or when magnified such as in the pictures. The fangs are a bit misshapen here and there, mostly from my printer not being all that great. I have not used a file when prepping, just clippers and a sharp hobby knife. Maybe a file would have straightened those teeth out properly. Something to try next time. The tentacles are hollow as their cross sections are to small to include any infill. This means they are quite brittle and prone to snappin off. Luckily only one of them broke during the removal of the supports though. My printer also left a lot of extremely fine hair-like strings attached to the finished print, so together with removing the print-supports there was quite a lot of prepwork. At least I did not have to wash it to get rid of the mould's release agents, as I have realized the truth: there is no mould. A note about painting 3D models: Neither drybrushing nor washes are good techniques for them, as the stepping will get accented and more pronounced. (and here I am with drybrushing and washes as my favorite techniques... argh!) I used a 50mm lipped base with a paperclip to make the stand. Beholder model by Axolote Gaming 3D printed at .01 layer height PLA 50mm base *They still being Tom Kirby CEO of Games Workshop in the 2014 GW Chairman’s Preamble to the Games Workshop CEO annual report.
  15. Funded

    I would say the DS scenery material is similar to Lego plastic. i.e. almost indestructible I would not be too worried about anthing here not standing up to normal use.