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  1. Confrontation: Classic

    does anybody have any info on sans detour? Have they done anything at all in the past? are the people behind it industry veterans?
  2. My first thought as well. Are not stirges much smaller, though?
  3. March: 11 Mars Attacks! Martians minis, including 3 casualties. 34 Dungeon Saga Abyssals minis. (Bonus 1: Purple -one of the Hell Hounds) 10 DeadZone Rebs 7 DeadZone Orx Marauders April: 4 Warpath Orx Command 5 Kings of War Goblin Spitters March: 62 April: 9
  4. Wilderness Encounters by Bears Head Miniatures.

    Bears Head Miniatures are on my official "good creators" list after their excellent last KS, from which I recently received the rewards. Excellent quality sculpts (if a little on the small side compared to GW or even Reaper) and excellent communication. I also ordered a few of his undead livestock etc minis off his website, which were delivered promptly and with excellent communications. Very good indeed. A+ will back again.
  5. Self-Standing Leather - Lite Dice Bags

    @whitewolf that would probably because the stylised tree as seen here is a common theme in new age and wicca-oriented decorative products such as wall plaques, playing cards, mugs, notebooks, what have you, and often with the title "Spell book" or "Dream book" in those settings. I can't help but notice that several of the designs used in this campaign are similar to designs I have seen elsewere, the yggdrasil one maybe the most blatantly similar... original notebook by Lisa Parker, british artist: the campaign creators have even left the spiral binding in the clipart they have used. (of course, maybe Lisa Parker is involved wih the campaign, but somehow I doubt it.)
  6. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    They are of, course, the hybrids from The Expanse They do not need suits to survive. alternatively, the zombies are extras from a schlockhorror b-movie shoot that were in their rubber costumes when the necromancer killed them all with free (poisoned) beer and then raised them.
  7. Zombicide: Green Horde

    my first impression was an immediate "where are all the cool minis I expected"? and then realising they would be in wave 2. Also, "the orcs are smaller than I had hoped."
  8. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    They gave her a bevelled base edge, I assume to look even more like 40k. All the other zcide have thinner, straight-edged bases. The Others: 7 Sins minis (which the aliens in the cover image reminds me the most of), have the thicker bases, but still straight edges.) Interesting to see if this gw-base style makes it to production or not.
  9. The bimonthly resolutionary challenge in the Reaper forums is to get about 4-5 minis painted each month, and also there are some bonus challenges. This February, like last year, one of the bonus challenges is to paint a minature with your fingers. No brushes allowed. And no fingers of other, smaller people either. And it needs to be a creature, not scenery. Challenge accepted. Again. Last year I fingerpainted this: 77368 Shadow Demon This year, I am doing this: The Bones 2 “77372 Burrowing Horror”. Basically a teeny tiny Tarrasque. Technically I probably should have done the primer with my fingers as well, but seeing as it was undercoated by spraycan many moons ago, there have not been any brushes on it. So there. In preparation for this, I have let my fingernails grow a couple of weeks…since my fingertips are way to big to get at any details at all…but a fingernail, both edge and torn, does the trick! These are the colours I used for this. I picked them as I went along, only having a vague idea of how this was going to end up. The miniature was baseless, so I made a base for it: Bespoke 3D printed 80 x 55 mm oval lipped base. Starting by dipping my finger in a pool of Scalecolor Heavy Metal (=midtone silver) I wiped the finger a bit and “drybrushed” the whole model with a movement from front to back on the model. A few goes at this covered nicely: This was followed by a highlight of Army Painter Shining Silver on the ridges and main plated of the head and tail, taking care to not cover up all the Heavy Metal. After that, some Vallejo Game Color Glorious Gold on the claws I mixed some heavy metal with the gold to create a highlight color, which I dabbed on the tips of the claws. I also tried to do the teeth in gold with the edge of a fingernail, but this did not turn out too well. Tearing a fingernail, I used the point to paint the teeth individually, and also did the eyes in Vallejo Game Color Magic Blue, highlighted with a small dot of ancient Hobby Game Products Blue 005. The nail broke off, and I had to tear me a new one. This I then used to clean up some areas with black lining and fixing bits I had missed or slopped the wrong color on. I finished with some blobs of Vallejo Green Ink on the sides and underneath. Then I had to fix all the spots of green that had gotten where they should not be. And then I had to fix all the metal that had rubbed off here and there with my handling of the mini. The base: A thick layer of Army Painter Walking Dead Dirt Spatter, followed by Reaper Pure Black on the rim. After this was dry, I marked where the feet would be by dabbing some lighter brown on the soles of the feet and holding it to the base. This was followed by a globbing on of thinned down PVA woodworking glue to the base surface with my finger again. A couple of tufts were added straight into the wet glue and then I dipped the whole shebang in my box of flockmix. Gently clearing flock from where the feet were to go, I put some superglue in the general areas and placed the miniature on the base, and it was done: Painted by hand. In the most literal sense. All in all, a fun couple of hours of getting messy fingers. Mostly waiting for the paint to dry whilst frantically wiping at my tacky paws to get the paint off. And at last I got to cut my fingernails down to their proper place again! Cardboard boxes being the sworn enemy of fingernails, they caused a couple of casualties at work today.
  10. Zombicide: Green Horde

    I have recieved both games here in norway
  11. Kraken Help Needed

    Superglue should actually be enough on its own for those parts as long as there is enough contact area. Note that superglue works upon contact and if there is not enough contact area it will be significantly less bonding. I suspect this is the reason it came loose on you. The greenstuff works as a gasket or gap filler and provides surface area, which is the reason it works. Other types of putty can also work. A two part epoxy glue will do the trick if the gs/superglue does not work for you.
  12. I had some browns and greens left over on my pallette from working on some orclings, so I put the colours to use together with some vallejo smokey ink for the dark stain. Just globbed a few different shades on, drybrushed some others here and there, dotted in the eyes and teeth and hey presto. I glued some basing flock to it's branches for the finishing touch. 30mm base Together with this Swamp Demon from Conan the Board Game: These were both really quick and easy, which often is the case where the colours are similar all over. 25mm integral base.
  13. Maledrakh's Bones 3 Wereboar

    A Wereboar in full charge mode. No wonder King Robert got the worst of his drunken encounter in the woods. This one was started via a case of "I have some exess paint on my palette", this time I had a mishap and squeezed out far to much skintone at one point. And as I can't really get the paint back into the bottle, I needed to find a use for it. Hence this. This wereboar is AFAIK as of yet unreleased for general sales by Reaper, so I do not have a SKU code for it. It came in a set with the werewolf I did not too long ago, and weregorilla(!). I based it on a 45mm 3D printed base. I hope it does not droop any more, but I fear it will as so much of the mini's mass is to the front, with only the single back leg to support it. Time will tell.
  14. The Kraken

    Just a word of warning with this mini. the bonesplastic mast or rod used to hold the kraken itself is not strong enough to hold the weight over time, and it might bend. Mine has drooped all the way and is in a sorry state. I would suggest you stiffen that rod with someting (or substitute it altogether).
  15. Kings of War: Vanguard

    sorry, my gaff there. I was thinking of the frost giant render that was shown off at beasts of war. I had not seen the KS update, as I dropped out of the KS. anyway, I agree fully that the concept was better.