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  1. I had some browns and greens left over on my pallette from working on some orclings, so I put the colours to use together with some vallejo smokey ink for the dark stain. Just globbed a few different shades on, drybrushed some others here and there, dotted in the eyes and teeth and hey presto. I glued some basing flock to it's branches for the finishing touch. 30mm base Together with this Swamp Demon from Conan the Board Game: These were both really quick and easy, which often is the case where the colours are similar all over. 25mm integral base.
  2. Maledrakh's Bones 3 Wereboar

    A Wereboar in full charge mode. No wonder King Robert got the worst of his drunken encounter in the woods. This one was started via a case of "I have some exess paint on my palette", this time I had a mishap and squeezed out far to much skintone at one point. And as I can't really get the paint back into the bottle, I needed to find a use for it. Hence this. This wereboar is AFAIK as of yet unreleased for general sales by Reaper, so I do not have a SKU code for it. It came in a set with the werewolf I did not too long ago, and weregorilla(!). I based it on a 45mm 3D printed base. I hope it does not droop any more, but I fear it will as so much of the mini's mass is to the front, with only the single back leg to support it. Time will tell.
  3. The Kraken

    Just a word of warning with this mini. the bonesplastic mast or rod used to hold the kraken itself is not strong enough to hold the weight over time, and it might bend. Mine has drooped all the way and is in a sorry state. I would suggest you stiffen that rod with someting (or substitute it altogether).
  4. Kings of War: Vanguard

    sorry, my gaff there. I was thinking of the frost giant render that was shown off at beasts of war. I had not seen the KS update, as I dropped out of the KS. anyway, I agree fully that the concept was better.
  5. Kings of War: Vanguard

    note that the render is of the Ice giant, which is not the common or garden variety giant in the concept art. hence the whitewalker weapon
  6. Maledrakh's Terrorton

    The Plague affects not only humans, but most animals and many alien sentient races. Such as the hitech DinoTurtle-like Teraton. The Teraton females are significantly larger than the males, and when infected by the Plague, she grows partially into and partially busting out of her armour, while remaining more or less her normal size. These 2nd generation Teratons retain most of their intelligence and function as leaders on the field of battle. I like to call them Terrortons. Because they are terrifying and weigh a ton! While at the same time being well ‘ard and quite imposing on the battlefield. They are about the same size as a 1st gen, but not quite as powerful. They are good as secondary leaders and can provide some hard muscle in smaller games where the 1st gen is too costly to bring. The Terrorton is made in restic and I have mounted it on a 50mm base, like the 1st gen. Plague Teraton for the Plague faction, Warpath and Deadzone games. by Mantic Entertainmant made in restic PVC 50mm base
  7. Maledrakh's Mantic Plague 1st Gens

    The imposing 1st generation plague victim. What happens is that the first person to get infected by the Plague in a given cycle, turns into a horrendous monstrosity, growing several metres in height and width, it’s new massively muscled frame covered in a bio-organic spiky exoarmour. In it’s new form it is extremely intelligent and powerful individual that sets out find others to infect. These new victims turn into the 2nd generations, each much smaller than the 1st gen, but still ogre-sized. These again infect the 3rd gens that we have seen. The 1st and 2nd gens do not use technology or weapons, relying on their rock hard exoarmour and brutally strong claws to do the dirty work. I found that for some reason, I had started but not finished painting my 1st gens. Two complete repaints later: The one to the left is the restic standard 1st gen model. The one to the right is a resin kickstarter exclusive freebie for those who spent an obscene amount of cash on the first KS. (of which I remain guilty as charged…) One of the resin mini’s fingers had broken off during storage. That’s what happens when it is put loose in a box with other minis, and that box is part of an avalanche in the Mountains of Minis. (At that point I might have said a bad word.) I managed to make a new finger by carefully applying some plastic putty in several stages. Can you see which it is? The resin one is slightly larger than the restic one. I believe the restic shrinks a bit more during casting. They are painted much the same way as the other plague models I recently have painted: Reddish-Brown basecoats, several careful drybrushes with shades of beige and skin, globbing on a generous wash with citadel druuchi violet ink and some carroburg crimson ink in places while the violet is still wet. Two thin coats, pah! Glob it on I say! take care to not let it puddle too much though. When dry, drybrush again with several skintones. Some more carroburg crimson here and there for muscle-effect. Dot in the eyes and teeth in white over black. red for the tongues. I mounted them on 50mm lipped round bases I had lying about. Looks much better than the 40mm flats they came supplied with. Plague 1st generations for Deadzone and Warpath. by Mantic Entertainment
  8. Maledrakh's 77493: Brain In a Jar

    It’s a Brain in a Jar! I have always wanted a brain in a jar. So I can have a safe place to keep the moonshine, you can be quite certain that nobody is going to mooch off it when it is in there together with that thing... This one comes from the Reaper Bones 3 kickstarter and I simply could not wait any longer to paint it. It is a giant brain, though. The legs stand at about 5cm in diameter. 77493: Brain In a Jar Reaper Miniatures, Bones 3 KS. Bonesium PVC sculpted by Chris Lewis
  9. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    shipping is...USD 99. on a USD 300 pledge. damn those large, heavy boxes!
  10. CMON Rising Sun

    HA! HA! HA! next up, in the cmon "Ragnarok in Asgard" game, the "Maledrakh" dragon troll of old norse, who ate the smithing hand of the evil dwarf Vekna and suffered indigestion, the throws of which keep causing earthquakes and hails of fish at inopportune moments in Midgard. Maledrakh is a stretch goal at USD 564.000 ...not true, but plausible.
  11. Help me fix these skeletons

    When painting for tabletop, it is usually good to emphasize contrasts and overdo certain details. as stated above, some more highlight and completed bases should help. I you want variety, different base colours beneath the same washes and highlights often do the trick when the minis otherwise are similar. I would in addittion suggest stark or pure white on the teeth to make them stand out properly.
  12. Can I keep this from breaking?

    I take it this is a metal model? if you are handy with a soldering gun... but seriously, Pinning is for when it is already snapped off. and has its risks of not aligning as stated above. Before that happens you could try putting a dollop of epoxy glue into and on the offending crack and then carving it carefully down when it is set, then paint over.
  13. Got to go public to keep up a head of steam. Im in again.
  14. Jan/Feb RPChallenge!

    For my first personal challenge this year I will be forcing myself to paint all the contents of the latest mantic crazy bobbys crazy box of craziness that I ordered in a moment of black friday weakness. A total of 126 (or 138, if casualties and spruefiller animals are counted) semi-random older mantic minis. I should hopefully be done by easter... anybody interested in the long version with ramblings and ranting can look that up my blog via the link in my signature. I will be entering the results in the rpchallenge before returning to my regular schedule of semi-random minis. 1: The DreadBall RefBot 3: The Asterian Cyphers 6: The Plague Hounds 11: The Plague Men and swarms 1 Mars Attacks! Esteban Ramirez 1 Kings of War Lower Abyssal 10 Kings of War Elves Spearmen 20 Kings of War Elves Bowmen 1 Dungeon Saga Orclings 1 Dungeon Saga Orc Warbeast 3 more Dungeon Saga Orclings 2 Mantic Plague 1st generation 1 Mantic Plague Teraton 1 Bones 77493 Brain in a Jar 2 Bones 77495 Saproling & Conan TBG Swamp Demon 1 Bones 3 Wereboar 7 Shadows of Brimstone: Serpentmen of Jargono & Shaman Completed so far from the Mantic CRAZY BOBBY’S CRAAAZZY BONANZA BOX OF CRAZINESS!!!!* 54/126 +(5/12 casualties / small animals etc)) *actual name of this box on the invoice Completed Minis from the Mountains of Minis: 18 Total so far this year: 72