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  1. Maledrakh

    Overturn Rising Sands

    about drake: Benji was on the Canadian version of Dragons Den / Shark Tank with Drake in a last ditch attempt to get some backing for it, and managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He talked his way into getting one of the dragons to be interested and make an offer, but then he asked for more money and was promptly turned down. He blamed everyone else for his failures ...and he gave away the professionally painted dragon prototypes he had in the process. Well, even if he had gotten one or more of the dragons to back him, I am sure he would be dropped like a hot potato as soon as they entered the dilligence phase after the program to look beyond his blather. The first KS was well intentioned enthusiastic incompetence coupled with delusions of grandeur, and after that funded he set up an entire production studio in expensive Vancouver, with no one actually knowing what they were doing, leading to less than stellar results, and delivering a first wave of minis with incomplete rules and lots of misprints in haste so the second KS could be justified...and the second drake KS was a criminal scam from top to bottom, it turns out there is no way it could have been fulfilled as he was already too far into debt, and he did it just to get cash in to clear as much of the debts he had racked up as he could. He went silent not long after KS paid him the drake II funds, and nothing more was ever delivered. Sorry, I am not bitter about this at all. *drake rant ends* at any rate, the more I think about this campaign, the more of a drake vibe i get off this. I would not be very surprised if it turns out to be the same guy behind it under an assumed name or using a strawperson. But I might also be entirely wrong, so I am not making any accusations. What I can say is that the campaign as it stands is in my eyes a "too good to be true" proposition, and it seems the creators (like Benji of Drake) might not have done their due dilligence properly before enthusiastically rushing ahead to launch the campaign with stars in their eyes. And that I believe this will end badly, whomever it might turn out is behind it.
  2. Maledrakh

    Overturn Rising Sands

    I also have the drake vibe going here. (If it should come to light that anybody named benjamin or benji macdonald is in any way connected to anybody involved with ths project, stay away.) lovely renders, great idea for a setting, far too ambitious first outing, very optimistic about everything. And a bit nebulous when it comes to who they are and what they have done before. Everybody can be “profesionals” but i would not ask a professional ice cream maker to do the job of a professional neurosurgeon...at least we can see that they are not professional copywriters as the writing in the ks is not good. The campaign presentation seems a bit rushed. ...so if they rush th ks campaign, what confidence does that instill for how the real work will be done? i see all darsc’s points above and raise with the stated delivery time July 2019. For that to happen; the finished and assembled products (a lot of components here, will probably involve several different factories) must be on the water before chinese new years in spring time, or at least so close to finished that just packing the containers is more or less left to do. Add to this that As far as I have understood it, even getting a timeslot for production at the few factories that make this sort of thing will involve a fair bit of waiting, even worse for a new customer with uncertain prospects who won’t be entering negotiations until the ks funds. I mean even just production approval usually involves a lot of back and forth. How castable are these renders even? And for a new company this is exasperated by the factories jacking up quotes when they see how much the ks took in, they are businessmen those factory owners, not fairy godmothers. Safe to say I for one do not believe this timeframe is realistic. If they had said july 2020...just maybe, but probably not even that. Also, is the plastic terrain is in the style of plastctaft printed precolours and not moulded?
  3. Maledrakh

    Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5

    Might many of the problems outlined above have to do with the american shipping partner more than anything else? My own experience with fulfilment of this game is good, but I am in Norway, and so have had to do with the European Pilibert. I got the main shipment which sadly was missing the "rise of the titans" expansion and a single hellhound from the core box. So I sent a missing items claim to Philibert via the link provided. The forms to fill out were a bit draconic but I do understand why as it reduces the possibility of misunderstanings drastically. Maybe a week or two went by, I got a "please confirm" email which I replied to, and a week or so after that I got the missing items and fulfilment was complete. So that is a plus in my book. Sorry to hear about others having problems here. anyway, I am in it for the lovely, lovely minis, and cannot comment on the gameplay.
  4. Maledrakh

    Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5

    can I just say that these minis are without a doubt the best PVC minis I have had the pleasure of owning. Or even seen elsewhere. They are that good. I have the original set with many expansions, and am getting the new stuff this time round. Of course, many of the infantry-size minis suffer a bit from "one piece casting" poses, but the gods and monsters...
  5. Maledrakh

    Confrontation: Classic

    well, maybe the claim was not all that spurious after all then There is a subtle difference between "inspired by" and "copied". LoS seem to be toeing the line rather heavily there. Are there other examples?
  6. Maledrakh

    Bears Head Miniatures

    those are excellent! and the calaveras de azucar there brought a smile to my face
  7. Maledrakh

    Confrontation: Classic

    for my part, I think the copyright claim against LoS is a rather petty and spurious strike, and it does not reflect well upon the SD / Stellar companies or the people running them. I do not forsee this going to court, because of the international aspect and the cost of actual legal action, and I don't think Stellar expects that either. Afaik the creators of LoS have also downplayed /obfuscated who they are, expescially their links to Cadwallon, formerly recasters of confrontation miniatures, so they are not exactly sqeaky clean either. But as far as I can tell, they actually stopped selling recasts when informed by Stellar that Stellar had the IP and were going to relaunch Confrontation. also afaik the LoS campaign featured their own stuff, no matter how similar to Confrontation they might be.
  8. “Off to off the wizard” The figures are from Reaper Bones KS3, “Chronoscope Wild West Oz”. Since they all were armed, I see this as a sort of hit squad, hence the title. I based them on 30mm round display bases from Reaper, and I 3d Printed a 20mm round in a similar style for Toto. Since not only the Tin Man, but also the flying monkey are obvious metal robots, I think “Weird West Oz” or even “Steampunk Oz” would be a more fitting moniker. The miniatures are made in the slightly harder Bonesium, henceforth to be known as Better Bones™. Since the third Bones kickstarter, all Chronoscope Bones are coloured grey, The Flying Monkey, Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow are sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, with Dorothy and Toto by Julie Guthrie. Only the Scarecrow seems to be released in Bones as of yet.
  9. Maledrakh

    Maledrakh's Sledgehammer BFG

    @Disserrma thank you for pointing that out, I had not looked there, and search function comes up blank.
  10. Maledrakh

    Maledrakh's Sledgehammer BFG

    This set was delivered as part of the third Bones kickstarter campaign, but is not sold by Reaper. There seems to be no mention of it here on the Reapermini-site at all, which I find a bit strange. It does not appear in any search I have tried. However, it is to be found on the Victoria Miniatures site, so I assume it was only made by Reaper for Victoria Miniatures and not as a joint product even though it was in the Bones KS. That aside, IT'S SLEDGEHAMMER TIME! I have not actually painted any large vehicles or similar kits like this in a very long time, and have never really tried my hand at weathering or any of that lark. So the results are not all that either. In hindsight, I think I should have done the piece in a different color more consistent with the uniforms I ended up doing, maybe added some camo netting or something. Also I probably should have looked into how to do weathering properly -I don’t even have a sponge. And maybe I should get my airbrush up and running again. Oh well. It is perfectly servicable for the tabletop. the backside pictures all turned out too blurry to be usable. The gun and carriage are in hard polystyrene HIPS plastic, and quite straight forward to build. Parts fit together fine with little or no flash to speak of. The crew are in bones material, and the rubbery type at that. Only the wrench and the rangefinger piece needed the hot water treatment to straighten anything out. All (apart from the range finder part) are one piece, with tabs beneath their feet to fit seperate slotted 25mm round bases in a similar style to 40k. There is also a large oval base for the piece, but I did not use that here. The tabs needed slight trimming to fit the slots in the bases. Apart from this the minis only had very slight mould lines, which can be ignored unless they, like for me, trigger your OCD and need to go. I carve them off with a sharp scalpel. The range finder-piece was completely wonky even after boiling, and I ended up having to drill through it and insert a pin to get it to be something approaching straight, The crew are slightly smaller than similar models from the Imperial Guard, sorry, Astra Militarum from Warhammer 40k which this model clearly is meant for.
  11. Maledrakh

    Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest

    Excellent work! may i make a suggestion? I expect you have seen snow white? How about doing the apple she is holding partly red like the one the witch gives to snow white?
  12. Maledrakh

    Maledrakh's Malifaux Hog Wild Crew

    The Hog Wild Crew from the game Malifaux by Wyrd Games. Warning: I don’t play Malifaux, but I do love these minis. Apologies in advance about any in-game mistakes I might make here. These are the entire contents of the boxed set called “Hog Wild”. HIPS plastic miniatures, many pretty small parts and a bit fiddly, especially the bonus gremlin (to the left) that was included in the box. Even so, lovely minis with a great sense of both personality and movement. The Hog is called “Old Major” but I have done him up as the tyrant Napoleon from the Animal Farm animated film (1954) which is a film everybody should watch (or read the book by George Orwell).“Old Major”, incidentially, is also the name of the old hog who starts off Animal Farm by holding an inspirational speech shortly before he dies, a speech that inspires the revolt on the farm and the rise to power of Napoleon. But I found this model to be much more Napoleonesque than the wise Old Major…as some animals are more equal than others. Ulix is the Leprechaun-like beardo with the top hat, and as far as I can tell, the leader of the crew. Penelope the hound helps keep the rest in line. I did this one similar to a dog a friend of mine had many years ago. The three little pigs huge boars. Excellent models with heaps of animation and personality! Imagine one of these barreling out of the undergrowth, charging straight at your little, unprotected hunting party… And the bonus bayou gremlin, and extra included in the box with a sticker on the outside.
  13. Maledrakh

    Confrontation: Classic

    typically, the creditors go after the money. If another company by the same owner has cash on hand, they will go after it in one fashion or another.
  14. Maledrakh

    Oh, you can't trust a troll...

    such listing has happened to several of my bones as well, it has to do with gravity and thin /off center supporting legs or whatnot. Luckily, I find that using near-boiling water to unbend them before dunking in ice cold to fix the new postition usually does not damage the paint job. But when you have the correct position, it will be necessary to prevent it sinking again by either sticking a pin through the leg, or somehow putting in another support or if possible a third contact point. I have on occation stuck a pin through the base and up to the knee, and then hid it with a bush.
  15. Maledrakh

    Confrontation: Classic

    @kristof65 and @odinsgrandson, you pretty much summed up why I am not calling it an actual scam. I do not think they are outright scammers, in that I do think they have every intention of trying to make the models they say. However, since I also do not think they have done their own due dilligence and are really off the deep end when it comes to actually producing this, their apparent incompetence coupled with the endless promising and self-confident sales blather will pretty much amount to the same result: backers will lose their money. I would add to the business part, that Ludik Bazaar, a deep discount games online retailer, being the third business with the same owner and at the same business address as sans detour, seems to be failing and on the brink of bankruptcy. (or at least has been losing money to such a degree that they are remaking their business model to only reselling second hand items in a bid to survive.) Which in this case makes it a very big minus, as it speaks both to that there is a real chance there is no extra money in the system to prop up any losses SD might take, but also that there might be a potential money drain that saps funds from SD to boot, depending on how their businesses are set up and how French bankruptcy / debtor's laws work. And in turn might explain some desperation to get the cash in. But of course, this is all malingnant hearsay from those who would see the KS campaign fail...