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  1. Sometimes things can be in plain sight. The front and back box pictures show various angles of picture 31 that I am working on. The one part I cannot reproduce is the Platformer Kit platforms shown on the back.
  2. Here is the base board covered with, I think, a copy of a Star Fleet Battles miniatures game sheet. I am not sure who produced it and I am quite sure after 30 years it is no longer in production. I probably should try to have it printed on something heavier if I do another, as the paper started stretching while I was gluing it down. So as you can see, you can get an idea of how much area I plan to cover, and how high it is... so far. Pictures are with Camera flash and Fluorescent light.
  3. I started on the next two kits to attempt to duplicate the plant in picture 31 of the instructions. It is not going to be easy with so much hidden in the picture. I have, I think, identified most of the major components. So I think I will try a front to back type of assembly. To fill out one of my mountain bases with a Chem Plant, I will need more kits... so I ordered five more!!! If this gets as big as I think it might, I will need to anchor it to the base panel. Not quite sure how, as yet.
  4. Some more progress, still working on parts from the first kit. I am building modules then putting them together. Eventually I will need to prepare the base board as it will become too large to transfer from the work/gaming table to the base board. In the close-ups you can see pipe runs to connect to future modules, and connectors on the sides of the tanks.
  5. So, the current battle took place on the Romulan/Inter Stellar Concordium border. Map plan is from the Star Fleet Tech Manual and would place the I.S.C. to the right of Gorn and Romulan space. Both Admirals committed tactical errors but the I.S.C. fared the worst. The I.S.C. entered the battle with a 700+ point force facing an 1,100+ Romulan force of five heavy Cruisers and one Dreadnought, whereas the I.S.C. had three Destroyers and one heavy Cruiser and one Dreadnought. The weapon status of the Romulans was level 3, which required the Romulans to charge all heavy weapons for three turns. The I.S.C. took advantage of this fact and raced in reaching an uncomfortably close range the Romulans had not planned for. The Romulans had cloaked before they were too close but then started to de-cloak the three heavy Cruisers to the right. The I.S.C. immediately opened fire on the closest of the three and quickly reduced his shields and his shield reinforcement to the point of the Romulan Captain reversed his de-cloaking. The I.S.C. quickly switched fire to the other two but neglected to concentrate fire and merely reduced their shielding. The critical mistake for the I.S.C. came when he reversed course in front of a, now, fully charged Romulan force that promptly de-cloaked and launched many Plasma Torpedoes that caught up to the retreating I.S.C. The Romulan fire was concentrated on the Dreadnought and a Destroyer. The Destroyer was crippled and had to be towed from the area and the Dreadnought suffered heavily also. The best course of action for the I.S.C. would have been to proceed through the Romulan formation using his superior speed advantage over the Romulans Tactical maneuvers, also dropping mines in front of the Romulans and then behind them after passing through the line. The Romulans would not have been able to respond fast enough to track and fire upon the I.S.C. until well out of effective range. The mine placement may have been sufficient to reduce the force size advantage. As it were the I.S.C. determined the damage suffered, warranted a retirement from the area, the Romulans had avoided having their shields breached.
  6. Okay, here are some pictures of what has been completed so far. I have chosen to use glue in several places, Testor's Plastic Glue, for strength. It dries quite fast with this plastic. The first two pictures are something I designed and the second two are a basic design from the instructions with a modification, adding the down pipe in the tower. As you can see with the two assembled structures there is quite a bit left over so I will add them to the second and third kits and see how big I can increase the plant size. The two structures can be added together and to the next assembly. Pegasus Hobbies indicates they have quite a few of these kits, sooooo I think I might purchase a few more just in case I want a rather large Chemical Plant. There are many pieces but once the parts are removed from the trees and cleaned of any excess plastic then it gets addicting/fun in the assembly mode. I think I will use one of the base boards I use for the mountains, for the Chemical Plant.
  7. Received a message from Pegasus Hobbies that the Power Plant and the two Platformer kits are out of production, and there has been no contact with the Russian company that produces them. Also I am waiting for a response as to how many Chemical Plants are left.
  8. Fortunately most of it is press fit together, probably 95% or better.
  9. I have acquired three of the Chemical Plants. It shows five possible setups for a start. It looks fairly good next to CAVs. I think they should form a rather nice, large plant in my mountain terrain. The instructions mention a Platformer kit to go with the plant but I did not readily notice it on the web site, I will keep looking.
  10. CAV

    Here is the latest arrivals from Spaztica, the first of two groups. Thanks to Sgt0700, I was able to acquire some more metal CAVs for my forces. Both units are under strength companies.
  11. I see they have a Chemical Plant @ $40.00. Do you know how they would compare to CAV's scale?
  12. Done, welcome Legionaire. Check out "Show off" forum for paint jobs.
  13. Here are the battles of Corfai and the continuing battle for Duro. Current Battle Map placement: Half of Rebel 2nd. Fleet: and 1st. Fleet: Imperial 1st. Fleet: Initial Corfai placement: As is evident my MkII A & B are positioned to go either way around Corfai. As the Imperial player well knows I am always trying to get behind his ships so I believe that is why his ISD is facing the way it is. Here the 1st. and 2nd. Fleets are making their move to the center and the objective, with the ISD out of position going behind Corfai and the Interdictor heading the other way because of my MkII A approaching him. Two of the Imperial Light Cruisers are approaching the center area facing the bulk of 1st. and 2nd. Fleets. The Objective Token is in the central area ahead of my two Frigates: Note the masterful piloting by 2nd. Fleets Light Cruiser between both of my Frigates. The ISD starting to come around Corfai: Unfortunately for him the Objective was obtained by Admiral Garm Bel Iblis in the lead Frigate and the three Imperial Light Cruisers were destroyed. This was turn five we ended on. The Interdictor was being surrounded and probably would not have survived had we continued. Here are the Reconnaissance photos of the Duro Battle. 3rd. Fleet is in the fore ground and 4th. Fleet from the CR90 and up. The Imperial 2nd. Fleet: As you study the photos you may notice 3rd, Fleet going head to head with an ISD... again. It appears the Rebel lost some light ships mid way through and I know they achieved their objective, but the final out come of ship conditions are not known at this time as they completed their battle early. More as I find out. Here are some additional shots from other angles:
  14. Monday night's campaign was a decided Rebel sweep of both battles. The Imperial 1st. Fleet assaulted the Rebel outpost at Corfai with an ISD, Interdictor, two Light Cruisers, a Command Light Cruiser, VT49, TIE Advanced Squadron, and a TIE Defender Squadron. Facing them were parts of the 1st. and 2nd. Fleets: 1st. Fleet once again consisted of two Assault Frigate MkII As, and one MkII B. 2nd. Fleet, I believe, had an MC30c, a Pelta-class assault ship, two Lancers, two VCX-100 freighters, an E-wing Squadron. I will correct once I review the photos I took, which I will post soon. In this battle the Imperial Admiral made a critical mistake that effectively put the ISD out of the action by deciding to sweep around the far side of Corfai to come after my two Frigates deployed there, the other was on the far left flank to face his Interdictor. I brought both Frigates hard to port and headed toward the objective leaving the ISD in Space Dust. The Rebel 2nd. Fleet focused on the objective to guard it till one of my Frigates could secure it. My B Frigate kept the Interdictor busy on the left flank the Imperial Lt. Cruisers were advancing up the center toward the objective, which ended up being most unfortunate for their existence. They pretty much entered the fray piecemeal and were mostly caught between the 1st. and 2nd. Fleets move toward the center, we ate them up. After their demise our general advance carried us to the left and center. The Interdictor was holding it's own but had the game continued (time limit again) it would have entered half of our force alone as the 2nd. Fleet took out the two TIE Squadrons. The ISD did get in some token shots on one of my Frigates and a VCX-100, and a Lancer. It took the worst of the engagement with two Frigates, keeping at long range, the Freighter and Lancer all returning fire. All I can say is, it is a good thing he was Grand Admiral and Darth was not around. The details for the battle over Duro are a tad bit sketchy but once I go over the Reconnaissance Photos I will detail the Imperial 2nd. Fleet defense against parts of the 3rd. and 4th. Rebel Fleets. Once again the Imperial 3rd. Fleet was not to be seen. What is it up to?
  15. Here are two views of the two battles. As you can see the three Assault Frigate positions were in a poor position in relation to the ISD, which was near the two stations just below the ISD's position. So focus on the greatest threat, ignore the rest, deal with them later.