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  1. Okay, got it. Thanks.
  2. Sooo, where do you find this list? Does it include CAV?
  3. Here is the third part of the Glory series. So, is this the absolute end?! Wellllllll...Even though the ships look quite different in size, they are all to the same scale.Three new (to me) games to try out on my unsuspecting Star Fleet Battles group. Reports will be posted.
  4. I have done some modification to the "winging it" section of the Chem Plant module.The landed tank that was tied to the tank on the tower, has now been put on an elevated stand. This tower with the multiple redirect components is presently being glued to the tower it rests on to hold it's position when connections are being made to the fourth elevated section, which has eleven possible connection points. I think the pipe runs around this component will get a bit crowded.
  5. A quick update. This one, I am winging it. Just trying to use up different leftover parts. This one has added pipe runs going around the tank and crossing overin the center.
  6. The next box opened and prepping. There are many parts leftover from the other kits. Most common remaining parts are tower bases, pipe connectors, with and without valves, and the multi-pipe connectors. It would have been a good idea to have an additional box of tanks, vessels, and towers. Here is the most valuble tool for this project. It is a side cutter with only a bevel on the inside of the blades. It has a smooth face that is excellent for flush cut from the parts tree. I have yet to see another in the last 25 years or so. All I have seen sold are the double bevel.
  7. CAV

    Here is the second group, just arrived from Spaztica. This will probably be the last group unless i am able to locate more metal CAVs. I still am receiving infantry, unless they switch to plastic for them. The second photo is closest to the actual colors.
  8. I have no idea how well this will go over but I will give it a try on two different groups to see if I can get any victims.
  9. The nice detail of this game is it can be used with just the Aircraft Cards without the miniatures if you need to travel light. So now the WWII game:With all the planes to scale, makes the bombers huge. As I said, there is more to come, stay tuned.
  10. Soooooo, those who read my Armada post may remember a statement I made that went like this: THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE... I think. Well that went out the window when I saw some clearance planes called "Wings of War". The models would look good on my display shelf... that is until I looked up "Wings of War" and then "Wings of Glory" was listed also. Needless to say when I saw the Videos they got me hook-line and sinker. Ah, the Emperor again, for scale comparison. The painting detail is quite impressive. So this is not the half of it. Check out my next posting.
  11. Here is the current status of the Chem/Bio Plant, with two CAVs on guard duty. I like Emperors, what can I say? So, there is still a great deal of space leftand many parts left over and five more kits to add on with.
  12. Have you checked out "C in C" miniatures?
  13. I whole heartedly agree. There is nothing like picking up a metal Emperor, Rhino, etc.
  14. For what it is worth, the True-Scale Hedgehog measures: 5/8" (.6250) tall, 2 7/8" (2.8750) long. So @ 14' tall it would work out to 64.4' long. As always my measurements are with a Starrett Machinist's Rule.