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  1. I see they have a Chemical Plant @ $40.00. Do you know how they would compare to CAV's scale?
  2. Done, welcome Legionaire. Check out "Show off" forum for paint jobs.
  3. Here are the battles of Corfai and the continuing battle for Duro. Current Battle Map placement: Half of Rebel 2nd. Fleet: and 1st. Fleet: Imperial 1st. Fleet: Initial Corfai placement: As is evident my MkII A & B are positioned to go either way around Corfai. As the Imperial player well knows I am always trying to get behind his ships so I believe that is why his ISD is facing the way it is. Here the 1st. and 2nd. Fleets are making their move to the center and the objective, with the ISD out of position going behind Corfai and the Interdictor heading the other way because of my MkII A approaching him. Two of the Imperial Light Cruisers are approaching the center area facing the bulk of 1st. and 2nd. Fleets. The Objective Token is in the central area ahead of my two Frigates: Note the masterful piloting by 2nd. Fleets Light Cruiser between both of my Frigates. The ISD starting to come around Corfai: Unfortunately for him the Objective was obtained by Admiral Garm Bel Iblis in the lead Frigate and the three Imperial Light Cruisers were destroyed. This was turn five we ended on. The Interdictor was being surrounded and probably would not have survived had we continued. Here are the Reconnaissance photos of the Duro Battle. 3rd. Fleet is in the fore ground and 4th. Fleet from the CR90 and up. The Imperial 2nd. Fleet: As you study the photos you may notice 3rd, Fleet going head to head with an ISD... again. It appears the Rebel lost some light ships mid way through and I know they achieved their objective, but the final out come of ship conditions are not known at this time as they completed their battle early. More as I find out. Here are some additional shots from other angles:
  4. Monday night's campaign was a decided Rebel sweep of both battles. The Imperial 1st. Fleet assaulted the Rebel outpost at Corfai with an ISD, Interdictor, two Light Cruisers, a Command Light Cruiser, VT49, TIE Advanced Squadron, and a TIE Defender Squadron. Facing them were parts of the 1st. and 2nd. Fleets: 1st. Fleet once again consisted of two Assault Frigate MkII As, and one MkII B. 2nd. Fleet, I believe, had an MC30c, a Pelta-class assault ship, two Lancers, two VCX-100 freighters, an E-wing Squadron. I will correct once I review the photos I took, which I will post soon. In this battle the Imperial Admiral made a critical mistake that effectively put the ISD out of the action by deciding to sweep around the far side of Corfai to come after my two Frigates deployed there, the other was on the far left flank to face his Interdictor. I brought both Frigates hard to port and headed toward the objective leaving the ISD in Space Dust. The Rebel 2nd. Fleet focused on the objective to guard it till one of my Frigates could secure it. My B Frigate kept the Interdictor busy on the left flank the Imperial Lt. Cruisers were advancing up the center toward the objective, which ended up being most unfortunate for their existence. They pretty much entered the fray piecemeal and were mostly caught between the 1st. and 2nd. Fleets move toward the center, we ate them up. After their demise our general advance carried us to the left and center. The Interdictor was holding it's own but had the game continued (time limit again) it would have entered half of our force alone as the 2nd. Fleet took out the two TIE Squadrons. The ISD did get in some token shots on one of my Frigates and a VCX-100, and a Lancer. It took the worst of the engagement with two Frigates, keeping at long range, the Freighter and Lancer all returning fire. All I can say is, it is a good thing he was Grand Admiral and Darth was not around. The details for the battle over Duro are a tad bit sketchy but once I go over the Reconnaissance Photos I will detail the Imperial 2nd. Fleet defense against parts of the 3rd. and 4th. Rebel Fleets. Once again the Imperial 3rd. Fleet was not to be seen. What is it up to?
  5. Here are two views of the two battles. As you can see the three Assault Frigate positions were in a poor position in relation to the ISD, which was near the two stations just below the ISD's position. So focus on the greatest threat, ignore the rest, deal with them later.
  6. Monday night’s Corellian battles were at Duro, Rebel Outpost, and Polanis, unoccupied. The imperials 1st. Fleet facing parts of the 1st. and 2nd. Fleets, attacked two stations around Duro, taking them both out with just an ISD which gave them the victory and Duro. Imperial 1st. Fleet: ISD Interdictor 3 Lt Cruisers 2 VT49 1 TIE Adv. Sqdn. 1 TIE Defender Sqdn. Rebel 1st. Fleet: 2 Assault Frigate Mk II As 1 Assault Frigate Mk II B Rebel 2nd. Fleet: 1 MC30 c Scout 1 CR90 Corvette 2 VCX100 Freighters 2 Lancers 1 E-wing Sqdn. 1st. Fleet (Me) committed the same error as the Imperial 2nd. Fleet Commander did last battle and was not focused on the ISD as much as I should have. I was after blood on one Lt. Cruiser with one hull left. The second was in rough shape and the ISD I had stripped the shield off three sides and it had 5 hull hits. I should have been focusing all shots on the ISD and ignored the Lt. Cruisers. One of my Frigates was way out of range until the last minute but still was deployed incorrectly in any respect. I failed to grasp the stations vulnerability to an ISD, a mistake that will not happen again. 1st. Fleets primary target will be an ISD 1st. 2nd. Fleet was overly cautious with the ships, but still lost the CR90. The Freighters were hammering the TIEs and the Lancers intercepted the ISD but the effect was minimal taking out the ISD’s rear shield and 1 hull damage for a total of 6 hulls leaving 8 left due to his upgrade. Once I get the information on the Polanis operation I will post it. The Imperial 2nd. Fleet faced parts of the Rebel 3rd. and 4th. Fleets. I do know it was a draw based upon the conditions of the Objective Card and a victory for the Rebels based upon the Armada Rules scoring. So until we get a better understanding of Scoring, we will go with the Objective Card conditions of victory unless none are specified and in that case we will go with the Armada Rules scoring for victory.
  7. Well, not much in the way of pictures was posted this time, guess I will need to do my own shots, be sure to click on the picture to get a larger view: So what you see is part of the 1st. Fleet engaging the left flank of the Imperial's 2nd. Fleet. In defense of the Imperial's 2nd. Fleet Admiral, he is relatively new in running a fleet. Also his focus on the objective and having very little, if any, experience against an Assault Frigate, and three at that, caused him to leave the Gladiator and Raider to face them alone. You can just see in the port side back ground the base of an ISD, a VT49, and a Fighter Squadron of Defenders, I think. They initially headed our way but I increased to max speed and ripped through the Gladiator and Raider and maintained a far enough distance from the ISD, along with speed to bypass him to his rear area. To his credit he kept his escorts close by and continued on around Talus to support his forces on the objective side. I continued on around Talus approaching the objective gauging my speed to be next to the objective on turn 7. The Rebel 4th. Fleet chewed up the forces around the objective and I think everyone survived. At the last the Imperial 2nd. Fleet was down to the ISD and one escort. I wonder if it will be repaired or a new fleet will show up.
  8. Well, Monday's Corellian battles went well, in both cases, for the Rebel forces. We were down the Imperials 3rd. Fleet so we split the four Rebel Fleets using half of each Fleet to double up on the Imperials 1st. and 2nd. Fleets. The Imperials attacked the planet Selonia attempting to exact revenge for their loss last time. The 1st. Imperial Fleet faced part of the Rebel's 2nd. and 3rd. Fleet and failed to meet their objectives, in the process losing an ISD. The Rebels sent part of the 1st. and 4th. Fleets up against the Imperial 2nd. Fleet, to attempt to force a decisive outcome on the previously fought over Talus. The 2nd. Rebel Fleet was drawing in the Imperials near the Objective while the 1st. Fleet started rolling up the Imperials left flank. The Imperial Fleet was pretty much ground to Space Dust and the 1st. Fleet achieved the Objective at the end of the 7th. round. Selonia, solidly in Rebel hands and now Talus. I will post the link to the pictures when they are put up.
  9. Let the Campaign begin. Well we never seem to have enough time. We had two battle in progress: plus other games in progress as evident by some other photos present. The far table was an attack on Selonia, 2 fleets vs. 2 fleets. We are talking 800 points going up against one another. The near table had 2-200 point Rebel Fleets vs. a 400 point Imperial Fleet fighting over Talus, I believe. In their battle neither achieved their stated objectives so the battle was a draw. The Selonia battle was a win for the Rebels based upon the stated Objective Card, although the Imperials did more damage based upon the base rules. We will probably go with the Objective Card over the base rules for victory otherwise what is the point of the cards. In the second picture shows 2nd. Fleet mostly heading to support 1st. Fleet as the objective was on the far side of Selonia. The smaller group advanced toward the Imperial 2nd. Fleet, which kept him off balanced. Should he concentrate on the group heading toward the Objective or split up due to the potential threat to his flank? In the second to last picture the Objective is just in front of the center Nebulon-B, which 1/2 of each 1st. & 2nd. Fleets were heading toward. The other half of 1st. Fleet was working to the rear of the ISD. The Assault Frigate in the 2nd. half of the 1st. Fleet did reach the Objective and continued on into the Imperial Rear area as did the other Assault Frigate. The cost was the loss of the 2 Nebulon-Bs. Once again we ran out of time and I had no chance to commence raiding the Imperials week spot. This was a very labor intensive battle with 4 fleets going at it. We made it to turn 4 and the 3rd. Fleet battle made it to the end. Once I know the out come of that battle as to victory we can mark who won the planet and then we can see how the battles turned out Resource wise per side. Stay tuned.
  10. Battle pictures are up: So from the 6th. picture on was our battle. In the foreground you can see the former 3rd. Fleet heading toward a tight Imperial formation, not bad for a sub new to the game. The other table was running 1st. and 2nd. Fleets and the target was the white token just past Selonia, in front of the Nebulon B. As you can see 2nd. Fleet was not attempting to engage the Imperials but heading directly to support 1st. Fleet. The CR90 just beyond the Nebulon B was the victim attempting to get to the target area quick. The game did not last too much longer with time running out. Even thought the CR90 was lost, there was some Rebel satisfaction with the previously mentioned Nebulon B ramming the Raider from the Imperial's 2nd. Fleet. You can see the Raider coming around Selonia above it. Need less to say I learned the 2nd. Fleet Commander does not liked to be rammed, I may be able to use that fact to my advantage in the future. It ended without success by either side on this front but no doubt an Imperial Victory on the other, but again this was a trial run. Next week the real deal, no more simulation and we will see what the makeup of 3rd. Fleet will be and not a last minute cob job to get 400 points. Did I mention NO head on attacks against Imperial forces?
  11. Okay, tonight was a little rough getting setup. The one Imperial Player did not show again, so we used a sub. Another player misunderstood the directive of bringing a fleet of 400 points and instead brought 200 points. I was the last one there so I was nominated Grand Admiral for the Rebel force, and the justification for that was, "I know what I am doing" In my opinion, since it is a new game on a large scale, I was selected as the fall guy. I am glad it was a trial run. It is interesting how real life comes to the game table. I directed the 3rd. Fleet commander not to engage a Raider, VSD and an ISD head on. Direct insubordination I call it. End result; the 3rd. Fleet ceased to exist. I lost a CR90 on my front, thinking my superior speed would get me to the objective first. Missed it by a hair. It required being a distance of one away from the target to achieve the objective so coming around a debris field required me to slow down to half speed and made for a sitting duck. The CR90 did not last long. I will post the link once the pictures are posted. I think the next time I will let the Imperials go for the objective and work on getting in behind and waste them. Once again with the setup time cutting in the battle time we ended the battle early and once again I was working the Assault Frigates in behind an ISD. I WILL take one out one of these days. Stay tuned for next Mondays battle report. In the mean time I need to deal with a wayward fleet commander.
  12. So... tonight the Corellian Campaign starts, hopefully. In the meantime, I picked up these two cases that holds the large Armada ships nicely. These are Milwaukee, 20" Jobsite Organizers: 48-22-8030. All the holders are removable. The first and second rows have a partition, so with the holders removed allows plenty of room to house the ISDs. The cases are stackable and lock together and you can still open a lower case without unstacking them. I will try them out tonight.
  13. Well, the Campaign did not start as expected due to a missing Imperial Admiral. So we commenced a local assault on an Imperial Squadron in the Area. What was moving into the area was an ISD, 2 VT-49s, 3 VSDs, an Interdictor. Rebel force included: Home One , An E-wing, X-wing, Z95, and Y-wing squadrons, a Phoenix Home, an MC30, a Ghost,and two Assault Frigates It was pretty much a frontal advance on both sides, wrong move on the Rebels behalf. I, on the other hand started veering to the starboard side of the ISD/VT49s . I did get in too close with the second AF and was starting to take a beating but survived the ISD and VT49 assault at the expense of burning off the defense abilities. I put a severe hurting to the closest VT49 and both hammered the ISD (he had 5 hull left). The other Rebel Commanders chose to continue closing head to head: .It cost them dearly. They did take down the Interdictor, and severely damaged two VSDs but the hard lesson is Rebels cannot trade shots head on, losing first the MC30, then the Home One. I continued to swing wide heading for the rear of the Imperials and it appeared they did not perceive the threat the AFs posed to their rear areas and were proceeding to go aid the VSDs. Ultimately we ran out of time and called the battle with the Rebels breaking off the attack. As for the ISD, it only had it's rear shield left and was frantically doing hull repairs, if there was only a little more time... It shows a need for an overall Commander to direct the attacks more toward a concentration on less targets and taking advantage of speed. The squadrons did put in a good showing in the destruction of the Interdictor. It was a good trial run for my AFs as they make up a third of my Correllian force, the rest being two Nebulon Bs, and two CR90s. With upgrades I can put out 20 shots at long range and I think a "V" formation with the AFs at the points will help protect the smaller ships till they can get to the point of racing around the Imperials hopefully getting in behind and staying there. We shall see come Monday what will transpire. .
  14. Tonight, the 9th. at our local game store we will start the Corellian Conflict. I will be taking pictures and I will post the link to the game store pictures also. Should prove to be interesting with the fluctuation of gamers.
  15. And before Battletech: Unfortunately I lost one of the models years ago and the other is in need of repairs. And going from this, where you blacked out the blocks not used according to the Mech being used: To the individualized sheets of today: These are for an Armada article in "General SciFi":