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  1. Wings of Glory - WWII

    I was in a JoAnn Fabrics store just looking around to see what they had that may be useful, such as tools, building materials, storage cases, whatever. I found these cases and thought I would give them a try with the Wings of Glory games for the various tokens the game comes with.
  2. The nice detail of this game is it can be used with just the Aircraft Cards without the miniatures if you need to travel light. So now the WWII game:With all the planes to scale, makes the bombers huge. As I said, there is more to come, stay tuned.
  3. Wings of Glory - WWI

    I was in a JoAnn Fabrics store just looking around to see what they had that may be useful, such as tools, building materials, storage cases, whatever. I found these cases and thought I would give them a try with the Wings of Glory games for the various tokens the games comes with.
  4. Soooooo, those who read my Armada post may remember a statement I made that went like this: THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE... I think. Well that went out the window when I saw some clearance planes called "Wings of War". The models would look good on my display shelf... that is until I looked up "Wings of War" and then "Wings of Glory" was listed also. Needless to say when I saw the Videos they got me hook-line and sinker. Ah, the Emperor again, for scale comparison. The painting detail is quite impressive. So this is not the half of it. Check out my next posting.
  5. Wings of Glory - WWII

    So, I watched a video for making smoke/fire markers and decided to give it a try.White smoke, black smoke, fire and black smoke, and fire. Most of these are overly large so I will just shred them in half or more. The white ones are closest to what looks good.These were created from the small cotton batts found in some vitamin bottles. I have quite a few of these so I will keep a bunch with all three Ares Games. I think will work out with the Sails of Glory game.
  6. Wings of Glory - WWI

    We did an experiment by putting the fire/jam markers on the bases instead of the flight card, so as to be reminded of our situation in the heat of battle. It turned out to be the better of the two options, so as to keep us on our toes in maneuvering, based upon what we could and could not do.
  7. Wings of Glory - WWI

    Eastern Front 3 January, 2018 Austria-Hungary Air Force UFAGC.I (161-138th.) German Air Force Hannover CL.IIIA (Hager/Weber) Soviet Air Force Sopwith Snipe (Sapozhnikov) Royal Air Force Airco DH 4 (Cotton/Betts) Photo Recon Mission : British training mission for/with the Soviet Air Force. We (Axis) are on Combat Air Patrol (CAP) in an area near the Germany border of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire when we spotted the Allied approach crossing the river. We maneuvered to each take on an enemy aircraft. We flew by trading shots but the allies kept going not attempting to engage. We swung around to our left to try to reengage from their right flank. The Soviet pilot broke off to engage us again trading shots. Hager continued on to go after the DH 4 with the Austrian going to dogfight the Soviet. The Soviet guns jammed shooting at Hager. The Austrian guns jammed shooting the Soviet. Hager caught fire from the encounter with the DH 4’s tail gunner. Fortunately the DH 4 turned and put Hager in a weapons blind spot. Meanwhile the Austrian’s tail gunner was able to continue to take shots at the Soviet plane. Hager, on the other hand, was able to shoot at the Airco, with guns jamming in the process, also ending up in the crosshairs of the DH 4 and nearly colliding. The Soviet was out of the fight for a time trying to come around. The Austrian finally cleared his guns to take on the Airco, while the Airco’s and Hager’s tail gunners traded shots. Hager’s fire was almost out, but the Airco caught fire from the Austrian guns. Both Axis planes ended up swinging to the left but the Airco went right so the Soviet plane became primary focus of the Axis. With much maneuvering and trading shots the Airco eventually came around. The Axis ended up in some bad positions and needed to do some aggressive maneuvers to try and maintain distance and keep the tail gunner in the correct firing arc. The Axis did manage to evade most of the Allied shots as did the Allies. The Allies were able to cross back over the river, having obtained their photos and escape. The Cross markers on the mats represented possible photo targets.
  8. Wings of Glory - WWII

    Southwestern Pacific Kokutai 601st. Today’s Combat Air Patrol (C.A.P.) mission is over several islands in the Solomon’s Chain. I was flying a Yokosuka D4Y3 Suisei, armed with the standard machine guns and 2- 250 lb. bombs. It was late morning when I spotted a Republic P-47D Thunderbolt (Pilot: Raymond) approaching, probably looking for targets of opportunity, beginning to maneuver for an attack run. Knowing I was far out gunned I opted for evasive maneuvers. This action kept him off guard but continually put him in my rear firing arc, I was hitting him but he was never able to get into a firing position. The battle did not last long as I had a very fortunate shot which caused him to explode and go down in flames. The Tail Gunner kept us alive this day, as the American planes continue to out pace us in quality and durability.
  9. 3D Terrain Boards

    Finally getting around to Project 18 again. Started the base and level 1.While gathering tools and such, I noticed two empty Suet containers that looked like they could be, say, Command Bunkers.Once they are painted I will make the end look like a door. I also was opening a pack of face masks and I could see some type of Storage Bunkers once the octagon shape was cut out.
  10. I mentioned this project in: CAV Non-commissioned job in the Show Off section. I had prints made of these map boards: I am using this Hot Wire Foam Factory cutting unit to cut up the foam insulation sheets. I have cut up the first of many prints, but next time I will do it in a progression rather than all at once. I found it would be much easier to cut out the largest level first as a pattern to mark the foam. Then the next level, mark the foam and so on. Here the Level2 water is on the table directly, the Level1 water is on 1" of foam (2 sheets of 1/2"). The transition from 2 to 1 is a full level. Now you will see not all of the Level1 pieces are glued down. These will be the gradual transition levels from ground to Level1, so they will be 1/2" above actual Level1 water. So you can see there is a slope at some points to entering the water to Level1 but a drop off to Level2. So in this picture you can better see all the green areas will be covered with the next layer of foam and the loose Level1 water will be glued to that. As well as here. It is obvious this is my first attempt at free hand cutting with the Hot Wire cutter. It will take some practice to gauge the cuts to avoid running into the back stop. Also you need to stop before the point you want to reach at an intersection or a turn as there is a small amount of flex to the cutting wire so it catches up when you stop. At this point there will be a bridge constructed to support CAVs crossing the bridge. Also the bridge is on an upper level so all CAVs will be able to pass under the bridge with no problem. So much more to follow. Anyone with suggestions or pointers speak out as this is my first attempt at terrain features instead of a flat battlefield.
  11. Star Fleet Battles

    So, the current battle took place on the Romulan/Inter Stellar Concordium border. Map plan is from the Star Fleet Tech Manual and would place the I.S.C. to the right of Gorn and Romulan space. Both Admirals committed tactical errors but the I.S.C. fared the worst. The I.S.C. entered the battle with a 700+ point force facing an 1,100+ Romulan force of five heavy Cruisers and one Dreadnought, whereas the I.S.C. had three Destroyers and one heavy Cruiser and one Dreadnought. The weapon status of the Romulans was level 3, which required the Romulans to charge all heavy weapons for three turns. The I.S.C. took advantage of this fact and raced in reaching an uncomfortably close range the Romulans had not planned for. The Romulans had cloaked before they were too close but then started to de-cloak the three heavy Cruisers to the right. The I.S.C. immediately opened fire on the closest of the three and quickly reduced his shields and his shield reinforcement to the point of the Romulan Captain reversed his de-cloaking. The I.S.C. quickly switched fire to the other two but neglected to concentrate fire and merely reduced their shielding. The critical mistake for the I.S.C. came when he reversed course in front of a, now, fully charged Romulan force that promptly de-cloaked and launched many Plasma Torpedoes that caught up to the retreating I.S.C. The Romulan fire was concentrated on the Dreadnought and a Destroyer. The Destroyer was crippled and had to be towed from the area and the Dreadnought suffered heavily also. The best course of action for the I.S.C. would have been to proceed through the Romulan formation using his superior speed advantage over the Romulans Tactical maneuvers, also dropping mines in front of the Romulans and then behind them after passing through the line. The Romulans would not have been able to respond fast enough to track and fire upon the I.S.C. until well out of effective range. The mine placement may have been sufficient to reduce the force size advantage. As it were the I.S.C. determined the damage suffered, warranted a retirement from the area, the Romulans had avoided having their shields breached.
  12. Star Fleet Battles

    We will use what ever ships we can find that will be close enough in scale and will fit a role we cannot find ships we need.
  13. Star Fleet Battles

    20 January 2018 I.S.C. incursion in the 5th. Fleet area of the Federation Front. The I.S.C. force consists of: DNM x 2 (Heavy Dreadnoughts) HDDX (Heavy X-Destroyer) NDD (New Destroyer) HDD w/FSF x 2 (Heavy Destroyers w/ 2 fighters each) DE (Destroyer Escort) The Federation force consists of: NCD x 3 (New Drone Light Cruisers) NEC x 2 (New Escort Light Cruisers) NCL (New Light Cruiser) Tug w/ Repair Pod The I.S.C. is about to find out they chose the wrong zone to attack. The Feds opened up with a volley of Drones as soon as the I.S.C. enters their range limit. The Drones have a high closure rate, just as the Plasmas but they do not diminish in strength due to range traveled. The response was to launch Plasma-Ds for Drone defense. Unfortunately for him we carry far more Drones than he has Plasma-Ds. Not to mention the Tug's Repair Pod has a lot of cargo space with many Drone reloads. Every Turn we launch Drones, sending 32 Drones at him each round. I launch a variety of Drones to keep him from knowing how much fire power he needs to destroy a Drone. The armor on the Drones varies from 6 points of damage to 10 points of damage. The warhead strength varies accordingly from 24 points to 10 points. Once in a great while I will launch a Slug Drone at him that is all armor and no warhead that takes 14 points to destroy. Needless to say by not using Tactical Intelligence, I keep him guessing and wasting fire power trying to destroy the Drones. In this last case he did put the Drones under a tractor Beam. On the right you can see the Plasma-Ds being launched. I am continuing to launch Drones to keep him from using most of his fire power against my ships. These three have the heavy B launchers that can launch for 6 turns in a row, the rest of the ships have 4 round launchers. He is tending to drift toward my right flank as there are fewer launchers. The sole NCL had 1 launcher but 4 Photon Torpedo launchers. While the 3 NCDs continue to over whelm the I.S.C. defenses, he is now in a close enough range to open up with his PPDs, a deadly weapon that has up to 4 impulses of damage against 3 shields at a time,if he hits... and he does against the NCL and one of the NECs NEC on the left was hit hard. At this point the right flank is giving up space to gain distance but with the 3 NCDs coming up behind, forces him to break off to gain distance. In the upper photo 2 of his destroyers were hit, one receiving heavy damage. Here you can see one less Destroyer , that received over 100 points in one strike alone. He is pulling back at very high speed to recharge his PPDs and be able to come around and face us again in a reformed formation. We are continuing the pursuit and launching more Drones. He has tractored more Drones and more coming up his right flank. He destroyed the tractored Drones and has come about toward the right flank. Evidently he wants to attack that flank before the NCDs get too close. They continue to launch. At this point he did another PPD attack, the NCL (top of photo) just received a hammering just after this photo, as he moved in front of the damaged NEC (middle ship). After this attack he retired from the field with another destroyer taking Drone damage with his Plasma-Ds depleted and needing to recharge and reload. Results: I.S.C. lost one and one damaged Feds have two damaged Historical note: In prior battles against the Kzintis, the I.S.C. suffered severe losses to massed Drone attacks. Needless to say he gets quite up tight when mass Drone launches occur, which is good for me as the I.S.C. can be deadly if allowed to focus on just taking out ships while getting close.
  14. Wings of Glory - WWII

    20 January, 2018: Pacific Battle An Australian Bristol Beaufighter MK.IF supporting an USN Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless were on a mission to bomb a plant on a Japanese held Island. The video recon plane arrived late and so captured the battle in progress. The Allies encountered two Nakajima KI-84 Hayate on C.A.P. (Combat Air Patrol). One from the 52 Sendai and the other was piloted by Fujimoto. The Beaufighter has immense fire power but it has difficulty maneuvering. It could not maintain formation when the KI-84s moved in. My primary function was to get the bombs on target so I fought minimally concentrating on lining up with the target, which is visible in the third and fifth photo just to the right of the Beaufighter. I elected to drop just the 2- 250lb. bombs being my first bombing sortie. They did hit the target but I would have to come around to drop the 500lb. bomb. In the mean time the Beaufighter was attempting to get back into the fight but it does not have a good turn radius. I on the other hand had to contend with both fighters and the damage was mounting quickly. I was hitting both planes especially the 52 Sendai plane. In photo eight we hit the limit and went down. The Beaufighter finally returned to the fight and downed the 52 Sendai (Her Husband- pay back) but Fujimoto got the jump on the Aussie and took her down. Rather interesting how Fujimoto skirted most of the action, jumping in at critical moments.
  15. Wings of Glory - WWI

    All Mats are WoG from Miniature Market.
  16. Wings of Glory - WWI

    West Front Encounter 9 December 2017 Cotton/Betts were in their Airco DH.4 with Baracca in his Nieuport 17 in accompaniment, over a section of no man’s land. The approaching enemy was a Hannover CL.IIIA and a U.F.A.G. C.I of Austrian-Hungarian origin. It appears it was a chance encounter on both sides of a joint allied training mission. Things started going wrong for our side when Baracca misunderstood hand signals directing him to stay to the right to keep us between him and the enemy force. I ended up going it alone against both enemy planes. Rather than continue without support I opted to swing around and join back up with Baracca and then go at it again, damage was building and I had to contend with a jammed rear gun. The first, second, and third action shots reflect this maneuver. While this was going on, over the German front line a near collision ensued. Once we were back on track we moved in for the attack. I traded shots with, what turned out to be, Hager and Weber and also took fire from the A-H (161-138) plane. The A-H plane anticipated my maneuver and stayed on my tail with bullets all around. My plane just could not stand up to all the punishment and went down. As for Baracca, he went up in a ball of fire, till that point had suffered very little damage. So our side needs to be clear on our signaling and I need to do more maneuvers that would be more radical so as to be not so predictable. (Husband shot down his wife… again, she running Baracca).
  17. Sci Fi Power Plant

    Here is the stand alone project I mentioned. In the first picture the distribution points are at the base of the two large tanks, and one top load just over hex 1316. In this picture you can see the two ground feeds from underground tanks. All of this was from leftover parts. There are a great many elbows, tower bases, panel supports (like the ones at the top of this picture), two and four redirect junctions, and other connector parts. Back to other previous projects.
  18. Wings of Glory - WWII

    Not as yet, but the Beaufighter is one nasty plane to go against, as the Germans just found out. Report will follow.
  19. Sci Fi Power Plant

    I will stop here. I added a few more runs, and I left some unconnected as possible future expansion or the plant was updated and something obsolete was removed. I also added some piles of replacement/expansion parts. The other kits and left over parts will be used on the Base modules for fuel/coolant storage.
  20. Sci Fi Power Plant

    Nearing the completion of this project. Okay, so I had to open the sixth box for more piping. I am not sure I can fit much more on the board.Here is the receiving point.Need to do some fine tuning to get things lined up. Various other shots:This is the issue point. At the bottom of the tanks on both sides are the distribution connection pipes. Now all I need is to locate futuristic tankers.Lastly, two overall views.
  21. I am not sure as to your space availability or what aesthetics you desire, but on the real cheap side, I went to a Crushed Stone business that sells concrete/cinder blocks in colors. They are in various sizes and I wanted 6 blocks and they gave them to me as they wanted to get rid of project leftovers. Those along with some boards made perfect shelves. I left the boards natural, but could be painted, varnished, shellacked, etc. Shelf spacing will vary depending the thickness of the blocks you find.
  22. Star Fleet Battles

    Battle 2 Report: This encounter occurred on, what would normally be the Federation/Gorn Border. But as there is no one running the Gorns we directly face the I.S.C. The sector invaded by the I.S.C. happened to include a contingent of Kzintis. They have eight squadrons deployed along the Romulan/I.S.C. front to obtain direct combat experience against other race tactics and weapons. Neither opponent relishes action against the Kzinti due to there over whelming number of Drone launchers. (Side note: This happens to be the Wife of the German pilot who shot her down in the Wings of Glory WWII report.)(Side note 2: She got her revenge in a Wings of Glory WWI battle where she shot him full of holes and he managed an "exit, stage right" with one point left to his plane.) This is a map of the known Galactic Space created from a combination of the FASA: Federation Space Game with the Lyran update and Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Tech Manual. The I.S.C. force consists of various types of Destroyers, a Strike Cruiser, and a rather large Dreadnought. Facing them from Kzin is a Scout, Light Cruiser, two Heavy Cruisers, a Battle Cruiser, along with four Patrol Frigates, adding three Fed. Light Drone Cruisers. The Feds begin advancing on the I.S.C. under the cover of the I.S.C.'s scout providing ECM coverage, which caused the I.S.C. to turn toward the Feds. The Feds immediately launch their Drones of various sizes to keep the I.S.C. guessing. He usually does not take advantage of Tactical Intelligence or use his Labs to identify what is coming at him. With eighteen Drones, at strengths of 6-18 points each bearing down on him, keeps him focused on direct offensive response. He tends to end up wasting fire power in shooting down the Drones. The less powerful Drones have more armor and takes more hits to destroy, so some of those got through his defensive fire and hit the second (from the top) and fourth Destroyers, severely weakening their front shields. In the mean time the I.S.C. begins advancing their Cruisers up the I.S.C.'s left flank and at the same time I try to draw the enemy in by reversing and keep my strongest shields toward him with shield reinforcement. I continue to launch Drones at him and try to keep his focus off the Kzinits weaker strength ships. The I.S.C. is using a combination of Plasmas, Phasers, and holding some Drones in a Tractor Beam to shoot them later. He is so distracted he neglects to use Tractor Beam rotation to move the Drones to other firing arc weapons so as to not use up his frontal defense. The Kzintis are cautiously moving in keeping high front shield reinforcement. Their Drones are more powerful than the Feds at up to 24 points per Drone. The Kzin Light Cruiser returns to keep station near the Scout and the Scout moves the E.C.M umbrella to the three heavy Crusiers as I keep the Drone barrage up continuously as long as possible. Soon I will have to rely solely on Phaser fire as I reload. Fortunately the I.S.C. decides to stay their advance and head for the Kzintis, but it allows me to reverse course to send off my last volley of Drones In the mean time the Kzintis are in Disruptor range and hammer the second Destroyer. I have been using my Phasers to weaken the I.S.C.'s Plasmas to the point where they will not destroy a Drone on impact. The I.S.C. is turning away and the second Destroyer is being concentrated upon and shield six is taking a beating from the both of us. With the threat of the Kzinti Drones coming on line causes the enemy to retire from the battle field. As you can see from the Ship Systems Display, the fourth Destroyer completely lost its front shield. The second lost his sixth shield and suffered some internal damage. The mass of black X's show his use of his Plasma-D defense Plasmas. No damage was suffered by the allies.
  23. Star Fleet Battles

    There seems to be a shortage of Ship Captains out there. I may be incorrect on this, but it appears the focus is on Fantasy.
  24. Star Fleet Battles

    We have been gaming 20+ years. Using FASA's Federation Space Game's economic system, we worked it in with SFB's system. Set up the Fleets, made maps for everyone, and had at it and have been going ever since. The only real point has been continual tweaking of the Victory Conditions to try to have a fair and balanced out come, based upon: Damage and Force Size (i.e. did a larger force run from a weak one, not to mention ADB changing the rules somewhere in that time frame.)