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    But once they do that how will we know what scale is being invoked? Chibiscale, or Notcreepyatallscale?

    I'm going to assume that rampant speculation is being encouraged at the moment : ) Well, let's assume it's a typical party. So we're probably looking at a healer, a mage, a rogue, and a tank*. They're likely either chiba, or mouselings, or both. Almouseran could fit into either the healer or tank archtypes. Mithwrongdir (sorry, not going to look up the name of the wizzie : ) would obviously fit the mage role. One of the other figures looks to have an axe with a cut-out in the head. I can see three possibilities from the existing catalogue that might fit: 14018: Arnise, Elven Sergeant 02581: King of the High Elves 60062: Low Templar Now, they're not precise fits - specifically, the overall shape of the axe-head doesn't completely match the silhouette. But I think of the three options, 14018: Arnise, Elven Sergeant is the most likely: she's pretty close to fitting the silhouette, the pose of the axe location is the closest, and she'd be a diversity double-whammy of a hire for any politically correct adventuring party being both female & elven. The figure next to the axe... that's a bit more generic. I'll leave that one to people more intimately familiar with the Reaper catalogue than I : ). Although, the flared hilt is ringing a carillon of bells for me... * This is, of course, incorrect. As any DM will tell you the 4 archtypes of an adventuring party are the drama king, the rules lawyer, the martyr, and the DMs friend (AKA "The winner")

    So, what you're saying is that Almouseran is on the cards?
  4. Hmmm. These guys might be a good test-bed for what I intend with the Oni >.>
  5. You could also simply put another coat of Tamiya Clear X over the top to fix the problem, although it will intensify the hue.

    Surely this should be TRIAL BY BONES!!!! in this context?

    Hey, as long as we get a Buglips, Sophie riding a Bryanzilla (or a T-Rex if there are licensing issues with the Big B), and a Gazebo (although some would argue that Bones III had a Dire Gazebo in the shape of the stone circle...) I'll be happy. Adding chicken legs to one or all of the above would just be a bonus.
  8. You really don't need to seal the Tamiya Clears unless you want to knock the gloss down a bit - the stuff is close to bulletproof.
  9. fulfilling

    Yup, that's been my experience as well.
  10. I'm all about embracing the modification side of Bones through the healing power of sprues. So I'd like the following Sprues of wings, ideally transparent so they can be used by faeries. Small to human sized ones would likely suffice, given larger winged models should come with their own. Bat wings, bird wings, demon wings, angel wings, insect wings, skeletal wings, wings of fire, wings of flame Sprues of limbs. Humanoid, Insectoid, Robotic, Steam-Powered, Goblinoid, T-Rexiod. I want to be able to field a Sir Forscale with tiny T-Rex goblin arms sprouting from his chest. Sprues of horns. tiny little demon nubs, full on ram / bulls / stag horns, insect feelers Sprues of heads so that you can make units appear less uniform. This would probably be best suited to figures designed for mass employment - goblin heads, kobold heads, orc heads, bugbear heads, lizard men heads, gnoll heads - that sort of thing. Wouldn't be opposed to human & demihuman head sprues as well. Sprues of tools. Hammers, wrenches, spanners, screwdrivers, saws, tongs, that sort of thing
  11. fulfilling

    It's a question of pricing, more than anything else. When I did my shipping comparison waaaaaay back when the Kickstarter was live, I was using air freight because, honestly, it never occurred to me to use surface freight. My estimate worked out to be 25% cheaper to ship myself - it was a major component of why I went that route. The actual shipping cost on the day worked out to be pretty much comparable to the Reaper offering, but I got it something like 6 weeks ahead of the "official" ROW shipping. Yes, doing it this way did mean that duty was covered for Australian backers, but according to some Aussie backers the limit at which they get charged duty is around $1000 USD so that was pretty much a wash for all but the largest orders - and I'm not sure if NZ orders had to pay duties or not but there are ways around that if you ship yourself as well. So the argument being made was that Reaper shipped to Asia-Pacific surface mail using air freight prices. That's why one or two backers are asking for a shipping refund of some description. Reaper have said they can't comment one way or t'other till shipping is complete and they have the actual shipping costs in front of them. Largely academic for me - I will be reshipping any future Bones kickstarter from the US myself. The costs are comparable, it's 6 weeks faster, and the lack of frustration I've experienced would make it worth paying 25% more for shipping easily.
  12. I just use a sieve - enables me to suspend the Bones in the middle of the pot, and makes retrieval a snap - just lift the sieve out and drop the floppy Bones into a bowl of iced water.

    Its like the recipe book my players found, with a recipe for scrambled eggs. The instructions started "First, find a dragon that matches the flavor you want to impart to the dish. For a beginner, we recommend the white dragon egg which tastes quite bland. Next, politely ask what gender the dragon is. Avoid males!"

    It might be a 3d model that hasn't been completely posed yet, similar to the Frost Giants in Bones III. Or not. Hard to say except that I doubt Reaper would produce a dragon turtle on a spit for us >.>
  15. I'll give a hint : notice anything odd about the background?