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  1. undel

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    I added 4mm hematite beads to all of my paint bottles, and its made a big difference in how quickly they shake up. Was a bit messy cracking everything open and putting them in, but worth it I think.
  2. I don’t have any holder currently and have been using empty paint bottles, but I’d really like something like this to help steady my hand. I backed for the 2 piece option. :)
  3. I've only worked with resin a couple of times, and it's always a struggle to find a primer that will stick to it. I hope this guy holds up! Base is from secret weapon miniatures.
  4. A few touched up prepainted minis. I touched up a few of these a year ago, but today I decided to bring out the green stuff and stamp some new bases for them. The chimera and darkenbeast are from the D&D blind box minis. The peryton, falcon, and ruffian are from Pathfinder battles. The falcons were complete repaints, as the original was a brown falcon. I wanted an "eagle" with a celestial and demonic template, as our summoner was using them extensively at the time. I tried to make sure that the peryton had two different bases, as the paint scheme on them is identical and its nice to have some differentiation on the table so that you can track who has what damage. The falcons and the peryton are all "grasslands" stamp that I just painted differently!
  5. undel

    Early Snow, Female Witch from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Oh that's a unique mini. Looks like she's pondering what to do with that dagger.
  6. undel

    89014: Seltyiel, Iconic Magus - BONES

    The magus and his little friend look great. Great color choices and attention to detail. The one things that's sticking out to me (and it could be the photography) is that the yellow in the fire looks a bit muddy. Maybe it needs another coat? the orange and red in the fire look fine, as does the rest of the mini.
  7. Will any existing bones be updated to bones black, or will the new material be for new releases only?
  8. It was snowdrift white, apologies. I got mixed up because of the paints I ordered.
  9. I also received the same bones, along with coal black and snowdriff white paints, a reaper ornament, a postcard, and some candy.
  10. undel

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I may pick up some more monsters; I got the beholder from my Flgs. however, after seeing them in person, for 90% of the items I personally prefer the reaper aesthetic. The heroes in particular had great detail, but looked too small and thin compared to my reaper minis. The centaur, gryphon, and t-Rex monsters were also quite small. I did love the beholder, shambling mound, and pathfinder goblins. Most of the rest I can pass on. That said, it’s great to see another affordable option, and variety is good for everyone. I may not care for the thinner models, but I could see many who prefer the more proportional aesthetic. :)
  11. undel

    Kostchtchie, Demon Prince of Wrath

    Lookin’ good! This fella was recently hinted at in a pathfinder adventure path I’ve been playing, so I’m waiting for him to show up.
  12. She looks beautiful! Against the black background she looks as if she is floating. Love those cloth details.
  13. undel

    77142 - Bones Blacksmith

    Painted up the bones blacksmith last night. Blue jeans for everyone!
  14. I would also love to see storm and cloud giant huges. A gargantuan Phoenix would also be awesome. On fire and such. A large sized couatl in bones would be nice. Most of the monster info lists them as a large. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/couatl/sku-down/14459#detail/14459_p_1_nm An assassin or murder vine in large. Small vargouille would be useful. A large “astradaemon” style outsider. A gargantuan astral dreadnought. Bones is really the only way to make this affordable. A gargantuan Neothelid. Ditto on bones and affordability. I updated this post rather than making a new one. There were some holes in my collection I’d love to fill with Bones! If I’m supposed to make a new post I can do that in the future.
  15. undel

    7012 Caerindra Thistlemoor

    That shield. You have a steady hand!