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  1. To play devil's advocate... that wouldn't really encourage them to hurry along with the KS fulfillment, now would it? It's not about encouraging them to hurry - it's about making someone's birthday better that essentially just told us he cancelled his vacation plans for us. Pizza Hut does pay by credit card - but you have a signature when it arrives. And then they'd have to like Pizza Hut - I know I don't, but enough people do.
  2. Getting more Bones is never an "idiot" move. Who wouldn't want an army of Mister Bones? I sense a diorama coming on! Yes - yes you do. Either that - or I was going to swap out the shovels and make them a creepy/cute group of cultists or something. That explains my mixed up numbers watching the order ticker yesterday afternoon. Kept getting an average of 16 for order size and thinking "I got Skipped!". Just need to be patient. Hence the Avatar change to Timmy over here.
  3. I'm really kicking myself right now. I'm a 15 because I added 5 Mister Bones to my order for $1 a piece. Because they where cheap enough and I thought I would do something with them. I'd already have my shipment if I hadn't done that . . . Nobody's fault but mine - just thought I'd share my "I'm an idiot" story with the rest of you.