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  1. Help with Identification

    I didn't see anything on the bottom of the base. He's Metal, Close To True 28mm.
  2. CMON Rising Sun

    Mine arrived and then they sent me the shipping notice.
  3. Help with Identification

    Anyone able to identify him? Those are pipes I believe in his hand. I thought he was an old Ral Partha thief but not sure.
  4. Anyone know this guy?

    I'm pretty sure that's like 'Ka-Chunk' 2nd edition. It's a figure from Fantization's own line when you ordered X amount of dollars.
  5. CMON Rising Sun

    In terms of upping their game, I think Reaper needs to look at Wizkids too. Some of their large sized monsters are fantastic. I'm not a big fan of their medium sized characters although the dragonborn are solid but the details on those figures are better. It's a good time to be a painter/collector. Lots of options. and my shipping information is not available. Sigh.
  6. Tome of Horrors: Reborn for Fifth Edition

    The full-color art is selling me. I like Necromancer Games but sometimes they take that 1st edition feel too far. Hope it does well for them.
  7. Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20

    Did not like the human heroes.
  8. Stonehaven's Giants

    In addition to a stone giant, perhaps they could do a turtle without the saddle? That one received a lot of likes on my timeline when I posted. And in addition to the elemental of earth, perhaps a fire, air, and water version?
  9. I'm in. I ordered some stuff through their website, love the evil/villainous warlock, and they'll send it all to me at once. Good customer service. Good scale for Frostgrave too.
  10. Stonehaven's Giants

    E-mail sent and my package arrived. Great packing and no damage. Very pleased with them. The dire owl looks a little weird I think but that's the only one that I was scratching my head at. the Storm Giant was a missed opportunity as he should be the biggest of the big and is far from it. The winter wolf? Oh momma! That's a fantastically huge beast. I might have to get another.
  11. Do you remember what paints you were using to get the white? It's very smooth.
  12. Thunderbolt Mountain is closing its webstore on Dec 25

    Man, I'd love for him do to an updated version of his old limited edition Adventurers boxed set for Dark Sword.... Maybe for the anniversary since it's this year? He's a giant in the community.
  13. Stonehaven's Giants

    My adventurers came in but no giants. Sigh. Oh well, message sent.
  14. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Might get it just for the bad guys and terrain. Already have enough generic good guy knights.
  15. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    In terms of the human/non-human bit, a hooded/robed individual, similar to the Ral Partha Wrath with Greatsword over here: http://ironwindmetals.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=365_391&products_id=9625 could potentially hit both crowds. Goes against the grain of non-human but is an easy swap for any human-sized female.