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  1. JoeGKushner

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Got mine today. Love that I don't have to glue the wings on.
  2. JoeGKushner

    The Stygian Depths - Lost Temple of Xibalba

    They do great work and solid communication buy there have been other Kickstarters that have beaten me and taken my wallet this month.
  3. JoeGKushner

    Tomb Guardians miniatures - 11/6

    Some great looking sculpts in there.
  4. JoeGKushner

    The Return of the Cult of the Kraken Lord!

    I missed the original so this is a good way to catch up. Too bad they don't do stretch goals. Could be a 'baron' and 'wizard' and a corrupted baron in there. Also need a 10 pack of those dogs. Going to need more than one of those.
  5. JoeGKushner

    Forgotten World by Fireforge Games

    I'm still tempted. Getting towards the end.
  6. JoeGKushner

    The Lost Dragons: 3D Printable Fantasy Dragons

    For those who are backing here, what printer do you have and are currently using? It's tempting for sure.
  7. JoeGKushner

    3d Printing?

    Anyone using a 3D printer? The recent 3D Kickstarter for dragons got me thinking about it but it seems like a pretty deep hole to dive into.
  8. JoeGKushner

    Zealot Miniatures Litchmyre Dungeon

    I'm curious to see what the 'all in' pledge level they briefly mentioned will cost when it's on it's final day. I still haven't received my minotaurs either. It'll have to be a good deal to motivate me to buy in.
  9. JoeGKushner

    Diehard Miniatures: Law and Disorder!

    If you're into Old Hammer, these are perfect. I backed the previous one for the Undead and Tim keeps the communication lines open and lets you know where things are in the process. Very open and returns e-mails quickly.
  10. JoeGKushner

    The Wizard's Tower Expansion

    For those backing, what type of printer do you have?
  11. JoeGKushner

    Forgotten World by Fireforge Games

    Games Workshop had a great 'in story' reason with Malign Portents to update their zombies and take back what Mantic yanked hard from them. Instead, they renamed the old plastic set. I'm looking forward to seeing this Kickstarter and hope I have the funds to support it.
  12. JoeGKushner


    I think they need to sweep the head option freebie out for the weapon option freebie. More motivation to get 2 at the $150 price then as opposed to several variant heads. Might get a little more traction.
  13. New paints are always fun.
  14. JoeGKushner

    Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    I'm one of those waiting on the Humble Bundle physical rewards. I checked out the Starfinder KS comments page and ouch. Looks like a lot of unhappy fans there.
  15. JoeGKushner


    Anyone backing Giant by RBJ company? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1620164718/giant-0?ref=discovery I've backed a few of their kickstarters and they communicate clearly and deliver on time. This one looks like one I'd enjoy save for the lack of funds on my side. May still try to throw a few support $$ at it though.