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  1. There seemed to be a halt on it recently. I think they just renewed it.
  2. Oh i have no problem with more paint. Its the only thing i backed ftom the CAV kickstarter. Its just licences expire, for exam0le no more Heavy Gear paint right?
  3. JoeGKushner

    Shop vs Dungeon Dweller Line?

    So... if you go to the online store, we've got Dark Have Legends, Pathfinder, Warlord, Legendary Encounters, Chronoscope, Savage Worlds, Bones, Master Series, CAV, Robot Supply Depot, The Boneyard, Boxed Sets, Special Editions, and LJC. No Dungeon Dwellers. If you go up to Resources, there's the Dungeon Dwellers. ?
  4. From a customer standpoint, Reaper can brand their paints in house as they have several times ranging from defunct propaint short bottles to the defund line they blew out at black Friday to the new bones paint. I see little gain unless Paizo is actively paying them.
  5. JoeGKushner

    Bears Head Miniatures - Fantasy Series 1

    Dire squirrel for the win.
  6. I think its a mistake to do a Pathfinder paint line. As we've seen, and it's standard for any company, Paizo is going to do what Paizo thinks will expand their interests the most. Looks at the disaster that is Starfinder miniature and the ongoing Wizkids miniatures both prepainted and unpainted.
  7. JoeGKushner

    Black Hallows Townsfolk II

    That's the route I took. Plus I'm getting old and need to use glasses when I do anything requiring detail. Base coating and block painting? No problem. Highlighting or bits? Glasses.
  8. JoeGKushner

    Shop vs Dungeon Dweller Line?

    Thanks. Seems kind of weird as it's meant to be a new line now? That it's not just the "1 limited ed free mini with $40 purchase."?
  9. JoeGKushner

    Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/business/article225610455.html?fbclid=IwAR1ET7qxZdvvI2iHjIFLmot2MkJ4xLfJjIhSwDVxPG2tmqOlTA5pEv6Hc1w If you check the Paizo boards https://paizo.com/threads/rzs2umu4?Miniatures-Kickstarter-Ninja-Division , looks like this one is dead in the water.
  10. JoeGKushner

    Myth Explorers III

    Last day. I'm in. I like the not the fellowship
  11. JoeGKushner

    The Skyless Realms -3D Printable Tabletop Models

    Does your library do any 3D printing? Skokie, for example, allows 2 a month up to a 4 hour print.
  12. JoeGKushner


    I need to get hold of them. I have issues. After the holidays I imagine.
  13. Some interesting information here. With the new Basius kickstarter hitting backers, looked around and found this one. Locally Games Plus sells the wooden bases, probably from Gale Force 9, so the wooden base itself isn't a problem. Interesting to see the results of the Sculpey. Might have to do that mix myself. Is anyone still using them? Any different advice?
  14. JoeGKushner

    Miniature Paints -Liquid Acrylics from RPE

    And that also works against them because some of those lines, like Shadows of Brimstone and D&D, have unique paints. And the paint naming conventions are so far apart from each other that they needed a spreadsheet to show what paint is what. There are better ways of doing it. Not against the licensing, just the way they are doing it.
  15. JoeGKushner

    Black Friday Deals

    I had no problems with my Fantization order or my Kingdom Death Order (Thanksgiving Ninja and a few other). Happy Sepukku also delivered quickly. Not quite Black Friday, but waiting on my Slowfuse paints from Creature Caster and Halfling 10 pack from Red Box Games which were preorders due to ship out last week. Mine came a bit later but it was complete and there were no problems. I missed getting in on it this year which was a shame because I finally talked myself into getting that dragon for what, $60 or something they had it? Ah yes, I had forgotten that my order from them arrived as well. Intensity Inks, a few rollers, and the holder for the rollers. I should have got two holders. I didn't think I had more than 25 of those things. And I should have got both sets of inks. Can never have enough inks. Still on the fence about the colorshift paints though.
  16. JoeGKushner

    Reaper HD paint label fading

    Raises hand. Yea, it's a problem. Not stored in light.
  17. JoeGKushner

    Review: Mini Palettes by Stephanie Law

    Looks handy. Looks like they are not available for general purchase though.
  18. JoeGKushner

    Starting New Message Boards?

    With the rise of 3-D printers, is it possible to request a 3-D printer Message Board? It could serve the same function as the sculpting, show off, and Kickstarter message boards here as a place to share knowledge/cool stuff, etc...
  19. JoeGKushner

    Tengu Rouge

    Leaf punch? Like the ones sold by Green Stuff World?
  20. JoeGKushner

    The Avatar of Cthulhu by Reclusive Phoenix

    To be fair though, his original description is Cthulhu's appearance is described as looking like an octopus, a dragon, and a caricature of human form. It didn't say he needed to work on those abs. I've always wanted to see someone go for more of the dragon aspect of it.
  21. JoeGKushner

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Got mine today. Love that I don't have to glue the wings on.
  22. JoeGKushner

    The Stygian Depths - Lost Temple of Xibalba

    They do great work and solid communication buy there have been other Kickstarters that have beaten me and taken my wallet this month.
  23. JoeGKushner

    Tomb Guardians miniatures - 11/6

    Some great looking sculpts in there.
  24. JoeGKushner

    The Return of the Cult of the Kraken Lord!

    I missed the original so this is a good way to catch up. Too bad they don't do stretch goals. Could be a 'baron' and 'wizard' and a corrupted baron in there. Also need a 10 pack of those dogs. Going to need more than one of those.
  25. JoeGKushner

    Forgotten World by Fireforge Games

    I'm still tempted. Getting towards the end.