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  1. Surely it should be 80085?
  2. Funnily enough I'm watching Inception whilst reading this ^^^^^ Did you note down the badge numbers? They could be the winning lottery combination.....
  3. Sounds like he's jonesing for some more ice...

    Regarding the backers who are getting confused or claiming that not all info is provided or clear, it may be that the information that is inferred or not directly stated is not clear for them. For example from posts above where there was confusion re the options, while the info shared re the core set assembly and packing/sending was stated and accurate, if the status of options (made but still being packed) is not explicitly stated then it is left to inference and 'reading between the lines'. Which is fraught with risk around inferring correctly, language fluency differences etc. As an option to help with that, what about a basic infographic or grid chart showing status of each main group in the kickstarter rewards. For instance (pure made up examples and using text only, please excuse any poor layout) Group Manufactred Packed Sent Received Core set. Y. Y. Y. Y Expansion 1. Y. Y. Y. N Expansion 2. Y. 50% N. N Etc This sort of approach is easy to digest, and you can use a level of graphics or deeper detail as you prefer. It wont stop the bigger complainers around timing buut will have an ability to let all viewers see overall status at a glance.
  5. What size brush is he using? Maybe he can try practicing with a very small one like a 00000 or such and practice making gentle strokes on a test area until he gets used to the right amount of paint and pressure. Once he gets the feel of it right to use as a reference, he repeats the step on the area he wants to do.
  6. Funded

    Fixed for me too, so now locked in!
  7. Funded

    Thanks for the follow up. No such luck I'm afraid - the issue as mentioned above was on my iPad yesterday, since then I've tried my PC at work, and just now tried clearing cache/cookies on my iPad, logging in again on safari (same issue) and then clear and log in again via chrome (same result). I've also confirmed that I'm browsing to ks.reapermini.com/sw It was working for me a couple weeks ago across a number of visits to the pledge manager when the postage was first updated so I know it was okay for some time, and so seems to have been something more recent. I haven't changed address, I have checked my profile in the pledge manager and confirmed is my normal address. In short I can't see anything I have done (or not done) on my side to explain this reversion. But if there are other suggestions I'm open to ideas, unless it is preferred that I raise an email to go through standard channels?
  8. Funded

    I am one of the 'unlocked' pledgers, when I was checking the pledge manager a couple of weeks ago after the Australian postage was sorted out it was fine, but I was dithering over an extra titem to round out my existing pledge amount so didn't lock in then. So last night I went into the pledge manager to finalise that choice and lock in, and the postage rates for Australia have reverted to their US based values. I obviously won't be locking in while it's asking me to pay $80 postage instead of $9, so am hoping that whatever the issue is can be noticed and sorted soon as I don't want to be one of the causes for uncertainty around extra stretch unlocks. I've dropped a comment in the Kickstarter comments itself but thought I'd mention here too in case others are seeing a similar issue now, or if it can be noted and rectified soonish. If I haven't seen anything change for a couple of days (allowing for Reaper peeps to recover after Reapercon) then I'll drop an email to the appropriate inbox too.
  9. Don't spare/hobby rooms count as jumbo sized parts bins? Kind of like one of those storage warehouse rooms you can rent, but free and in your own home? So in fact this approach is *saving* money since you aren't' renting a storage room, thus you are actually doing a financial favour to the family. I'm sure that logic is defensible and irrefutable.....
  10. Brian Blessed is an interesting person, such as the time he punched a polar bear in the face when it got into his tent while camping in the arctic. He also does a voice on Peppa Pig which always amuses me to hear.
  11. Well my package arrived today and actually on my birthday! I happened to be home today too with a sick toddler, so I get to open them up and check them now that he's down for a nap.
  12. Why do I feel that the cat is waiting to steal a sly smoke? Silly cat, you've already lost both ears to cancer, give up the cigs!
  13. Omg, I hate that episode!! http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/wildlife/2012/08/australian-spiders-the-10-most-dangerous/ On Thursday morning I was at a client for a meeting, got some papers out of my briefcase and as I was closing the lid my finger brushed through something odd, I looked inside and there was a spider web in the corner. I looked in a bit further and saw a little(ish) black spider huddled inside the web. Since I was busy I left it alone and carried on with my day, using my briefcase a couple of times. When I got home I emptied out the case and proceeded to coax it out with a chopstick so I could relocate it outside: Well when I finally managed to get it out of the corner, this was what I discovered about my little stowaway: My finger was sticking in its web that morning!!!!😱 I had several nightmares that night involving these guys.😰
  14. It just shows 'Thank you for your support' now, no numbers or locations.
  15. *grabs some popcorn* If you're expecting cheer leading tricks, those parts of my anatomy don't move like that anymore.Best I can do is a high five. Might still be a trick depending on which parts are performing said high five. ☺ï¸