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  1. I like the Assassin's Creed look on the third one. Intentional or no, it looks stupendous!
  2. fectin

    Pulverizer Automaton

    My D&D group needed a pulverizer mini, so I made one. WIP is over at http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/77983-pulverizer/ There are a couple areas I'm not really happy about, but I learned a lot, and am very happy with the overall result. Areas I'd try to do better in the future: Original sculpt - less-blobby joins to the shoulders, have legs sculpted, crisper runes Casting - fewer bubbles, better coating on the release, dye the material Paint - better coverage on the base coat, verdegris, better leg rust, better compatibility between the different paints and casting material Maybe add a tiny LED? Things I like about how this turned out: - Overall shape goes well with "punchy sound-cannon" motif - Runes look pretty good - No fin (it's supposed to have one, I like it without) - Transparent effect inside (though it could be improved...) - Rust to emphasize "hand" shape More pics: Sir Forescale was MIA, so here's an orky substitute:
  3. fectin

    My Dragons don't share

    That tree is fiiiiiiine! I guess the absolutely stunning paintjob is okay too, but I really like that tree. Heads up though, my dragon got sleepy and started leaning progressively further forward. I haven't found a good way to fix that; if you do, please share.
  4. fectin


    Alright. The game was cancelled tonight, so I got a little more time. Here is the same thing with pins for legs, and a rough coat over top. I used some black wash with a little green to try and pick out the runes, but it beaded up too much to really look good. I'll do some more detail work on it as I have time, but this is the basic shape. It still needs a lot of cleanup and weathering.
  5. fectin


    So here's how they came out of the mold this morning. Looks good right? But no; the fists are still soft. I let them sit a while longer, and they're still soft like jello. But I have the mold now; I can make more. So I'll just use the greens as his fists. I patched two air bubbles from the mold, and painted the outside with GW's blood color. Later, I'll put a coat of metallic over top, but this way it'll look cool if I decide to leave the inside translucent.
  6. fectin


    Legs, maybe? I extruded a couple strands as triangles. Then I scored them and bent them into leggish shapes. It very quickly became apparent that this was not going to be possible without fingerprints, so I got some gloves. Then I greased them up. Then I felt weird about it. But no matter, potential legs are done. I'm not that happy with them though, so I'll hold off on casting them.
  7. fectin


    I should probably talk a little about those plates from a few posts back: All that was was making a thin layer of green stuff, cutting it in a ribbon, then putting it on the body. I had a drywall spatula lying around from the printer (you use them to get prints off the bed), so I smeared one side of it with vaseline, then just smooshed green stuff flat on top of it. Kind of like rolling out dough, only the rolling pin is my thumb, and it's also coated with vaseline. I have a hobby knife blade which is basically just a thick, sharp pin, so I used that to gently smooth the ribbons down and cut out around the shoulders. The "runes" were carved in using that same pin as a stylus, then smoothed flat afterwards. They are mostly free-association text-speech transliterated to Cyrillic, with some vowels replaced. Also, using Greek letters where those seemed cooler. Note that I have a fairly loose grasp of Cyrillic anyway. So, "don't touch!" might be "ДχНτΘИЖ." If you don't have a better approach, I recommend Cyrillic + a few nonsense syllables for convincing runes.
  8. fectin


    I put of the decision on the legs, sort of. My mold material had formed a perfect mold of the inside of the jar. That set me back for a while, and distracted me so there are no pictures of how I mounted the fists and body inside molds. But, I was able to stop at an early black-friday sale yesterday and find a substitute ( the black friday part was unrelated, other than being why Michael's was open on Thanksgiving). So, that accomplished, I carefully put bumps on the fists and poured a mold of the fists last night (if it went terribly wrong, fists would be a lot easier to re-do). This morning, all seemed well, so I poured the latex for the body too. This picture misses my elaborate three-pin system for suspending the body in the mold, because it's after I pulled that out, and also after I discovered the mold was not yet dry. The one on the right was the arms, with the arms already removed. And here the molds are filled with resin and drying, along with two other molds because I made too much resin. Where is mildly heated and dry? Inside the printer, obviously. Surely, this will have no repercussions later... @haldir, I did look at the chainmail ones actually. But none of them look like I want them too, the shipping times and prices were all iffy, and building one seemed more fun anyway. I really do appreciate the heads-up though!
  9. fectin


    Here it is with some plates added, and "runes" on the plates.
  10. fectin


    That is exactly what I need. But I also wanted this for Sunday... Decisions, decisions.
  11. fectin

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Stonehaven Giants

    Those are nice. I especially like the large ent. Mild color scheme, but it really works for me.
  12. fectin


    And here it is with shoulders attached. The "face" is pointing down. Sir Forscale wasn't available, so I found a ghoul volunteer instead. you can see one of the fists, sans lumpy bits, in the first photo. I still need to come up with leg attachment apparatii. And legs, which I'm really not sure what to do about. But once I have attachments on there, I can cast the body, which will smooth a lot of this out.
  13. fectin


    Print of that fist:
  14. fectin


    While I'm waiting for the first layer of green stuff to harden, I started on the fists. All the 3d printing cool kids say that sketchup is terrible, so this is a good opportunity to try something different: I'll try design spark. 5 minutes in, and it feels like boxing with my computer, the rotation makes my eyes hurt, and I can't even draw a dang pyramid. But it does chamfer nicely! I ended up drawing the pyramid in sketchup, importing it, then chamfering it in design spark. That's... an overly elaborate workflow for a slightly-rounded pyramid.
  15. fectin


    ...and here's the model I made. Just drew a lumpy curve in sketchup, and follow-me'd it around in a circle. Then I printed it out (no pictures! oops!). and slapped a little green stuff on it: ...and here with a little scoring to make the front look like plates. You can also see my super-advanced sculpting tool (back end of a paintbrush).