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Found 37 results

  1. Fremen

    77076: Lysette

    Hi everyone, This is the Bones version of Lysette that I got with my Kickstarter. Started her last November when it was cold and thought "Let's paint her in a winter theme." Well, now it's no longer cold, but she's done. I painted the metal version of her long time ago for my Warlord Elves, but that was sort of a green Spring theme, so I had fun taking her in a different direction. Feedback welcome! Thanks for looking.
  2. So a few days ago, by purest luck and coincidence, I was wandering around on-line and came upon a miniature that I have always wanted and have already painted, a Kenzer Hackmaster Female Gnome Illusionist that I had been wanting to get a second copy of now for years and there it was at a wonderful price. Out there as well on the same web site were a few old TSR miniatures, and I grabbed some TSR elves and dwarves, only three bucks per set, so I snatched those up as well.
  3. So here are finally my two elves after a long WIP, two old Ral Partha elves, Adrol - Elf Warrior King and Talaria - Elven Swordswoman.Just finished the bases this morning. Seemed to take forever, but I guess now they are finally over, and on to the next miniature! So I'd been worried that I wasn't going to meet my actual goal of 26 figures this calendar year, because I'd calculated all the figures I always stick on my little Lost Mini Wiki page, and I'd come up with 25, including these two figures, finished in 2014. What I didn't take into account were two small figures I'd painted in March for my brother in law who works at Mexican customs, a customs officer and a German Shephard. So with these two figures taken into account, I've actually hit 27 miniatures painted this year, and I still have a month left in 2014. And so my issues with these two figures: I'm not so fond of the jewels, and I'm not quite as happy with the gold helmet as I could be. I think this came from looking at Meg Maples' really nice post on her blog about NMM, but oh well, I'll just keep plugging away, trying to improve these all. Anyhows, enjoy!
  4. So wasn't sure if I was going to do another WIP, but it turns out that by doing these WIP's it kind of makes me almost feel accountable for keeping painting. I've been hoping to be able to get 26 figures done this year, so basically one every other week. I'm at 22 completed so far this year if my count serves correctly, so with these three I'd be at 25, plus one more and I'll have met that goal. So I've got until the end of the year to get these plus one more done. For the satyr, he's got a base coat of tanned shadow, and the elves both have fair skin highlight as their bases. The eyes for the male elf are particularly obnoxious. Before I primed him I assumed he had a nice big eye under the eyelid, but he's kind of squinted, so not a lot of space to work in there, rather the "eye" was his bottom "bag". Anyway, must keep working... These are newer Ral Partha figures, from the nineties, so they are a bit larger scale, more in line with Reaper models, so that should be a nice little "rest" too for my little old eyes!
  5. Jasonator

    Jasonator's Mounted Noble Oak Elf.

    Completed the Mounted Noble Oak Elf by Tom Meier. This Miniature proved a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Had to paint most of the elements separately, then glue them together. I found balancing the colors, and keeping dark areas in control hard to do when things aren't attached. The camera isn't doing credit to the gray blending into the shadows. They're there. So.. Here is the finished Elf.
  6. SamuraiJack

    Stonehaven elves...

    We know the wallet pain will be starting soon..
  7. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Elven Personalities

    So here is my latest little group of miniatures, some vintage Ral Partha Elven Personalities from the Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night line, sculpted by Tom Meier. These are pretty small figures, back when 25 mm meant that size. So they came out okay. What I actually like the best is the female's color of her dress, which is actually the Master Series Paint Bright Skin Shadow. I think it turned out kind of an enjoyable peach color. Biggest pain in the posterior was the buttons on the chick's "girdle/belt/thingamajig. I wanted to do them as jewels but they were so small, just made them metal buttons. Anyhow, enjoy!
  8. Here is the Bones Master List 'Let's Paint Reaper Bones!!!!!' of all WIP of the Bones Miniatures. Here are few Elves from my Bones: Turanil's Sword is my first try to paint with wetblendling. On the photo it is little more worse to see it. 77076: Lysette, Female Elf 77078: Astrid, Female Bard 77049: Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger 77044: Turanil, Male Elf Paladin 77068: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard
  9. Here is the Bones Master List 'Let's Paint Reaper Bones!!!!!' of all WIP of the Bones Miniatures. I gave them the first main colors. I'm not sure which color the sword of the Runemaster will really get. Ok, one dwarf is a pirate and should or could in the pirate group... 77133: Gruff Grimecleaver, Dwarf Pirate and 77075: Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard
  10. Spinward Bound's thread, http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47632-wood-elves/?hl=%2Bthunderbolt+%2Bmountain , alerted me to the excellent Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures, sculpted by Tom Meier, legendary founder of Ral Partha. These are jaw droppingly beautiful (if a little small by modern standards). I have started working on the Wood Elf Lord and Lady in Traveling Clothes. My usual method is to prime the minis with white acrylic paint, then wash with thinned down burnt umber to be able to see the details. On the male figure (on the right), his entire outfit except for his boots and cape are still on the umber wash. They are really tiny, especially their faces. Here's the lady elf next to Reaper 03566 (also a WiP) for comparison: And here are close ups of those tiny, tiny faces:
  11. catdancer

    Elf war chariot...

    This is another figure set that my wife found and loved. So here it is painted and mounted. I have no info data on this miniature set (except for the fact that the horses are only 15mm tall at most). I enjoyed painting this tiny tiny set.
  12. Gailbraithe


    I'm not a big fan of elves, and I have very few (non-dark) elves in my collection. I picked these elves up several months ago (around January) so my friends without minis of their own could assemble elven warbands in Song of Blades and Heroes. Now they are finally painted. I kind of imagine these guys as an elven adventuring band in an elven land, You've got your fighter leader (Arthrand), a ranger/rogue (Nienna), requisite wizard (Anirion) and token demi-human (Drys), who also serves as Team Cleric (or, in this case, Team Druid). I get the sense that these guys would do okay in a dungeon, but would completely wreck a wilderness adventure. Also, I'm not prone to tooting my own horn, but I really feel with this set I've achieved two new personal bests. I think these guys represent some of the finest painting I've done yet, and a vast improvement in my digital photography skills. 14553: Arthrand Nightblade, Wood Elf Sergeant 02909: Nienna, Elf Ranger 03491: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard 14479: Drys, Elven Dryad