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Found 10 results

  1. These two minis are the same character, one in an action pose as an eldritch knight, and the other as arch mage of the mages college. These are for an upcoming pathfinder campaign. These are custom heroforge minis I printed and sculpted flames on the sword for added effect.
  2. wickedshifty

    Bard, with Tartan!

    My BF had a PC made with Heroforge I've been putting off, cause he wanted Tartan painted. I've seen all the recent Tartan posts here and followed along with the tutorials and I'm so pleased with how it came out! He also requested a red leather jacket and green mohawk. Overall I am so happy with this mini. Used almost all reaper paints, and a couple of citadel washes. Thanks so so so much for all the tartan inspiration!
  3. dmpv01

    Custom Heroforge Aarakocra

    I printed this design from heroforge needing a custom, notable NPC, swashbuckling aarokocra captain of the high seas for a campaign. Not a perfect print or paint, but good enough for the table.
  4. I whipped this guy up on Heroforge, modded, printed, and painted him today. I had been looking for a good dragonborn/dragonman/reptus/etc but have been left wanting. This guy is a silver dragonborn cleric, death domain, follower of Tiamat (I know, non-chromatic) for a 5E campaign. I'm happy with how he turned out considering I was shooting for table quality.
  5. evilcoatrack

    Custom Mini: A bard and his cat

    I have a few minis displayed at my local game shop and was contacted a couple weeks ago about doing a custom job for a D&D player's Heroforge mini. This is the first time I've dealt with their Premium plastic, and it is much better than the detail plastic they used before - though there were a lot more little plastic spurs that I didn't entirely erase all trace of. I'm pretty happy with it, and the client is happy, so mission accomplished!
  6. fanguad

    HeroForge Human Wizard

    One of my friends came over today to paint, and I painted this custom HeroForge mini he ordered. She's apparently a Yuan-Ti pureblood PC in one of his games. There was some concept art with green eyes and purple clothing, so I used that to start with. All told, she took around 4 hours. I'm quite happy with how she turned out... sitting and chatting and not agonizing over every decision made her fun and fast to paint. Now, about the mini itself. Here is a fully zoom-in version of the image above. You can easily see the 3d printed layers, particularly on the base (which appeared not to have been perfectly horizontal in the printer), and on the raised arm. The picture doesn't necessarily draw attention to the same areas as the eye, but it's pretty obvious the layers are there if you spend any time looking at the mini. That said, for a tabletop piece it should be fine and the material itself took primer (and thus paint) just fine. The material had some flex to it, and there were only a few supports. Several small details were noticable, for example the details on the bag and the eyebrow piercings (which I didn't paint), but she was supposed to have more defined abs, which didn't show up. I don't think light sanding would have helped much - you would have to take off enough that you'd be seriously damaging the mini at that point. At $30 a pop, they're very expensive, but I could see it be worthwhile for a beloved character.
  7. evilcoatrack

    Custom 3D Printed Dwarf Paladin

    I posted another one of Heroforge's custom ordered 3D printed minis the other day, and I just finished another one. This one didn't have the texture issues that the other three I've painted did - the only place I really notice rough texture is on the back side of the shield, which is fine. This particular character is the Paladin in the party I DM for (5th Edition, homebrew campaign). The symbol on his shield represents his deity (goddess of light, sunburst symbol) and the dwarven homeland he's far from (mountains). He recently joined an in-game faction called the Queensguard, so their symbol & colors are painted on his right pauldron.
  8. evilcoatrack

    Custom 3D Printed Female Elf Monk

    I painted this commission tonight. The model is from Heroforge and the customer had it custom printed to match her D&D character. The texture of Heroforge models is always a bit bumpy due to the printing process, and I smoothed out what I could with a scraper, brush, and water rinse. it's kind of rough to catch all of it when the material is fragile hard plastic that isn't the easiest to whittle down in some areas, so there are some spots on her face that I'm not entirely happy with. Still, not bad for being able to custom build your character.
  9. pinkymadigan

    My custom mini from Heroforge

    I backed the Heroforge Kickstarter a while back, and just got my reward. I backed for $30 to support the idea. I was dubious about the ability for the company to pull off a quality figure but figured $30 was a good way to support the technology and test the final results. Here's the original design I ordered: Though not visible in the picture, I intentionally introduced a clipping issue, which was either caught by the software or by Heroforge's QA team, as when I received the model the clipping issue was resolved. The eye cover clipped through the right side of the hood (left side of picture, hidden by flame), but I'm happy to report the defect was absent in the test piece. Upon receipt, while getting ready to prep the mini, I accidentally dropped it about 3-4 feet onto a carpeted surface. As advertised, the material the "high detail" plastic is made from is a bit brittle, and the piece fractured at the arm: I attempted to drill into the material at the arm to set a pin to fix the hand, but the material is too brittle for that. I ended up just using superglue, and fortunately the join seems to be relatively strong. The second thing I noticed was the surface. Despite the "high detail" material, there were significant surface artifacts on almost all the surfaces. I primed and drybrushed the mini to see how bad the situation was: Pretty bad. I had some work to do... Note the base edges are not very sharp, I'm assuming the corners broke when I dropped it, I didn't have enough time to notice whether this was the case before the drop, so that's what I'm assuming. More to come...
  10. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58969-my-custom-mini-from-heroforge/ Basically, this mini I designed to pay a little tribute to Theresa from the videogame series Fable, but a little more action oriented. There were plenty of issues with the Heroforge mini, but all the details are in the WIP. Overall, happy with the service, and I'll check back in a few months to see if they've been able to improve on their material. Still some texture issues with the cloak, but it was a good test piece to show how much work one needs to do to get a HF mini into decent shape.