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Found 33 results

  1. Patrik Strom

    Arwen, Games Workshop

    Arwen, from Games Workshop. I picked this miniature to finish off 2014 (to get my 2014 total to an even nice and even number) because it probably paint fast. I was somewhat surprised of the result. I'm quite pleased, especially since it didn't require at much of an effort.
  2. I've recently relized that the end of 2014 is fast approaching and I'm nowhere close to completing my second (and most important) painting goal of 2014: that all 2014 purchases must be finished within 2014 (excluding kickstarters). I've spent most of my (recently dwindling) paint time just working through my quickdip pile and really slacking off the metal pile. But as 2014 moves towards its end I really need to pick up the pace. So here's the unarmored Eowyn version by Games Workshop.
  3. Patrik Strom

    Middle Earth Hobbits, Mithril Miniatures

    I've had these figures for about 20 years now. They're an old relic from before when I stopped painting some 18 years ago. The figures are supposed to represent some of the Hobbits and Gollum from Lord of the Rings, but I can't remember which. The only one I'm sure of is Gollum. The others I think are Frodo, Pippin and Sam. Frodo (?) Pippin (?) Sam (?) Gollum Group shot!
  4. Paheej

    Lord of the Rings Miniatures

    Here is my first mini I have ever posted to these forums! I'm a big fan of Games Workshop's LOTR Strategy Battle Game and have a few painted minis. Hoping to bring this style to the Reaper Bones that will be coming next year!
  5. ObsidianCrane

    Obsidian Crane's January Painting

    Ok so I'll keep all my work in here at least for the non-Reaper miniatures. Reaper Minis 02697: Yeti P14087B: Fairy with Book / Moth 02665: Killer Frogs 02100: Trissa Cloverhill Non-Reaper Minis GW (pre-1990): Half-Orc Fighter with Sword and Shield GW (Pre-1990): Half-Orc Fighter with Two-Handed Sword GW (LotR): Legolas (Fellowship Boxed Set) GW (LotR): Rohirrim Archer GW (LotR): Rohrirrim Infantry x2 Dark Sword: DSM3103 - GlenRaven - Female Rogue Redbox Games: Christia the Chaste Redbox Games: Lesser Infernal GW: 6x Empire Spearmen (6th Edition starter set) GW: Eldar Dreadnaught (original small head).
  6. DSModels

    LOTR, Gandalf, Bilbo and Frodo

    Here are a few from the LOTRs line. . . This was my first attempt at "point of source" lighting. I call it that but it probably has a different name. Gandolf was painted from the "Mines of Moria" part of the movie, this being the only actual time I can think of where he had and used the light stone on top of his staff. I based and painted it with a stone floor, merging the entire base as if a continuous part of the floor by carving cracks into the side as well as the surface. A granite look so to speak. . . . This is a limited edition Bilbo figure. The only way to get this is a post card inside the first boxed set. I painted him strait from the movie. In the next photo you can see he has the ring in his hand. . . If you can tell, Sting has a slight blue glow with the approach of Orcs. . .
  7. ObsidianCrane

    GW Boromir

    Ok so maybe I should have added him to the Furious Painting thread, but I think he deserves his own. I wasn't worried about trying to make him look like Boromir from the movies, rather I was aiming for a good Bard adventurer for DnD games.
  8. chang1701

    Reaper Spiders

    Hey all. I'm new to these boards. Been wargaming since mage knight and got into the craft part of it about a year ago. I play GW LOTR SBG, but my friend and i have started buying Reaper minis to make our own characters. (I also started using Reaper paints after i got tired of GW's paints) I have a few questions about some of the monsters that Reaper makes. 1) I've wanted to get some spiders. Hows the scale compared to that of GW? The giant spiders seem like a match to theirs. 2) Are there any Reaper Dragons or Trolls that fit the scale? Thanks for answering to those who do. Oh, Any Oregon gamers on here? Seems like this state lacks in the gamers. :( Dan