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Found 224 results

  1. fanguad

    77047: Goldar, Male Barbarian

    It's been a while since I've posted something here, as I've been painting a lot of non-Reaper stuff lately. My PFRPG group just started up Curse of the Crimson Throne though, so there's a new crop of PCs to paint. Here is "DL," playing a godling character (think Hercules). DL uses a greatsword instead of an axe, so I did a weapon swap. The molding on Goldar leaves a little to be desired, but he's was a fun model to paint up since I enjoy painting skin tones (I still have no clue what's going on with this guy's muscles though). Overall, the goal was for a mini that would look reasonably nice, but that I wouldn't spend forever on.
  2. Patrik Strom

    Gorak the Ravager, Warlord

    I've been hitting a slump in my painting that's been keeping me from these forums for quite a while. I'm trying to regain my rythm and getting some pieces done. This is one of them: Gorak the Ravanger from the Warlords Miniature Lines. He was supposed to be a stand in for my current monk character in a DnD5 game, although I'm having second thoughts. Still love the miniature though. Seems quite angry :)
  3. Patrik Strom

    Viggoth the Remorseless, Red Box Games

    I've been hitting a slump in my painting that's been keeping me from these forums for quite a while. I'm trying to regain my rythm and getting some pieces done. This is one of them: This is Viggoth the Remorseless, from Red Box Games. He's abit smaller than I would like to but still a great sculpt. Somehow I messed up the varnishing and I just can't for the life of me get some of the glossy spots matt, no matter how much I spray them will dull coat (I've only sprayed him once or twice, I don't want to ruin the whole figure).
  4. AEdge

    Grenadier Barbarian Chieftan

    Grenadier Barbarian Chieftain I painted this over ten years ago. It is one of the most important models in my personal collection. I think if my house was about to burn down and I could only save one mini, it would probably be this one. I had one of these minis way back in the early 90’s. It was my favourite even back then. The mini was lost after a life change and a move to another city. Fast forward to the early 2000’s. I met Primeval on Cool Mini or Not. I was inspired by his ability and the passion that he put into his models. He was, and still is, very specific about what he paints. Specifically Barbarians and any other models that looked like they would have existed in the Hyborian Age. It was really intriguing to me how he could craft a mini story about each model that he painted. It sounded like a description straight out of a Conan novel. Awesome stuff. Anyway, we both had a love for Copplestone Barbarians (and the field of physical fitness). My memory fails me a bit here but I think I asked him if he knew of anywhere that I could get another Barbarian Chieftain to replace the one that I lost. He told me that he had an extra one. I offered to buy it from him and I was more than prepared to pay whatever he asked. He wasn’t having it. He sent it to me for free. FREE!!! I painted it to the best of my ability at that time and it remains forever in a prominent spot in my paint cabinet. Hopefully, one future day I can make it out to California and meet Primeval in person. Bucket list.
  5. GodOfCheese

    Paizocon Bones paint-n-take

    Mrs. Cheese and I went to Paizocon today with Little Bluberry and her Muffin Man, and we all had some fun painting. Witness the horror of what we have wrought! :-) Without realizing it, Mrs. Cheese and I chose the same Iconic Barbarian miniature to paint. I suspect that this is kind of like wearing the same dress to the prom as someone else, so we had to make them distinct somehow.
  6. These are easily the best eyes I've ever painted. I'm not even sure how I did it.
  7. Chris Palmer

    Amiri, Iconic Barbarian (89005) (Bones)

    Over the weekend I finished up the Amiri, Iconic Barbarian, figure from the Bones 1 Kickstarter Iconics and Officially Licensed Pathfinder Miniatures Set. ​ I tried making her weapons look like they were made from obsidian; and while I'm generally happy, I was a bit sloppy with the painted highlights on the spearheads. Anyway, she's for tabletop use, so nothing too fancy. As always, C&C welcome.
  8. ub3r_n3rd

    End of the Hunt

    END OF THE HUNT She stood overlooking the battlefield below her, finally reaching her objective... the ancient burial site of the most legendary of barbarians... Her scythe gleamed in the sunlight and blood dropped off its keen edge, her mask that she wore to strike even more fear into the hearts of her enemies hid her predatory smile, once the site was excavated she'd be nearly invincible and her enemies would fall before her like wheat... This figure is a commission piece I did for a good friend and client, I was given a lot of leeway on how to paint her up. Really only wanted me to take my artistic liberty and paint it with a feeling of all and a battle that had just happened. So I went to work and got inspired by the skulls I had and that would fit into the scene. I used mostly the same color palette throughout the base and the figure herself. My client was very happy to receive the piece today and I'm leaving it up to them if they want to say who they are. Figure: Mistress of the Hunt Manufacturer: Norsgard Scale: 32mm heroic Material: Metal WIP: None - you can check out my artist page for full WIP pics if you'd like, the link is in my .sig C&C are more than welcomed and greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking!!
  9. This is 77299 Female Antipaladin that I received from fanguad for the Spring Exchange. My "instructions" for my partner were to paint something that would fit either "Something wicked this way comes" or "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Fanguad did great on both counts. She is definitely up to no good with her giant axe. He threw in a couple other sinister figures that are most certainly wicked! (89010: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist & 77123: Zalash, Dark Elf Assassin) She is beautifully highlighted and shaded and I am going to look at her when I next paint skin as hers is gorgeous! I love her face! We also happen to have the same color hair! Ha! Thank you, fanguad! I love her so much! My pictures do not do her justice. Fanguad, if you took better pictures, please add them on here!
  10. I've not posted anything here for the last month or so as I've been working on a commission, which I thought I would share here. The minis are from the past & present & are by various manufacturers. I extended the integral metal bases out to the edge of the plastic rim with Milliput & did some light texturing on it, the Frost Giant has Army Painter snow flock on top. The Blight Lord's base was done using Basius's "Dungeon" stamp pad & green stuff. Dark Sword Minis Male Elf Ranger DSM-7105 Ral Partha Frost Giant 01-057 Reaper Minis Brand Male Barbarian 02529 Reaper Minis Townsfolk VII Clergy 02950 Rebel Minis Blight Lord RFF0209 Off The Wall Armies Swordfish Fighter GCC17-2183 C & C's are always welcome, thanks for looking!
  11. The first of many to soon be posted, a very Conanesque Barbarian, Traeg. He's a Reaper piece, but years of being kept in a box underneath a bed lead to a hand transplant (from a Dwarf Wars Nordvolk, if memory serves)
  12. bailey03


    My latest project is another 54mm historical figure. This one is a Northumbrian warrior from Latorre. It's a really nicely done sculpt, although perhaps a bit on the simple side in terms of gear. I decided to add a bit to him, so I swapped the shield out of his left hand and slung it onto his back (adding a photo etch belt so it looked like something was holding it in place). I wanted to put something else in his left hand, so I went through my bits box and settled on a war horn I had left over from the Sorondil project. I'm attempting to create an overall cold feel to this figure, so I'm planning to use a lot of cool colors (blues, greens, purples) and give him a winter base. It's causing me to make some minor adjustments to my normal mixes and rethink a few things. Here's a quick look at how he's come together so far. Last night I finished the main color for the tunic. I'm now starting on a pattern for the border. Just put in the lower edge and then marked off dots for the top edge so I could keep the spacing consistent. I'll be filling the space in between with a geometric pattern, so using these sorts of guide marks will be key to getting everything to look uniform in the end. For the metals on this guy I used the Scale75 metallic paints and their inks. I always paint the metals over a dark base. Normally for iron I'd do something like a black or dark brown, but since I'm going for a cold feel I used a dark blue. On top of that I start by laying down a dark metallic base coat (left image). Here I used Scale75's black metal mixed with Reaper's Pure Black and Ritterlich Blue. I used equal parts metallic and pure black, then maybe a third that amount of the blue. The matte colors tone down the shininess of the metal and help to keep those darker areas dark. Into that I start to mix in a lighter metallic tone, in this case Heavy Metal, to create the highlights. I gradually work up to pure Heavy Metal, applying in smaller and smaller areas (top surfaces and edges). I repeat the same process for the yellow metals. In this case I used Scale75's Necro Gold with Reaper's Burgundy Wine and some Ritterlich Blue. Into that I mixed Elven Gold and, at about 2 parts Elven Gold to 1 part Necro/Burgundy/Blue I started to mix in Thrash Metal. That's a paler highlight and keeps it from getting too yellow. This is the middle image. Note that while the shadows where a mix of matte and metallic paint, the highlights are pure metallic so they are much more reactive with the light. At this point the metals look pretty decent but there is one more step. I take a number of the Scale75 inks and apply a series of glazes to add hints of color and further develop the shadows. You can use a lot of different colors, however for the feel I want I stuck with blue, purple, and black inks. The effect is subtle, but compare the right image (with glazes) to the middle image (without) and you can see the shadows are a bit stronger and the color is a little more interesting.
  13. Jasper_the_2nd

    77075: Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Barbarian?!

    We're starting a new D&D 5th Edition campaign soon. I offered to paint up a Dwarf Barbarian figure for one of the players who doesn't paint. His only Dwarf Barbarian figure otherwise would have been the old D&D prepaint one, and if you've seen that, it isn't very impressive. Now I'd been building my Dwarf Wizard for the game, and having realized that there is no casting penalty in 5th Ed for wearing armor you are proficient in, I was painting up an Oathsworn Dwarf fighter type, in scale mail and with a battleaxe (which he's also proficient with). He'll be posted up this weekend, once I get him on a base. So we decided, since the Barbarian is carrying a quarterstaff and has no appreciable armor, that we'd use a Khael as the figure for his Barbarian, to confuse all the baddies! ( Did I mention robinh is GMing this?? ) Overall I'm quite happy with him, considering he's for game play, so tabletop-ish. The mold line on his back I'd have cleaned up if I'd realized how much it would stand out, but I went into with my usual "If Bones and tabletop then don't clean up mold lines" plan.
  14. Jaws

    Custom Chaos Marauder

    I had some bits left over after the CMON Not-Conan mini, and decided to use them on a Chaos Marauder. The Axe, head and uh, lobbed-off head are the bits that was left.:
  15. aku-chan

    The Blood Secrator

    Presenting the Blood Secrator from Games Workshops Age of Sigmar box set. I'm not sure what a Blood Secrator does, but it involves wearing a vest made of skulls and hitting people with a nifty-looking (but undoubtedly highly impractical) quadruple headed axe. Had this guy on 'The Shelf of Shame' for awhile, it's a very nice mini (very 3 dimensional if that makes any sense) but when you have shaky hands the prospect of painting all the bits tucked behind all the other bits is pretty nerve-wrecking! Despite that I think he ended up looking pretty good. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  16. Lord_Ashenwyte

    First Diorama!

    So, I had a copy of this guy sitting on my desk with a few bits painted. I decided to make a little diorama using him and some other models. The barbarian's part of a statue that will be the centerpiece of the diorama, with some townsfolk going about their business and some bored guards. It's late now, so I'll post some sketches and painted minis in the morning.
  17. Had this guy around for a while. Painted him at a local store gathering today: https://youtu.be/lSyov5YTpKo?t=46s
  18. Started a new barbarian (of course), this is the one I got from Catacombs. He made his way towards the front of the queue pretty quickly after I received him. His name is Torgils the Black Wolf More pics later!
  19. Werewolvians

    77219 Grundor Hoardtaker

    I'm planning on using this guy as a douche bag reoccurring villain in my Stormbringer Campaign. He looks so douchy with that beard, but he painted up nicely.
  20. sirgourls

    Gourls Paints Thund Bloodwrack 77199

    Hey all! Been a bit busy lately as the semester is back in full swing and I'm in the middle of packing to move. My paints aren't put away yet (of course) so to try and practice, I painted up Thund here a few days ago. I somehow missed the giant mold line across his head until I looked at the picture just now. Sigh. His cloak gave me problems too. I did actually wash it, but I don't know if I then left him standing up and the wash ran out of the crevices of his cloak or if I just reapplied too much paint when drybrushing or both but by the end I was just frustrated and sorta vindictively sealed him and called him done. He'll suffice for sitting on the tabletop at least. C&C welcome as always! And any tips on the cloak issue would be appreciated too.
  21. Werewolvians

    77373 Cuth Wolfson

    I call this guy Meat because that's the only word he knows how to say.
  22. Werewolvians

    03700 Tyrea Bronzelocks NSFW

    She's a pretty awesome mini. I'm a big fan of the standing at rest figures. Or standing proud weapon not raised minis. You know what I mean? https://www.instagram.com/p/BA9-5xzKrP7/
  23. Werewolvians

    77199 Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian

    He must have found that sword. Resourceful!
  24. In my ongoing set of Heresy Miniatures I present Kage Dar a young barbarian by Heresy Miniatures, once again an amazing sculpt and hopefully one I have done justice with. I spent a bit of time building up the skin tone and I am happy with the results in daylight. As always comments welcome.
  25. Guildenstern

    10033: Mousling Heroes WIP

    just a quick wip - still doing basecoating. Working out my colour scheme. I'm going to try to do the wizard's staff more like an icicle, we'll see how that goes lol