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    • Painting Guide - Massive Darkness: 3D Doors   This is a guide in which you will quickly and easily get the board decor for Massive Darkness, painted. As the first installment, this second installment also demonstrates drybrushing and washing. And it adds one more core concept for anyone wanting to learn miniature painting - base coating.
    • My rosemary and Co #1 and #0 are my favorite brushes ever.
    •   When I was GMing Kingmaker, the party had occasion to cross a river to an island. Now they could have used some combination of dimension door and flight, but those take resources and they had a boat. One of their paladins also had a paladin's horse. But it was a magic boat.   Now the paladin can summon his horse once a day, so they could have taken the boat across to the island and then summoned the horse*, but what if they needed to summon the horse again? They would have to wait until the next day! It would have been terrible!   So they decided to take the boat. Including the 2000# warhorse. Their theory was "Magic Boat, what could go wrong?" As GM, I let them know that small magic boats aren't really designed for 2000# warhorses that can't sit down, but they were adamant.   So they all get on the boat. As the horse boards, I ask the player for an Acrobatics-Balance check for the horse. It wasn't especially difficult (DC15 perhaps?), but it turns out that even paladins' mounts aren't especially good at tightrope walking. Still, the horse passes the test and they push off from the bank.   Now sailing a boat with a huge animal in it seemed like it might be more difficult than the usual pond trip, so I asked for a Profession: Sailor from whoever was conning the boat. None of them had that, so default value it was. This time they weren't quite so lucky. The boat started rocking. I asked for another Acrobatics-Balance check from the horse, which wasn't so lucky this time, so over the side it went. Now when you lose a 2000# unbalanced weight from a longboat suddenly, there's going to be some instability, so I asked for another Profession: Sailor check, easier this time, since there wasn't a horse on board. Nat 1.   After a series of Reflex saves and/or balance checks from the PCs, one of the two rogues was standing on the upturned bottom of the capsized boat and the rest of the group was in the water. With only minor problems they all made it back to the bank - and dimension door-ed to the island.   * The adventure was in a cave on the island, but the paladin really wanted his horse. For ... reasons. Don't ask me; I was just the GM. 
    •   Ah, yes, the "Suicidal Elves" story.   The GM's face was priceless as he rolled the dice behind the screen, I recall.
    • Thank you Glitterwolf. I have been  worried the whole time about being able to get enough contrast on the figure, the colours are all so similar in tone.