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Found 34 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infamyminis/infamy-collectibles The Infamy: Collectibles range combines larger scale full miniatures, busts and complex or special kits. It is aimed aimed primarily at painters and collectors, but some of the models have also been designed with crossover potential in mind for gamers. There's no specific theme or setting - the only criteria for entry into the Collectibles range is that a model is cool and exciting! Each model has been designed and sculpted by amazing artists, will be cast in the high-quality resin that Infamy has become know for, and packed up in luxury bespoke boxes.
  2. Magically Distracted She sat on her favorite stool, having gotten mostly undressed and relaxed, gently swirling the goblet of red wine in her hand as she read through the grimore in her lap... closing her eyes she gently concentrated on the spell that was before her... suddenly the books piled around her lifted up in the air as if they had minds of their own and were caught in a small windstorm. She giggled to herself and took another long drink of the wine from her goblet and continued to study... --------------------- This was a really fun project that I started up in April of this year. My goal was to get her done in time for the 'eavier metal online contest (Facebook) and see if I could place or perhaps get a random draw. I ended up uploading her about 10 minutes late, so I have no idea at the time of doing this post if she will be considered in the contest or if she will be disqualified. Either way, I had fun, I had tons of amazing feedback during the WIP and a lot of people cheering me on to get it finished. I present to you "Magically Distracted" a NSFW Kingdom Death figure in the 54mm scale, she is a limited edition resin release. Please feel free to give your comments and critiques. I'm going to check and see if I am allowed to bring a nude figure to ReaperCon this year for entry into their painters contest or not. If not, she'll stay home as I do have plenty of other things to enter as well. A few firsts on this one, I did some elaborate tattoos, magical floating books, writing in books in freehand, a completely nude figure, texturing pattern, Venus dimples, and last but not least sheer stockings (which were a lot of fun and a lot of work!). First - pics that are SFW and then I'll post some NSFW links (special thanks to @Thrym for hooking me up with his site for hosting as Facebook links expire) and for helping me out with the really cool title placard). NSFW Links One Two Three Four Five ETA: Better pics after a bit of clean-up to the OSL and added red ink to the drink.
  3. Shazirah - an ub3r Showoff

    I finished up Shazirah today, took me about 8 or so hours total from start to finish, but no special basing. I couldn't get the figure painted and do a nice base in the span of a day. She's a gift for my niece who turns 18 in a couple of weeks, she asked her dad to have me paint something up for her and I did my best to get a TT+ standard figure done today for her before my brother heads back to Missouri tomorrow morning. Anyhow, final pics! C&C are welcomed and appreciate of course.
  4. Shazirah - an ub3r WIP

    Sitting at home today, chatting with my brother who is in town visiting, he mentioned that his daughter would love something painted up by me for her 18th birthday. So over the last few hours I've been working on Shazirah a 54mm barbarian from Ares Mythologic. Here's the progress thus far - starting from priming black/white to where I'm at right now. It's taken me about 4 hours to get to this point. I'm hoping to finish her off in the next 2-3 hours as the skin is always what I fuss over the most!
  5. 54mm Bloodpeak Barbarians Kickstarter!

    They are 54mm scale miniatures cast in high quality resin. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859512613/bloodpeak-barbarians
  6. Sophia, Lady Knight

    Getting back into the swing of things, decided to take it easy by basing the fully painted yet unbased Excelsy I had lying on my Shelf of Shame(tm).
  7. Starting this one up as it now has my attention due to a contest on bookfarce by the 'eavier metal facebook group. This is Distracted by Kingdom Death, she's a 54mm 1st run collector's edition resin miniature that I couldn't pass up a while back when she was released for a very limited time. This figure is completely nude so she is definitely NSFW and I'll make sure to link any pics that would violate forum rules. Let's start off with the pic I can show! The NSFW pics that show the body parts - Front Side Side As I go along, I would like very honest and forthright comments and critiques to push me as she will be a contest entry and I may bring her to ReaperCon as well!
  8. This was a speed paint I did in an attempt to paint faster and not overthink my miniatures. I had painted fhe base previously. Boris took and hour, my NMM attempt took 40 more minutes.
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/444942847/blacksmith-miniatures-world-of-jean-baptiste-monge/description Incredible 54 mm scale sculpts cast in amazingly detailed resin for painters and collectors MARCH,15 TH 2017 on Kickstarter
  10. judgement

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gunmeistergames/judgement-a-moba-inspired-54mm-miniatures-game Judgement brings all the elements of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game genre to the table top. Powerful, diverse and fun heroes, neutral monsters, magical items and hero levels. These ingredients provide a truly amazing gaming experience like no other miniature game on the market. The game design team have worked tirelessly for more than a year creating, testing and perfecting the core mechanics which ensure diverse, dynamic hero activations and a fast, flexible combat system. The icing on the cake are superbly detailed 54mm scale resin cast miniatures.
  11. Scibor: Onufry the Ribald

    Here is my latest, Sibor's 54mm Dwarf, Onufry the Ribald. This guy was a blast to paint and is actually my first 54mm miniature. If you are familiar with the sculpt, you might notice that his shield is missing. I was originally going to have it on the base but there was no room and I think it is better without. Thank you to everyone that provided feedback in my WIP thread. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  12. Draco the Barbarian - "Birthright"

    I present to everyone my first 54mm figure... DRACO THE BARBARIAN!! This was a heck of a lot more fun than I thought it would be and easier to paint than I assumed. The Figure is Draco The Barbarian from Ares Mythologic. He strode from the ruins having pillaged the ancient treasures and surveying the land before him for yet more plunder... Draco knew the time of high adventure was at hand and he couldn't wait to drive his enemies before him and hear the lamentation of their women! Thanks for looking and please leave any C&C that you'd like EDIT: NEW PICS!!! These are the new pics with the tweaks done to it for more grass, ivy, flowers, plinth and name plaque. Thanks to everyone for looking and for the C&C!!
  13. ...a 54mm metal and resin piece from Andrea Miniatures' Dark Nova Series. The figure is out-of-the-box, while the rubble base has been embellished with bent wire re-bar, angle iron, a pipe, and a torn-up, slightly squashed teddy bear. Floquil Gray model RR primer under Reaper MSPs. The piece is not based on any comic or game system that I'm aware of, so the sky's the limit as far as interpretation of what does what and color schemes go. I painted, damaged, and weathered it as I would a tank. Questions and comments are welcomed. No secrets here... Glen
  14. Here is Maria Roseblade from the Reaper Master Series. Hope you'll like it. WIP is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62239-30007-maria-roseblade-pirate-queen-54mm-xherman1964
  15. Excelsy WIP

    I feel a bit bad saying this, but since the Euro dropped in comparison to USD, I finally felt that it was worth it to splurge a bit on a mini I've always had my eyes on for a while: The casting is absolutely amazing; no mold lines to speak of, square slots fit like a dream. Only gap I see is in the two parts of the cape; I'll need to fill that before doing much else. Only boo-boo was the sword crossguard was snapped off... but I hate bits that fiddly anyways, and I was on the fence about adding it in. Dilemma solved. Assembled into all the major sections for now, need to think about what color the armor is going to be...
  16. Monique de Noir (54mm) (30004)

    Monique is my first non-28mm miniature, and she was a wonderful push into new realms of painting. I love having more face to work with, my favorite part of most miniatures. I decided to go full NMM, a technique I seldom have attempted. I learned a lot about light and contrast. I still have lots to learn, especially when it comes to gold. I decided to go with a simple base to complement her supplied base.
  17. Finally finished this gorgeous model. Been a very long time since I've painted anything over 28mm scale, and I thoroughly enjoyed the change Overall, really pleased with how she came out :D Base details. Kept the extra detailing like the leaves to a minimum to avoid overwhelming her Went with a purpleish skin tone to emphasize her not being human
  18. I've had this figure sitting in her box for the better part of a fortnight, and I've been eyeing her on the site for many months more, so I'm glad I've finally had the chance to start her I've not done much yet, but I'd thought I'd start this thread early to keep me focused on doing the best job I can with her So yes, she's been sat like this for a while Spent a little while cleaning her up with a knife and some fine grain paper, and glued the sub sections together Then I undercoated her with white spray, and couldn't resist test fitting her together Next up is hiding the mold line in her hair, which is going to be... interesting As I said, not done much yet, but I'll keep this updated as I go ^^;
  19. “We must be bound to one another then," Elric murmured despairingly. "Bound by hell-forged chains and fate-haunted circumstance. Well, then—let it be thus so—and men will have cause to tremble and flee when they hear the names of Elric of Melinbone and Stormbringer, his sword. We are two of a kind—produced by an age which has deserted us. Let us give this age cause to hate us!†As always, C & C welcome!
  20. My next non-gaming scale mini is Elthianir, Snow Walker from Tale of War Miniatures. He is 54mm scale. Here's the stock photo:
  21. Inspired by Dontfear, ub3r, and all the talk about larger scale figures, I started work on my first 54mm figure, Monique De Noir! She is in my favorite medium - metal. I like bones, but metal is still king to me. The casting is wonderful. The most difficult mold line to remove was one within her hair, but, being larger than the usual 28-32mm figures, much easier to work out. I'm sure more mold lines will suddenly spawn as I work on her. Session 1 Progress In my first painting session, I primed using white brush on primer, then started in on the skin. The base tone is a 50% rosy shadow/50% rosy skin mix. I then blocked in the shadows with a 50% rosy shadow/50% chestnut brown mix. I added the deepest shadows with chestnut brown under her nose, beneath the chin, and around her eyes. I'm a big fan of bailey03's work on historical figures, especially his skin tones, so I draw a lot of inspiration from his color choices. To help frame her face, I basecoated her hair first with walnut brown, then with a thinned down brown liner. The contrast should given me a good reference for working on her face. Session 2 Progress Yesterday, I worked on her eyes. Being a larger figure than I'm used to, the eyes are both a plus and a minus. I can actually get a brush stroke in! No more inadvertent texture from dabbing with the brush. The minus (and a plus) - the size demands more detail. Again drawing inspiration from bailey, I started with a medium pink, an ad hoc mixture of deep red and creamy ivory, then lay in linen white, leaving some of the pink in the corners. I decided to go with a dark blue eye color, so I added in an iris using a blue-black mixture created from walnut brown and ultramarine shadow. Next is the hardest part... I colored in the iris with linen white, leaving a thin circle of the blue-black. I then added the pupil using pure black, followed by a layer of ultramarine highlight to pull some blue back into the iris. My phone picture stinks... My biggest mistake was taking a break after first defining the iris using the blue-black to vacuum the house. Don't do that! The exercise and movement was nice...the resulting increase in heartbeat and slight hand vibration killed my fine brush control. I might redo the eyes.
  22. So In order to participate in the 54mm Challenge. I will start with the Master Series 54mm Pirate Queen, Maria Roseblade. First step, prepping and assembly.
  23. Bjorn the Hunter, a 70mm Dwarf from Basicks is my first not-gaming scale mini. I'll be painting him up for the 54mm Challenge. He's mostly cleaned up, and I've slapped a few pieces together, to see how far I can go before I need to start putting paint on him. He came in 6 pieces: base, body, 2 arms, rifle, and cloak. His cloak covers a LOT of the detail on his back, so I think it will get painted separate. EDIT: Edited because autocorrupt. EDIT v2.0: Edited multiple times because autocorrupt.
  24. This is a project I started back in 2013 but I've taken several long breaks while working on it. This past weekend I decided to pick it back up and see if I could finally finish it. The figure is a 54mm mounted knight from Pegaso. It's a great sculpt, one of my favorites, so I really want to finish it. I'm sticking with a mostly historical paint scheme, so the knight is dressed in white. To contrast with that I wanted to do a black horse. A nice idea, but a difficult color to work with. The horse has been the biggest hurdle as black is not a color I feel overly confident working with. I've gotten a bit more experience on some recent projects so I decided to give it another go. The black is still a work in progress. I've got a few more sections to do, then I'll fix some minor issues. After that it'll be some glazes to help the blends and tie everything together before redoing some of the highlights. Painting black is a whole process. The knight is mostly finished, just a few details and the shield which I'll attach to his left shoulder. The cape is a lot of white space, so I'm doing a border around it. I've done the bottom and will continue the pattern up the side too. He'll be holding a banner. I've completed one side and will do the other the same way. Again, it's a lot of white space so to liven it up I did a subtle background pattern. Now that I've got the approach to the horse figured out, I think the rest of the project should be relatively smooth. So hopefully I'll be able to wrap up this project in a couple weeks. Fingers crossed!
  25. 54mm Saxon Raider

    Hey all, I've got a few friends on this forum and I've poked around here for a little while, but this is my first time posting any of my work here. I don't normally paint Reaper figures as I like to do 54mm scale historical figures, but I do use primarily Reaper Master Series paints so hopefully that is enough justification to share my work here! Quick background on myself, I've been painting for many years (started with Ral Partha figures and then GW back in Jr High) but about five or six years ago I returned to the hobby. That was also the point where I became aware of all the great painting info and inspiration online, so I began to learn and push myself from decent table top quality into display level. Okay, enough about me and onto the figure. This is a 54mm Saxon warrior from Latorre. The kit is unfortunately out of production, but I was able to snag a copy from another modeler. I'm hoping to use this as one of my entries for Crystal Brush next year so I'm putting some extra time into this one. Here's a quick look at the current state. The base is still very much a work in progress. My thought is he's on some raid and has broken into this building looking for loot. There will be more debris on the floor and I might add something more to the post and cross beam. Neat bases has never been my strength, so I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing here. As for the figure, he is mostly finished. I still have a few details to finish and then I need to paint and attach the shield. After that I'll take some pigments to give him a more weathered look. I'm giving a presentation on this project to my local painting group in LA, so I've taken a lot of photos at various stages (I don't normally do this much detail with my other projects). Here's a look at how I did the face. Although this guy is 54mm, I use the same approach on larger and smaller figures. The only difference is the level of detail I can expect to achieve. I begin with a base coat of Rosy Shadow. I then block in the shadows with Chestnut Brown and Mahogany Brown (dark color under the brows, nose, and chin). From there I jump to the eyes. First they get a pink layer (Rosy Skin + Violet Red) followed by an off white (Weathered Stone + Leather White). The idea is a little of the pink remains at the corners of the eye. For the iris I start with a dark color and then try to add a little lighter shade to bring out the color. It's hard to see in the photos but it's there. With the eyes finished it's time to get back to the skin. First I use mixes of Chestnut Brown and Rosy Shadow to smooth out the shadows. I like to start dark and the gradually get lighter and lighter, but nothing wrong with going from the midtone and getting darker and darker. The second image in the bottom row shows the highlights. For these I mix Fair Skin into the Rosy Shadow. When I get to pure Fair Skin I work in Fair Highlight. The brightest highlights fall on the tops of the cheeks and nose. At this point I take a step back and see what needs to be tweaked. The third image in the bottom row shows the face after I take care of the lips (Rosy Shadow + Violet Red, blended into Fair Skin), Brown Liner for the eye brows, and then adjusted some of the shadows and highlights around the edge of the mouth and the line running from the nostrils down the cheek. The face looks pretty decent at this stage but I go one step further. I use glazes of red, blue, and purple to add a bit more life to the face. I'm working with the GW glazes (Bloodletter, Guilliman Blue, and a mix of the two for purple) and further thin them with water but you can make glazes out of Reaper paints instead. The red glaze is applied to the cheeks and tip of the nose. The blue glaze goes on the bottom of the face and changes the tone to create a 5 o'clock shadow look. Finally the purple is used to deepen the shadows in the cheeks and around the eyes. After the glazes I go back in a redo a few of the highlights on the cheeks and nose. I was trying something a little different with the armor. I wanted a very weathered look so I started the helmet with shades of Brown Liner, Oiled Leather, and a little Deep Red and Palomino Gold. I used an old frayed brush to stipple the colors on and create a bit of a pattern. Then, with a fine detail brush I started to paint on the metallic tones in tiny scratches and along the edges. I continued to develop the metal and layered on more of the brown tones. I also added a few touches of Imperial Purple for some more visual interest. For the metal plate on his chest and back I tried to bring out the dented texture. I started with a coat of brown liner and then a layer of Scale75's Necro Gold mixed with Imperial Purple. By mixing the dark metal with a matte paint you bring down the shine and help keep those dark tones dark no matter the lighting. I then started to mix in brighter metals with the Necro Gold + Purple Mix (Scale75's Elven Gold and then at roughtly 4 to 1 Elven to Necro/Purple I switched to Thrash Metal). I did an uneven application of highlights with short brush strokes to help break up the surface (3rd image). The final step was to layer on some glazes to develop the shadows a little more. I mostly used Pure Black and Brown Liner mixed with Vallejo Glaze Medium and water. And here's a closer look at the full figure from a couple different angles. I trying to use a somewhat limited palette with plenty of muted colors. Sorry for the long post but at this late stage I had a lot to cover! Still plenty to do with the base and hopefully this weekend I'll get some time to put some paint on his shield.