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Found 1 result

  1. Okay! So here's the diorama that I put together for Samurai Jack. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do at the start, but this piece just kind of came together spontaneously as I'd been wanting to paint Enora Leena for a while. I'd originally envisioned a desert garb for her, but when I picked up a few goblins during an out of town trip, this took place... SHE BE QUEEN!!! Leena Puddlefoot had always been curious about the true power. She’d dabbled with it as a youngster, watching every magician, wizard, sorcerer and conjurer who came through town with wide-eyed wonder. Over the years, the bright young child used her intelligence (and many a burned fingertip!) to perfect her own unique repertoire of the arcane arts. She read books, viewed shows, pestered those in the know, and took every opportunity to learn. As her skill grew, tales of her abilities traveled far and attracted the ear of a very powerful group of arcane masters. The head of the guild, one Alejandro Bumplegut, visited Leena in her home under the guise of a wandering beggar. The kindhearted Leena took pity on the guild master in disguise, offering him room and board in her meager home, then dazzled him with a colorful display of light, shadow and other arcane manifestations. Master Bumplegut saw that the young Leena had indeed grown powerful, even more so than she realized. At once, in a blaze of dizzying blue light, Master Bumplegut threw off his disguise and offered Leena a place in the guild where she could hone her craft and become a true master. The price for admission? The guild had need of a rare element known as Heavy Suruptanium, only found deep in the land of M’Kyarr, the home of the goblin lords. If she could recover a “shoe’s worth†of the element, she would be admitted to the guild with full honors. It was a dangerous task, but the lure of the guild was a grand reward. She accepted on the spot. Deep within the goblin territory, Leena used her skill to convince two brave (and silly!) goblins that she was indeed the long awaited Goblin Queen of Prophecy, and required a great, greenish throne to sit on. One long and awkward journey later, Kragg and Scrum delivered her to the source of the rare element, echoing their joyous proclamation to all who would listen: “SHE BE QUEEN! SHE BE QUEEN!†Now begins the true test of her journey: How on earth would she ever convince her new (and rambunctious!) friends to allow her to leave with “a shoe’s worth†of the element? A sly grin crossed her face as she reached into a small pocket deep within the folds of her robe. They had given a small goblin village a wide berth earlier in the day. Why stop at two underlings when you could have twenty? She could just see the look on Master Bumplegut’s face when she returned with her rag-tag band of loyal followers. Somedays, it was good to be the Queen... I attempted several firsts while putting this diorama together: 1. I experimented with a black stain. I think it came out pretty good, although I think given more time, I'd have figured out a way to put gold flakes in the recesses... Hmmmmm... 2. I painted my first fire! I was concerned that it wouldn't come out that great, but for a first attempt, I'm pretty satisfied. I didn't throw in OSL, but I do have a class coming up at ReaperCon! 3. I got to use my rust effects. I'd made rust a while back and figured the goblins would be ideal to try them out on. They worked, but I think I may have gotten carried away! A lot of the metallics I put into the work ended up brown. LOL! 4. I was pleased with the wasted metal look on the "Heavy Suruptanium." They're just chunks of cork left over from the "Mothers" diorama, gesso'd and painted with Scale 75 metallics... and rust effects... Anyhoo, here are way too many pics... Leena Close-Up: Scrum Close-Up (sorry he's a bit blurry): Kragg Close-Up: At any rate, it was a lot of fun, and I hope Samurai Jack enjoys it! Comments and questions are always appreciated and encouraged! Thanks for reading! -K