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Found 7 results

  1. I play a pathfinder game with my wife, where my character is a halfling druid. Recently he found a magic egg that hatched into a gryphon. So naturally I now need a mini of a halfling riding a gryphon. For the rider, I chose 77218: Woody Stumpwimple, Halfling Ranger. He has a bow and a sword and a cloak, just like my character. He has a nice wide stance that will make it easier to put him on a saddle. And he is in a heroic pose that makes it look like he is about to lead a charge. The first step is getting the main shape of the saddle in sculpey on top of the gryphon (77157: Griffon). I pressed the rider into the saddle to make sure he would fit the way I want. It makes the top of the saddle look weird, but it will be covered by the rider. And here he is on top: As a next step, I need to bake the saddle. Then I will start adding straps, stirrups, maybe a bridle and reins. There is a bunch more converting to do before I start painting. So, has anyone attempted this sort of thing before? I searched online but I only found one example. It seems like it should be the kind of thing people have tried before, and I'd love to know what works and what doesn't.
  2. The hunter tightened his grip on his bow, preparing to draw his arrow to his ear. He had followed the trail of his quarry, a mighty wild boar, into the clearing ahead. A sudden crunching sound, like breaking bone, made him freeze in his tracks. He cautiously crept forward and peered around the trunk of an ancient oak. The vision of pure majesty he saw within the clearing stole his breath. There, a mighty golden griffon was finishing its meal of wild boar. The hunter slowly, deliberately relaxed his hold and returned his arrow to its quiver. He clasped a hand over his heart and bowed his head toward the regal creature. He would find other game elsewhere, for this meat had been claimed by the King of Beasts and the King of Birds. Only have the base work left to do, figure paint is essentially done unless I find something that needs touch-up.
  3. I haven't gotten my Bones II Kickstarter yet (tomorrow afternoon, according to UPS,) but hey, I still have plenty of minis to paint. I haven't posted anything in a while, sorry about that. I just finished this guy last week, it is the Bones Griffon. I wanted to paint the eagle portions to look like an actual eagle, so I did some hunting and decided on the Steller's Sea Eagle - sure the beak on the real bird is kind of goofy-looking, but I love the coloration. Since I was going with black and white, I continued the coloration to the lion portions. I am aware that black lions are a hoax (they're photoshopped white lions,) but I rather liked the idea anyway. :) Pictures are very high res, feel free to click on them for a closer view. Comments welcome!
  4. Hi all, A friend kept admiring my Bones KS 1 Griffon and demanding I do a good paint job on it, so I bought a second to paint two up and give her the choice of one as a gift. I've been meaning to post them, and the flurry of activity on Griffon related posts has provided the extra push. The one with the purple wings is going to get a metallic gold coat on it's shoulder like the other one, per request from the recipient. I welcome comments. The purple one is the second I painted.
  5. It's been a fair while since I have posted a model on this forum, but I have not been lazy, I have been making a fair bit of scenery. Anyhow back to the painting. The next model to grace my painting table was the Bones Griffon. I have seen quite a few of these painted and couldn't wait to add mine to it. Comments and suggestions welcome.
  6. I painted my bones griffon. I didn't use army painter QS this time. I painted the wings from dark grey to white and used chestnut ink all over the griffon.
  7. So here are the latest miniatures I got tired of working on. I intended to crank out a couple of big, easily painted models but ended up trying to be "creative". Of course that means I lost interest after getting 3/4 done. Here is the first, the Bones Griffon. I had some issues with this model not wanting to stand up. When I got the model the beak was nearly touching the ground; no problem, a quick boil and reposition and it was ready to be mounted on the fender washer. A couple of days later, it was back to the original condition, so I re-boilded it and re-positioned it again. Still no dice, so I had to remove the base, drill and pin the model. (For those who have to remove a Bones model that is super glued to a base, a little twisting action when trying to pry them appart works wonders.) I think this model may have a problem similar to Dealthsleet, in that some moldings were manufactured with weaker material. Anyway, I have several griffon models, some painted as american bald eagels and others as golden eagles, so I decided to try something different. I knew there are white lions, so I looked for white eagles. There apparently are no naturally occuring white eagles! Who knew? But there is a striking sea eagle with black and white feathers, so I went for that: Next up is the owlbear. Having settled on a white lion and sea eagle for the griffon, I decided to go for a snowy owl and polar bear for the owlbear. Turns out snowy owls are not typically all white, so undercoating in black and highlighting with white was a close approximation: Just to show that I don't hate tradition, I also painted an old GW (boo,hiss) griffon in more traditional colors: I hope you enjoy the pics; I will probably use the Bones models for "named" monsters in some D&D game.