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Found 3 results

  1. Speedpaint: Arael, Half Elf Cleric

    Due to recent reverses in hobby fortunes (frosted some stuff I had spent lots of time on, with spray sealer) I needed to test my spray sealer, so I primed this figure with green liner, and sprayed him with sealer. no problems. then because I had started the figure, and it was part of the bones2 core, and I "Must paint all the things!" I went ahead and finished him. In about an hour. I didn't realize his eyes were this good until I posted the pictures.
  2. WIP: Adventuring party

    My neighbor is DMing a new pathfinder campaign soon, so I have taken it upon myself to make minis for the party. Our first game is tentatively on Tuesday, so it may be a short-lived WIP. The characters are: Dirk, the flaxen-haired and violet-eyed elf fighter. He's not too bright, but that doesn't bother him, he's just here to fight bad guys. A seventh son from the elven kingdom, he will be dressed in rich reds and gold. A'con, a fighter with anger issues. She comes from the forest kingdom, and will be dressed in bright gold and deep emerald green. Ani, the ego-driven bard and A'con's sister. She's convinced that she can do anything better than anyone else. Her favorite color is orange, so I think she will be dressed in a bright orange vest. Cathal, the dwarf cleric. I honestly don't know much about this character. So I'm just going to wing it. Varian, the spell thief. He is laying low after stealing from the wrong wizard. I am going with a red/purple/blue color scheme for him. We also possible have a sixth character, a half-halfling half-giant. He's been described as having the appearance and proportions of a halfling, but the size of a human. I am honestly completely at a loss for what to do. Any suggestions? I am looking through my many minis from the first two bones kickstarters, but nothing has jumped out at me yet.
  3. 89028: Arael, Half Elf Cleric

    I'm painting this guy up as my own character in our D&D campaign. The real character is a half-elf ardent (4E D&D, psychic class that plays mostly a support role that focuses on melee) who runs around with a greatsword. He wears chain, but I figured this guy's leather armour is close enough. I've got the face done (the pic makes him look cross-eyed for some reason though?) and sketched in the highlights for the leather armour. It's definitely over-bright in a lot of areas, but it'll flatten out a lot as I glaze on the brown for the leather... Hopefully that'll make it look less blotchy. ETA: I forgot to say it, but comments & criticism would be greatly appreciated!