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Found 16 results

  1. Last night, after tiring of video games, I decided to speed paint a basilisk over a glass (or two) of Port. Now @Beagle may instruct you that fine English gentlemen do not speed paint with Port, but my family hasn't had to worry about what those guys think in a couple of centuries. I can even drink my Port out of a coffee mug if I desire. But I digress. The only real failure here is that my sealer has frosted the shadows a bit. It was more vibrant before that little mishap, but the non-painter is unlikely to notice the difference. Also, edge-highlighting the one in the middle works reasonably well.
  2. Cute puppy found near the corner of Crown Street and Wharf Road. Very friendly and energetic, seems to like people. Brown and grey markings and a long tail. No collar.
  3. From the second Bones kickstarter: the cute lil' Basilisk. You dont want it to look at you. Another quick paint job. 77371 Basilisk Reaper Bones KS 2 Sculted by Julie Guthrie Bonesium PVC 40mm base
  4. I've always loved this description of the basilisk as a highly poisonous creature. It's hard to make that work in D&D though. :-) In D&D, I would imagine that the basilisk would haunt an ecology that would have difficulty supporting life. If most animals the monster sees are petrified, then eventually the local flora would suffer. So the I've tried to paint the miniature as stalking a desolate wasteland with minimal vegetation. This beastie was definitely a fun paint. Comments/Criticism welcome, of course!
  5. Don't Look Ethel!!! Too late... she was turned to stone! Ok, maybe not, but that's what this little guy is known for. This, like the lemures I posted earlier, are part of a collection I am doing for a local convention. This basilisk was inspired by the Pathfinder RPG basilisk, thus the green and yellow color pattern. Hope you like him! CAH
  6. As I threatened last week, here is another batch of old enamel paintjobs from around 15-25 years ago. Troll Firbolg Mind Flayers Gnolls Owlbear Basilisk Xorn Finally, some fairies linked here in case anyone has a problem with a teeny-tiny glimpse of fairy flesh.
  7. Hi, Not sure if my work on this little critter is worth of a show-off... But since it is getting nicer outside and my spare time is spent less on painting, this ought to do... Just a quick paint for fun. I still like how cute the sculpt is.
  8. Meet our protagonist Marvin. He is all alone and wishes to find his true love. He makes a wish: Someone who Doesn't mind a little dirt? How about someone with scales? How about someone who likes the water? None of these are quite right. Think! Think! Maybe true love awaits in the forest: Someone green? She flew away.... But the wings were pretty... Marvin wishes for someone who has large wings! Nope nope nope nope nope! How about someone like me? A perfect match!
  9. Batch of Bones 2 jungle-themed animals on CMON Jungle bases! 77216: Panther 77371: Basilisk 77266: Slyph 77270: Spikeshells
  10. I just finished putting the final touches on the camel and need a break from sculpting for a bit, so I went though my mound of minis and chose the Dracolisk to paint in the next few weeks. It dawned on me that I have this model both in metal and bones, so I prepped both of them and will paint them together. I am going to use two different techniques on them to achieve what should be a similar paint job. On one, I will be starting with my shadows and highlighting up. This is the technique I've used for years and am very comfortable with it. For the other, I'll start with a mid tone, glaze in the shadows and then bring up the highlights. I tried this for the first time on the Wyvern I painted last spring and really started to like it; however, it is still new to me. I want to use these models as a test of the two techniques to see if I can see a difference in the final products, and if one technique has an obvious advantage. As usual, I'll try to run this hour by hour, but that will likely get muddled in the middle, especially as I try to keep up with shooting two minis. Here they are assembled, washed, and primed (metal only): Have a good night, Andy
  11. This is a quickie paint-up of the Basilisk from the Bones Kickstarter II. (Whining complaint follows, ignore if you so choose...) I don't know what the product number is because it's yet another mini from that collection that isn't yet available in the online store, and I can no longer be bothered trying to find it in the preview gallery because its 'search' functionality is, frankly, garbage. They are really stretching out the general release of the KS-II minis; in my opinion, too far. Much too far. Starting a whole new KS before the old one's minis are even available is a bit on the nose, I think.
  12. He's too cute to be one the of the deadiest lizards.
  13. Swamp Denizens from Grenadier Shambling Mound, Giant Snake, Basilisk, Shaugin, Troll, and Gnolls Painted these this last December before Christmas. The two Lizard Men I posted on 4/1 are part of this set.
  14. My first bones 2 mini! I love this sculpt. it is very cute. I painted her to similar to Pathfinder's Bestiary art. The eyes are my first attempt at OSL, but the pictures didn't turn out too well perhaps because the glaze medium I used made it shiny. I'll see about trying to take new pictures after I get the matte sealer on as I'd like a critique. Edit: New pics! The glaze it still shiny, but the color turned out more accurate.
  15. I have always wanted to paint up the Grenadier Frost Princess (#322), so I decided the Year of the Giants contest was a good excuse: I also recently finished the Grenadier Basilisk from Monster Manuscript 1 set (#1501)
  16. Here is my take on the Reaper Dark Heaven Basilisk (2841). At first the whole basilisk was too brown and boring, but I did some glazing with a mossy green, and that helped. This was how brown he was before I decided to make him greener: Edited to add SKU to title and tags