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Found 10 results

  1. The following will be the shipping order: Pingo RedAmbrosia Sanael Izzylobo Strawhat Knarthex (Not part of the box, he has just volunteered to ship to Europe) Glitterwolf Alchemist RobinH Chris Palmer Ttuckerman Generic Fighter Fire_Eyes Disserrma Chaoswolf (if there's anything left; I'll just transfer it to the regular BoGW) Please update this thread when you get the box and when you send it on to the next person. Any questions? Ask them here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76906-reapercon-bogw/& or PM me.
  2. Knarthex Paints the 'Girlblin'

    So, The very first mini I pulled out of the BOGW when I got it, was a Malifaux mini.... As soon as I saw it, I knew how I had to paint it! So I give you @Sylverthorne the Girlblin! Hope you like it!!!!!! George Abbreviated WIP here (Didn't have time to record everything with the need to get it done for Wednesday.....)
  3. The past couple Reapercons that I've been at, I have noticed a fair amount of swag bag/con exclusive figures that people didn't want getting tossed onto the melt table and/or left laying around. I had the idea of collecting all the unwanted stuff, putting it in a box and shipping it around to folks who couldn't get to the 'con so that they could sort of 'be there, too'. Unlike the regular BoGW, people donating wouldn't get anything out of the box, they would just be 'throwing away' the stuff they don't want in a slightly different direction. Maybe there would be a ribbon involved, maybe it might just be the thanks of people who will benefit done the line. This isn't a for sure thing, I'm just testing the waters to see what people think of the idea. So, what do you think? Mods: I know this is sort of a mini exchange, but I thought it might make more sense to be here. If it belongs elsewhere, my apologies for creating more work for you.
  4. Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 5 of the Box of Goodwill. Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75140-box-of-goodwill-round-5-picturechatter-thread/ Generic Fighter---sent 19 July Pineapple---received 21 July, Sent 27 July Shadowphaze---received 29 July, Sent 07 August Thumpernicus---arrived 09 August, Sent 14 August Matt Parody---arrived 18 August, sent 12 September TGP---arrived 14 September Generic Fighter Pcktlnt---sent 27 July HDClearman---received 29 July Izzylobo---received 02 August, Sent 08 August Dr.Bedlam---received 14 August, Sent 18 August Kate---received 21 August, Sent 24 August Arc724---received 26 August, Sent September 8 Kangaroorex---arrived 12 September, sent 02 October Pcktlnt---arrived 04 October Guindyloo---sent 11 September Inarah---received 13 September, sent 21 September Knarthex---arrived 26 September, sent 28 September Froggy the Great---arrived 02 October, sent 12 October David Brawley---arrived 13 October, passed to Matbar at Reapercon Haldir---arrived 01 November, Sent 04 November Horned Turtle---arrived 06November, sent 13 November Guindyloo---arrived 13 November Bonwirn---sent 07 August MadJack---arrived 10 August, Sent 22 August Sylverthorne---arrived 24 August, Sent august 25 Hungerfan---arrived 28 August, Sent 08 September Keianna---arrived 11 September, Sent 27 september Buckyball---arrived 04 October, Sent 05 October Jsalyers---arrived 07 October, sent 25 October Bonwirn---arrived 30 October Rob Dean---sent 14 July SGHawkins09--arrived 18 July, Sent 28 July Dogbl---arrived 31 July, sent 03 August NomadZeke---arrived and sent on approx 12-13 September Evil Halfling---arrived 18 September, sent 23 September Klarg1---arrived 26 September, sent 06 October Rob Dean---arrived 10 October Froggy The Great---sent 02 August Pingo---arrived 05 August, Sent 14 August Dilvish the Deliverer---arrived 17 august, Sent 21 August Epimys---arrived 23 August, Sent 25 August Broonkah---received 29 August, Sent 31 August SparrowMarie---received 02 September, Sent 07 September Morihalda---received 10 September, sent 13 September Chaos Wolf---received 16 September Chaos Wolf---sent 07 August Chris Palmer---arrived 09 August, Sent 14 August Hiddenone32---arrived 16 August,Sent 30 august TalaeArrived...., sent September Lidless Eye---Arrived 30 September, sent 02 October Ub3r N3rd---arrived 04 October, sent 05 October Samurai Jack---arrived 07 October, sent 14 October Chaos Wolf---arrived 17 October.
  5. Welcome to the BoGW chatter thread for round 5! The arrival/departure thread is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75477-box-of-goodwill-round-5-arrivaldeparture-thread-no-chatter/ I will keep that thread updated as people post in it. If there are any questions, hopefully you'll find the answer here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75138-box-of-goodwill-round-5-sign-up-thread-the-continuing-journey-of-sir-forescale-and-friends/ If not, PM your box starter and/or myself. Here are the groups: Generic Fighter Pineapple Shadowphaze Thumpernicus Matt Parody TGP Generic Fighter Pcktlnt HDClearman Izzylobo Dr.Bedlam Kate Arc724 Kangaroorex Pcktlnt Guindyloo Inarah Knarthex Froggy the Great David Brawley Haldir Horned Turtle Guindyloo Bonwirn MadJack Sylverthorne Hungerfan Keianna Buckyball Jsalyers Bonwirn Rob Dean SGHawkins09 Dogbl NomadZeke Evil Halfling Klarg1 Rob Dean Froggy The Great Pingo Dilvish the Deliverer Epimys Broonkah SparrowMarie Morihalda Chaos Wolf Chaos Wolf Chris Palmer Hiddenone32 Talae Lidless Eye Ub3r N3rd Samurai Jack Chaos Wolf Some of you may notice that I will be ending up with 2 boxes at the completion of this round; here's why: Froggy wants to transition from box starter to participant, so he is sending out the box he currently has and has been worked into a group so he can play along too. I will end up with the box that he is starting out. I may try to bring it along to Reapercon with me (if I have by then) or I may Froggcidentally combine his box with my box for the next go-round.
  6. Welcome to the (rather late---sorry about that) 5th round of the Box of Goodwill! You may have heard about the fabled 'Box of Goodwill'. Maybe you were involved last time, maybe you're new and would like to see what it's all about. Well, you're in the right place!! Read on: This is the official, soon to be patented sign up thread for round 5. As before, please provide the following info in your replies to this thread: Where you live If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest) There has been a minor rules clarification made. There is also a slight change. Even if you were involved in any of the previous versions, please make sure you read them carefully. Basically, put some stuff you don't want/will never get to/think other people will find cool into a box and send it to someone else. That recipient will take out whatever interests them, replace a like amount of stuff and ship it to the next person in line. And so on. The last person will send it back to a different coordinator ( the person who originally sent out one of the boxes ). What's allowed: 1)Any miniature 1a) this means any material, any genre, any manufacturer, any subject matter. If you put lead in, please label it somehow (separate baggy or whatever) 2)Anything mini related 2a) bases, basing material (please package this very securely, and label it), terrain, scenic bits, whatever. 3) Free stuff--leftover bits, drawings, etc. Please label these items as 'free' or 'giveaway'. If you want some of this stuff, take it, you don't have to match it. 3a)Please limit the amount of non-miniatures related items to whatever will fit into a standard sized Ziploc sandwich bag if it is bulky. Drawings/sketches take up next to no space at all and don't need to be stuffed into said baggy. 3a-1)Use common sense. Also, if you have some hand-crafted, custom-built shark skin and mithril dice bags or whatever that you're certain everyone will love, PM your coordinator and the folks in your circuit and see what everyone things of the idea. Majority rules. 4) Keep it reasonable; try not to put in anything larger than 54mm. That's gonna eat up a lot of space, and create a lot of 'what's it worth' questions. What's NOT allowed: 1)Paint/liquid 2)Perishable items 3)Exceptionally bulky, non miniature related items. Donate that 7th extra copy of the Player's Handbook to someone that you game with. How it works: A coordinator will put together a box of stuff and send it out to 8-10 people in his/her circuit. When you receive the box, take out whatever you like and replace it with a like amount of stuff.The value of what you replace should be equal to or slightly exceed whatever you take. We're gonna use the honor system here, so it's going to be somewhat subjective. Trades should be on a one-for-one basis, unless you're taking something big, in which case it's one-for-two. For example: If you see 4 orcs that you want, take them and replace them with 4 other roughly man-sized figures. If there's a larger figure (54mm ) that you want, take it, and replace it with either 1 similarly sized figure, or 2 man sized figures. Once you're finished, pack it up and send it to the next person in line. Here are some other specifics: 1)The coordinator will put together a box and start it on it's way. Each coordinator will pm me with the tracking info of the box as it sets out to the first recipient. After this, each recipient will pm the tracking number to their coordinator (the person who started the box) AND the person that they're shipping it to. 2)Participants will publicly announce when they have received the package (pictures would be cool, but aren't mandatory), and again when they send it off to the next person. For example: I received the box o' goodwill from Chaoswolf. When ready to ship, 'I'm sending the box to Pingo'. 2a)Participants will also be responsible for contacting the next person and getting their shipping information. The people involved in any given circuit will be public knowledge, so feel free to exchange shipping info how/whenever you wish. 3)Each participant will have 1 week from the arrival of the box to make their swaps and then send the box on to the next person. This is really important, we had several boxes sitting for several weeks with no movement in the last go around. 4) For participants in the USA, shipping will be via flat rate boxes. Tracking and insurance are included in the cost. In the event of loss, the person mailing the box will make the insurance claim and use the proceeds to purchase items to fill and ship a replacement box. 5) I'm anticipating roughly 3-4 months for each box to make a complete circuit (8-10 people x 1week per person + travel time). Once all boxes have completed the circuit (returned to the coordinator), we'll open up a new sign up thread and start the process over again if there's interest. Coordinators will need to pm me so I know that all circuits are complete. 6) This will be open to everyone. We have had several people express willingness to run/participate in a circuit for the newer members; I feel that this somewhat offsets any concerns about anyone's 'reliability'. Perhaps I'm a little naive, but the feeling I'm getting from both public posts and pm's is that everyone really seems to want this to work. Newer members are defined as anyone who hasn't been active on the boards for a year,or without at least one completed exchange. 7) Sign ups will end Midnight June 25th (east coast time). There will be a little wiggle room allowed here to allow for different time zones and whatnot. Once I get up the following morning, it's closed. I'll figure out how many people are involved, how many groups there are, who's going to coordinate and post that information in the first post of the chatter thread. 8) Individual coordinators are able to exercise a bit of leeway within their circuit. They will be setting up the initial package, so they can just stuff a box, or do a quick survey of everyone in their circuit to determine preferences. If they want to suggest everyone slap a color on Sir Forscale (or his designated representative), that's up to them. I'm thinking that the coordinators can run things pretty smoothly. If there's a question or concern, hit them up. Coordinators: if you're not sure how to proceed, hit me up and we'll work it out. 9) if something comes up and you need to drop out for whatever reason (life happens), please contact your coordinator as soon as possible so that he/she can make the necessary adjustments. 10)The group paint figure is not mandatory, just a little something extra for those who are so inclined. 11) Have fun! Ok, I'm pretty sure I've covered everything. If I missed something, or it's unclear, please bring it up in the chatter thread, or PM me. Don't add it here. Suggestions for a different 'group paint' figure and/or title can go in the chatter thread, too. ETA---I don't want to make any assumptions here. Even if you were in the other rounds, please indicate if you'd like to do round 5. Thanks
  7. So this pre cut, MDF outhouse came to me through the Box of Goodwill, Euro / UK edition.... Didn't feel much like hobbying last night, but when a couple folks joined me on the hangout, I thought I needed to do something, and my eyes fell on this.... And here is the lovely Astrid the Chronicler, much relieved..... I still don't have a painted Sir Forescale... Thanks for looking!
  8. We're just about to the end of Sir Forscale's travels with the Box of Goodwill for round 3. I've got a few observations, and some questions for you. First off, I think that going forward, we definitely want to try to avoid having this overlap with the holiday season; this round took a heck of a long time to conclude, and I think that might be why. Second, there (seemed to me, at least) were quite a few communications break downs. I know that real life has a way of rearing it's ugly head at the worst possible times, but everyone please try to do your best to send the box on it's merry way within the one week time frame. If you can't, that's cool, life happens, but please drop a quick PM to your box coordinator so that everyone knows what's going on. Ok, questions: 1) Should we try and set this up to happen a finite number of times/year, or just keep it going the way we have been as a more or less constant turn around? (With the exception of avoiding the holiday season) 2) SGHawkins09 is running a basing BoGW (sign up for it, it sounds cool!). Should we slightly change the focus of the box to not have basing stuff, or leave it as is for folks who don't want to sign up for the basing version? (Reasoning for Q2: I don't want to be in competition with SGHawkins09, I think it's really cool of her to take the idea and run with it. Or am I just over-thinking this?) 3) How many boxes are too many? Should I hold off a bit (it's going to be a few more weeks anyway) before starting off round 4? Is it going to be a hassle ( and therefore not fun) to have to deal with possibly getting both boxes at the same time, or very near to each other? Or am I over thinking this one, too? 4) Ub3r_N3rd is stepping down as my helper with this ( round of applause, you were a big help, bud. Thank you). Would anyone like to volunteer to take over for him? It's not a lot of work, especially now as we've gotten most of the wrinkles ironed out. Basically, you'd be there to be a sounding board for any 'brilliant' ideas I come up with, and to help out with answering questions/concerns in the event that I'm out of town or otherwise can't get to them in a timely fashion. So, let me know what you think.
  9. This is a bit of fun going on with Round three of the BoGW. One of the boxes has a dungeon drawn by many hands. I have added this word puzzle, glyphicgram/cryptogram to the back of the dungeon map. It is here for any interested parties to try and solve. Remember: Spoilers Sweetie! If you solve the cryptogram please don't post it instead PM me and I can confirm or let you know to keep working. I will post the key when the box finishes its circuit.
  10. Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 3 of the Box of Goodwill. Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63923-the-travels-of-sir-forscale-and-friends-round-3-chatterphoto-thread/ DSmiles---sent Sept 23 DonTheDime--Received Sept 26 Sent Oct 3 DogBL--Received Oct 6, Sent Oct 13. Klarg1--Received Oct 19 Sent Oct 26 Morihalda--Received Oct 29, Sent Nov 6 Chris Palmer--Received Nov 9 Sent Nov 12 Genghis Sean--Received Nov 14, Sent Nov 30 Melkavar--Received Dec 4, Sent Jan 4 OneBoot--Received Jan 6 Bonwirn--Sent Sept 21 WyvernFire--Received Sept 24, Sent Oct 1 UltraSquid--Received Oct 5, Sent Oct 13. Talespinner--Received Oct 14 KangaroRex--Received Nov 7, Sent Nov 17 BuckyBall---Received Nov 19, Sent Nov 27 Kadence--Received Dec 2, Sent Dec16 Fanguad--Received Dec 21, Sent Feb 12 Marvin--Received Feb 16 Ub3r_N3rd sent Sept 10. BeowulfTheHunter---Received Sept 13, Sent Sept, 15th? Pingo-Received Sept 17, Sent Sept 28 Inarah--Received Sept 30, Sent Oct 8. DavidBrawley--Received Oct 10, Sent Oct 24 Wolfie907-Received Oct 29, Sent Oct 31 IzzyLobo--Received Nov 3, Sent Nov 13 Wargamer--Received Nov 14, Sent Nov 16 Marineal--Received Nov 19, Sent Dec 1 Chaos Wolf--Received Dec 8 FroggyTheGreat--Sent Sept 19 Fishnjeeps--Received Sept 22 Sent Oct 21 SGHawkins09--Received Oct 24, Sent Nov 6 GenericFighter--Received Nov 7 Sent Nov 20 FlameHawke--Received Nov 23, Sent Dec 18 Matbar-Received Dec 21, Sent Jan 15 Talae-Received Jan 19 Sent Feb8 Marsya--Received Feb 11, Sent Feb 20 TiniestRhombus--Received Feb 22 ThesHunter OneBoot--Sent Oct 3 Robinh--Received Oct 9 Jasperthe 2nd--Received Oct 15 Sent Oct 24 Loim--Received Nov 2, Sent Nov 10 JCG-Received Nov 13, Sent Nov 25 NomadZeke--Received Nov 28, Sent Dec 21 HornedTurtle--Received Dec 22 Hibou--Received Jan 2, Sent Jan 8 DSmiles--Received Jan 11 Marvin-sent September 16 Pcktlnt--Received Sept 18, Sent Sept 30 DrBedlam--Sent Oct 7 TGP--Received Oct 10, Sent Nov7 VonKrieger--Received Nov 9,Sent Dec 14 Drusander--Received Dec 20, Sent Dec 22 UlfHeathen--Received Dec 24, Sent Feb 8 Tarsemina-Received Feb11 Bonwirn--Received Mar 14 Chaos Wolf-Sent Sept 23 SamuraiJack--Received Sept 26, Sent Oct 1. Aryanun-Received Oct 5, Sent Oct 13 RobDean--Received Oct 15, Sent Oct 26 Arc724--Received Oct 29, Sent Nov 2 MissMelons--Received Nov 4, Sent Nov 16 RedAmbrosia--Received Nov 23, Sent Dec 2 AlexGates--Received Dec 4, Sent Dec 21 Dilvish the Deliverer--Received Dec 24, Sent Jan 2 Ub3r_N3rd--Received Jan 4 Thes Hunter--Sent Sept 19 Sirithiliel-Received Sept 21, Sent Sept 23 HungerFan--Received Sept 25, Sent Oct 5. RGTriplec- (had to drop out) TerminalMancer--Received Oct 7, Sent Oct 12? Keianna--Received Oct 17, Sent Oct 26 Korimar-Received Oct 31, Sent Nov 7 AardRinn FroggyTheGreat---Received Nov 28