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  2. Cancelled

    About this project
  3. Hello all! I've started a Kickstarterpoject about our first cardgame, Ready Set Train - The workoutgame. A game which can be played with 2-99 players. It's a game in which you have to exercise in order to complete your secret mission. There are 31 unique training cards, with an exercise depicted on it. Through games like these, we want to make people healthier and happier. The game brings people closer while working on their health. The game has two modes, one for 2-5 players and one for 6-99 players. So you can play it with small groups and with very large groups. Interested? Then look at our Kickstartervideo below. Visit our Kickstarter here: If you have any questions, then feel free to ask! Have a very nice day! Brian
  4. Cancelled

    <<<MOD>>> Link to Live Kickstarter: <<<>>> Hello everyone, I am formally announcing the next Paymaster Games Kickstarter campaign, called Going Native: Aztec Kings of War. The campaign will launch in the first or second week of February. The main scope of this campaign is to offer a complete Aztec line of models for the Aztec army list in Kings of War: Historical rule book, including mythical (Spirit Beast) models. As of right now the starting line up of the campaign are - New Human/ Warrior models - Multi-part Jaguar Warriors Multi-part Eagle Warriors Multi-part Otomi Warriors New Human Heroes - Standard Bearer - Hero in a White Specter (ghost) suit Musician - Remastered Warrior Poet Aztec Temple Priest Montezuma the Second New Spirit Beasts/ Mythical models - Quetzalcoatl, the Great Feathered Serpent - Huge Winged Beast/ Dragon Miixcoatl, the Cloud Serpent (possibly two different models) - Winged Warriors Were-Jaguars, Brujo (3 different models) - Abominations Remastered Ahuizotl Otter - Huge Warriors Other new mythical models that are popular among KoW:H players - Phoenix multi-part Cyclopes unit for all of the Greco-Roman Players who want Huge Warriors Possible Add-Ons / Stretch Goals - Multi-part Warrior Priest unit Multi-Part Shorn Ones/ Cuachicqueh Fantasy Aztec Heroes Awanya, Water Guardian Serpent Yahui, Turtle Demon of Sacrifice Cipactli, A Huge Monster (if i do make it will be the largest model i have ever made)
  5. Cancelled About this project Ready for some old school fighting game action, but on a board? Then you came to the right place, welcome to... Select your fighter! Round 1! FIGHT! Welcome to Super Chibi A.C.E., a limited edition game by MidKnight Heroes that pays homage to the old school 2d fighting games of old. You know the ones we're talking about, the games you would stand in line as a kid with your quarter on the machine for next game. The game that you would walk into the arcade and look for what would be a street fight, and with just a dollar run the place. Yeah, that game. That game, along with others, bring back good memories, where you would just hang out with your friends and master the art of fighting. Well, we want to bring back those memories back and create new ones, with our game, Super Chibi A.C.E. A.C.E. is a new system that we designed to match as best as we could the experience of playing an old school 2d fighting game but locked in a mortal combat on a board. You use a 54 card deck we call the Control Deck to move your character, perform moves and create combos to defeat your opponent. The first to win two rounds wins the match, just like the old school games. Control Deck has Joystick and Button cards. So, do you have that killer instinct? Yeah, I bet you do. So, grab a friend, hop in the battle arena, it's time for a showdown! Both players use a single or pair of a 54 card deck [Control Deck] to build special moves or perform combos to knock out your opponent. These cards are not only to use to make moves but also used to move your character across the game board. Super Chibi A.C.E. Game Board Each character will have seven moves that they can perform with the right amount of cards. Each move will have a set amount of damage but the damage can be augmented by the button card or cards you play. Character Card: Shin player 1 side. In A.C.E. there are three types of punches and kicks buttons cards, Fast, Normal and Strong and each has their own set of damage that can add to the move depending on what button you play. Button card examples, Kick and Punch Movement or Joystick cards are used to help form the moves together with the button cards. You have four types of Joystick cards, up, down, right and left. Put these cards together with the button cards to make moves the characters can perform. Joystick Cards examples, Right and Down Wildcards…well they are just what they say they are…wild! These are the most powerful cards in the game and can change the outcome of a game in a hurry. They can replace any button or joystick card plus do other amazing things. There is allot more to the game including combos, and conditions. What are conditions? Well, they add a special flavor to the moves to help you take out your opponent. Super Chibi Ace will come with two default characters, Shin the Urban Ninja of Sector 7 and Absolute Valentine, the vigilante of Sector 7. Both will come with designed moves ready for play. Don’t like those characters? That’s ok… CREATE YOUR OWN! Yep, that’s right. Included in the rule book you will have a set of rules to create your own fighter from miniatures you already own. It could be ANY miniature, it does not matter. It’s all up to you. Get your ideal fighter and make some moves and get ready for action! All of the characters released by MidKnight Heroes will have designed moves right out of the box but that does not stop you from creating your own moves for them if you like. Our design is just a guideline; feel free to create your own. So let get out there and start an old school fight. And thank you for your support! Natakue and the MidKnight Hereos Team Super Chibi A.C.E. Pledge Contents Unlocked Characters: Core Characters Super Chibi A.C.E. Character Progression Both Shin and Absolute Valentine are considered core characters, meaning the will come with the box set. All other characters in the Kickstarter will be stretch goals.
  6. About this project Over 500 years ago, one mysterious individual succeeded in uniting all of the peoples of the lands of Arinoth for a common goal, and became the first king of Arinoth. Vicious orcs fought alongside majestic elves, and powerful lords of the undead stood by human magi. For centuries, these races joined together to fend off foreign invaders. But this peacetime was not built to last… The king having been found dead and his legendary artefacts disappeared, the leaders of each race began to tear one another apart, accusing their neighbors of staging a coup in an attempt to take the king’s powers for themselves. Now, they prepare themselves to wage an unforgiving war against former allies… The project:  The goal of this project is to fund a new line of fantasy miniatures: elves, orcs, and other peoples from the world of Arinoth. A game is currently in development, to be released at the end of 2017. Making a pledge to this project is your chance to get a sneak preview of its resin figurines, including exclusive miniatures that will not be available outside of this Kickstarter campaign. Pledge levels: Suggested pledge: Suggested pledge Plus get the exclusive Mo’nik figurine, only available through this Kickstarter! Mo'nik - Kickstarter exclusive miniature! Starter packs: Starter pack Dark seeker Starter pack Alaria Starter pack Chol'pif Starter pack Deb'uire The races: Elven Alliance: The convergence of four former elven enclaves, the Elven Alliance has become a powerful and prosperous nation.. Dark Seeker, Keeper of the Flame, Tracker Commander: An important general in the Elven Army, this former elven Dark Lord is an impressive warrior, in addition to being an excellent sorcerer in close combat. Respected by his warriors, he enjoys displaying his superiority by defying and killing his adversaries in grim and miserable duels. Queen Alaria, High Priestess of the Moon: Previously Queen of the High Elves, Alaria has since become Queen of the entire Elven Alliance. High Priestess of the Moon, she is one of the best Healers in the kingdom, and was one of the former king’s closest advisers. Now, Queen Alaria has accused the orcs of treachery, and is set on retrieving the king’s powers to eliminate the Orc Warchiefs and restore peace to the Arinoth kingdom. Orc Tribes: Although since the reunification there is now a single Orc Chief, the orcs are still split into clans, each with its own special characteristics and skills to bring to the horde. Chol'pif, High Shaman of the Vol’kar Clan, Hordechief: Chol'pif was “elected” Hordechief, after having killed all of his opposition. This powerful Shaman was the military adviser to the king, and was always on the front lines, instilling fear and courage in his warriors. He claims the innocence of his clan, and accuses one of the Dark Lords of the Undead. He would like to possess the king’s powers in order to wipe out their entire population. Deb'uire, Mountain Orc, Iron Clan Warchief: Deb'uire is the horde’s champion, its most powerful warrior. If he wanted to, he could undoubtedly take control. But he would rather be in the thick of battle alongside his loyal soldiers than seated around a table negotiating. He trains the Lava Orcs, some of the horde’s best warriors, himself. Other important characters: Dark Lord Xan'Thaal, Death Knight: He is one of the most powerful Dark Lords of the Undead. This imposing warrior is also an excellent necromancer. Formerly the king’s siege warfare adviser, as the undead are experts in the art of laying siege. Many Arinothiens believe that it was he who assassinated the king. He has always claimed it untrue, yet without naming another guilty party… Mo'Nik, Master Healer of the Vox Clan: The Vox Clan is a group of monks living far from other civilizations. Mo’Nik is one of the Master Healers of this clan, specializing in herbalism. Numerous adversaries have been conquered in duels, having underestimated her small size. And many more... Chol'pif Deb'uire
  7. Cancelled

    Sacred Sword Miniatures Chibi Miniatures launch of February 7th 2017 on kickstarter, now live Facebook group for more info Edit: Alternate facebook group link as the above doesn't seem to work for some people
  8. A quality DM screen that allows you to see the miniature locations, roll in a limited space, attach your own charts, and decorate.
  9. Hi comrades! I have a project on crowdfunding platform - "Tactical folding kit for board RPG's" especially for DnD, i really hope that you mates can be interested in this, and maybe some of you wish to support my project. Here link to the indiegogo - Ill be glad to answer all you questions. Also i'll be very grateful if you share this project with your friends. Many thx, mates!
  10. With paintspark and your help we plan to create a dedicated community and tool to to bring painters together to inspire and motivate.
  11. A bit of an oddball product really; a 4bit Microprocessor trainer. (Actually, it's being emulated with an Arduino Nano) 4bit means that the main registers are 4bit wide, that is, they can hold from 0000 to 1111 binary, 0 to F in Hex, or 0 to 15 for those who prefer Decimal. This also means that most instructions are 4bit wide, so it's limited to 16 different instructions. (Not counting variations by dding a second 'nibble') It has an address space of 240 slots/lines/Nibbles/whatever, and 16nibble variable space. Intel's very first complete CPU was the 4004, which was also a 4bit CPU. The machines in the 'home computing era'(Commodore 64, Vic 20, the Sinclair, The Apple ][, the Nintendo NES, the Nintendo Gameboys up to and including the colour version), anything running CP/M and so on, were all 8 bit computers. Most 8bit CPUs could address 64KB (65536 Bytes), with anything from 57 to 750 instructions(counting variations... The Z80 was insane that way) And ran at anything from 0.5MHz to 8MHz, depending on when they were made and so on. (I have a dual 0.9MHz CPU laptop from 1982... Feels blistering fast) On one hand it's easy to learn on (It's for STEM), but on the other hand it sounds like a challenge to really program on... As they don't ship to Norway(only to the US and Canada), I'll buy one later on when they get their webshop up and running.
  12. Hello everybody! "Expanses" is a virtual reality, adventure and narrative game all rolled into one. It will be released on Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Google DayDream. Our kickstarter campaign starting in November. Some bullet points of Expanses: • No trivial controllers: Start button, Gamepads, GUI • Support even weakest devices! • Nontrivial high quality 3D style • New technology: 3 focus-interaction zones (primary, central, maximum) • To interact with object — just focus on it! You can check our Kickstarter page: Here is our YouTube video: We really want to get a feedback about our project! Thank you, Ivan
  13. Lords & Heroes wargaming miniatures compatible with Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age
  14. <<<MOD>>> Kickstarter is now Live. Link: <<<>>> Dear friends We have launched the first edition in Spain and have selled it in specialty stores, Fnac and Toysrus, and we want to get the second edition with many improvements. IRON LEAGUE: BLACK STADIUM is the new name for this version. We will be in Essen Spiel fair and you can play the game with us in Hall 2, Booth F127. After Essen fair, we´ll launch kickstarter campaign. There´re some improves about the Iron League: Black Stadium You configure your team with giant mechs with interchangeable arms and weapons and the new warriors: the hordes of Claws, the heavy Zimman, your mechanic which could repair your mechs. You can Recruit mercenaries on your team. Use drums full of gas in your favor, use walls to protect your warriors and be carefull with squares of fire. Throw the enemy into the air, or throw them a burning drum. Shoot down the Iron Mech pilots and steal your mechs, or destroy mechs. When you destroy your enemies ,you get junk to purchase new equipment in the junkyard. There are 4 game modes: match mode, death match, arena mode and cooperative mode Soon will have news. Thanks.
  15. Cancelled High Quality 28mm Dwarves Miniatures. We are developing fantasy and realistic style dwarves and it is just the beginning.
  16. A fresh redesign of the traditional dice used in tabletop games, with a more futuristic feel.
  17. Cancelled Chess with three variants of game based on the stories of the famous writer Howard Philps Lovecraft!
  18. As avid gamers and dice collectors, we've always wanted to provide high quality, limited run dice on monthly basis.
  19. Streamline your tabletop RPGs with Magitags - custom designed spell effect tokens that fit on your miniatures, not under them.
  20. 458 My first kickstarter is now live, here are some picture of the figures and a link to the campaign
  21. GT Studio Creations introduces Konungar. Available in two scales (60mm and 1/10) for both modellers and collectors.
  22. A dice tower fashioned after the pulp sci-fi ships of the mid 20th century.
  23. Our local brand wants to go national, and to do that they need to make snack sized bags for convenience stores and sandwich shops.
  24. Tiled Maps on a Massive Scale.Huge Art.Naked world ready for your Cities and Empires.Tabletop game mechanics focused on exploration.